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Question In the End, your opinion?
Great Return!
It was pretty decent!
It was Meh!
I liked your old works!
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  22:49:40  9 August 2010
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Guess Who.


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Requiem - Part 1

Stories end, its just a fact, but sometimes stories end without even beginning...

Sometimes, even after all odds of survival are dropped to none, you just haven't finished what you started...

You aren't dead, you aren't alive...

You are down but not out...


Deep in the zone, several stalkers were sitting around a campfire, they were telling an old tale, assumed as myth, the tale of Pavlik, a rook who reached the center of the zone and saw the face of terror itself...

“so what ever happened to Pavlik?” said young Tolkov
“well it is said that he reached the center and died there” said Dragov “but other theories state he survived and is deep in the zone in exile”
“what about the tale of his dashing crew” said the new guy
“you mean the mercenaries, well its rumored they are all dead” said Dragov
“yeah and his old companions are now scattered across the zone” said Katarina “looking for their old leader and friend”
“so once again” said Tolkov “what happened to Pavlik”
“well theres the theory he is dead, others that he is hiding” said Dragov “another rumor is that he is in a coma outside the zone, and another....”

Chapter 2
Part 1
Six weeks after the power plant expedition:

Everything was black...

"He hasn't made any progress, perhaps its time to consider alternatives" said a man
"you mean what?" said another man "kill him, my own son?"
"has he ever discussed this with you?" said the first man
"no, none of us ever could have thought this could happen" said the second
"well, perhaps it is time to let go" said the first
"perhaps..." said the second "but I am still unsure of this"
"does he have any chance?" a woman asked
"I am still unsure" said the first "there is a possibility he could make it but nothing has happened for six weeks, he might wake but it could be weeks, months, years, decades.."
"do it" said the second "he would have wanted it like this I am sure"
"no" said a third voice "I risked my career, I risked everything to rescue him, its been only six weeks!"
"settle down son" said the second voice "there is nothing we can do now"
"he hasn't shown any sign of life" said the woman "I... I think your father is right"
"no it can't be" said the third "he only needs more time"
"pull it" said the second

There was a long constant beep noise...

Pavlik found himself standing in a ravaged plain, a field torn asunder by the chaos of the zone and forced into a constant storm of radiation, he walked towards one of tens, hundreds maybe thousands of generators and put his hand on it, he felt electricity shoot through his very body, his heart began to beat.

Pavlik woke up...

"what is happening to him?" the second voice asked
"his heart, I have never seen anything like it" said the first "he's being electrocuted"
"how?" asked the woman
"what is going on?" asked the third voice
"I have no idea" said the first voice "turn everything off"

There was a loud scream of agony, Pavlik opened his eyes to find himself in a sterile room, he was screaming loudly. Doctors were everywhere, his vision was blurred as lights shown in his eyes, people were shouting and suddenly he felt a sudden shock and everything came into focus.

"brother your alive?" said the third voice, his brother Petrov
"what... what is going on?" Pavlik asked in "where... where am I?"
"your home son" said the second voice, his father
"what happened... how did I get here?" Pavlik asked
"your brother called in an old favor from one of the officers stationed in the zone" said his father "they came in by helicopters and pulled you out of the power plant"
"you were inside the sarcophagus but there was a crack large enough for the soldiers to climb down to you" said Petrov
"but..." Pavlik began but his head was stinging with pain "where... where is Mitya?"
"the soldiers found two stalkers in the power plant" said Petrov "Mitya and another"
"Viktor" said Pavlik "where are they"
"they are... in a high security prison” said Petrov
“what are you talking about?” Pavlik asked
“I tried to reason with them, but my favor extended to your rescue it seems” said Petrov
“who?” Pavlik asked
“them...” said Petrov

Soldiers poured into the room aiming assault rifles at his head.

“Pavlik Tarchenkov, you are under arrest for acts of murder, assault, assault with a deadly weapon, manslaughter, theft, theft of government documents, breach of national security, breaching a restricted area, vandalizing government property, destruction of property, selling national secrets and otherwise betrayal of your country... how do you plead?” said the officer
“well... shit” said Pavlik


Captain Birigov sat down in the office, he looked around, he was nervous. The General Krukov entered the room.

“you look nervous” said General Krukov
“uh yes sir” said Captain Birigov “you asked to see me in the middle of the night”
“I am aware of your little expedition to the zone center, to rescue three stalkers?” said General Krukov “ones that have committed so many crimes and caused so many problems for our job, including the death of half our deep expeditionary team”
“I apologize” said Captain Birigov “it was against orders and misuse of our equipment”
“not entirely” said General Krukov “you did reach the power plant, a place never before visited since the zone sprouted forth and caused this political mess, but my question is, why did you do it?”
“I owed a favor to an old friend” said Captain Birigov
“who?” General Krukov asked
“Petrov Tarchenkov” said Captain Birigov
“yes of course, the head of the SEVA branch” said General Krukov “supplier of most of our high grade equipment and funder of scientific expeditions”
“yes” said Captain Birigov “he saved my life a long time ago, I owed him”
“he was once military?” General Krukov asked
“yes, honorable discharge for disobeying strict orders, he rescued me, he was air force sir” said Captain Birigov “chopper pilot”
“seems you returned the favor the same way he did” said General Krukov “listen, you will arrest the stalkers you rescued and you will be redeemed, in fact, I have some special assignments for you”
“of course sir” said Captain Birigov


Pavlik was pushed into the prison via wheelchair, his arms and legs were chained together and the prisoners mocked him as the soldiers pushed him to the prison guards.

“so what is this?” the Warden asked
“this man is a class one” said Captain Birigov
“what did he do, kill Stalin?” the Warden asked in surprise “slaughter the tsars? Blow up the Kremlin?”
“classified” said Captain Birigov “all I can say is he was a stalker and made one hell of a mess”
“well, orders?” the Warden asked
“he goes into isolation, for six years and then he gets a trial” said Captain Birigov “until we can clean up this mess and make sure some sensitive issues are addressed”
“of course” said the Warden

Pavlik was wheeled into a room, the door was closed and sealed, for the next six years he will be forgotten...

Six years later:

The Privates saluted Commander Birigov, he slowly walked past them eying each one closely, he turned around and a line of hunters and scavengers, stalkers he thought to himself in disgust, stood opposite of the privates.

'Soldiers and Stalkers, you are here to join elite squads, your mission, enter the exclusion zone and defend our interests there, your missions are extremely dangerous and your chances of survival are limited” said Commander Birigov “you are all men with no past, no present and no future, today this changes, your future will be that of honor and glory, you will be Spetsnaz SOS, you will be the elite, what do you say to that?”
“Sir, Yes, Sir” shouted the privates
“and for you Stalkers we will grant you freedom and respect among military men as the first Military Stalkers, elite squads who work directly for the North Territory Directorate, do you understand?” Commander Birigov shouted
“Sir, Yes, Sir” the stalkers shouted awkwardly
“normally I would put you through extensive disciplinary training but we all have our orders” said the Commander “stalkers report to Junior Lieutenant Petrenko, our quartermaster for your armaments, as for the rest of you I want to see you here at 1600 hours, do you understand”
“Sir, Yes, Sir” the soldiers shouted

Commander Birigov walked back to the HQ and entered the command center. He approached an old man in a general uniform, beside him were three men in suits and several officers, Birigov noticed a younger general sitting behind the officers.

“Birigov, your teams are prepared?” General Krukov asked
“The stalkers are already trained in survival and combat” said Birigov “they are ready”
“what of our Spetsnaz?” General Krukov asked
“General, they are still private” said Birigov “they will need training and experience before they deserve to be called Spetsnaz”
“and that they will have” said General Krukov “may I introduce to you Colonel Rusak along with junior lieutenants Karpenko and Degtyarov of the USS”
“I see we are getting some extra support” said Birigov
“their roles are assessing the situation from the outside and give you tactical and strategic advice from their knowledge of the area” said the General
“their knowledge sir?” Birigov asked “knowledge is useless in the zone, only experience keeps you alive”
“but we are accepting their aid” said the General Krukov, his tone changing
“of course sir” said Birigov
“also here are Lieutenant Colonel Shulga, Lieutenant Colonel Kovalski, Major Khaletskiy and of course General Voronin” said General Krukov
“as we all know the zone is in a bit of a bad state” said General Voronin “former General Gerokov has left our little council, he has now taken control of Duty”
“It was created by our old colleague Captain Tachenko” said Commander Birigov “former head of our Military Stalker project”
“I thought you said that these Military Stalkers were the first, Tachenko left a while ago” said Colonel Rusak
“we all have our little secrets, our first military stalkers betrayed us and formed their own damned clan” said Birigov
“General Gerokov has made contact with us” said General Voronin
“what?” Birigov asked
“Duty is fairly powerful” said Voronin “Gerokov has a plan to put an end to this Clan War crisis if we help Duty take over the other clans, they can set up a state of order that will ally itself with us”
“an entire army of stalkers allied to us” said Birigov “I don't think its a good idea”
“they will be more like a puppet state” said Colonel Rusak “Gerokov was not the brightest of soldiers and easily manipulated, he could work for us”
“so you are saying we are now helping traitors?” Birigov asked
“if this little war continues the zone is going to be impossible to contain, you have seen the population graphs” said General Krukov “more and more foolish civilians jump the fence every day, the zone is now flooding with armed scavengers, none of whom want to share, this entire place is going to get dangerous and fast”
“it gets worse” said Rusak “several of our agents have discovered that several of our 'assets' in the Chernobyl area have been discovered by stalkers”
“what 'assets' are these exactly?” Birigov asked
“explosive ordinance, fuel air bombs mostly” said Rusak “but we have reports that they have access to an OTR-21 Tochka”
“my god” said Birigov “they have a mobile missile launcher... none of our outposts can defend from one”
“thats not the worst part” said Rusak “it is armed with RDS-86”
“I have never heard of RDS-86” said Birigov “what is it?”
“It was a prototype hydrogen missile modeled after RDS-37 hydrogen bomb, it is a powerful thermonuclear device, if fired it will create a dangerous hot spot in a 20 mile radius” said Rusak
“my god” said Birigov “now I see why you need the team ready”
“now we have some luck” said Rusak “Duty is right next to the group of stalkers who claim they have RDS-86, but they refuse to attack knowing that the clan can blow them apart if they even try”
“so when is your Spetsnaz squad going to be ready?” General Krukov asked
“I can get them ready in a two weeks” said Birigov


“Pavlik Tarchenkov!” the Warden shouted into the intercom “its your lucky day, you and your friends get to go home”

Pavlik looked up to see the door opening, several guards were aiming shotguns at him. He climbed to his feet and staggered, he crawled hungrily to the doorway. They handcuffed him and walked him past the cells, he looked up to see Viktor and Mitya being walked with the guards, they looked horrible, but so did he, spending six years in a hole with no human contact, save for a few abusive guards tends to do that to you.

They were sat down in front of a judge, in a small room in the prison.

“lets just cut to the chase” said the judge “you are being offered parole, you will have to commit three years to community service and promise that you will not return to the zone, will not own a firearm and will not drive within twenty kilometers of the city of Kiev, is that understood?”
“yes” they all said together, their underused voices cracked
“will you plan on violating these rules?” the Judge asked
“no” they all said together
“then you are free to go, your ride is outside” said the Judge

They guards dragged them down the cell blocks and led them to the metal detectors, they took of the handcuffs and had them walk through. They sat them down and then brought them their possessions. They passed Pavlik and Mitya their old clothes, that they wore under their suits, they were ragged but cleaned by the prison guards. They were led to the change rooms and slipped into their old clothes. Viktor came out wearing an old suit shredded and covered in blood stains around the chest.

“are you kidding me?” Mitya asked in surprise “you were wearing a suit under your body armor?”
“hey its not my fault I look good” said Viktor
“you both look like crap” said Pavlik
“what was that old saying about pots and kettles?” said Mitya
“something something black something” said Viktor

They were walked over to a booth and were given parole papers and were then led out the door, there in the middle of the parking lot in a shiny Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit. Petrov climbed out of the car, wearing a black suit with dark shades, his hair was thick and combed neatly, he looked at them and shook his head.

“you guys look like shit” said Petrov
“you bail us out?” Pavlik asked
“a lot more complicated than that” said Petrov “had to spend a lot of money in the right areas, now come on”

They climbed into the car, Petrov drove away from the prison, turning on the radio Elvis Presley, Jailhouse rock was playing. Pavlik started laughing.

“don't tell me you waited six years just to play this song” said Pavlik
“I am sorry Pavlik but I have no excuse” said Petrov

They started laughing, they hadn't laughed for quite a while. They drove down the streets of Kiev, Pavlik watched rioting occurring on the streets.

“whats going on?” Pavlik asked
“crisis in the zone' said Petrov
“meaning?” Pavlik asked
“classified” said Petrov
“don't start pulling that shit” said Pavlik
“okay lighten up” said Petrov “war is breaking out, people are flooding into the zone from all over the world, stalkers are forming clans, recruiting and trying to gain power”
“why?” Pavlik asked
“well I wonder that myself” said Petrov “something about the center that people want, but cannot share or something”
“can't share what is this kindergarten?” Viktor asked
“well you see there is some sort of mass propaganda streaming from the zone, telling people about glory and riches, hell your name is mentioned once or twice, something about you making millions”
“well if we got out of that power plant we would have been” said Pavlik
“yeah well the story is getting big and hundreds of people, maybe thousands are coming as tourists and are trying to get into the zone, an entire jumbo jet was hijacked and was flown into the zone, it was shot down and survivors are nowhere to be found” said Petrov “the stories are getting worse, its like terrorists but just people, not trying to take a stand or anything, they just want money”
“let me guess world doesn't seem to like this” said Pavlik
“no I am afraid not, it is out of control, military attempts to come in and the stalkers all start shooting at them, scientists are all locked down in their labs, haven't made any discoveries and of course that hit SEVA Corp pretty bad”
“hmm” said Pavlik “almost as if someone would be paying to eliminate this crisis...”
“my brother the mercenary” said Petrov “but you have to stay grounded for three years”
“what about the others?” said Mitya “we can't leave Nikolas in the zone, or Sasha, or Marcus or Gustov or the others...”
“I am afraid we have no choice on the matter, the guy who arrested you, Captain Birigov, now a big player, he is Commander Birigov, in charge of operations in the zone, we haven't spoken since he arrest, he was the guy who rescued you but in return for arresting you his career was saved”
“sounds like a great guy” said Pavlik
“he isn't in charge of the entire zone operations but he is in charge of many top secret projects” said Petrov
“do you know anything about Epsilon and Sigma?” Pavlik asked
“uh no? Should I have?” Petrov asked
“no but we got attacked while we were deep in the zone, north of old lake Yantar, two guys, no names just call signs. They were carrying what looked like coil guns and were wearing suits I never seen before, top of the line, like some sort of powerful combat armor, it was pretty much impossible to penetrate”
“sounds like SEVA Corps prototypes we have been working on” said Petrov
“did you sell them to anyone?” Pavlik asked
“we sold some schematics for some that were too expensive to produce to the military, they passed them along and told us somebody has requested them but for the most part too expensive for mass production” said Petrov
“names?” Pavlik asked
“nope” said Petrov
“good try Pavlik but I assume those three were some sort of elite black ops KGB crap or something” said Mitya
“three?” Petrov asked
“oh there was a third man outside the power plant, wore some sort of weird exoskeleton suit or something, looked scifi” said Pavlik
“that was a prototype we worked on for a while, we made several variants, we sold our less efficient ones, so you fought a guy in it how successful was it?” said Petrov
“my brother the scientist” said Pavlik “the man could barely run but he was capable of carrying an insane amount of firepower, including a small minigun with minimal problems, plus he is still breathing”
“well our days of working for the Kiev Defense Institutes is over, we are now a major world corporation” said Petrov “so don't be surprised if you see our names everywhere”
“please tell me we won't see SEVA Dishwasher fluid” said Pavlik
“Ha that would be...” Petrov began “we are here”

They were parked outside a very well built estate, Pavlik noticed they weren't in the city. They weren't out deep in the countryside but were still surprisingly far.

'welcome home brother” said Petrov “you guys will be staying in the guest house”
“business may be shit but its still better than any of our sorry asses, and probably half the city of Kiev” said Pavlik
“come on” said Petrov

They walked up the path leading up the hill at which the mansion was sitting on. It was a large structure with large balconies and was two stories tall with several towers. The guest house was about the size of a house and was situated by the edge of the property, next to a large garden.

Petrov knocked on the door, it opened and the familiar face of Petrov's wife Lilia. She had an odd face of relief and disgust.

“didn't they get access to showers when they were in the box?” Lilia asked
“unfortunately only once a month for some sort of isolation reasons, but at least thats twice as much as we ate” said Pavlik
“good to see you again Pavlik, you to Mitya and you...who are you?” Lilia asked
“Viktor” said Viktor
“yeah we found the poor sap trying to open a bar in a town with no supplies nor money” said Mitya
“well come in, showers are second floor to the right and the dining room is right next to the entrance, dinner is in an hour” said Lilia, she kissed Petrov on the cheek and walked back inside,

The others entered, the inside was nice and everything looked delicate. They climbed up the stairs and entered the showers, it was about four bathrooms all next to one another.

“rich bastard, has to have four bathrooms at the same spot” said Pavlik

They walked in and an hour later emerged cleaned, shaved and groomed. Viktor had combed his hair neatly, Mitya's hair was still messy but was cleaner and Pavlik felt his freshly shaved face and carefully cut hair. He suddenly smelled chicken and potatoes and felt his stomach growling.

“dinner is served” called a soft voice downstairs

They were about to walk downstairs when Petrov climbed up and stopped them.

“clothes” said Petrov
“what are you naturalists?' Viktor asked
“no you should put nicer clothes than that on” said Petrov
“well we got nothing” said Pavlik
“follow me” said Petrov

They walked into the master bedroom and there were two closets, one of them had bright green coloring, the other red.

“Red closet, take anything from the end” said Petrov

They walked into the closet and found a huge walk in closet full of suits.

“talk about corporate heaven” said Mitya

They grabbed several suits at the back, Pavlik settled for a light brown suit, Mitya grabbed a white suit and Viktor grabbed a gray one. They walked back downstairs in their new clothes and entered the kitchen to applause. Petrov and Lilia were both waiting for them.

“well guys you look great, Lilia cooked up a big meal, we assume you guys didn't get filled too well on prison food” said Petrov
“are you kidding, stray rats is a great diet” said Mitya

They sat down, Pavlik counted the plates, there was an extra plate at the table.

“someone joining us?” Pavlik asked
“oh yeah I forgot to mention” said Petrov
“how can you forget something about that?” Lilia asked
“Vlad! dinner is ready” said Petrov

A little boy ran into the room, about six years old with thick brown hair. He climbed up onto his seat and looked at the Pavlik, then to Mitya and then to Viktor, he stared puzzled for a second and looked at Petrov.
“Pavlik, meet your nephew Vladimir' said Petrov “Vlad meet your uncle Pavlik”
“the explorer?” Vlad asked
“yes the explorer” said Petrov winking at Pavlik and the others who were utterly confused
“what was cher...chern...cherrrr....” Vlad asked thinking hard “char-thingy like?”
“Chernobyl? Well it was...” Pavlik looked at Petrov and Lilia “it was kind of lonely, not that fun”
“why did you stay there so long?” Vlad asked
“well I kind of liked it there, its not a safe place but it was a place for me” said Pavlik
“can I go there?” Vlad asked
“oh no” said Pavlik to concerned looks across the table “its a very scary place, you wouldn't want to go”
“smooth” whispered Mitya into his ear
“are you guys his team?” Vlad asked Mitya and Viktor
“yeah” said Viktor
“are you scientists” said Vlad
“uh no” said Mitya
“my dad is, he is smart” said Vlad smiling
“yep he is” said Pavlik
“well as pleasant of dinner conversation as this is, we can't let this food get cold” said Petrov
“of course” said Pavlik

They started eating and catching up, Pavlik was careful not to tell too many stories about his time with little Vlad around. He missed a lot.

Several weeks passed by, they sat around almost lethargic for a couple of days, Pavlik had a dream about Sasha and Nikolas... they had to go back but Petrov told them they couldn't leave. Pavlik sat in a small bar in the west wing of the house, Petrov sat down beside him.

“are you okay?” Petrov asked
“I need to go back” said Pavlik
“you can't” said Petrov
“I can't stay here” said Pavlik “I got to find Nikolas... and I have to find Sasha...'

Petrov looked at him for a second. He looked around for a second and then paused. Petrov stared at him, as if analyzing for data, suddenly he spoke.

“go” said Petrov
“what?” Pavlik asked
“I know you, you will never be free, never be happy” said Petrov “take my truck, go to the zone, find your answers”
“thank you” said Pavlik
“follow me” said Petrov

They walked down the hallway and down the stairs into the basement, they reached a secure door and Petrov opened it. They were inside a private laboratory, Pavlik looked around and saw maps of the zone and huge charts, graphs and computers everywhere displaying data.

“what is this?' Pavlik asked
“well this is my lab” said Petrov “I managed to input your PDAs into my network and have been gathering data from the zone, everything you saw was recorded here, well anything your PDA recorded at the very least”
“so you have my PDA?” said Pavlik
“yes” said Petrov
“and the photograph of the monolith?” Pavlik asked
“well.. its there” said Petrov “where did you take that photograph”
“inside the reactor” said Pavlik
“how did you survive, the radiation is at extreme levels?” Petrov asked
“honestly I don't know, it was weird” said Pavlik “like it was clean of all radiation, like it was just a room”
Petrov passed him three boxes, they were pretty big..

“I couldn't get your weapons, except for that hunting knife and colt” said Petrov “the military got to the rifles first and I only had time to secure a few things, they came in and took the decoy suits I left”
“decoy suits?” Pavlik asked
“basically jackets that looked like your armor” said Petrov “I had a few weeks before they came for them”
“so you got our suits and my equipment” said Pavlik
“and money for each of you” said Petrov
“why are you doing this?” Pavlik asked
“the government is cutting research in the zone, the science lab is in lock down, something big is happening and you are the only one that can figure out what it is” said Petrov “you know the crowd, you can end this war, you can find out what the hell the military are doing in the zone”
“I'm not a super soldier” said Pavlik “I am just a stalker who has had some experience”
'listen, I know you' said Petrov '”you are stubborn as an oak and never back down if you can help it, you know when to fight and know when you can't win, if anyone can do this its you”
“right” said Pavlik “thank you brother”
“you too Pavlik” said Petrov

Pavlik returned to Mitya and Viktor who were really excited when he gave them their suits and money, they suited up and walked to the house, they were almost at the garage when Pavlik heard a voice behind them.

“where are you going?” Vlad asked
“guys go get the truck ready” said Pavlik
“are you leaving again?” Vlad asked
“yes I am, and I am sorry I missed your life” said Pavlik “I wish I was there to be your uncle but I have unfinished business in Chernobyl, I have to go be a hero”
“can I come?” Vlad asked
“no, you stay here with your family where its safe” said Pavlik “now go to bed, its getting late”

He patted Vlad on the head and walked back into the garage, he climbed into the truck, they drove out the garage and out of sight.


They drove through the night, they suddenly reached a familiar fence, they stopped the car.

"so what, do we ditch the truck?" Mitya asked
"like hell we do" said Pavlik climbing out of the truck "wait here"

Pavlik grabbed a pair of wire cutters and ran to the fence, he cut through the wires and pushed them out of the way, he ran back into the truck and started it, he turned the radio back on Bob Crosby, Way back home started playing. They drove through the opening and down the hill, they were back...


On a hill somewhere deep in the zone, two men were watching a group of stalkers...

"we've found them" said the second man "scouts picked them up crossing the fence an hour ago"
"so the ones who breached the scorcher have returned" said the first man
"shall I send Gamma? he has been looking for a rematch since their last encounter" the second asked
"no, send Omega, tell him to keep a close eye on them" said the first “from a suitable distance”
"at once sir" said the second
"this stalker group bores me, lets go" said the first “tell Omega he can abort”

A stalker in the group flew backwards, blood spraying out of his chest, then another, then another, then finally the last one. The two men walked down the hill and climbed into an old jeep driving westward.
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Looks more like soviet NBC protection team from the ninteen sixties.But yet it looks good

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Guess Who.


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