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The Zone II: Rebirth

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  07:46:54  5 September 2009
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On forum: 02/20/2008
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Hey psy. Good to see you.

Good writing, I agree with HL.

to a sequel.
  07:07:18  5 September 2009
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On forum: 06/28/2008
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Sex in text... I like the speculation about the Russian Military forcing thir way in, over a year now since the thing with Gerorgia.

Anyway good little read, plase do continue.

  07:02:21  5 September 2009
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On forum: 06/28/2008
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oooooooohhh ORGASMIC!!!!! I cant wait to read this!

  06:24:34  5 September 2009
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On forum: 04/15/2007
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The Zone: Rebirth

Hello fellow Stalkers. You may remember me as that guy who wrote that one long ass story that either sucked or was pretty damn good - either way, said story was good enough that a few of you have said things like "MOAR" or "so when's the sequel" or "I just finished! way too stupid , I didn't get what I wanted!". Well... 2 out of 3 wins right?

Anyway, on that note let's not have it said that I am going to start a whole sequel by any means... but I'm reserving the name bitches!

Oh, I wrote some stuff too... here you go:


“As you can see the damage is catastrophic. The area around the Plant is charred and destroyed and the plant itself is nothing short of an inextinguishable inferno.”

The reporter continues to stare into the camera, remembering to maintain her somber look and tone as she reads the words scrolling up the prompter. The newsroom is in silent chaos in the background as people run around frantically to keep up with the latest updates and developments in the breaking story.

“Last reports indicated that the military occupation of the facility that was seen headed away from the plant in Humvees and other vehicles in an apparent retreat were that they were being pursued by some sort of animals. Some speculate the animals called the facility home and the spread of the fire forced them out of their nesting grounds.”

She does her best to stay composed but the background distractions are becoming more and more of an annoyance.

“…Now, obviously there is a lot of speculation circulating the airwaves right now as this is drawing international attention. Adrik - what on earth do you suppose… I mean how can we even begin to describe what could have happened and may still be happening in there?”

The light goes off on her camera and she takes the time to take a deep breath as the studio guest, Adrik, takes over.

“Well, Katia, we don’t have sufficient details yet say anything without a shadow of doubt, but let me be the first to ask the question that is on many of our minds: what is such a large concentration of the Russian military doing there? To see Russian forces occupying wherever they care to occupy is nothing new… but were they there in secret or did our government let them in?

Whatever the truth is, we now know that our government has not been entirely truthful with us. Whether they were invited or just pushed their ways in the Ukrainian people knew nothing about it, and for that we should be asking these questions.”

Katia inhales deeply as the camera switches back to her.
“What are your thoughts on the scene as it develops? What is the Russian military doing in the Zone of Alienation, how did the fire start and why is there no attempt being made to put it out?”

The camera switches back to Adrik.

“I think it’s safe to assume that if the Ukranian people know nothing about it then there must be some top secret military project going on there… that might explain why there are so many “animals”, as you called them, fleeing the facility along with the military. The fire is good indication that whatever it was they were doing had a frightening end. As for allowing the flames to continue to burn… well, we really don’t know how much unspent nuclear fuel could still lie below the reactor after the 1986 explosion. If history is repeating itself, my guess is they pushed that place to its limits and now we’re left to deal with the consequences.”
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