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He Came From Magadan

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  17:26:10  15 December 2010
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On forum: 01/15/2010
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He Came From Magadan

Been RP'ing lately, couldn't post. Sorry.

  20:06:42  17 December 2010
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On forum: 01/15/2010

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12/17/2010 20:07:25
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He Came From Magadan

7:30- Saturday

Dump watched as the rookies attacked the Military Machine Gun Nest relentlessly. They were cannon fodder, just as they had agreed underneath the Oak. The ‘’Bears,’’ the group that Dump and all the other average guys in the Squad was in was supposed to attack them from the side, while the group that included Boomer and Demyan, the guy that Dump never saw but heard, was going to attack them from the rear. Dump readied his shotgun.

‘’Okay. Boomer will commence the attack by firing a grenade to the building. The rookies are distracting the Machine gun, so we’re safe. Just be careful about the spotters around. This military emplacement is powerful. They probably have snipers, so be careful.’’

Everyone around held onto their guns, some were taking cover while some laid on the ground. Dump was one of the few men who were going to storm the lower floor. As he thought about this, he heard a voice.

''Okay. Boomer started firing. Dump, Danila, Alexi, Grunt, move out.’’ The man said. Dump moved out. He could see two snipers firing to the rookies.

Alexi started running through the copse. ‘’Let’s do this as soon as possible. Okay?’’ He said to the group. As Alexi ran, Dump took the other way around and started sneaking. Unfortunately, Alexi quickly fell when a shot was heard. His spinal pieces, some of the organ parts and his blood were blasted out of his abdomen. Alexi started twitching on the ground, coughing blood. Dump jumped to the ground as sniper fire started annihilating his group. The Bears were being picked off one by one. The group who stayed behind started firing, and they had to get out of their cover and disband like a group of shrapnel. They were running around.

As a gunshot was heard, a rookie that was running fell onto Dump, who was crawling. Dump pushed the corpse away from him. Grunt fired his AK to the window, which caused a moment of silence. Dump started sprinting. The sniper had taken cover, and he had to get near as possible during this window of oppurtunity.

Danila started firing his MP5, and Dump managed to near the building. He grabbed his Ithaca 37 and fired to the door, which blasted open, revealing the sniper. As the sniper went for his Makarov, Dump pumped the shotgun and then fired the shotgun again, which blasted the man’s chest. Dump killed the man, and he didn’t have time to feel remorse for it. The loot was supposed to occur after the operation, so Dump had a lot of things to do.

Meanwhile, Boomer was storming the building with Demyan, blasting anyone that came near with a Galil. Another soldier started running, and felt three 5.56x45 rounds entering through his chest. As the man fell in pain, gurgling, Demyan took him out of his misery, shooting him in the head with an AK-74.
Boomer peeked out of the corner and fired his Galil again, which caused a soldier to take cover. As he cursed himself for missing, Demyan got out of the corner and slid over a table, shooting the soldier.


Dump looked around, and as he heard gunshots, he came over a door.
‘’Fuck! We’re fucked, Anatoly, I’m telling you. You cover that door, okay? Let’s show these bastards how a true Ukrainian dies.’’

‘’But Dmitri-‘’

‘’Shut up! Also, Vasili, grab your gun!’’

‘’No! I’ll get shot!’’


Dump was too slow to hear this conversation, and when he shot the door open, a soldier knocked him out. As he reached for his shotgun, the soldier kicked him in the head. The man then grabbed his Makarov, and just before he could fire it, Boomer quickly lunged towards the man, shooting the other while on the way. Demyan quickly grabbed the last one off guard, and watched as he begged for mercy.
‘’Please, please! Grab the loot but don’t kill me! Please, I don’t want to die!’’

As Demyan wondered whether he should shoot or not, a tear gas grenade fell down the ceiling, catching Boomer, Dump and Demyan off-guard. The soldier who had been begging quickly threw himself away, and grabbed his gas mask.

‘’What the-!’’ Demyan shouted as he started coughing. They were all knocked out. Four soldiers entered the room.

‘’Great job. And you, Vasili, you are a coward. You’ll get punished alongside them for treason!’’ The man shouted.

‘’We have pushed them away, Commander!’’ Another soldier shouted, muffled by his gas mask.

Dump lost consciousness.


Hour unknown- Saturday

‘’Fuck.. Fuck.. Demyan, you alright?’’ Boomer woke up, only to realize that he had been stripped of all his gear. All he had was a shirt on himself. Dump was in his prison gear- Demyan was nearly the same as Boomer. They were all hurt.

Two soldiers with AK’s entered the room.

‘’Hey you- Wake up that guy! You, prisoner! Come over here!’’

Dump was pushed towards another room. There were some soldiers watching, and there was the commander who grinned.
Four stools were standing around the table- and there was a revolver on the table.

Dump started muttering.

‘’Oh fuck.. NO!’’

Demyan, who had been pretty wounded, was the first to sit. Then the soldier who surrendered arrived. Then Boomer.
They all sat down. A soldier brandished his AK to them.

‘’Okay, start. You, prisoner, you fire first.’’

Dump gulped. His eyes were bulging in fear. Was this how it would end?

‘’Do it- or I’ll shoot you.’’

Dump grabbed the pistol slowly and pointed it to himself. He pulled the trigger- but thankfully, the bullet wasn’t in the chamber. He sighed, before shouting.

‘’You, Vasili! Your turn! Fire!’’

Vasili started shouting. ‘’NO! NO!’’

The soldier punched him in the face, which caused him to swerve in pain. Vasili grabbed the weapon in pain. He was looking around- There was no hope for Vasili.

Vasili tried firing. He survived as well. He started moaning slowly, punching the table.

It was Boomer’s turn. He grabbed the revolver and pulled the trigger- nothing happened. Boomer didn’t say anything. He passed it to Demyan, who started cursing.

‘’Fuck you.. Fuck you all.’’

He was punched by the soldier. After realizing he had no other chance, he pulled the trigger. Demyan didn’t say anything- It was Dump’s turn again.

Dump grabbed the pistol and reached for the trigger...

  02:14:59  19 December 2010
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On forum: 12/22/2009
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Arrrrrrrrrrrrrgh Damn that cliff hanger
I was all pumped and then bam cliff hanger, Good work Thrash

and poor Alexi he had no idea what was coming
  00:01:51  25 December 2010
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On forum: 01/15/2010
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He Came From Magadan Chapter 3- The Will to Power

Dump sighed. He looked around. He had no chance- this revolver had five slots, and the first four didn’t fire. He took a look around the soldiers. The soldier who guarded them had an AK- and another soldier, standing near the commander, had an AKMS. He had to take one of them out- and he chose wisely. At least that’s what he thought. As cold sweat dripped down his head, he grabbed the revolver.

‘’I’m going to kill you all. I’m going to kill you all.’’

The soldier punched him in the face and laughed.

‘’Just try.’’ The man said.

Dump grabbed the revolver, and grabbed the man by his neck- careful to not shoot his hand as well, he pulled the trigger and watched as blood blasted out of the man’s spinal cord. As the other soldiers looked in fear, he grabbed the guy’s AK and started aiming towards them. Boomer realized what was going on and then threw himself down with Demyan. The other soldier was watching.

Dump started to fire- 7.62x39 rounds started to enter soldiers, and the commander. The soldier with the AKMS fired towards Dump- only to blow the cowardly soldier’s brains out. As the kid fell, Dump fired the last bullets. Soon, everyone in the room was down. Then they heard a voice.

Boomer jumped for the man’s AK while Demyan grabbed a knife from the ground. Suddenly, Grunt jumped in with an Uzi.

‘’I’m going to- oh, what the hell?’’

After a moment of confusion, everyone dropped their guns.


10:30- Cordon, the ‘’Squad’s’’ Camp
Dump looked over his new AKMS. He had regained his vest and all his belongings back, thanks to Grunt who raided the compound single-handedly after the brutal shootout. Alexi was dead, but Danila was still alive and breathing, somehow living through a grenade blast. He was currently fine, but after that situation he warned Boomer to not attack the military for a while. Meanwhile, Dump was awarded with the AKMS for successfully pulling off that move in the ‘’interrogation room.’’ But he had to give the AK-47. Still, he thought it was better. The AKMS was more compact, and he was generally a runner. The tape given to him also helped him tape his magazines together- helping him even more. But Dump didn’t think he’d use it much, given the fact that he would be staying here for a while. He celebrated it with Vodka-though Vodka was just there to ease his mentally abusing thoughts of death and despair.

He didn’t know that the Zone would be so hard- on his first day, he had to kill seven men, play Russian Roulette and watch as men in leather jackets got blown by a PKM. He understood that life was hard, and he had to sleep. He got up and walked towards his designated bed.
He entered his sleeping bag and thought about things, mostly his future, until sleep took him to a land unknown, where dreams took his stress away and gave him a vision of a blurred waterfall.


20:22- Cordon, The Squad’s Camp
Dump woke up, the rotten roof greeting him. He sighed, and looked around. His guns were still on the ground, not a practical way, but still, it allowed easy access. He didn’t say anything to Boomer who was clearing his Galil inside. Boomer did not realize he was awake. Nor did he care, too- All he could do was to simply wander around the village. After all, Dump had nowhere else to go. He didn’t take his primary weapons either.

Dump slowly walked through. There were four buildings- one of them was Boomer’s, the other included the Armorer and the other was for the Doctor’s and for Stalkers around. Boomer’s building held stalkers too- and so did the Armorer’s. It was a pretty good spot, overlooking the only entrance. They couldn’t be flanked. Dump breathed in relief, given the fact that he was pretty paranoid after hearing the fact that the Military destroyed the Rookie Village after the attack. However, they didn’t know the Squad’s Village. It was abandoned for them- nobody came out and made a campfire in the middle of the road after all. Boomer’s orders- He couldn’t allow the military to get here. And Dump looked like a Zombie in his current state-but he was alright. He simply needed the air. The Damp air.

After ‘’breathing’’ for long enough, he stepped back to the building. He walked down the stairs to his room, where Boomer was still cleaning the Galil.

‘’Hey, Dump- Can you give me that piece of cloth, please?’’ He asked, before grabbing a long piece of metal and starting to dip it in grease.
Dump grabbed the cloth and gave it to Boomer, who then continued cleaning the spring and the barrel.

There was nothing much to do- It was still a normal day, after all. But his first experiences in the Zone had thrown him to a pit of despair- even though he was properly equipped for a stalker, he didn’t have the guts, or the luck. And those two were better than a Exoskeleton, which couldn’t protect you fully after all. Life was hard- he had guns, but he had no money. His Makarov was still lying on the table alongside an opened bottle of vodka which had been half-emptied-another sign of Dump’s lack of willpower.

But he was still clinging to life, clawing his way through death and pulling himself through the borders of insanity. That alone gave him hope. Hope to live another day, hope to not shoot himself with that shotgun over there. But then again- people less experienced than him tried to squeeze out the sweet water called enjoyment. They enjoyed simple things- They enjoyed money, they enjoyed sex, they enjoyed listening to a nicely played song, they enjoyed cleaning their gun. Their minds were simple, as Dump had nothing to gain by these- he could do these outside the Zone after all. Dump looked like an average man- or worse than average, but his complex mind usually gave him horrors. He had OCD’s- a lot of them. He’d occassionally pull out his hair or bite his skin til they bled. He couldn’t have therapy here- a sane man would stay out of the Zone after all. His only hope were the Ecologists-Given the fact that Boomer had been to them and they had therapically cured his PTSD.

Dump had a dream- and he knew it was no child’s play- He knew the harsh situations he had to take. But he wasn’t tough as he thought- or vice versa. He had been shocked himself after that situation in the interrogation room. He had a dream, the only thing that kept him going on. His fuel was his dream.

His dream was simple but hard to get-

Being there. Being at the top, and simply being there was the only thought he had- it’d cure every problem he had, he thought. After all, the human mind simply tried to have an easy life- Dump had a dream. He wouldn’t have an easy life. He would be a stronger man. He had to be there, just like everyone that got there. They tasted power-and they achieved everything they wanted. Power made them Gods of their own reality.

Life itself was will to power, Dump knew that. He couldn’t change it- he had to play by the rules.

He had to get there.
  01:55:06  25 December 2010
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Cake Muncher


On forum: 01/08/2009
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Good stuff Thrash, will be waiting for more.
  11:13:05  25 December 2010
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On forum: 01/15/2010

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12/25/2010 11:13:21
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He Came From Magadan

Damn, quoted Jerzy Kosinski, John Fitzgerald Kennedy and Nietzche in the same post.

  02:12:06  20 January 2011
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On forum: 01/15/2010

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01/20/2011 2:12:24
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He Came From Magadan

22:51 – Cordon, The Squad’s Camp

It was too late. Dump had to sleep. Moving through the small stairway to the basement, where a candle was all that lit the place. There was a table, there were weapons on it. Mostly pistols, on that matter. Nothing special. Except the fact that Boomer treated his guns like children – especially his Galil. Dump didn’t know what kind of emotions Boomer had against the gun, but he knew one thing – The man liked it. Dump didn’t get attached to his guns – he had no reason to. He didn’t understand it too. Why would one like a gun? They killed people. Dump killed people too, but he had no reason to enjoy such things. He didn’t understand some people. Sadism was an alien thought to him. But he had to kill.

Entering the bed slowly, he turned on his side and closed his eyes. Tomorrow, it was his first artifact hunt.


06:15, Cordon

Waking up slowly, Dump looked around. Boomer was wearing his uniform, and Demyan was jokingly brandishing his weapon to Boomer. Boomer did not seem to care, fiddling with his PDA. Dump slowly got out of the mattress and then walked over to Boomer, half asleep.
‘’So, Boomer, what do we have to do? You said we were going to hunt artifacts.’’

‘’Yes, we are. You see, there’s an old factory nearby and it generally has some mediocre artifacts that we could sell to some clients.’’ Boomer said. Demyan turned to Dump.

‘’So, you comin’ with us?’’ Demyan asked, brandishing his pistol to objects around. Dump didn’t like Demyan’s attitude this day. But then again, these fellows were his friends but the thought was slowly decaying. Dump was wasting his time.

‘’So, you and Demyan are coming with me. Only we will go hunting, the others have to protect the place.’’ Boomer said while strolling North, Galil in hand. After itching his beard, Boomer made a gesture with his hand. ‘’Demyan, you lead the way.’’

The group moved out of the door and left the Squad’s Camp. Dump was uncomfortable due to sleeping with all the gear on himself. He knew that he wouldn’t see much action this day, so he only had his AKMS with him, alongside the Makarov. The Stakeout was only coming when raids would occur.

While moving, Boomer stopped.

‘’Sorry Dump. Forgot to give this to ya. This thing detects artifacts, so you won’t leave empty handed.’’ Boomer mentioned. Handing a weird device to Dump, he sighed, probably out of boredom. The stroll didn’t have much to mention, but Dump felt something bad was going to occur. He didn’t know what, he just felt it.

After reaching the factory, Boomer took point. ‘’Okay Demyan, cover Dump. We’re going to loot whatever we can.’’ Boomer mentioned.
Dump grabbed his Makarov, and opened up the device. It was making weird noises that Dump didn’t understand. Meanwhile, Demyan rushed up the stairs. Boomer walked carefully – he was probably afraid of anomalies.

The detector’s monotonous beeping stopped with a gunshot. Dump quickly rushed up the stairs to find Demyan. Demyan’s pistol was smoking, with a 16 or 15 year old kid lying on the floor. The kid dropped the detector on his hand. Dump moved to Demyan.
‘’Demyan, what the fuck did you do?’’ Dump asked, angry. The maniac without trigger discipline had shot a kid! He wasn’t a bandit either, as evidenced by the white cotton hoodie.

‘’What the fuck, Demyan?’’ Dump proceeded to ask. His thoughts were confused, but his instincts were against him.
Demyan turned to Dump and started talking. ‘’Well, he was running, I thought that he was a bandit and now he’s dying.’’ Demyan added. ‘’Let me just kill him. We can’t leave people around.’’

Dump shouted in frustration. ‘’WHAT THE FUCK?!’’

Demyan pressed his index finger against Dump’s lips. ‘’Ssshhh, you can attract a creature.’’ He said, and then blasted the kid’s head off. Meanwhile, Boomer came in. ‘’Oh, Demyan, I was coming to report that guy to you. He could spot us!’’ Boomer said.

‘’Yeah, I know.’’ Demyan added. But Dump was confused and angry.

‘’Can you tell me what’s going on?’’ Dump asked.

‘’Well, this is Loner territory. Technically, entering this place is a sign of hostility and I don’t want Loners knowing that we are here.’’ Boomer said, before pointing at the dead kid. ‘’That son of a bitch could tell the Loners that we were here.’’

Dump grabbed his gun and aimed at Demyan.

‘’What the fuck are you? Bandits?’’ He asked, with Boomer aiming at him with the Galil. ‘’No, we don’t like the term. We’re the Squad, remember? We work for money.’’ Boomer mentioned. ‘’Now drop the gun down, for fuck’s sake.’’

Dump didn’t. His angriness made him twitch. Demyan had his gun on the floor, but Boomer had the Galil pointing at him. Dump quickly raised the pistol and fired twice. One missed, causing Boomer to fire, but the other hit him in the lower abdomen. Boomer’s burst hit Demyan, and Dump started running away. ‘’FUCKER! GET OVER HERE!’’ Boomer shouted.

‘’Damnit, the guys I’ve trusted were bandits! Fucking bandits!’’ Dump thought as he ran through the factories. Demyan had no direct hit, simply a cut from the bullet, so he grabbed the pistol and started running. Boomer on the other hand, seemed uninjured. His vest had protected him from the wound – There was very little bleeding. After a few grunts, Boomer was also on his feet and after Dump.

‘’That fucker will pay, Demyan!’’ He shouted.

Dump quickly made a 45 degree turn and entered another warehouse. This place was dark enough for Dump to hide, but Demyan wasn’t an idiot. He also entered the warehouse. The thudding noise from Dump caused by his sprinting allowed him to track down Dump easily. But Dump was nowhere to be found.

As he searched the room frantically and furiously looking for Dump, Demyan felt a heavy rock hitting his head. Dump stood over Demyan’s corpse and hit him in the head with a brick again. Demyan's skull cracked and moments later, he was dead.

‘’The bastard!’’ He thought, but a hail of bullets caused him to run and shake his thoughts away. Boomer was onto him, and he was fucking pissed. Dump jumped down the 4 feet roof of the warehouse’s lower part and started running. This place was important to Loners and some stalkers started going after Dump as well after seeing him run down a stairway.

Boomer ran after Dump, jumping down the roof but falling and moaning in extreme pain. The muscles were bulged because of the bullet. Loners caught up to him, but thankfully, this group was new and thus didn’t know about the Squad. Boomer started shouting.

‘’That bastard entered your territory! He’s looking for your armory! He’ll point out the location to Bandits! I tried to stop him but he shot me and killed my mate! Find him! He’ll fire! Be careful!’’ Boomer said, before trying to get up. A stalker stood to take care of Boomer.
Meanwhile, Dump was trying to get out of the industrial part. Some of the parts were still usable, and that made him pretty nervous, as every step could be a death trap.

Dump carefully looked around. There was nothing for him to hide, thus, he started running away. After jumping through the window to another warehouse, he realized that he was reaching a waste – there were hills of trash and his detector was beeping like a maniac. Dump jumped down and started looking around.

Dump eventually made a last jump but failed, hitting his right knee. He couldn’t describe the sudden amount of pain. Eventually getting up and moving North, he moved to Garbage. The group of loners had Dump in their sights but after realizing that he was going in an anomalous hellhole and that they had no scoped weapons, they stopped chasing.

Dump ran. As fast as he could, but his knee was in bad shape. Eventually stopping in a train station, he was met by gunfire. There was a gunfight, and he had just stepped into it. Dump leaned against
the wall and sat, exhausted.

‘’Fuck... Fuck.’’

He was now chased by a group of Loners, an expert who was probably going to chase him, and a group of bandit-mercenaries. And his dream was now even farther away – He had no money, but now, he had no alliances whatsoever as well.
  16:26:34  27 March 2011
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On forum: 08/24/2009
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Great as always thrash, keep it up!
  18:22:00  27 March 2011
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On forum: 01/15/2010
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He Came From Magadan

I can rebuild it. I have the WordPad.
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