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Question In the End, your opinion?
Great Return!
It was pretty decent!
It was Meh!
I liked your old works!
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  13:34:20  18 June 2011
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
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I have decided I am going to put this story on hold. I liked the plot I was making, the characters I was introducing and the setting but overall it wasn't developing the way I was planned.

I do hope I get the time to rewrite this the way I wanted, as it seems like a waste of so much potential but I am very limited in time recently and am trying to spend it on more productive projects.

Anyone who was a fan of this may be disappointed, if so feel free to make angry faces, though I will rewrite this, just probably not anytime soon.
  03:43:09  14 October 2010
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
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Requiem - Part 7

Pavlik woke up, the others were sitting by a campfire nearby. He didn't feel any pain from his wounds but he had a killer headache.

"whahappan" Pavlik slurred
"good your awake" said Mitya "we were planning on pulling the plug like last time"
"shuttupp" Pavlik slurred
"yeah, this time however your suit took all the punishment" said Viktor
"realli" Pavlik slurred as he rolled over, he felt a stabbing pain "whiihurt"
"you got shot in the leg, sadly your suit didn't cover that" said Mitya
"werthothes" Pavlik slurred rolling onto his back
"Dragov went topside, Marcus went with him and Katarina is asleep" said Mitya
"Kolya is sleeping too and Dmitriev is looking for food in the back" said Viktor pointing to a door leading to a backroom
"righ" slurred Pavlik lazily
"get some more sleep" said Viktor "that bomb calmed this place down, lets take advantage of that"
"howedo?" Pavlik inhaled dust and coughed
"well according to our PDAs..." Viktor began "We shattered out the Atom Clouds, the Shadows, the Wraiths, the Shinobis, the Zealots and the Hellhounds"
"yeah, shame about them Hellhounds, they were useful" said Mitya
"sothegone?" Pavlik slurred
"yes and no" said Viktor "their clans are no more but there are still a lot of survivors and most of them are still on homicidal rampages up topside... theres just no hierarchy meaning eventually these guys are going to either stop fighting or join another clan."
"greah" Pavlik slurred falling asleep "igoslip"
"nighty night" said Mitya sipping a bottle of votka

Pavlik's eyes slowly closed, he was falling comfortably asleep...

"Pavlik wake up" said a voice

Pavlik opened his eyes, there was a roar of gunfire/

"whats going on?" said Pavlik wide awake
"the military, they came out of nowhere, Spetsnaz is crawling all over the place, they are just shooting everything that moves" said Mitya
"damn" said Pavlik climbing onto his feet, he felt pain but steadied himself

Pavlik heard shouting above them, shortly followed by the sound of mortars falling and exploding above them.

"there shelling us!" shouted Viktor outside in the stairwell
"apparently our nukes brought back unwanted attention" said Mitya "come on, grab your gun and move it, we have to get out of here"
"right behind you" said Pavlik grabbing his AK-47 and his Colt 1911, he quickly checked for his knife and put his helmet on.

They ran up the stairs, bullets and explosions could be heard coming from every direction. They reached the top and jumped over the blown up walls. Bullets were spraying everywhere, a mortar exploded only a few feet from him. He dived out of the way, rocks and dirt bounced off of his helmet. They jumped over the sandbags and ran down the streets until they found themselves in a small structure, the others were firing their rifles out the windows.

"we all here?" Mitya asked
"Marcus is in that damn tower, the crazy fool is going to get himself killed" said Dragov
"I'll get him" said Pavlik "get out of here"
"how the hell do we do that?" Dragov asked "the military have god damn tanks blocking the south exit"
"then we take the west exit" said Pavlik
"APCs are all over there, not forgetting the lethal radiation" said Dragov
"then we go north" said Pavlik
"thats suicide" said Dragov
"we have no choice" said Pavlik "get going"
"theres too many of us" said Dragov "were an easy target"
"split up then" said Pavlik "trust me we are getting out"

Pavlik ran outside before Dragov could point out any more flaws. Pavlik ran to the tower and hurried up the stairs, he reached the top to find Marcus firing an SVU down at the people below.

"nice gun" said Pavlik
"thank the unknown soldier" said Marcus "who is lying around here somewhere"
"we have to go" said Pavlik
"but I just started having fun" said Marcus
"we just need to get to that clock tower by the north entrance" said Pavlik "we can have fun there, this place is too hot"
"damn" said Marcus "this kind of reminds me of when I worked for the IRU"
"We could ask questions like who the hell the IRU are later, lets go" said Pavlik
"fine" said Marcus firing two more shots before standing up and jumping down the stairs

They ran down the stairs and out into the streets, stalkers and soldiers were everywhere spraying bullets. They ran up some steps and found themselves just around the corner from the north exit.
A heavy machine gun sprayed right over their heads, they ducked behind the sandbags. Several soldiers were in a jeep firing a mounted heavy machine gun, opposite to it were about a dozen stalkers, in the crossfire was the rest of their team, hiding in the entrance to the western Rostok

"still want to have fun Marcus?" Pavlik asked
"what do you have in mind" said Marcus
"I cover you, you get the hell to that tower and cover the rest of us" said Pavlik

Marcus watched the heavy machine gun rip a stalker clean in half.

"hell yeah I do" said Marcus after a short pause
"go NOW" said Pavlik as the soldiers reloaded

Marcus ran down the street and jumped over the reloading stalkers. Pavlik fired a full burst at the stalkers drawing their fire away and the soldiers finished reloading. Pavlik saw Marcus at the top of the tower firing a round into the soldier on the HMG. The soldier began to spin on the spot, the HMG firing in a full 360 degree spin. The others began to run across the street, they jumped over the cover of the other stalkers and opened fire. Pavlik was about to join them when he saw Katarina standing in the middle of the road, she was holding her side, Pavlik saw blood dripping from her, a small pool forming on the ground. Pavlik suddenly heard the oddly familiar sound of mortars firing, he looked at her and she smiled back, he heard the mortars falling. Pavlik jumped over his cover and ran towards her. He grabbed her and picked her up over his shoulders. He ran down the street carrying her as mortars exploded all around them. He climbed over the sandbags and passed her to Dragov who picked her up and carried her to the exit.

"hurry up Pavlik" said Dragov
"I have to go back for Marcus" said Pavlik "I'll be right behind you"

Pavlik ran to the tower and climbed up the stairs. He reached the top and found Marcus firing his rifle at dozens of Spetsnaz soldiers.

"Marcus lets go" said Pavlik
"just a sec..." Marcus began but was interrupted by a loud and repeated beeping noise, suddenly the foundations of the clock tower began to explode, bricks flew in every direction as the tower exploded, charges exploding from the bottom up.
"time to go" shouted Pavlik grabbing Marcus and throwing him over the edge, jumping down after him.

Marcus crashed into a house, Pavlik landed in after him. They both looked up to see a figure in an advanced military combat suit looking down at them through infrared goggles.

"son of a bitch" said Pavlik "its them again"

The man kicked him in the side of the head knocking him unconscious...

The man pulled out a satellite phone, he dialed it.

"well Theta, how did it go?" asked the voice
"they detonated another nuke, they took out six clans" said Theta
"already eleven... I trust you have better news than your failure to stop them?" the voice asked
"I have their leader and one of their team unconscious, orders?" Theta asked
"take them to the base, see what Zeta can get out of them" said the voice "Beta will extract you"
"of course" said Theta
"we will contact Omega and tell him to follow the others" said the voice
"of course sir, I shall report to base" said Theta

The man hung up and tied the stalkers hands together. He grabbed his Abakan and waited patiently, Omega and Beta ran inside and helped him carry them to the Hind...


Commander Birigov looked at the images provided by the UAV overlooking Rostok, it was chaos and there wasn't a damn thing he could do.

“sir this isn't right we have to give our men orders” said Birigov
“unfortunately we have to follow orders” said Krinkov
“who the hell ordered this?” Birigov asked “our entire operation is falling apart”
“its classified, hell I don't even know” said Krinkov “nobodies knows where this order came from”
“how do we know its genuine?” Birigov asked
“I triple checked it, it is from somebody up top, but I have no clue” said Krinkov

The soldiers began to retreat, the military stalkers were all but dead, a few just vanished, probably surrendered or fled.

“I cannot spend anymore time watching this” said Krinkov, this plan was his after all.

Birigov watched helicopters emerge out of nowhere and swarm the Rostok area, who the hell were they Birigov thought to himself.

“zoom in, try to get us a better image” Birigov ordered one of the technicians.

The camera zoomed in, several shapes jumped out, they were wearing advanced gear and were loading up the wounded into their helicopters.

“take pictures, tell nobody” said Birigov, somebody wasn't telling him everything...


Pavlik woke up to find himself in a dark room, fuses and metal wires were literally everywhere, he saw plastic wiring all along the floor, several ropes were tied to the roof holding up buzz saws and connected to his arm was a wire leading to a tank labeled sulphuric acid. He was sitting in perhaps the most elaborate and intimidating deathtrap he had ever imagined. He looked down to see himself sitting on a pressure pad, connected to pretty much everything, there were cameras watching from every angle. The door opened, a tall figure walked in, this man like the others was wearing advanced combat armor but it was a lighter one, and he wore a trench coat over it. He also was wearing a fedora on top of his full facial protection.

"so, your Pavlik" said the man casually sitting on a chair in front of him, the man had an almost reassuring voice.
"and you are?" Pavlik asked
"you may call me Zeta" said the man with a slight smile
"you connected to the chaps Sigma and Epsilon I assume" said Pavlik
"yes" said Zeta
"and the guy who attacked us outside the powerplant?" Pavlik asked
"yes" said Zeta
"and the helicopter pilot and the man who blew up the clocktower" said Pavlik
"yes" said Zeta "I am connected to more than you know"
"so why am I here?" Pavlik asked
"six years ago you and your group came across things that they should have avoided" said Zeta
"and?" Pavlik asked
"six years ago you discovered things that we would have killed you immediately for discovering" said Zeta casually
"you tried and failed that" said Pavlik with a smirk
"yes, exactly" said Zeta "so we sent Gamma, who did a good job but failed as well"
"the power plant mini gunner I assume" said Pavlik
"and after that you were rescued by people quite high up, you have powerful allies outside" said Zeta "a pity you abandoned that protection"
"yeah well we were straining our favors" said Pavlik "and we overstayed our welcome"
"yes" said Zeta "you left your bed in the hospital and came back, we have been watching you ever since"
"but what did we uncover that was so valuable?" Pavlik asked "whats worth the trouble"
"those secure cases you found in Agroprom" said Zeta "you left with three"
"we only wanted the one" said Pavlik
"of course, but you carried out three" said Zeta "one was useless, the other was important and the last was the most important of all"
"really" said Pavlik "so it was because we didn't take the time to search them we got into this mess"
"yes" said Zeta laughing reassuringly "if you had just taken the few extra minutes to check which one was yours we would have let you off no harm no foul"
"so which one was it?" Pavlik asked "the case with the artifact, the case with the documents or the case with the 'holy monolith'?"
"you heard what the stalkers now call it" said Zeta "a whole cult, it was safer back when it was simply a myth, the wishgranter they called it, a nice ring if you ask me"
"so its because I reached the center and found the wishgranter" said Pavlik
"that was important but not as important as the other" said Zeta holding up Pavlik's PDA revealing the picture of the wishgrater "you mind if I delete this?"
"I need that picture" said Pavlik "I need that picture so I can show the scientists it"
"so you can get a pat on the back and a briefcase of cash" said Zeta "It has already been discovered by too many, I am sorry but I must do a cover up, you know politics"

Zeta clicked the delete button, Pavlik watched the picture fade away, the words 'deleted' flashed on the screen.

"bastard" said Pavlik
"well I am at a tricky position, I have so many ways to kill you" said Zeta "those are my orders, never liked orders too much"
"why don't you let me go and we call it even" said Pavlik
"I like you" said Zeta "so I won't kill you, I will leave you here instead so you may witness someone else die, to better grasp the seriousness of the situation"

Zeta stood up and left the room, the door slammed shut behind him. He heard shouting and screaming outside and the door opened, Marcus was thrown inside.


Marcus turned around and pulled out a knife.

"swiped eh" said Marcus taking several steps towards him, there was a beeping noise and suddenly the wires in the room started to move, the hooks holding the ropes in place started to slide into the roof, bubbles began to rise in the acid tanks and the sprinklers turned on, water spraying all over the wires on the ground, the explosive charges began to beep.

"son of a bitch" said Pavlik "Marcus get out of the way"

The wires began to move at fast speeds, Marcus dived out of the way as the wires chopped the chair Zeta had previously sat on clean in half. Marcus jumped up into the air as two wires flew by, he successfully did a back flip but fell over as four more wires flew by, he rolled over as vertical wires sped by. He jumped out of the way as more wires swung by, they retracted into the walls. Marcus threw the knife towards Pavlik, who caught it with both hands, which were bound. He cut his bands and pulled out the IV, he turned to the wires, he looked as the ropes swung down.

Marcus jumped out of the way as the buzz saws turned on and swung in every direction.

"Marcus you have to climb onto those ropes" said Pavlik passing the knife back at him
"what about you?" Marcus asked
"as soon as I sit up this room is going to become a giant Tesla ball" said Pavlik "I'll be fine"

Marcus cut two ropes off, the buzz saws cut threw the wires, Marcus jumped up, Pavlik jumped too. There was a loud explosion as the wires shot a massive burst of electricity onto the pressure pad, the chair exploded as sparks flew everywhere. Sparks shot out of the water and the beeping in the explosive charges sped up. One of the ropes snapped and a buzz saw crashed into the sulphuric acid. The tank exploded as glass and acid flooded the room. Pavlik and Mitya climbed up, Marcus threw his knife, it hit the keypad by the door, miraculously the door opened and the acid flooded the hallway. Power suddenly shut off, Marcus and Pavlik dropped to the ground. Marcus ran a few steps ahead, Pavlik hurried to check the timers on the charges.

"we have three minutes lets go" said Pavlik turning around, power turned back on.
"shit I think we better go now" said Marcus laughing "looks like they know what their dealing wi..."

The door opened, a single figure stood at the doorway, he wore an advanced suit and was carrying a long barreled revolver, he aimed at Marcus and fired six shots before turning and walking. Pavlik ran to Marcus.

“son of a bitch” said Marcus coughing
“oh shit” said Pavlik “looks bad”

Marcus winked at him and smirked slyly.

“what?” Pavlik asked

Marcus put his hand on the wound and slightly opened the suit revealing blood packs stuffed around a kevlar vest.

“son of a bitch” said Pavlik
“I am as good as dead to these people” Marcus muttered “go, I will see you on the other side”

"son of a bitch" said Pavlik looking up at the cameras, Pavlik ran and dived out the door, the door slammed shut behind him. He heard a voice coming from one of the speakers on the walls.
"I am very sorry for your loss Pavlik" said Zeta's familiar voice "I admit I didn't enjoy that but orders are orders, anyways I thought you should know that your friends are all coming for you, they think they are surprising us but we have had several days of a warning"
"I'll kill you" said Pavlik
"you know, I know you will" said Zeta "but until then I want to see you escape this place, I have total control so don't expect it to be easy"

Pavlik ran down the hallway, remembering the explosives. He turned down a hallway, a stationary machine gun was at the end of the hall, no one was manning it. Pavlik was about to let out a sigh of relief when the gun fired, he jumped out of the way, just noticing he wasn't wearing his suit. He ran across the hallway, bullets firing everywhere. He rolled into a doorway and found a soldier aiming a Makarov at him, Pavlik knocked it out of his hand and tackled the soldier, he hit the soldier several times before grabbing the Makarov and firing two rounds into the soldiers head.

"do you take pleasure in killing Pavlik?" Zeta asked "you might think I am a monster but look how easily you take lives"
"go to hell" said Pavlik
"I will see you there I assure you" said Zeta

Pavlik opened a vent hanging from the roof and climbed inside. He carefully climbed through the vent, turning a corner and continuing, he saw many soldiers running under him.

"now now Pavlik, don't hide" said Zeta "because I have total control and you are not in a particularly safe area"

Pavlik heard the noise of wind, suddenly hot air shot at him, it hit him with such force he slid back a few inches. It was burning his skin and the vent began to heat up, he crawled forward and kicked open vent below him, he fell out and hit the ground hard, he was sweating heavily. He was staring down the barrel of one of the automatic machine gun turrets. Pavlik closed his eyes.

"now Pavlik, what sport would that be, I'll give you 30 seconds to run" said Zeta, Pavlik heard a loud explosion below him "and a distraction"

Pavlik jumped to his feet and ran down the hall, he entered a room and found himself looking at hundreds of people strapped to tables, odd experiments were being preformed, they all looked mutated and deformed.

"ah, the rejects room" said Zeta "failed subjects, they are all lying comatose, a shame really"

Pavlik ran inside and hurried to the other end of the room.

"unless I press this switch and they wake up into homicidal rampages" said Zeta "oops"

Pavlik heard a bone chilling roar as hundreds of the 'rejects' stood up, they turned towards him and growled. Pavlik fired his Makarov at them as he ran through the lab, he found what looked like a SciFi Injection Needle/Pistol hybrid. Pavlik picked it up and turned around, he fired it into one of the 'rejects' and watched it bloat and explode, Pavlik fired it at the others and watched them one by one puff up and explode.

"well done, you just ended their suffering" said Zeta "its a shame that gun only effects those implanted with a specific isotope, maybe we implanted you, we should check"

Suddenly hundreds of needles began to fire from the walls, Pavlik ran to the end of the room and opened the doors, he was in another large room, instead of bodies there were guns. Pavlik walked past more needle guns, several gauss rifles, a railgun and several other weapons he didn't even think existed.

"ah, the weapons lab" said Zeta "I bet you never thought any of these were possible, well they weren't, until artifacts were discovered, oh the wonders they do for science, cost the lives of a hundred stalkers to fill this room"
"you guys are insane" said Pavlik
"so are you, you killed a lot of you're kind" said Zeta "remember those nukes"
"that was different" said Pavlik
"or was it the same" said Zeta

Pavlik ran over to a table, he found a box labeled Pavlik, he opened it and found his equipment inside. He quickly put it on and holstered his weapons, he was about to leave when he suddenly saw what looked like a double barreled SMG.

"what... the hell" said Pavlik picking it up
"you found the Versailles" said Zeta "I particularly enjoy that little creation"

Pavlik holstered it, next to it was what looked like an assault rifle that fired shotgun shells, he picked it up.

"the AA-12, god bless the Americans for their ingenuity" said Zeta

Pavlik examined it, just then a door opened and several soldiers ran inside, he pulled the trigger and watched them simply explode as the drum barrel emptied in a matter of seconds.

"holy shit" said Pavlik grabbing as much ammo as he could carry and reloading it. He grabbed several grenades and a satchel charge and headed for the door. He turned a corner and threw a grenade. It landed below another stationary turret and it exploded. He opened a door and found a very large generator.

"hello Zeta" said Pavlik "time I shut you down"
"you wouldn't" said Zeta
"why not?" Pavlik asked
"if you did it would shut down every failsafe here" said Zeta
"well then" said Pavlik throwing a satchel charge and running out the door clicking the detonator "oops"

The room exploded and power shut off, he heard roars everywhere, red lights turned on.

"back up generator, you cut controls but I can still watch and talk" said Zeta
"damn" said Pavlik "maybe I should try harder"
"judging by the fact you shut off every failsafe and released every experiment upon yourself, I doubt you would live to find it" said Zeta
"then I guess I've overstayed my welcome" said Pavlik
"oh no, that would never happen, come back another time" said Zeta "I will look forward to it"
"yeah well" said Pavlik "I find myself feeling the same way"

Pavlik ran down the hall and a door blew open, Dragov was aiming a shotgun at his face.

"hello Dragov" said Pavlik "thanks for coming, not necessary really I have it under control"
"ungrateful bastard" said Mitya smiling
"lets go, this place is going to blow or something" said Pavlik
"wait wheres Marcus?" Dragov asked
"he... fell behind" said Pavlik, they nodded

They ran away from the facility. They ran over the next hill revealing a muscle car parked in the field.

"is.. is that our ride?" Pavlik asked
"better believe it" said Mitya
"can I drive?" Pavlik asked
"go ahead" said Dragov "the others are waiting for us north of here"

Pavlik climbed inside, he started the engine and felt the powerful roar of it.

"I like this car" said Pavlik, he heard several cars starting behind him "uh oh"

He slammed on the gas and shifted gears, a dozen jeeps drove from the direction of the facility, with mounted guns firing at them. Pavlik swerved the car as a Russian Hind flew overhead firing missiles. Pavlik drove over the next hill, he recognized the area, he was in the valley. He shifted gears and sped over the hills, he went up with such speed the car jumped, he landed and drove for the same pass he took last time he headed for the Junklands. He bullets whizzed by, Dragov fired his shotgun out a window, Mitya fired a burst of his Groza, he fired the under barrel grenade launcher blowing an entire jeep apart. He saw a field of Whirligigs, it was still there, and so was the jump he took last time.

"no Pavlik, this didn't work last time!" Mitya shouted
"we were in a pickup truck last time" said Pavlik shifting gears "I feel the engine, I feel the engine"
"what does that mean?" Mitya asked
"it means hes insane and going to get us killed!" Dragov shouted
"I FEEL THE ENGINE" shouted Pavlik jumping up the ramp, the others were screaming, he flew clean over the anomalies and hit the ground, he swerved and stopped himself short of the garbage pile he crashed into last time. "I feel the engine, so I won"
"shut up!" shouted Mitya, they saw the other jeeps crash into the whirligigs, suddenly another muscle car jumped over the anomalies and swerved, a man was sitting at the wheel, he was in armor a lot like Zeta's
"oh son of a bitch" shouted Pavlik putting the car in reverse, he spun the car and put the car back in drive.

He shifted gears and drove straight for the path to Rostok, the other muscle car rammed him.

"we are dead" said Mitya as the Hind flew over the pass behind them
"no we aren't we just need some reassuring music" shouted Pavlik turning on the radio which played Aerosmith, Train kept a Rollin'. "there we go"
"we shouldn't have bothered" said Dragov "he has clearly lost it"

Pavlik swerved the car performing a sharp turn and driving at full speed towards Rostok, the other car ramming into their back. They preformed another jump and landed, Rostok in sight. They drove straight down the road and turned, driving into one of the warehouses. Stalkers were still fighting soldiers, suddenly the fight stopped as the stalkers and soldiers alike stopped to watch them zoom by, the other car right behind them, a helicopter right behind it. The helicopter opened fire with its gattling gun. bullets sprayed everywhere and they turned another sharp corner driving around the area in a full circle before turning into a warehouse, he drove straight through it before taking the next right and headed straight. The driver behind them fired a revolver out his window. They turned again, they were on the road to west Rostok, they took another turn and drove north. Mitya and Dragov stopped trying to fire out their windows, Pavlik was driving to insanely. Pavlik drove past the second clock tower, it was completely gone. Pavlik drove straight through the closed gates of Rostok and headed north, the other driver right behind him.

Pavlik drove across the flat fields, he did a full hairpin turn and drove straight for the other car, the others screamed behind him. The other driver turned slightly to the right and opened his door, he leaned out and fired his pistol while driving, Pavlik swerved as he bullets hit his window right where his head was. Pavlik did another hairpin and drove north. The helicopter returned firing a full spread of missiles, Pavlik drove full speed up a hill and shot off the ground as his car flew gracefully through the air. He landed with a crash and slid across wet mud, he slid through a chain link fence and slid up a hill, the car flipped and crashed into an abandoned village. The other muscle car flew over him and crashed into a house.

Pavlik climbed out of the wreckage of the car, the others climbed out and hugged the nearest rocks.

"THAT!" Pavlik shouted "was fun"
"your... are... insane... Pavlik" Mitya shouted breathing heavily
"where are we?" Pavlik asked looking at the eery buildings
"nowhere good, we should leave" said Dragov

Several bullets flew by their heads, Pavlik turned to see the driver of the other car firing his revolver, an old Colt Single Action Army.

"you guys go ahead" said Pavlik
"we are at the farmstead east of here" said Dragov

The others ran off, Pavlik put his right hand on his holster, the driver spun his revolver, did a quick reload and holstered it.

"so your Pavlik?" the man said slowly
"and you are?" Pavlik asked
"you may call me Delta" said the man drawing his pistol and spinning it, he holstered it again
"you going to show me your moves or draw already?" Pavlik asked

Delta drew his pistol with incredible speeds spinning it in his hand and cocking the hammer back. Pavlik simply raised his left arm and fired a full burst from the Versailles. The SMG ripped through Delta's armor and he flew back in surprise.

"you cheated" Delta shouted
"and that is how I roll" Pavlik shouted back

The helicopter returned firing a spray of the minigun, there was a loud roar coming from deeper in the village. Delta rolled over grabbing his pistol and pulled out a crossbow firing a grappling hook up, it hit the hull of the Hind and Delta clicked a button, pulling himself up to the Hind, which turned around and flew out of sight. Pavlik saw many white eyes looking at him, he turned and ran. He ran up the muddy hill and reached the top, quickly jumping down the hill, hitting the mud and sliding to the bottom of the hill, he hit the ground and rolled. He ran up another hill, a small farmstead on it. He reached it and ran inside the house, a gun was aimed at his face.

"hello Pavlik" said Dragov "nice of you to join us"
"you know me I had to take care of business" said Pavlik

He walked inside and closed the door behind him...

Omega watched from a distance, he dialed his satellite phone.

"status report!" the voice shouted
"Headquarters is gone, Zeta managed to kill one of Pavlik's team but failed to eliminate him and is now is relocating to secondary headquarters" said Omega "Beta and Delta attempted to take out Pavlik but failed, Pavlik is now outside the old military warehouses"
"damn" said the voice "Pavlik is becoming too much of a threat, the last cluster of stalkers are in this area, he ran out of nukes so he will need to be creative for his plans to work"
"orders?" Omega asked
"Gamma and Theta are moving in, we will make sure he fails" said the voice
"do I have permission to strike?" Omega asked
"no, we must wait for your chance" said the voice
"of course sir" said Omega hanging up

Omega lowered to a prone and stared at the farmstead through the scope of his rifle...


Birigov watched the photographs, the helicopters had no ID of any kind, they were completely black and had no affiliation to anything, then he noticed it. A small gas mask on the side of a gattling gun with Cyrillic writing 'Shadow Ops'. The location of this would be hard to notice by anyone who didn't know where to look, he was lucky he spotted it.

He pulled out his phone, he had to make a call but who did he know who was not connected to the military, he dialed a number.

“hello who is this?” said a familiar voice
“hello Petrov” Birigov began “this is Birigov, I need your help...”
  03:42:33  14 October 2010
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Guess Who.


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Requiem - Part 6

They camped on a hill overlooking the Rostok Warehouses, Mitya passed several cans of beans and Kolya lit the campfire, Viktor passed some votka around, Dmitriev pitched the tent. Pavlik meanwhile simply sat on a log looking down at the Rostok Warehouses, he saw flashes of gunfire, the sun was almost completely set. Soon the flashes were the only things illuminating the dead urban area. The others talked, and joked and Dmitriev even played a harmonica, but Pavlik simply sat.

His mind drifted on Nikolas and Sasha, were they right, had he changed, he couldn't tell. Pavlik felt an empty feeling, it was hard to describe, like a coldness in his chest, as if something there was absent. Nikolas was a great friend of Pavlik's, he almost died trying to rescue him from the radiation... but he so easily abandoned him... and Sasha... Pavlik didn't understand what Sasha meant to him but she too left him, history was repeating itself... it was like Stag all over again... only this time Pavlik wasn't a rookie, he wasn't a fool who made poor mistakes, he saw more of the zone than anyone, he is practically a master. Pavlik looked down at the firefights below, tomorrow he will go down and attempt to kill everyone in Rostok, it was going to be a bloody day... it was kind of funny, tomorrow was a sunday... a bloody sunday. It's funny how easy it is now, killing for money, just another job, not a glamorous one but a job it was.

Pavlik drank some votka and climbed into the tent, he climbed into the sleeping bag in the back and fell asleep...

Pavlik was standing in a field, the sky was dark as lightning flashed and thunder roared. The land was dead and shredded, devoid of life, devoid of anything man made, save for hundreds of generators. Pavlik was here before, not in life but in another dream like this... He walked through the field, the sky turned red. He ran as his Geiger counter clicked, the ground beneath him collapsed as he fell into a large pit. He blinked and found in a ruined urban area, he saw a stunning Russian woman with long blond hair tied into a pony tail looking at him, she smiled at him, he looked up to see several mortars falling towards her, he ran to warn her but there was a bright flash and suddenly he was in a chair, he was chained to it. He was in a dark room with a small light revealing a chair in front of him, on it sat Viktor, also chained. Pavlik attempted to get out of his chains as a man entered the room, a large man in a black trench coat. The man pull out a pistol and aimed it at Viktor's head. Pavlik shouted and attempted to break free, the man pulled the trigger and Pavlik found himself looking up at Dmitriev, he was on the roof of a building, Pavlik looked around to see himself in a city, he looked up to see Dmitriev fighting with a man in an advanced combat suit, the man slammed his gun, a gauss rifle, into Dmitriev's stomach and fired, Dmitriev shot off the roof, Pavlik braced himself to catch him when suddenly he was in a destroyed building, outside was Kolya crawling towards him.

Bullets flew everywhere as two groups of stalkers were fighting, a stalker kicked Kolya over and aimed his shotgun at him. Pavlik jumped over his cover and fired his pistol, a bullet hit him in the hand and he found himself looking into a room, a familiar stalker was running towards him but suddenly wires started flying in every direction, the stalker simply fell apart, sliced into thousands of pieces. Pavlik blinked and he was looking at a large man, he was wrestling with what looked like a bear. The man turned and shouted at him, as if telling him to run but Pavlik didn't want to leave, he ran to the bear, and it roared, suddenly he was in some sort of lab, he was on a platform overlooking a river of rapidly moving water, moving at bone breaking speed. that went down and out of site. Beside him was Mitya, before him was a man in a large exoskeleton, the man charged Pavlik, Mitya tackled the man and the two of them fell off the edge, Pavlik screamed and found himself looking into a dark room, blood was everywhere and he saw Sasha lying on the floor in the middle of the room, he walked towards her but suddenly all he could see were two white eyes and tentacles, he jumped back and found himself kneeling on the floor, he was talking but he couldn't hear what he was saying. Pavlik was bleeding and sweating, he looked up at a shadow looking down on him, a pistol to his head, he pulled the trigger...

Pavlik woke up screaming in pain, he put his hand on his head to feel for holes. Everyone was looking at him.

"Pavlik you okay?" Mitya asked
"I am fine" said Pavlik "just a bad dream"
"don't have too many, we are so close to stalkers they could probably hear us talking now" said Kolya
"I'll be fine" said Pavlik climbing under his blanket and closing his eyes...

Pavlik woke up the next morning, it was sunday. They packed up the camp and climbed down the hill. Gunshots could be heard as they entered the streets of Rostok. They walked down the path and slowly walked through a large warehouse, they heard gunshots just outside. They quickly ran to the wall near the door and pressed their backs against it. Pavlik inched towards the door to see the streets of Rostok, a large battle was taking place. He looked across the street and saw several stalkers in a small office, they were in the same situation Pavlik found himself in, strangers in a strangers war.

"do diggers pack anything helpful for a situation like this?" Pavlik asked
"yes we do" said Kolya
"smoke grenades" said Dmitriev pulling out a dozen smoke grenades and passing them around
"on three we throw everywhere and run across the street, there are stalkers pinned down" said Pavlik
"one... two... THREE" shouted Pavlik

They pulled the pinnies and ran out of the factory throwing smoke grenades everywhere. They ran across and jumped into the office across the street, the stalkers inside were aiming rifles at them.

"don't shoot we're friendly" said Pavlik as they ducked behind cover
"how can we tell if your friendly" said a large stalker in the back
"we don't belong to any clans?" Viktor asked
"oh good" said the stalker
"name's Pavlik" said Pavlik "this is Viktor, Kolya, Mitya and Dmitriev"
"name's Dragov" said the large stalker "and this is Katarina, Tolkov and..."
"Marcus?" Viktor asked "is that you?"
"Why hello chaps, I thought you guys croaked up north now, why didn't you?" asked Marcus
"hello Marcus" said Pavlik "we thought you died too"
"don't worry about it, I ain't going to die for a long time" said Marcus stepping out of the shadow, Pavlik saw him clearly, he recognized him from his dream, he was the one who was killed by the wires... and Dragov was the large stalker wrestling with the bear and that must mean Katarina...

Bullets whizzed over their heads, the fight began again.

"we better get out of here" said Dragov
"how, were kind of pinned" said Kolya
"Tolkov you done yet?" Dragov asked
"just about..." Tolkov said slowly, Pavlik watched him attempt to cut the locks off of a large door with bolt cutters.

There was a snap and the doors flew open, they ran inside to find themselves in a massive warehouse. They ran through it, passing many crates and found the back door. They looked out to find another shootout. They closed the door, Tolkov ran to the back to close the door they came in.

"now we socialize?" Mitya asked
"might as well" said Dragov "we are going to be here a while"

Tolkov, Kolya and Dmitriev sat in a corner talking, apparently Tolkov was a digger too. Mitya and Viktor sat with Dragov. Marcus walked over and sat beside Pavlik.

"hey, I was wondering about something" said Marcus
"what?" Pavlik asked
"did you happen to find out what happened to..." Marcus began
"Sasha is fine" said Pavlik
"oh... how is the lass?" Marcus asked
"well she hates me now and is now working with Nikolas" said Pavlik
"hurts doesn't it" said Marcus, Pavlik never thought he would hear Marcus being sensitive
"what do you mean?" Pavlik asked
"she left you man, after all you two had together" said Marcus
"what the hell are you talking about" said Pavlik
"she cared about you, you just were too busy trying to get rich" said Marcus "it blinded you to what was clearly there"
"nothing was there" said Pavlik "you are clearly imagining things"
"your loss" said Marcus "I am sure she is happier with Nikolas now"
"shut up" said Pavlik
"oh so you do care" said Marcus "a few seconds ago I was imagining things"
"go to hell" said Pavlik
"oh I don't thi..." Marcus began
"leave him alone" said Katarina, she had taken off her helmet revealing a stunning young Russian woman, with long blond hair tied in a pony tail, she had bright blue eyes.

Pavlik found himself simply staring, Marcus noticed this and laughed as he climbed to his feet and walked away.

"don't mind Marcus, he's such a pig" said Katarina
"I remember" said Pavlik
"when did you two work together last?" Katarina asked
"six years ago" said Pavlik
"thats a while" said Katarina "you been here all that time?"
"nope" said Pavlik "just came back"
"zone is a different pace" said Katarina
"yes it is" said Pavlik
"so what are you doing here?" Katarina asked "If I may ask"
"a job for the trader" said Pavlik "you?"
"trying to stop those insane assassins from killing everyone" said Katarina
"assassins?" Pavlik asked with a sense of concern, was she referring to them
"the Shadows" said Katarina "they are fighting with the Wraiths and the Shinobis"
"oh" said Pavlik "lets just say our goals are similar"
"really how is tha..." Katarina began but Dragov quickly cut her off
"excuse us Katarina but I must talk with Pavlik here" said Dragov
"of course, nice meeting you Pavlik" said Katarina smiling at him
"nice... meeting you..." said Pavlik awkwardly
"well now" said Dragov "we need to talk about our missions"
"you killing the assassins" said Pavlik
"they are based here along with almost all the stalkers" said Dragov "how are our goals similar?"
"the trader asked us to end the clan wars" said Pavlik
"impossible" said Dragov "your group doesn't look like its capable of destroying a single clan"
"we have taken out five" said Pavlik "and that was in a single afternoon"
"are you serious?" Dragov asked
"Howitzers happened to have a nuke" said Pavlik
"and what are you hoping to accomplish here?" Dragov asked
"the Atom Cloud have a bunker here correct?" Pavlik asked
"yes" said Dragov
"rumor has it they found a warhead there" said Pavlik "I could probably end the war here and now by blowing that thing"
"how do you expect to survive?" Dragov asked
"I would probably be out of here by then" said Pavlik
"I want the war to end but that would kill a lot of people" said Dragov
"they are dead already, its only a matter of days" said Pavlik
"true enough" said Dragov "My team will help you"
"that would be great" said Pavlik "I have a plan"
"lets hear it" Dragov asked
"we sprint out of the back door, drawing the fire of the other stalkers, Marcus climbs the clock tower there and provides sniper coverage. We advance until we reach the bunker and find the nuke, we wheel it towards this warehouse, set the time and get the hell out of here" said Pavlik
"risky" said Dragov
"we have to be risky" said Pavlik

They briefed the others on the plan, they readied themselves by the door, Tolkov opened it and they ran out. Pavlik ran through a storm of bullets, they reached the other side of the courtyard. Marcus was already at the top of the tower sniping the stalkers. They slowly crept towards some stairs and hurried up, they ran into a warehouse. They ran out the other side and found another warehouse. They ran inside and found themselves looking at a large group of stalkers. They dived out of the way as shotguns and assault rifles sprayed bullets in every direction. Dragov threw an F1 grenade. Pavlik sprayed his AK-47 over his cover. Bullets sprayed everywhere, an RPG flew over his cover and blew up outside the warehouse. They advanced slowly firing their rifles, the stalkers ran outside and were shredded by mortar rounds. Pavlik saw the path they needed to take, it was just outside the door, another building. Pavlik nodded to them and they ran outside.

Bullets sprayed everywhere, Pavlik ran inside. They fortified the doorway and looked around.

"I'm going down there, you guys cover the entrance" said Pavlik "Mitya you come with me"
"I am coming with you" said Dragov "Tolkov come with me"

They ran out the back door and found themselves in a courtyard with a building in the center, they reached the door of the building and opened it, there was a staircase leading down. They walked down the stairs and at the bottom they were inside a room full of tables with a counter.

"looks like no ones hom..." Tolkov began, suddenly shotgun fired and hit Tolkov in the side of the head.
"Tolkov!" Dragov shouted, Mitya tackled him as bullets sprayed everywhere.
Pavlik grabbed an F1 grenade from Dragov's vest and threw it over the counter and dropped to the ground. There was an explosion and the sounds of bodies flying. Pavlik jumped over his cover and climbed onto the counter shooting down into the stalkers. He ran to the door behind the counter and found himself staring at a large explosive device in a shopping cart, it was a big bomb, a very big bomb...

“Tolkov is dead” said Dragov “this better be good”
"Pavlik what have you found?" Mitya asked
"jackpot" said Pavlik wheeling the bomb out of the back room "now we just have to wheel it into position"
"and not get shot" said Mitya
"yeah that too" said Pavlik

They lifted the bomb up the stairs and lowered it carefully in the courtyard. They pushed it into the building their team was in... it was empty. They looked outside to see a total war, bullets everywhere.

"now or never" said Dragov

They pushed the bomb outside of the building and pushed it into the warehouse. They sped past the warehouse and into the next one, they headed for the stairs but a mortar exploded by them. They turned and wheeled in the opposite direction towards an old gate leading to the western area of Rostok. They pushed down the road into a blown up structure. they went out the other side into the streets of western Rostok.

"where are we going?" Dragov asked
"we are improvising" said Mitya
"like this" said Pavlik clicking the prime button on the nuke and giving it a shove.

They watched the bomb roll down the street, they turned and ran as fast as they could. They ran back into the eastern Rostok, sniper rounds flying passed them. They reached the clock tower, bullets were spraying everywhere. They climbed up the steps, Dragov sat down and aimed his rifle at the door.

"go check on Marcus, we need to find the others , I'll make sure no one comes up" said Dragov
"okay" said Pavlik running up the stairs to Marcus
"hello Pavlik" said Marcus firing his rifle
"where are the others?" Pavlik asked
"over there" said Marcus pointing to several sandbags, behind which he could clearly see the team.
"Mitya help Dragov hold this place, I'll get to them" said Pavlik

Pavlik jumped off the edge of the clock tower, he landed on the roof of the warehouse below. He climbed to his feet and ran along the roof until he was overlooking the battle. He jumped up and climbed onto the power lines, he was thankful they were off. He climbed over the battle until he was dangling over the roof across. Pavlik dropped, he hit the roof and fell through it. He found himself in a building, the door open. He ran out the door, the group was backing into a blown up building. Pavlik ran to join them. He pulled out his PDA and called Dragov.

"Dragov get over here, bring Marcus and Mitya, we found shelter" said Pavlik
"alright I'm coming" said Dragov

Pavlik reached the blown up building, the battle reached outside, he turned and saw Kolya running towards him. A bullet ripped through his chest, another through his left leg. Kolya fell over, the battle raged on. Pavlik watched from the blown up building as a stalker kicked Kolya over and aimed a shotgun at him. Pavlik jumped out of the cover firing his Colt 1911. The first bullet hit the stalker in the shoulder, the second hit him in the leg, the third hit him in the stomach, the fourth hit him in the left lung, the fifth hit him in the heart, the sixth hit him right between the eyes. Pavlik grabbed Kolya and dragged him to the blown up building, he threw him towards Viktor as a full burst of a submachine gun hit Pavlik in the chest, the suit taking the hit. Pavlik flipped and landed on his back. He rolled over, a round hit him in the leg. He felt a hand grab him and throw him. He landed inside the blown up building, he rolled over to see Dragov, Mitya and Marcus running inside. They grabbed him and dragged him down into the bunker. It was empty.

They closed the doors and put Pavlik and Kolya on couches, they patched up the bullet wounds. Pavlik watched this until he finally began to drift asleep, to the sounds of screaming, the bunker shaking and a loud explosion...


Commander Birigov sat in the command center, the plan was going into effect, well partially, his squad wasn't ready but he was requested to overview the battle. The military stalkers were sent to find their way to Rostok, the ones he personally oversaw were just a handful in an ambitious project. There were now almost a hundred military stalkers converging on Rostok with reserves from the Ukrainian Military waiting for transport helicopters in the inner cordons. Unfortunately a fuel air bomb exploded in the Rostok and now hell is breaking loose, reaching all over the zone the clans are increasing their offensive. Even thought there are now only a few clans left, the battle is all or nothing...
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Requiem - Part 5

They drove through the Junklands, not a single gunshot could be heard, it was a unnerving silence. They parked outside the Whirligig, Marshall ran up towards them.

"you guys okay?" Marshall asked "we all saw the cloud, didn't expect any stalkers to come back alive from that direction"
"we're alright, the Howitzers fired their cannon but Duty annihilated them" said Pavlik
"damn" said Marshall "this clan war wasn't this dangerous, the Barkeep is getting an update"

They walked into the bar. ACDC Big Guns was playing. They found themselves a table in the corner, the bar was full of stalkers of a variety of factions. The Barkeep was seen typing on a computer, he let out a big sigh and walked into another room, he came out pushing a chalkboard into the bar. The chalkboard was labeled 'Casualties of the Clan Wars'. Below it were the names of the clans who were wiped out during the war, the Barkeep added to the bottom of the long list Howitzers, Avengers, Sons of Pripyat and the Red Star. Beside the list was a very small list labeled 'withdrawn'. The barkeep added Renegades right below Mjolniir. The Barkeep walked into the back room again.

Pavlik looked at the bar to see two stalkers, still with their hoods up, sitting at the counter, one of them stood up and walked to the bathroom doors. A large stalker stood up from a nearby table and walked over to the counter and sat down beside the other stalker. Pavlik watched as the two argued for a few minutes, the large stalker pulled the hood off the other stalker revealing long brown hair. The stalker punched the larger stalker in the face, the large stalker punched the other stalker in the face. Pavlik stood up and walked over to the counter as the large stalker reached for his sawn off. Pavlik punched the stalker in the face, the stalker swung back and missed as Pavlik ducked and punched him in the gut. Pavlik uppercut the stalker and hit the stalker again with a right hook. The large stalker fell backwards over his stool, the song on the radio ended and Suspicious Minds began to play, Pavlik turned and looked down at the other stalker.

Pavlik found himself looking into the familiar eyes of a beautiful young woman, her face half covered by long brown hair. Pavlik lowered his hand to help her up but found a gun aimed at his face instead. He heard a gun cock behind him and turned around to see a bearded man in a green stalker suit aiming an Uzi at his face, he looked oddly familiar.

"who the hell are you?" said the man
"my name is Pavlik, Pavlik Tarchenkov" said Pavlik looking at the barrel of the Uzi
"bullshit" said the woman behind him "Pavlik is dead"
"I assure you I am not" said Pavlik "I just came back from a mission in Agroprom, I came back with Mitya, Viktor and Kolya"
"you have lying" said the man
"close to but not quite" said Pavlik "I found a way to the center and nearly died trying to reach it"
"no one who went there survived with their brains intact" said the woman
"I have proof" said Pavlik "a photograph from inside the reactor"
"let me see" said the man, grabbing the PDA out of Pavlik's outstretched arm, he read its contents for a few moments then lowered his weapon "I don't believe it"
"Nikolas" said Pavlik "why do you always have to doubt me so and can you lower that damn gun Sasha before you hurt someone?"
"Pavlik?" Sasha asked "its really you?"
"yes" said Pavlik "can I help you up now?"

Pavlik reached down and pulled her up to her feet, she quickly hugged him.

"you're going to have to tell us what happened that day" said Nikolas
"follow me the others will want to meet you" said Pavlik

They walked to the corner of the bar, the others were looking up at Pavlik confused.

"gents, may I introduce you to Nikolas and Sasha" said Pavlik
"holy shit" said Mitya "I didn't recognize you"
"hello Mitya how are you doing" Nikolas asked
"pretty good, watched a nuke wipe out a bunch of stalkers" said Mitya
"did you guys have anything to do with that?" asked Nikolas
"maybe" said Viktor
"hello Viktor" said Sasha "didn't see you there"
"yeah" said Viktor "surprised I survived?"
"you look like you could handle yourself" said Sasha
"better than before" said Nikolas
"as do you two" said Pavlik "hardly recognized you two myself"
"you haven't changed a bit" said Sasha
"yeah still saving damsels in distress" said Nikolas
"shut up" said Sasha
"well we all have the same question on our minds, what happened?" Mitya asked
"after that blowout?" Nikolas asked "I don't really know much, I woke up a couple days later lying in a forest dying of starvation"
"I was lucky to have found him" said Sasha "mutants were everywhere"
"what happened to the others?" Pavlik asked

Sasha and Nikolas looked at each other, they looked back at the others.

"I woke up to be rescued by Marcus" said Sasha "we were in an old mine, inside were the Americans, Nigel and Kai, we were cut off from the others and couldn't see anything, we were walking and then... they showed up..."
"what?" Pavlik asked
"Bloodsuckers" said Sasha "lots of them, we ran and when we turned around, it was just myself, Marcus, Nigel and Kai, the Americans were gone, we heard screams coming from the deeper in, we just kept running. Nigel broke his leg and told us to go, he said he would hold them off. We didn't hear anything from him, not even a scream. We reached the exit but were swarmed, Kai took them out but heard more coming, he ran back into the cave without a word, we didn't hear anything after. It was just me and Marcus after that. We ran for hours but we ran into a Chimaera, It leaped onto Marcus and he told me to run as he tried to fight it, I ran for hours before running into Nikolas... that was the last we saw of them..."
"thats terrible" said Mitya
"all those stalkers" said Viktor

Pavlik sat silently, he was in the scientists bunker, Stag was standing before him.
"...will you stop it, you went on a mission that got several of your team killed, you are now about to go into a laboratory and lose more of your team and then go headlong into a death machine in hopes of finding a gap and entering a land of deadly radiation and horrific monsters, and somehow enter a power plant, surrounded by constant emissions and walk through a horrifically radioactive sarcophagus and enter the reactor four itself in search of something that may not even be there in the first place" said Stag "sure you will get out of there alive perhaps, but at what cost, you got your four million but how many of these people will escape with you, I doubt any of them will and in the end, in the end what do you have. In the end you have nothing but yourself and your money and all of your friends, all who trusted you are now dead and forgotten, lost to an unforgiving land you should never have entered in the first place, you make me sick..."

"Pavlik?" Nikolas asked "are you okay?"

Pavlik suddenly was back in the Whirligig.

"sorry" said Pavlik "I was just... thinking about that day..."
"it's not your fault Pavlik" said Sasha putting her hand on his shoulder "no one could have suspected this could have happened"
"Stag did" said Pavlik "remember that fight, he predicted this would happen"
"did he also predict that Dexter would take our money and leave?" Nikolas asked
"no but that was very unfortunate when I found that out" said Pavlik
"so what have you two been up to recently?" Viktor asked
"well we have been doing jobs deeper in" said Nikolas
"searching for others in our group during the mean time" said Sasha
"yeah well, we have been getting decent pay, how about you?" Nikolas asked
"we got another job from Sidorovich" said Pavlik
"oh god no" said Sasha "please tell me your joking"
"big pay off" said Pavlik
"big surprise" said Nikolas
"Pavlik, after what happened last time" said Sasha
"I have to do this, I have evidence I was inside the reactor and the scientists need to see it, but the only way to see them is if I do this job" said Pavlik
"what is the job?" Nikolas asked
"put an end to the Clan Wars" said Pavlik
"how the hell do you expect to do that?" Nikolas asked
"wipe out as many clans as possible" said Pavlik
"how are you supposed to do that?" Nikolas asked
"we just wiped out like five clans today without firing a shot" said Pavlik
"you were the one that fired that nuke?" Sasha asked
"no but we influenced the Howitzers into doing that" said Pavlik
"I am sorry that is horrible" said Sasha "you killed, no wait influenced the killing of over a hundred people"
"it was necessary" said Pavlik
"do you even hear yourself?" Nikolas asked "you're actions caused over a hundred people killed and you find that necessary"
"I have to talk to the scientists" said Pavlik "at any cost"
"that may be so but that just disgusts me" said Sasha "that you have so little care about other peoples lives, what happened to you Pavlik?"
"I adapted" said Pavlik
"I don't even know you anymore" said Sasha standing up "You are going to get everyone killed but yourself, you know that?"
"she's got a point" said Nikolas "you are out of control"
"go to hell Nikolas" said Pavlik

Nikolas and Sasha walked away from their table and walked out of the bar.

"smooth" said Mitya "now Nikolas and Sasha will never speak to us ever again"
"we don't need them" said Pavlik "we have to complete this mission"
"I agree with you" said Mitya
"hey, its only a matter of time before these stalkers killed each other anyways" said Viktor
"yeah might as well speed up the process" said Mitya
"I don't know" said Kolya
"you have a problem with our mission?" Pavlik asked
"actually no but I just can't help think if history will repeat itself" said Kolya
"don't worry" said Pavlik "We will get through this"
"next target?" Mitya asked
"whats north?" Pavlik asked
"Rostok" said Kolya "that place is a war zone, so many factions clustered together"
"well, lets go trim the hedges" said Pavlik

They climbed out of the bar and walked towards their car, several missiles flew over their heads and into the Whirligig bar. They ducked down as the bar exploded behind them, Pavlik looked up at a Russian Hind. It fired a barrage of missiles at them, the missiles flew into the bar collapsing the roof inwards. Stalkers ran out of the bar, the Hind opened fire, the gattling gun under the cockpit fired at the stalkers punching holes in them like paper. Stalkers ducked behind debris and fired at the Hind, another barrage hit the bar, the bar practically exploded as debris flew everywhere, the Barkeep fired his LMG at the Hind.

"Marshall, status?" the Barkeep shouted, to which he had no reply "shit"

Pavlik fired his AK-47 at the Hind, a missile flew out of one of the tubes and headed straight for their car. They jumped out of the way as the car exploded, parts flying everywhere. They ducked behind a chunk of the bar and fired at the Hind. Pavlik looked over at Dmitriev, he watched him jump out from the cover and slide across the cement, he stopped right next to an RPG-7, the stalker who carried it was laying dead beside him, Dmitriev lined the sight and fired. The RPG flew straight into the Hind, almost blowing it completely apart. The Hind took off, parts falling from it and flames shooting out of the fuel tanks, it flew over the hills and out of sight.

The stalkers turned around, bodies were everywhere, the bar was in flames. The bar radio was lying on the ground, flickering with static. The radio was playing Bob Marley, Exodus. The Barkeep was kneeling beside Marshall, who looked weakly up at Barkeep.

"this war... its getting out of control... it has to stop..." said Marshall
"I know" said the Barkeep
"It was safer... before that damn nuke went off..." said Marshall weakly, slowly closing his eyes

The stalkers scattered, obviously wanting to get away from there.

"you guys okay?" Barkeep asked
"yeah barely" said Pavlik
"thank you Dmitriev" said Barkeep "I don't think we would have survived if you didn't act"
"your welcome" said Dmitriev
"what happens now Barkeep?" Kolya asked
"I am going to go with Garik and Zhorik and find a new place for the bar" said Barkeep
"Well good luck to you" said Pavlik "I am sorry about the Whirligig"

They turned to their car, it was a smoking wreckage. They sighed and began their long walk to the north...

Omega watched from a hill, he pulled out his satellite phone and dialed it.

"status?" the voice said
"Beta is retreating, his Hind is damaged" said Omega "the stalkers are still alive, the newest member of their group seems to be more skilled than originally believed"
"he should be eliminated" said the voice "anything else"
"the stalker bar is gone, the stalkers will need a new gathering point" said Omega
"I will arrange a spot in Rostok, from there we can monitor them" said the voice
"of course sir" said Omega hanging up, he turned and followed the stalkers north...
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Where's Khaaaaaaaaaaaaan? I miss him. Please add him again. Don't let him die.

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Requiem - Part 4

Part 4
The drive to Agroprom was uneventful compared to the last time, he half expected Boar to show up with his bandits but thankfully that would never happen.

"so Kolya, what happened after we left the lab?" Pavlik asked
"well... I stuck around with that greek guy" said Koyla "after that a blowout hit and everyone vanished off the face of the earth"
"so everybody in our group was gone?" Pavlik asked "everybody?"
"well yes and no" said Kolya"
"what the hell does that mean?" Pavlik asked
"everyone was gone except Dexter" said Kolya
"what happened to Dexter?" Pavlik asked
"well he was caught in the middle of the blowout, the minute it calmed down I had to go check if he was alive" said Kolya "I found him and dragged him back, he told us that everyone died and he escaped death because he was thrown through a window just before it happened..."
"and?" Pavlik asked
"he handed in the documents and the scientists payed him in full" said Kolya quickly
"SON OF A BITCH" Pavlik shouted "our entire team is missing or dead and he takes all the money for himself... where is he I want to kill him"
"don't know" said Kolya "last I heard he bribed his way out of the zone and took the first flight out to Las Vegas"
"son of a bitch" said Pavlik
"well he has six years head start" said Kolya "don't expect to ever see him again"
"what about Sasha and Nikolas?" said Pavlik
"I don't know" said Kolya "Nikolas is MIA"
"what about Sasha?" Pavlik asked, he felt an unusual sensation as he asked it
"rumor has it, though this is probably just rumors, there is a stalker that matches her description up in the north" said Kolya "she apparently was working for the scientists before the clan wars started, trying to breach the interior of the zone"
"but she hasn't been heard of since?" Pavlik asked
"don't worry, we will find her" said Kolya
"I know..." said Pavlik his mind drifting

They pulled to a stop, they were in the area around the Agroprom research facility. There was a large compound swarming with stalkers on one side of the hill and on the otherside, the agroprom research institute, was the same picture.

"which way to the Howitzer Camp?" Pavlik asked
"they are camped at the Agroprom Institute" said Kolya "across from them are the Duty"
"okay, how well do you know the Dutyers?" Pavlik asked
"very well, I bring them artifacts" Kolya answered "why?"
"I need you and Dmitriev to go down there and convince them the Howitzers are planning on using their nuke cannon to unleash the zone" said Pavlik "what other clans are nearby?"
"west of here are the Red Star, the Sons of Pripyat, the Avengers and the Renegades" said Kolya "why?"
"okay, talk to Duty and make sure they do something about the Howitzers, meet me on the hill between them afterwards" said Pavlik
"okay, Dmitriev come on" said Kolya jumping out

Pavlik drove off, Mitya jumped into the seat beside him, Viktor began to stretch in the back.

"whats the plan?" Mitya asked, watching Kolya and Dmitriev run off and out of sight.
"we get the Howitzers to fire that cannon" said Pavlik "and then all hell breaks loose"
"hasn't it broken loose enough?" Viktor asked
"not even close" said Pavlik smiling

They reached the Agroprom Facility. The Howitzers ran out and in a few seconds twenty LMGs were aimed at their heads.

"We need to speak to your leader" said Pavlik "we have information that may be of worth to you"
"let them pass" said a Howitzer standing by the gate

They drove through the gate and parked their cars, the three of them climbed out and walked into the Agroprom Research headquarters. They walked up to the third floor, inside was an office with a large man standing inside. On a nearby table was a PKM, two RPKs an RPG-7 and what looked like 4 Panzershreiks.

"what brings you here stalkers?" the man asked
"we are looking for the leader of the Howitzers, we have information for him" said Pavlik
"I am he, the name is Mortar" said the man "what is this information"
"we have discovered a plot against you" said Pavlik
"no faction is stupid enough to attack us" said Mortar
"not a single clan, but four" said Pavlik
"who dares!" Mortar shouted
"The Sons of Pripyat, the Renegades, the Avengers and the Red Star" said Pavlik "they are joining together to overrun your base"
"what do you propose I do about this?" Mortar asked
"fire that gun of yours" said Pavlik "the nuke cannon"
"and make us a target?" Mortar asked "that is stupid"
"take out four enemies with a single shot and who would dare attack you?" Pavlik asked "fire it and you will scare everyone away from you"
"that is a good point" said Mortar "I should show them my power"
"that is an excellent decision" said Pavlik, relieved at how perfect the conversation is going.
"well I will fire it, and where will you be when this happens?" Mortar asked
"me and my team will try to figure out about any other plots against you" said Pavlik "we will report back immediately if we find any more"
"good, my men will let you leave now" said Mortar picking up a satellite phone and quickly calling a number "Fire It, at the Sons of Pripyat base, blow that entire field up"

Pavlik turned to leave the room but suddenly Mortar's radio turned on.

“Mortar, two stalkers were caught trying to sabotage the nuke gun” said a voice
“son of a bitch” shouted Mortar running out the door and passed Pavlik, Mitya and Viktor who hurried after him, they ran out into the courtyard, two stalkers were against a building, several of the Howitzers were aiming their guns at them, Mortar approached them.

“you thought you would mess with us, I know who you are, you hide your colors but I can see it” said Mortar “you are from the Sons of Pripyat? Avengers? Red Star? Renegades? You are clan dogs I know that”
“I have no idea what you are talking about” said the older of the two
“shut up, why were you trying to break our guns, we know your plans, just confess” said Mortar
“go to hell” said the man

Mortar pulled out a Desert Eagle and shot the man, he turned to the other.

“how about you?” Mortar asked

The man pulled out a knife and swung at Mortar, who blocked, kicked the mans leg breaking it and dropped the man to his knees putting the barrel of his Desert Eagle to the mans head and firing, both stalkers were dead.

Pavlik, pointed to the car and the others hurried to it, they quickly started the engine and drove down the road, the hurried to the hill towards the silo they once sat six years ago with their old team observing a military base below.

"status?" Pavlik asked watching the Howitzer base
"The Duty are sending half their numbers to stop them" said Kolya "you?"
"The Howitzers are going to wipe out the Sons of Pripyat, the Renegades, the Avengers and the Red Star" said Pavlik
"wait you mean they ar..." Kolya began, there was a loud roar as a missile fired up into the air.

They watched the missile fly westward, over the hill and descend. There was a loud explosion in the distance as a flaming mushroom cloud rose into the air, the ground shook and the sky turned red around it. A blowout could be seen in the distance as the cloud cooled and all that was left was ash, then the shockwave came. A massive blast shot over the hill, radioactive dust and ash blew like the refuse of an active volcano, Pavlik turned to run but the blast was coming right for them, Mitya looked down at an old manhole and signaled everyone to climb down. Pavlik waited for the others to make it down before he began his descent ,he closed the lid but when the cloud hit the hill the ground shook so violently he fell off the ladder and missed the platform, falling down a long shaft, much like a silo until he hit the bottom with a painful crack.

Pavlik opened his eyes, his vision was blurry, the lights were incredibly bright and he could hear distant voices calling his name.

“PAVLIK” shouted Mitya as suddenly Pavlik's mind snapped back into focus, he was lying painful on the ground, he felt the back of his head, and looked at his hand, it was covered in blood.
“what?” Pavlik asked
“I think you might have a concussion but I don't think we should stay” said Mitya “we heard some echoing roars and I think mutants live down here”
“okay” said Pavlik painfully
“Viktor” Mitya shouted “help me get him up the ladder”

Pavlik was half dragged up the stairs until they reached the ladder, they helped him up the ladder until he was out of the manhole and lying on the grassy hill. Pavlik turned his head and stared at the dark fiery brilliance of the mushroom cloud. In the distance there were bright flames burning the ground and the sky was red and flashing with white brilliance clashing with the mushroom cloud, the shockwave had done very little damage to the agroprom institute other then collapse several weak structures, but most of them made of concrete. The ground in several areas was ablaze and many patches of ground were burnt. Pavlik heard shouting and saw Duty squads charging the Howitzer base. RPGs and LMGs were firing in every direction, the Duty squads fired their OTs-14 Grozas and entered the base. Grenades flew out of the headquarters and Pavlik watched as Mortar left the headquarters carrying pretty much every gun that was on the table in his office. Mortar fired an RPK in each hand, the recoil being controlled solely by muscle. Bullets sprayed everywhere as one by one the Howitzers were killed.

Mortar ran out of ammo for his RPKs and dropped them, he sprayed his PKM every direction. He was shot in the leg as he emptied his box. He dropped the PKM and fell onto one knee. He pulled out two of the Panzershreiks and fired them, he dropped them and grabbed the other two and fired them. He dropped them and pull out his RPG-7. He rolled out of the way of the Dutyer's rifles and fired the RPG-7, taking out twelve Dutyers. He dropped the RPG-7 and was shot square in the chest by a shotgun. He raised his pistol, a Desert Eagle and fired at the Dutyers, shooting seven in the head. A Dutyer shot Mortar in the shoulder with a shotgun and ran forward and kicked him onto his back. The Dutyer stood on Mortar's chest, his shotgun barrel down his throat. There was a final deafening shot as Mortar's head ceased to be.

-"oh my god" said Dmitriev the minute what was once Mortar's head was splattered across the concrete.
"well, five clans down" said Pavlik
"possibly" said Kolya, they may have survived"
"we should head back to the Whirligig and get an update"
"yeah, the PDAs will only update if the Barkeep updates them" said Kolya
"I could use a good drink after watching that" said Mitya
"agreed" said Pavlik

They climbed the hill and into their car. The Dutyers were marching back to their base, Kolya leaned out the window.

"how did it go?" Kolya asked
"we were too late to stop the nuke" said a Dutyer "but Krylov here just singlehandedly killed Mortar, the living tank"
"impressive" said Kolya
"yeah but we have to find a new leader, General Gerokov was killed in the fight" said the Dutyer
"yeah well, whoever you choose to be his replacement will be a good one I'm sure" said Kolya
"okay, see you Kolya, thanks for the tip" said the Dutyer
"no problem" said Kolya

They drove down the road and into the Junklands, they were a step towards their goal... five steps to be precise...

Omega watched from a nearby hill, he looked at them drive towards the garbage, he took another glance at the mushroom cloud and took a picture of it with his camera. He jumped down and walked over the hill towards the junklands. He pulled out a satellite phone and punched in a number.

"Omega what happened?" said the voice
"they are advancing faster than we thought, they just wiped out five entire clans and unified the Agroprom facility under Duty control" said Omega, his voice distorted by the breath mask.
"how?' said the voice
"with the use of RDS-80" said Omega "I believe they might soon be looking for more firepower"
"I think so too, Theta is going to search for any leads" said the voice
"I will have to call you back sir" said Omega "they are heading towards the junklands, I must be careful to not be seen"
"update us when something comes up" said the voice "oh and Beta will attempt to slow their progress, do not engage"
"of course sir" said Omega hanging up.

He ran down the hill and towards the junklands...

Commander Birigov entered the command center, the room was tense as they stared at footage of RDS-80s detonation. General Krukov sat at his desk, his face in his palms.

“Commander Birigov” said General Voronin “your squad wasn't ready fast enough'
“I am sorry sir” said Birigov “but we had no idea anyone was going to use it so soon”
“there is some good news” said Voronin “duty has taken over more territory and killed the stalkers responsible for the blast but sadly the former General Gerokov has been killed”
“so now five clans are gone and much of the zone is unified but they are no longer allied to us” said Birigov
“we are going to try to get in touch with their new leader” said Voronin “but it is likely this is going to be getting quite difficult”
“sadly Colonel Rusak and Junior Lieutenant Karpenko had not been able to sabotage the device in time, both of them were killed at the hands of the stalkers” said Krukov
“so now it seems Degtyarov is leading the USS portion of our team until they send someone else” said Voronin
“I think we are going to be seeing something very similar soon” said Degtyarov
“what?” Birigov asked
“where is the next concentration of stalker camps?” Degtyarov asked
“the Rostok factories” said Voronin
“I suspect someone is behind this” said Degtyarov “someone else is trying to end these wars”
“what evidence is there to suggest this?” Voronin asked
“look, the Howitzers did not once use the gun, it was their safety net, as long as they had it no one would mess with it, why fire it?” said Degtyarov “obviously someone convinced them that there was a threat that needed immediate neutralization and thats what happened, they fired their gun dropping their defenses and leaving them vulnerable to be killed by Duty who just happened to be already organizing an assault”
“so you are saying someone is manipulating the stalkers against each other?” Krukov asked
“possibly” said Degtyarov
“if so they are already heading for Rostok” said Birigov “I won't be able to ready my troops in time but the last concentration is near Army Warehouses” said Birigov
“will they be ready by then?” Krukov asked
“they will, I will ready them and have them in Army Warehouses to defend our base their base but somebody else needs to make sure that Rostok doesn't get a mushroom cloud as well” said Birigov
“I will lead a force to Rostok, we will arrive by helicopter and engage any resistance” said Voronin
“then our plan is in place, dismissed” said Krukov

Birigov left the command center, he did not know what this operation was but it was clear his squad wasn't just to be an elite squad, it was to be the best squad, a perfect squad for a perfect mission, he had to get them trained fast.
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Requiem - Part 3

Part 3
Pavlik looked up at a railroad bridge, there was a pass under it with various cars scattered around, above them on the bridge a train sat still, a ghostly presence that was all that remained of an older time. They slowly drove under it, around an old car when he heard it, a faint beeping noise.

"anyone hear tha..." Pavlik began but it was too late, a massive explosion erupted above them as the train bridge exploded and the train dropped down towards them.

Pavlik slammed on the gas and drove straight through as parts and debris were flying everywhere, he reached the other side and drove straight into a whirligig, it spun his car at breakneck speeds before launching it, they flew for what felt like hours as their ears ringed. They crashed into a building, they crashed straight through the roof collapsing it, they hit the ground hard and they sat for a few minutes in silence.

"holy... shit...." Viktor panted
"what... the... hell... was that..." Mitya panted looking out the windows
"I am... going to go... check where we landed..." Pavlik panted as he grabbed his pistol and climbed out of the car

He stumbled out the building looking around, he was quite far from the bridge but it was still in sight, it had collapsed and parts of the train were everywhere, pieces were still hanging from the bridge. Pavlik looked around, he saw an old pig farm lying abandoned by the side of the road, he turned around back at the car. The car was battered but it was still running, the walls of this structure were gone and they could easily drive out. Pavlik climbed back into the car and slowly drove out of the structure and down the road.

"so what happened?" Mitya asked
"probably some of those stalker clans" said Pavlik
"you sure about that?" Viktor asked "blowing up a bridge doesn't sound like what a stalker would do"
"well you never know" said Pavlik looking at his PDA, the zone was very different but very familiar

They reached an old checkpoint, there were trucks lying silent outside and an old BMP sitting inside, beyond it was a long road heading to the junklands. They reached the checkpoint, Mitya and Viktor climbed out and opened the gate, it took them a few minutes but they quickly ran inside, Pavlik drove in and the gate closed behind them, they then continued on the long road to the north.

They reached the junklands, it was desolate and grim, the land was stained with blood and signs of battle were everywhere. They slowly drove passed several trucks and saw bodies lying across a field, stray dogs looking for food were littering the area like vultures. They drove passed to see an old vehicle dump, there were stalkers fighting, bullets and grenades exploding, they heard more gunshots in the distance.

"woah, things are a little... different" said Viktor
"I dunno, its not much different than last time I was here" said Pavlik remembering his encounter with Boar.

They slowly drove passed a swamp full of bodies and shell casings and reached a massive hanger, a sign was pointing to it labeled 'Whirligig Bar'. Pavlik turned into the hanger, there was an outdoor bar set up, he parked outside and the three of them climbed out of the car and walked towards the bar, Pavlik immediately realized something was wrong when he saw the bar was full of men in black trench coats. Pavlik saw a large picture of himself on the wall, written across it were the words 'wanted DEAD'. The bandits stared for a few minutes, they slowly reached for their pistols, Pavlik, Mitya and Viktor grabbed their pistols and dived in different directions, bullets were flying everywhere. Pavlik fired blindly over his cover, he emptied his magazine and reloaded as quickly as he could, he stepped out of his cover and aimed his pistol, his iron sights lined up to a bandits head, he fired a single shot and watched it fly between the bandits eyes, he ducked behind cover as bullets sprayed everywhere. Pavlik looked over at his comrades, Mitya was laying suppressive fire so Viktor can run to the car, Pavlik helped draw the bandits fire as Viktor came back carrying three rifles, he threw them towards Mitya and Pavlik.

Pavlik caught his AK-47 and fired a short burst over his cover, he heard Viktor's SPAS-12 firing and the controlled bursts of Mitya's Groza, Pavlik fired another burst. The bandits retreated back, Pavlik ran to the car and climbed inside, Mitya and Viktor climbed in, firing out the windows. Pavlik put the car in reverse and slammed on the gas, the car shot backwards, bullets spraying everywhere, Pavlik reversed out the gates and spun the car around, he put the car in first gear and drove ahead, he switched it to fourth gear and drove up the road, the three caught their breaths.

"well that was close" said Mitya
"most violent bar I have ever been in" said Viktor
"I am beginning to doubt that was the Whirligig" said Mitya loading his Groza
"yeah maybe its that structure up ahead" said Pavlik pointing to a large two story building next to several silos, a sign was hanging off the side of it labeled 'The Whirligig Bar', the same one in the picture in Sidorovich's old office. "this is it"

They drove towards it, several heavily armed stalkers approached them. The one in charge leaned into the car window.

"state your Clan" said the stalker with an almost repetitive voice
"uh we aren't part of any" said Pavlik
"loners huh, whats with the bandit wheels" the stalker asked
"well a village was raided by bandits back by the military cordon" said Pavlik "we lost our truck in the firefight so we took the bandits car after we got rid of them all"
"and who leads this village?" the stalker asked
"fellow named Porcupine" said Pavlik
"really" the stalker hesitated "did he survive the fight"
"yes, he was quite thankful for our help" said Pavlik
"welcome to the Whirligig then" said the stalker "I am Marshall, I am in charge of security"
"well you might want to know the bandits put a sign down the road telling passers by the Whirligig is in the hanger down there" said Viktor "almost got us killed"
"damn" said the stalker "we will have to send another raid, last thing we need right now is more casualties though"
"I think I can help with that" said Pavlik "I have an idea of how to handle it, by the way any clans in the bar right now?"
"well a couple of Hellhounds are inside, a duty squad stopped in, and a couple members of that new freedom faction..." said the stalker "slow day all in all"
"anything I should know about those factions?" Pavlik asked
"Hellhounds are mad pyromaniacs but buy a lot of vodka, need 'em for molotovs and the like, and Duty are trying to find a way to stop the zone" said the stalker
"well" said Pavlik "I think I will stop in for a drink"
"hope you enjoy your stay" said the stalker

They pulled up to the building and parked beside it, they climbed out of the car and grabbed all their things, they didn't trust leaving them, they walked into the bar. It was a dusty bar with a layer of smoke filling the place, there were only a few stalkers in the bar and a radio was playing ACDC, Back in Black. They sat down by the bar and ordered a round of vodka. The doors burst open, a couple dozen stalkers walked in wearing leather jackets. They filled the bar quickly, their leader walked over to the barkeep and pulled off his hood revealing a thick mohawk. Someone laughed, the stalker turned towards the stalkers beside him.

"find something funny digger?" the stalker asked
"yes actually I do" said the digger "your hair looks stupid"

The stalker knocked the digger out with a single blow to the face, the other digger pulled out a pistol and pointed it at the stalkers head, every stalker in the bar pulled out weapons and aimed at each other. Viktor and Mitya raised their pistols at the crowd, Pavlik climbed off his stool and walked over to the stalker with the mohawk. Pavlik grabbed the stalkers vodka bottle and hit him right in the back of the head, the stalker fell over.

"hello Kolya" said Pavlik looking at the surprised face of an old friend
"Pavlik you're alive? Everyone thought you died" said Kolya in surprise
"take more than a bunch of horrific mutants, blowouts, anomalies and a lethal dose of radiation to stop me" said Pavlik
"what about a bar full of angry stalkers" said Kolya nervously
"good point" said Pavlik

They jumped over the counter just in time as thousands of bullets sprayed everywhere as the stalkers fired their pistols in every direction, the barkeep dropped to the ground, Pavlik saw him grab what looked like a PKM, there was a ringing of bullets as the barkeep stood up and opened fire. It seemed that no one even knew who or what they were shooting at, Pavlik turned to see Mitya and Viktor jump behind the counter and crawl towards them.

"hey Kolya" said Mitya
"you guys made it out too?" Kolya asked "I heard all of you died somewhere near the center of the zone"
"actually it was the exact center of the zone" said Viktor
"and we almost did die" said Mitya
"yeah and now we are back from a six year prison sentence" said Pavlik "it was rather shocking"

Bullets continued to spray hitting several bottles stacked neatly in the shelves behind them, several molotovs exploded near them. The doors opened and shotguns were heard as the bars security arrived.

"well" said Kolya "zone seem like it used to?"
"no" said Pavlik "its way too crowded"
"yeah someone thought that one day and next thing you know everyone decided lets kill the excess stalkers" said Kolya "then after that everyone decided to team up and now the clan wars are going"
"tell me about these clans" said Pavlik
"well theres Duty, there one of the oldest" said Kolya "they want to destroy the zone or something"
"yeah I heard about them" said Pavlik ducking as vodka bottles exploded above his head
"then theres the Hellhounds" said Kolya "crazy pyromaniacs who don't really have a goal other than burning things"
"I LOVE THE SMELL OF BURNING VOTKA IN THE AFTERNOON" shouted a random voice from the firefight
"that would be them" said Kolya as a sheet of fire flew over their heads "someone has a flamethrower"
"damn" said Mitya
"then theres... Final Day, remember them" said Kolya
"oh god they are still alive?" said Pavlik
"yeah then there is the... oh the Sappers" said Kolya "they blow stuff up"
"hmm" said Pavlik
"oh, they are led by Gustov" said Kolya "remember him"
"yeah I do, somewhat surprised he survived this long" said Pavlik
"then theres the Dark Suns" said Kolya "more insanity I am afraid, they want to unleash the zone"
"great" said Pavlik "opposites of Duty I guess"
"then theres the Avengers" said Kolya "they joined the madness in an attempt to avenge the loss of friends who died during the early days of the wars... by killing more people"
"flawed logic anyone?" Mitya asked
"there are also the Sons of Pripyat" said Kolya "survivors of the 1986 disaster who returned for some reason"

A grenade flew into Pavlik's lap, Pavlik scooped it up and threw it back over the counter.

"then theres the Atom Cloud" said Kolya "they just like to look for old bunkers"
"sounds kinda like a digger" said Viktor
"then theres the Howitzers" said Kolya
"what is so special about them?" Mitya asked
"big stalkers, big guns" said Kolya
"ah got it" said Pavlik "who are these guys with the jackets"
"Dust Hounds" said Kolya "basically a biker gang"
"great more bandits" said Pavlik
"theres also the Zealots" said Kolya "they preach the word of god and all that"
"hmm sounds like Final Day" said Pavlik
"theres the Chimaeras" said Kolya "pure insanity, split personalties, the works"
"fun" said Mitya
"theres also the Manticores" said Kolya "they prefer to talk their problems, then poison the ones who don't listen"
"interesting" said Pavlik "remind me not to eat or drink around them"
"theres also the Red Star" said Kolya "Commies bastards"
"when are people going to understand that communism is dead?" Viktor asked
"theres also the Mjollnir, they refrain from fighting and prefer hiding in their caves and build guns" said Kolya "and lots of stalkers like to buy Mjollnir made guns"
"where do you find them?" Pavlik asked
"somewhere in the valley" said Kolya
"too far" said Pavlik smiling as seven or eight shotguns fired by the counter
"theres also a new faction, the Monolith" said Kolya "they just came out of nowhere from beyond the scorcher, they apparently were stalkers who headed to Pripyat during that short period of time the scorcher was turned off and when it turned back on they turned into insane zealots of the holy monolith, bullshit if you ask me"
"the holy monolith?" Pavlik asked
"giant crystal supposedly in the reactor" said Kolya
"you mean this crystal?" Pavlik asked showing Kolya the picture on his PDA
"holy shit" said Kolya "where did you take that"
"Reactor four" said Pavlik
"I had no idea it was real" said Kolya
"any others clans?" Pavlik asked
"oh yeah uh... the Wraiths, Shadows and Shinobis" said Kolya "all self proclaimed master assassins"
"any others?" Pavlik asked
"yeah now that you mention it there was a new faction that formed yesterday, talked to some of their members a few minutes ago, Freedom" said Kolya "I like them"
"what is so special about Freedom?" Pavlik asked
"they are trying to unlock the secrets of the zone" said Kolya "their leader Tiranis is trying to secure a base in the dark valley, I was planning on helping them before now"
"well, why don't you go right now?" Mitya asked laughing
"oh thats a great idea" said Kolya throwing a vodka bottle into the air, it barely flew an inch before exploding

They sat silently as Barkeep continued to spray bullets everywhere, Pavlik looked to the others, loaded his pistol and nodded. They all stood up and opened fire into the bar, the Dust Hounds ran out of the bar dragging their unconscious leader with them, the Freedom and Hellhound Stalkers immediately ceased fire, everyone lowered their weapons, the bar was trashed, surprisingly there were no bodies. Kolya ran to his friend, who was unconscious.

"Dmitriev" said Kolya slapping the unconscious Digger "wake up Dmitriev"
"whagon..." Dmitriev slurred
"get up or you'll get shot" said Kolya "you just slept through a firefight"
"dideye..." Dmitriev slurred again as he climbed to his feet, he looked around "damn"
"well" said the Barkeep "have to add Dust Hounds to the list"
"great" said Marshall walking over to a chalk board by the door, it already contained 'NO BANDITS' 'NO RENEGADES' 'NO FINAL DAY' 'NO MONOLITH' 'NO IRRADIATEDS' 'NO AVENGERS', he added 'NO DUST HOUNDS' to the bottom
"Kolya who are the Irradiateds?" Pavlik asked
"oh how the hell did I forget about them?" Kolya asked himself "stalkers who lost all sense of humanity, they wander the zone without care, bathing in radiation, they slowly creep up on stalker camps and leave no survivors, the only warning stalkers get are the clicks on their Geiger counters"
"ooh scary" said Mitya sarcastically picking up an intact bottle of vodka and drinking out of it
"yeah well, as you can see from the board they aren't exactly campground stories" said Kolya
"yeah I can believe they are here, but they sound like those zombified stalkers by Lake Yantar" said Pavlik
"yeah but these are worse" said Kolya "they are still in control, they kill you because they want to not because they instinctively need to"
"yeah thats wonders worse" said Mitya
"well welcome back to the zone" said Kolya "it is a thousand times worse than before"
"well we have a dangerous task ahead of us" said Pavlik
"don't you always" said Kolya "what is it?"
"we need to end the clan wars" said Pavlik
"how the hell do you intend on doing that?" Kolya asked
"simple, let the clans do the work" said Pavlik "watch"

Pavlik walked over the the Hellhounds.

"hey uh Hellhounds..." Pavlik began "care to burn something as in really good?"
"out of molotovs" said a Hellhound
"Barkeep forty bottles of vodka for my friends here" said Pavlik
"what do you want burned?" a Hellhound asked
"the bandit camp at the hanger" said Pavlik
"you heard him lets go" said a Hellhound, they grabbed the vodka and ran out of the bar

Pavlik turned back to the others.

"now we repeat the process like twenty thousand times and we are done" said Mitya
"we will be talking to bigger groups" said Pavlik "but essentially yes"
"this is going to take a while" said Viktor
"unless we take shortcuts" said Pavlik
"something tells me thats going to be very dangerous" said Kolya
"you in Kolya?" Mitya asked
"sure" said Kolya "only because you guys most likely need a guide again"
"we got a job Kolya?" Dmitriev asked
"yep" said Kolya "be careful and mind your mouth"
"right boss" said Dmitriev
"don't mind Dmitriev" said Kolya "he is kind of my apprentice or something"

They left the bar, they smelt smoke and saw massive smoke clouds in the hangers general direction..

"so where to?" Kolya asked
"what kind of guns do the Howitzers have access to?" Pavlik asked
"howitzers, flak, mortars, a couple tanks... oh they have some sort of nuke cannon too, they had to slaughter like a thousand irradiateds to get it but for the most part the other clans don't want to mess with them because of it" said Kolya
"well that could help us greatly, how many shots do they have?" Pavlik asked
"a fair few according to them" said Kolya
"well that could really help us" said Pavlik
"that is if they want to trade their immunity for something" said Kolya
"what about the total annihilation of their enemies?" Pavlik asked
"that would probably be acceptable to them" said Kolya
"well then its settled, where are the Howitzers?" Pavlik asked
"Agroprom Research Institute" said Kolya "right south of the Duty stronghold actually"
"well I have a plan" said Pavlik "involving the Howitzers, the Duty and every other faction in range of that cannon"
"sounds like fun" said Mitya
"yeah" said Pavlik "sounds like fun..."
"so Agroprom?" Viktor asked
"to Agroprom" said Pavlik
"brings back old memories" said Mitya

Pavlik suddenly found himself in Agroprom, they were hiding behind cover, the BMP-1 was laying suppressive fire on them, several of his team were dead, he heard bullets rip over his head. He suddenly found himself outside the Whirligig climbing into the car.

"yeah, old memories..." Pavlik muttered to himself

They drove down the road towards the hanger and drove around it, they heard fire and bullets as they passed it and drove down the road towards Agroprom. They were a step towards completing their mission, one step among many, they have a guide, they know the clans and they found out a way to wipe out a few rather quickly...


Up on a garbage pile, a man in an advanced military combat suit was watching them through the scope of his gauss rifle, Omega climbed out from behind his cover and climbed down from the pile, he hurried to the next pile and watched them.

"they are returning to Agroprom" said Omega "their leader seems to have a plan"

He turned and walked in the direction of Agroprom...


Commander Birigov watched his Spetsnaz squads train, he turned to Colonel Rusak.

“so what is the plan?” Birigov asked
“I am going into the zone as a stalker” said Rusak
“you can't got alone” said Birigov “too dangerous”
“I cannot bring an armed unit with me, I must be perfectly under cover” said Rusak
“at least bring one of your men with you” said Birigov
“Degtyarov is not ready for a mission like this, I doubt the boy will ever be ready for a mission to the zone” said Rusak “I will bring Karpenko, he knows how to follow orders”
“well then I hope you are ready for this, my squad is preparing but I am still not so sure about this operation” said Birigov
“your concern is noted but we will be ready” said Rusak “don't worry Birigov you have a long career ahead of you, this is just the beginning, your life will be made from the success”
“if there is a success” said Birigov
“don't show doubt” said Rusak “the end will resolve the means”
“meaning?” Birigov asked
“it doesn't matter what you did to achieve the results, as long as the results are successful” said Rusak “remember those words, we have a long campaign ahead of us”

Rusak walked back inside, he emerged several hours later with Karpenko wearing the standard 'sunrise suit” of the stalkers, with an AKS-74U and a Makarov, Karpenko carried similar gear, they walked out of the camp and slowly disappeared from sight...
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Interesting story Maiman, keep it.
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Requiem - Part 2

Part 2
They reached the top of a hill, they were looking down at a familiar stalker village, it had changed much, the place was walled around, with barbed wire at the entrance, the windows of houses were boarded up and sandbags were set up strategically on the streets. They slowly drove down the hill, they stopped outside the fortifications and climbed out of their truck, there was a loud gunshot as a bullet missed Pavlik's head and ricocheted off the truck. They crouched down and raised their guns.

"CEASE FIRE" Pavlik shouted, there was a quiet pause before someone answered
"which Clan do you hail?" shouted a voice
"Clan?" Pavlik asked back
"are you a member of any Clans?" the voice shouted back
"no I just got here" Pavlik shouted back, there was another pause
"okay proceed" said the voice though there was a nervous tone to it
"jumpy much?" Mitya asked
"yeah I know" said Pavlik

They entered the camp, about twenty stalkers were aiming guns at their chests, a stalker stepped in front of them.

"and you are?" the stalker asked
"I am Pavlik, this is Mitya and Viktor" said Pavlik
"hmm, you are sporting some pretty good hardware for rooks" said the stalker
"we aren't rooks, we were here six years ago" said Pavlik
"really" said the stalker "and why then do I not believe you"
"you should believe them" said a stalker leaving a building.

The stalker removed his gas mask his face was heavily scarred, he had a cold, calculated look, his eyes were dark and besides his almost emotionless appearance they seemed sad, Pavlik recognized the man immediately.

"Stag" said the stalker "you know these stalkers"
"yes, though it has been some time" said Stag "Pavlik, Mitya, Viktor, come here, we need to talk"

The stalkers let them pass and they quickly entered a nearby house, they sat down around a small table.

"I think I will ask what many people were asking after you guys disappeared" said Stag "what happened after you left the scientists"
"we went to Facility X3" said Pavlik "got the documents but were attacked, we fled the facility and a blowout hit, next thing we know we are in the center of the zone"
"and then?" Stag asked
"I turned off the Brain Scorcher and headed to the power plant" said Pavlik
"you turned off the Brain Scorcher" said Stag slowly
"yes" said Pavlik
"Pavlik the Brain Scorcher is activated" said Stag "while yes there were stalkers up there they are now were driven mad, it was a rumor the Brain Scorcher was deactivated for several hours but was reactivated, every stalker in the area had their brains boiled"
"well I need to get back in touch with the scientists" said Pavlik "I need to see Galileo"
"Galileo?" said Stag "Pavlik, Galileo has been missing for five years"
"what?" Pavlik asked "what happened?"
"there was a raid, the place was overrun with bandits and Galileo simply vanished, he might have been captured or killed but his body was never found" said Stag
"then I have to get in touch with Sidorovich, he is still in that camp east of the valley right?" Pavlik asked
"no, the place was overrun by bandits after you killed Boar, and yes EVERYONE knows you killed Boar" said Stag
"that as six years ago, surely the bandits forgot about him" said Pavlik slowly
"no, while we have reached six bandit leaders since Boar's death, none of them have been as successful and powerful as Boar, they tend to die more by the hands of disappointed bandits and backstabbers then anyone else but all of them believe that killing Boar's killer would elevate their status among bandits" said Stag "ensuring their survival"
"well Pavlik aren't you lucky" said Mitya "one bandit boss off your shoulders, twenty more to go"
"yeah great" said Pavlik "so where is Sidorovich"
"he is east of here, in a cellar near a small village, it's falling apart and is right next to an old army cordon, you should be careful" said Stag "I have a task I need to complete for the Barkeep"

He pulled out a glowing artifact, it had a beautiful shape and had a red glow.

"the barkeep?" said Viktor "theres a new bar here?"
"no not here, north of here in the garbage theres a bar called the Whirligig, well defended and owned by a veteran stalker now known as Barkeep, you should head down there, be careful of the bandit camp there" said Stag
"good to know, oh yeah whats wrong with our PDAs" said Pavlik holding up his corrupted PDA
"oh yeah, theres an update required for them, all the old ones won't work until they receive them, some incompatibility thing, kind of annoying but Sidorovich will set you up" said Stag "well goodbye stalkers, I suspect I might see you again"
"see you stag" the three of them said before looking at each other
"to Sidorovich" said Pavlik
"I hate that guy" said Mitya
"I know" said Pavlik as they left the building and walked to their truck, they climbed inside, Pavlik swore he saw a flashing light on a large hill in the distance, as if the sunlight was reflecting off of something.

He started the car and drove east, the drive was fairly uneventful save for them nearly hitting a springboard along the way and drove into a dogs nest, they finally reached a hill, staring down at a very small camp, there were gunshots and bandits were attempting to raid the camp. Pavlik slammed on the gas and drove down the hill and through the camp, they kept their heads down as bullets shot through their windshield, Pavlik rammed the truck into a group of bandits, a molotov cocktail landed on the hood of their truck. The three of them jumped out as the truck's engine exploded, the truck caught fire as burning gasoline sprayed everywhere. They quickly ran behind cover firing at the bandits.

"who are you?" a rook asked jumping behind cover near them
"help" Viktor replied
"good enough for me" said the rook firing a sawn-off over his cover

They fired their rifles blindly through the bushes as bullets flew in every direction, an RPG hit a building beside them, there was an explosion as the roof collapsed. They swore silently and continued firing. Mitya ran to another piece of cover and fired several bursts taking out several bandits. Grenades suddenly flew at them from all directions, they ran out of their cover as the entire camp practically exploded in smoke and shrapnel. Pavlik ran headlong into a building and fell into a cellar. He fired several shots up the ladder as four bandits aimed their shotguns down the hole, their bodies fell down on top of him, there was a burst of a shotgun and he felt pain as the shells hit the bandit on top of him, he grabbed his Colt 1911, unable to fire his rifle, quickly firing three rounds into his attacker.

He pushed the bodies off of him and climbed up the ladder, there was another burst of a shotgun and he was hit in the back and thrown out of the house, he rolled over and emptied his magazine into the bandit. He jumped to his feet and grabbed the bandits shotgun, a Toz-134 and fired both shots out the window before dropping it, he picked up his AK-47 and fired a burst at a crowd of bandits running into the camp, a bandit ran at him swinging a machete, Pavlik dropped his rifle in surprise, he dodged the blade quickly pulling out a live grenade and shoving it into the bandits hood, kicking him back into the building, suddenly a zaporozhets drove straight through the camp and drove straight for him, he jumped as the bandit in the building exploded and landed right on the hood of the car, he pulled out his colt and fired blindly through the window, the car swerved and he flew off the hood and rolled along the dirt.

He jumped to his feet and ran back to the building his rifle was in. He grabbed his rifle and fired another burst as another wave of bandits entered the camp, he heard a hammer click behind him, he spun around to stare down the barrel of a Winchester 1300, there was a burst of a shotgun and the bandit fell over, Viktor was aiming his SPAS-12 through the window.

"thanks Viktor" said Pavlik spinning around and laying suppressive fire for the stalkers
"no problem" said Viktor shooting two more bandits attempting to take Pavlik by surprise

Pavlik looked for Mitya through the sea of bodies and bullets, he saw Mitya surrounded by bandits firing an MP5 in each hand, he seemed to be doing okay, though was having a hard time aiming. Pavlik fired several rounds at bandits attempting to set up a sniper position on a rooftop, several RPGs flew straight down the street and blew up collapsing several houses, he heard a loud explosion fulled by a louder crash, he assumed that was his truck exploding completely. The gunfire began to slow as the last of the bandits fled or were killed, Pavlik stepped out of his shelter.

He was standing in a place that could not be described, the bodies were almost literally buried in shell casings. There were injured stalkers lying forgotten amongst the bodies, there were rifles lying everywhere and rubble from buildings, Pavlik quickly helped some injured stalkers to a bonfire, several stalkers were moving the wounded from there into some cellars, Pavlik saw the wounded lying in beds down there.

"stalkers" said a voice "thanks for helping us"
"no problem" said Pavlik "and your name is?"
"Porcupine" said the stalker "I run this camp"
"more like whats left of it" said Mitya looking at the rubble and bodies
"don't worry" said Porcupine "we will recover"
“that was a hell of a lot of bandits, and a lot of firepower” said Pavlik “how the hell did they get RPGs?”
“stalkers are forming clans you see, these clans are unified stalkers, they contribute everything including wealth to make them more powerful which the leader uses to buy weapons, munitions, etc. Most of these factions are funded by outside groups, the bandits have a lot of black market ties and now as you can see, have the firepower of a small authoritarian army, plus with the amount of convicts, fools and tourists jumping the fence every day the zone is now overpopulated with cannon fodder who don't know how to fire the weapons they carry, puts rooks at an advantage”
"so how many Clans are there?" Pavlik asked
"there used to be many, I would say hundreds, but the Clans are very territorial and very competitive and one by one Clans were just... removed"
"removed?" Viktor asked
"against their wills" said Porcupine "now I would say the zone has a grand total of..."

Porcupine looked through his PDA.

"well one of them just vanished this morning so I would say 26..." said Porcupine he suddenly stopped "a new one just popped up... hmm... Freedom... anyways, 27 clans are here and all of them are at war with each other"
"now I see what Petrov meant about the zone being a battlefield" said Pavlik "what about the military?"
"still shoot all on sight?" Mitya asked
"yes pretty much, until this calms down all hell is going to break loose" said Porcupine
"Clan Wars... great" said Pavlik "oh yeah where is Sidorovich?"
"hes in his cellar, he sealed it off when the attack began" said Porcupine
"sounds like Sidorovich" said Pavlik "we need to talk to him"
"I will let him know, hes right over there" said Porcupine pointing to cellar doors, Pavlik nodded.

They walked slowly through the camp, they reached the cellar doors and opened them. They walked down the dimly lit staircases and reached a sealed door, they opened it and revealed a small office, boxes were everywhere and half the room was cut off by several boxes, there was a gap in the boxes revealing a once well built man, now starting to bald at places and is somewhat overweight, he was older and looked a lot different than the last time they saw him, Sidorovich. Behind him were a stack of old pictures, a workbench with a OTs-14 Groza, with a scope attached to it. There were more boxes on the other side and on his desk was a laptop, many documents and an old radio, the radio was playing The Police, Invisible Sun. He looked up at them and smiled that same uncomfortable smile he always had.

"well if it isn't Pavlik and his crew" said Sidorovich "I heard you were in prison?"
"who told you that?" Pavlik asked
"I have contacts in the military you know" said Sidorovich "so what brings you here"
"well first of all we need to get our PDAs updated" said Pavlik
"ah yes, Stalker PDA V2.0" said Sidorovich "that's what I call them at least, considering these PDAs are almost completely redesigned for a stalkers life, this update is great, tells all about the Clan Wars, pass them here"

They passed Sidorovich their PDAs and he quickly connected them to his laptop, after a few minutes he passed them back. They looked at the PDAs they were modified and had a new page, Clan Wars. Pavlik looked at the Clan wars page showing a list of all the factions, his relations with them, their strength and their base of operations. They had badges next to each faction as well. Pavlik quickly looked through his photos before continuing.

"well now we just need to get in touch with the Sakharov" said Pavlik
"why the hell would you want to do that?" Sidorovich asked
"because of this" said Pavlik holding out his PDA, on it was a picture of a large glowing crystal.
"is that... is that the monolith?" Sidorovich asked
"whatever you call it it is currently in Reactor 4 of the Lenin Memorial Nuclear power plant and that was where I took this picture" said Pavlik
"holy shit" said Sidorovich "this proves all of Sakharov's theories correct"
"which is why I need to tell Sakharov" said Pavlik
"you can't though" said Sidorovich "the military have locked down the mobile lab, nobody gets in or out"
"why though?" Mitya asked
"the Clan Wars" said Sidorovich "they are getting out of hand"
"so we have to wait it out" said Pavlik "thats what your saying"
"no what I am saying is it needs to end... rather soon if you catch my meaning" said Sidorovich with that uncomfortable smile
"yeah..." said Pavlik "I do"
"two million, like last time" said Sidorovich "lets see if you can make it back this time"
"alright deal, I find a way to end this war and you help me gain access to the scientists" said Pavlik “and does the old offer still stand on the old mission?”
“the four million eh?” Sidorovich said smiling “unfortunately it is long gone, someone else collected on it”
“great” said Pavlik
"good hunting stalker" said Sidorovich

They left the cellar the secure door slammed behind them.

"how are we going to destroy 27 clans?" Viktor asked
"we don't need to destroy 27 clans" said Pavlik "we just need to tear them apart and let one or two take over"
"this sounds like fun" said Mitya
"I am certain it will be" said Pavlik
"well where to?" Viktor asked
"the Whirligig" said Pavlik "a bar as profitable as that should help us out"
"and we could get information too" said Viktor "after all we need to find out what happened to the rest of our group"
"yeah well, lets go, we have a long walk ahead of us" said Mitya
"I don't think so" said Pavlik "follow me"

They ran up the hill the bandits attacked from, the bodies were piled up and burned on the other side of it, the bodies were stripped of their clothes and weapons. They saw a zaporozhets at the side of the road.

"anyone want to go for a drive?" Pavlik asked
"sure" said Viktor

They climbed into the zaporozhetz, the keys were in the ignition, Pavlik started the engine, the stereo turned on, Steppenwolf, Margic Carpet Ride was playing loudly. Pavlik smiled and drove down the road crossing a bridge, they were heading north...

In front of them on the train tracks a man was watching, he was in an advanced combat suit and had a mask that heavily distorted his voice, he was watching them through the scope of his heavily modified experimental Gauss rifle. He pulled out a PDA and called his boss.

"they are reaching the train bridge, orders?" said the man, his voice sounded almost like a robot.
"destroy the bridge, do not reveal yourself" said the voice
"as you wish" said the man quickly and carelessly planting satchel charges along the bridge, he quickly ran down the tracks and out of sight, Pavlik was driving straight down the road, towards the path that leads beneath the train bridge...
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Good, good. Good.


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Requiem - Part 1

Stories end, its just a fact, but sometimes stories end without even beginning...

Sometimes, even after all odds of survival are dropped to none, you just haven't finished what you started...

You aren't dead, you aren't alive...

You are down but not out...


Deep in the zone, several stalkers were sitting around a campfire, they were telling an old tale, assumed as myth, the tale of Pavlik, a rook who reached the center of the zone and saw the face of terror itself...

“so what ever happened to Pavlik?” said young Tolkov
“well it is said that he reached the center and died there” said Dragov “but other theories state he survived and is deep in the zone in exile”
“what about the tale of his dashing crew” said the new guy
“you mean the mercenaries, well its rumored they are all dead” said Dragov
“yeah and his old companions are now scattered across the zone” said Katarina “looking for their old leader and friend”
“so once again” said Tolkov “what happened to Pavlik”
“well theres the theory he is dead, others that he is hiding” said Dragov “another rumor is that he is in a coma outside the zone, and another....”

Chapter 2
Part 1
Six weeks after the power plant expedition:

Everything was black...

"He hasn't made any progress, perhaps its time to consider alternatives" said a man
"you mean what?" said another man "kill him, my own son?"
"has he ever discussed this with you?" said the first man
"no, none of us ever could have thought this could happen" said the second
"well, perhaps it is time to let go" said the first
"perhaps..." said the second "but I am still unsure of this"
"does he have any chance?" a woman asked
"I am still unsure" said the first "there is a possibility he could make it but nothing has happened for six weeks, he might wake but it could be weeks, months, years, decades.."
"do it" said the second "he would have wanted it like this I am sure"
"no" said a third voice "I risked my career, I risked everything to rescue him, its been only six weeks!"
"settle down son" said the second voice "there is nothing we can do now"
"he hasn't shown any sign of life" said the woman "I... I think your father is right"
"no it can't be" said the third "he only needs more time"
"pull it" said the second

There was a long constant beep noise...

Pavlik found himself standing in a ravaged plain, a field torn asunder by the chaos of the zone and forced into a constant storm of radiation, he walked towards one of tens, hundreds maybe thousands of generators and put his hand on it, he felt electricity shoot through his very body, his heart began to beat.

Pavlik woke up...

"what is happening to him?" the second voice asked
"his heart, I have never seen anything like it" said the first "he's being electrocuted"
"how?" asked the woman
"what is going on?" asked the third voice
"I have no idea" said the first voice "turn everything off"

There was a loud scream of agony, Pavlik opened his eyes to find himself in a sterile room, he was screaming loudly. Doctors were everywhere, his vision was blurred as lights shown in his eyes, people were shouting and suddenly he felt a sudden shock and everything came into focus.

"brother your alive?" said the third voice, his brother Petrov
"what... what is going on?" Pavlik asked in "where... where am I?"
"your home son" said the second voice, his father
"what happened... how did I get here?" Pavlik asked
"your brother called in an old favor from one of the officers stationed in the zone" said his father "they came in by helicopters and pulled you out of the power plant"
"you were inside the sarcophagus but there was a crack large enough for the soldiers to climb down to you" said Petrov
"but..." Pavlik began but his head was stinging with pain "where... where is Mitya?"
"the soldiers found two stalkers in the power plant" said Petrov "Mitya and another"
"Viktor" said Pavlik "where are they"
"they are... in a high security prison” said Petrov
“what are you talking about?” Pavlik asked
“I tried to reason with them, but my favor extended to your rescue it seems” said Petrov
“who?” Pavlik asked
“them...” said Petrov

Soldiers poured into the room aiming assault rifles at his head.

“Pavlik Tarchenkov, you are under arrest for acts of murder, assault, assault with a deadly weapon, manslaughter, theft, theft of government documents, breach of national security, breaching a restricted area, vandalizing government property, destruction of property, selling national secrets and otherwise betrayal of your country... how do you plead?” said the officer
“well... shit” said Pavlik


Captain Birigov sat down in the office, he looked around, he was nervous. The General Krukov entered the room.

“you look nervous” said General Krukov
“uh yes sir” said Captain Birigov “you asked to see me in the middle of the night”
“I am aware of your little expedition to the zone center, to rescue three stalkers?” said General Krukov “ones that have committed so many crimes and caused so many problems for our job, including the death of half our deep expeditionary team”
“I apologize” said Captain Birigov “it was against orders and misuse of our equipment”
“not entirely” said General Krukov “you did reach the power plant, a place never before visited since the zone sprouted forth and caused this political mess, but my question is, why did you do it?”
“I owed a favor to an old friend” said Captain Birigov
“who?” General Krukov asked
“Petrov Tarchenkov” said Captain Birigov
“yes of course, the head of the SEVA branch” said General Krukov “supplier of most of our high grade equipment and funder of scientific expeditions”
“yes” said Captain Birigov “he saved my life a long time ago, I owed him”
“he was once military?” General Krukov asked
“yes, honorable discharge for disobeying strict orders, he rescued me, he was air force sir” said Captain Birigov “chopper pilot”
“seems you returned the favor the same way he did” said General Krukov “listen, you will arrest the stalkers you rescued and you will be redeemed, in fact, I have some special assignments for you”
“of course sir” said Captain Birigov


Pavlik was pushed into the prison via wheelchair, his arms and legs were chained together and the prisoners mocked him as the soldiers pushed him to the prison guards.

“so what is this?” the Warden asked
“this man is a class one” said Captain Birigov
“what did he do, kill Stalin?” the Warden asked in surprise “slaughter the tsars? Blow up the Kremlin?”
“classified” said Captain Birigov “all I can say is he was a stalker and made one hell of a mess”
“well, orders?” the Warden asked
“he goes into isolation, for six years and then he gets a trial” said Captain Birigov “until we can clean up this mess and make sure some sensitive issues are addressed”
“of course” said the Warden

Pavlik was wheeled into a room, the door was closed and sealed, for the next six years he will be forgotten...

Six years later:

The Privates saluted Commander Birigov, he slowly walked past them eying each one closely, he turned around and a line of hunters and scavengers, stalkers he thought to himself in disgust, stood opposite of the privates.

'Soldiers and Stalkers, you are here to join elite squads, your mission, enter the exclusion zone and defend our interests there, your missions are extremely dangerous and your chances of survival are limited” said Commander Birigov “you are all men with no past, no present and no future, today this changes, your future will be that of honor and glory, you will be Spetsnaz SOS, you will be the elite, what do you say to that?”
“Sir, Yes, Sir” shouted the privates
“and for you Stalkers we will grant you freedom and respect among military men as the first Military Stalkers, elite squads who work directly for the North Territory Directorate, do you understand?” Commander Birigov shouted
“Sir, Yes, Sir” the stalkers shouted awkwardly
“normally I would put you through extensive disciplinary training but we all have our orders” said the Commander “stalkers report to Junior Lieutenant Petrenko, our quartermaster for your armaments, as for the rest of you I want to see you here at 1600 hours, do you understand”
“Sir, Yes, Sir” the soldiers shouted

Commander Birigov walked back to the HQ and entered the command center. He approached an old man in a general uniform, beside him were three men in suits and several officers, Birigov noticed a younger general sitting behind the officers.

“Birigov, your teams are prepared?” General Krukov asked
“The stalkers are already trained in survival and combat” said Birigov “they are ready”
“what of our Spetsnaz?” General Krukov asked
“General, they are still private” said Birigov “they will need training and experience before they deserve to be called Spetsnaz”
“and that they will have” said General Krukov “may I introduce to you Colonel Rusak along with junior lieutenants Karpenko and Degtyarov of the USS”
“I see we are getting some extra support” said Birigov
“their roles are assessing the situation from the outside and give you tactical and strategic advice from their knowledge of the area” said the General
“their knowledge sir?” Birigov asked “knowledge is useless in the zone, only experience keeps you alive”
“but we are accepting their aid” said the General Krukov, his tone changing
“of course sir” said Birigov
“also here are Lieutenant Colonel Shulga, Lieutenant Colonel Kovalski, Major Khaletskiy and of course General Voronin” said General Krukov
“as we all know the zone is in a bit of a bad state” said General Voronin “former General Gerokov has left our little council, he has now taken control of Duty”
“It was created by our old colleague Captain Tachenko” said Commander Birigov “former head of our Military Stalker project”
“I thought you said that these Military Stalkers were the first, Tachenko left a while ago” said Colonel Rusak
“we all have our little secrets, our first military stalkers betrayed us and formed their own damned clan” said Birigov
“General Gerokov has made contact with us” said General Voronin
“what?” Birigov asked
“Duty is fairly powerful” said Voronin “Gerokov has a plan to put an end to this Clan War crisis if we help Duty take over the other clans, they can set up a state of order that will ally itself with us”
“an entire army of stalkers allied to us” said Birigov “I don't think its a good idea”
“they will be more like a puppet state” said Colonel Rusak “Gerokov was not the brightest of soldiers and easily manipulated, he could work for us”
“so you are saying we are now helping traitors?” Birigov asked
“if this little war continues the zone is going to be impossible to contain, you have seen the population graphs” said General Krukov “more and more foolish civilians jump the fence every day, the zone is now flooding with armed scavengers, none of whom want to share, this entire place is going to get dangerous and fast”
“it gets worse” said Rusak “several of our agents have discovered that several of our 'assets' in the Chernobyl area have been discovered by stalkers”
“what 'assets' are these exactly?” Birigov asked
“explosive ordinance, fuel air bombs mostly” said Rusak “but we have reports that they have access to an OTR-21 Tochka”
“my god” said Birigov “they have a mobile missile launcher... none of our outposts can defend from one”
“thats not the worst part” said Rusak “it is armed with RDS-86”
“I have never heard of RDS-86” said Birigov “what is it?”
“It was a prototype hydrogen missile modeled after RDS-37 hydrogen bomb, it is a powerful thermonuclear device, if fired it will create a dangerous hot spot in a 20 mile radius” said Rusak
“my god” said Birigov “now I see why you need the team ready”
“now we have some luck” said Rusak “Duty is right next to the group of stalkers who claim they have RDS-86, but they refuse to attack knowing that the clan can blow them apart if they even try”
“so when is your Spetsnaz squad going to be ready?” General Krukov asked
“I can get them ready in a two weeks” said Birigov


“Pavlik Tarchenkov!” the Warden shouted into the intercom “its your lucky day, you and your friends get to go home”

Pavlik looked up to see the door opening, several guards were aiming shotguns at him. He climbed to his feet and staggered, he crawled hungrily to the doorway. They handcuffed him and walked him past the cells, he looked up to see Viktor and Mitya being walked with the guards, they looked horrible, but so did he, spending six years in a hole with no human contact, save for a few abusive guards tends to do that to you.

They were sat down in front of a judge, in a small room in the prison.

“lets just cut to the chase” said the judge “you are being offered parole, you will have to commit three years to community service and promise that you will not return to the zone, will not own a firearm and will not drive within twenty kilometers of the city of Kiev, is that understood?”
“yes” they all said together, their underused voices cracked
“will you plan on violating these rules?” the Judge asked
“no” they all said together
“then you are free to go, your ride is outside” said the Judge

They guards dragged them down the cell blocks and led them to the metal detectors, they took of the handcuffs and had them walk through. They sat them down and then brought them their possessions. They passed Pavlik and Mitya their old clothes, that they wore under their suits, they were ragged but cleaned by the prison guards. They were led to the change rooms and slipped into their old clothes. Viktor came out wearing an old suit shredded and covered in blood stains around the chest.

“are you kidding me?” Mitya asked in surprise “you were wearing a suit under your body armor?”
“hey its not my fault I look good” said Viktor
“you both look like crap” said Pavlik
“what was that old saying about pots and kettles?” said Mitya
“something something black something” said Viktor

They were walked over to a booth and were given parole papers and were then led out the door, there in the middle of the parking lot in a shiny Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit. Petrov climbed out of the car, wearing a black suit with dark shades, his hair was thick and combed neatly, he looked at them and shook his head.

“you guys look like shit” said Petrov
“you bail us out?” Pavlik asked
“a lot more complicated than that” said Petrov “had to spend a lot of money in the right areas, now come on”

They climbed into the car, Petrov drove away from the prison, turning on the radio Elvis Presley, Jailhouse rock was playing. Pavlik started laughing.

“don't tell me you waited six years just to play this song” said Pavlik
“I am sorry Pavlik but I have no excuse” said Petrov

They started laughing, they hadn't laughed for quite a while. They drove down the streets of Kiev, Pavlik watched rioting occurring on the streets.

“whats going on?” Pavlik asked
“crisis in the zone' said Petrov
“meaning?” Pavlik asked
“classified” said Petrov
“don't start pulling that shit” said Pavlik
“okay lighten up” said Petrov “war is breaking out, people are flooding into the zone from all over the world, stalkers are forming clans, recruiting and trying to gain power”
“why?” Pavlik asked
“well I wonder that myself” said Petrov “something about the center that people want, but cannot share or something”
“can't share what is this kindergarten?” Viktor asked
“well you see there is some sort of mass propaganda streaming from the zone, telling people about glory and riches, hell your name is mentioned once or twice, something about you making millions”
“well if we got out of that power plant we would have been” said Pavlik
“yeah well the story is getting big and hundreds of people, maybe thousands are coming as tourists and are trying to get into the zone, an entire jumbo jet was hijacked and was flown into the zone, it was shot down and survivors are nowhere to be found” said Petrov “the stories are getting worse, its like terrorists but just people, not trying to take a stand or anything, they just want money”
“let me guess world doesn't seem to like this” said Pavlik
“no I am afraid not, it is out of control, military attempts to come in and the stalkers all start shooting at them, scientists are all locked down in their labs, haven't made any discoveries and of course that hit SEVA Corp pretty bad”
“hmm” said Pavlik “almost as if someone would be paying to eliminate this crisis...”
“my brother the mercenary” said Petrov “but you have to stay grounded for three years”
“what about the others?” said Mitya “we can't leave Nikolas in the zone, or Sasha, or Marcus or Gustov or the others...”
“I am afraid we have no choice on the matter, the guy who arrested you, Captain Birigov, now a big player, he is Commander Birigov, in charge of operations in the zone, we haven't spoken since he arrest, he was the guy who rescued you but in return for arresting you his career was saved”
“sounds like a great guy” said Pavlik
“he isn't in charge of the entire zone operations but he is in charge of many top secret projects” said Petrov
“do you know anything about Epsilon and Sigma?” Pavlik asked
“uh no? Should I have?” Petrov asked
“no but we got attacked while we were deep in the zone, north of old lake Yantar, two guys, no names just call signs. They were carrying what looked like coil guns and were wearing suits I never seen before, top of the line, like some sort of powerful combat armor, it was pretty much impossible to penetrate”
“sounds like SEVA Corps prototypes we have been working on” said Petrov
“did you sell them to anyone?” Pavlik asked
“we sold some schematics for some that were too expensive to produce to the military, they passed them along and told us somebody has requested them but for the most part too expensive for mass production” said Petrov
“names?” Pavlik asked
“nope” said Petrov
“good try Pavlik but I assume those three were some sort of elite black ops KGB crap or something” said Mitya
“three?” Petrov asked
“oh there was a third man outside the power plant, wore some sort of weird exoskeleton suit or something, looked scifi” said Pavlik
“that was a prototype we worked on for a while, we made several variants, we sold our less efficient ones, so you fought a guy in it how successful was it?” said Petrov
“my brother the scientist” said Pavlik “the man could barely run but he was capable of carrying an insane amount of firepower, including a small minigun with minimal problems, plus he is still breathing”
“well our days of working for the Kiev Defense Institutes is over, we are now a major world corporation” said Petrov “so don't be surprised if you see our names everywhere”
“please tell me we won't see SEVA Dishwasher fluid” said Pavlik
“Ha that would be...” Petrov began “we are here”

They were parked outside a very well built estate, Pavlik noticed they weren't in the city. They weren't out deep in the countryside but were still surprisingly far.

'welcome home brother” said Petrov “you guys will be staying in the guest house”
“business may be shit but its still better than any of our sorry asses, and probably half the city of Kiev” said Pavlik
“come on” said Petrov

They walked up the path leading up the hill at which the mansion was sitting on. It was a large structure with large balconies and was two stories tall with several towers. The guest house was about the size of a house and was situated by the edge of the property, next to a large garden.

Petrov knocked on the door, it opened and the familiar face of Petrov's wife Lilia. She had an odd face of relief and disgust.

“didn't they get access to showers when they were in the box?” Lilia asked
“unfortunately only once a month for some sort of isolation reasons, but at least thats twice as much as we ate” said Pavlik
“good to see you again Pavlik, you to Mitya and you...who are you?” Lilia asked
“Viktor” said Viktor
“yeah we found the poor sap trying to open a bar in a town with no supplies nor money” said Mitya
“well come in, showers are second floor to the right and the dining room is right next to the entrance, dinner is in an hour” said Lilia, she kissed Petrov on the cheek and walked back inside,

The others entered, the inside was nice and everything looked delicate. They climbed up the stairs and entered the showers, it was about four bathrooms all next to one another.

“rich bastard, has to have four bathrooms at the same spot” said Pavlik

They walked in and an hour later emerged cleaned, shaved and groomed. Viktor had combed his hair neatly, Mitya's hair was still messy but was cleaner and Pavlik felt his freshly shaved face and carefully cut hair. He suddenly smelled chicken and potatoes and felt his stomach growling.

“dinner is served” called a soft voice downstairs

They were about to walk downstairs when Petrov climbed up and stopped them.

“clothes” said Petrov
“what are you naturalists?' Viktor asked
“no you should put nicer clothes than that on” said Petrov
“well we got nothing” said Pavlik
“follow me” said Petrov

They walked into the master bedroom and there were two closets, one of them had bright green coloring, the other red.

“Red closet, take anything from the end” said Petrov

They walked into the closet and found a huge walk in closet full of suits.

“talk about corporate heaven” said Mitya

They grabbed several suits at the back, Pavlik settled for a light brown suit, Mitya grabbed a white suit and Viktor grabbed a gray one. They walked back downstairs in their new clothes and entered the kitchen to applause. Petrov and Lilia were both waiting for them.

“well guys you look great, Lilia cooked up a big meal, we assume you guys didn't get filled too well on prison food” said Petrov
“are you kidding, stray rats is a great diet” said Mitya

They sat down, Pavlik counted the plates, there was an extra plate at the table.

“someone joining us?” Pavlik asked
“oh yeah I forgot to mention” said Petrov
“how can you forget something about that?” Lilia asked
“Vlad! dinner is ready” said Petrov

A little boy ran into the room, about six years old with thick brown hair. He climbed up onto his seat and looked at the Pavlik, then to Mitya and then to Viktor, he stared puzzled for a second and looked at Petrov.
“Pavlik, meet your nephew Vladimir' said Petrov “Vlad meet your uncle Pavlik”
“the explorer?” Vlad asked
“yes the explorer” said Petrov winking at Pavlik and the others who were utterly confused
“what was cher...chern...cherrrr....” Vlad asked thinking hard “char-thingy like?”
“Chernobyl? Well it was...” Pavlik looked at Petrov and Lilia “it was kind of lonely, not that fun”
“why did you stay there so long?” Vlad asked
“well I kind of liked it there, its not a safe place but it was a place for me” said Pavlik
“can I go there?” Vlad asked
“oh no” said Pavlik to concerned looks across the table “its a very scary place, you wouldn't want to go”
“smooth” whispered Mitya into his ear
“are you guys his team?” Vlad asked Mitya and Viktor
“yeah” said Viktor
“are you scientists” said Vlad
“uh no” said Mitya
“my dad is, he is smart” said Vlad smiling
“yep he is” said Pavlik
“well as pleasant of dinner conversation as this is, we can't let this food get cold” said Petrov
“of course” said Pavlik

They started eating and catching up, Pavlik was careful not to tell too many stories about his time with little Vlad around. He missed a lot.

Several weeks passed by, they sat around almost lethargic for a couple of days, Pavlik had a dream about Sasha and Nikolas... they had to go back but Petrov told them they couldn't leave. Pavlik sat in a small bar in the west wing of the house, Petrov sat down beside him.

“are you okay?” Petrov asked
“I need to go back” said Pavlik
“you can't” said Petrov
“I can't stay here” said Pavlik “I got to find Nikolas... and I have to find Sasha...'

Petrov looked at him for a second. He looked around for a second and then paused. Petrov stared at him, as if analyzing for data, suddenly he spoke.

“go” said Petrov
“what?” Pavlik asked
“I know you, you will never be free, never be happy” said Petrov “take my truck, go to the zone, find your answers”
“thank you” said Pavlik
“follow me” said Petrov

They walked down the hallway and down the stairs into the basement, they reached a secure door and Petrov opened it. They were inside a private laboratory, Pavlik looked around and saw maps of the zone and huge charts, graphs and computers everywhere displaying data.

“what is this?' Pavlik asked
“well this is my lab” said Petrov “I managed to input your PDAs into my network and have been gathering data from the zone, everything you saw was recorded here, well anything your PDA recorded at the very least”
“so you have my PDA?” said Pavlik
“yes” said Petrov
“and the photograph of the monolith?” Pavlik asked
“well.. its there” said Petrov “where did you take that photograph”
“inside the reactor” said Pavlik
“how did you survive, the radiation is at extreme levels?” Petrov asked
“honestly I don't know, it was weird” said Pavlik “like it was clean of all radiation, like it was just a room”
Petrov passed him three boxes, they were pretty big..

“I couldn't get your weapons, except for that hunting knife and colt” said Petrov “the military got to the rifles first and I only had time to secure a few things, they came in and took the decoy suits I left”
“decoy suits?” Pavlik asked
“basically jackets that looked like your armor” said Petrov “I had a few weeks before they came for them”
“so you got our suits and my equipment” said Pavlik
“and money for each of you” said Petrov
“why are you doing this?” Pavlik asked
“the government is cutting research in the zone, the science lab is in lock down, something big is happening and you are the only one that can figure out what it is” said Petrov “you know the crowd, you can end this war, you can find out what the hell the military are doing in the zone”
“I'm not a super soldier” said Pavlik “I am just a stalker who has had some experience”
'listen, I know you' said Petrov '”you are stubborn as an oak and never back down if you can help it, you know when to fight and know when you can't win, if anyone can do this its you”
“right” said Pavlik “thank you brother”
“you too Pavlik” said Petrov

Pavlik returned to Mitya and Viktor who were really excited when he gave them their suits and money, they suited up and walked to the house, they were almost at the garage when Pavlik heard a voice behind them.

“where are you going?” Vlad asked
“guys go get the truck ready” said Pavlik
“are you leaving again?” Vlad asked
“yes I am, and I am sorry I missed your life” said Pavlik “I wish I was there to be your uncle but I have unfinished business in Chernobyl, I have to go be a hero”
“can I come?” Vlad asked
“no, you stay here with your family where its safe” said Pavlik “now go to bed, its getting late”

He patted Vlad on the head and walked back into the garage, he climbed into the truck, they drove out the garage and out of sight.


They drove through the night, they suddenly reached a familiar fence, they stopped the car.

"so what, do we ditch the truck?" Mitya asked
"like hell we do" said Pavlik climbing out of the truck "wait here"

Pavlik grabbed a pair of wire cutters and ran to the fence, he cut through the wires and pushed them out of the way, he ran back into the truck and started it, he turned the radio back on Bob Crosby, Way back home started playing. They drove through the opening and down the hill, they were back...


On a hill somewhere deep in the zone, two men were watching a group of stalkers...

"we've found them" said the second man "scouts picked them up crossing the fence an hour ago"
"so the ones who breached the scorcher have returned" said the first man
"shall I send Gamma? he has been looking for a rematch since their last encounter" the second asked
"no, send Omega, tell him to keep a close eye on them" said the first “from a suitable distance”
"at once sir" said the second
"this stalker group bores me, lets go" said the first “tell Omega he can abort”

A stalker in the group flew backwards, blood spraying out of his chest, then another, then another, then finally the last one. The two men walked down the hill and climbed into an old jeep driving westward.
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Looks more like soviet NBC protection team from the ninteen sixties.But yet it looks good

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