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what ending do you typically go for when you vote?

Question what endings do you go for when you vote
Happy ending- victorious
sad ending- involving death and the like
cliffhanger ending-unexepected twist of ending
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  12:35:51  20 October 2003
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back with a vengeance


On forum: 07/31/2003
Messages: 1729
what ending do you typically go for when you vote?

Hi everyone! Apparently I forgot about this important aspect when I did the voting in my previous thread. While I am doing my story, I suddenly was torn between two ideas. So I am asking for everyone's opinion. The ideas? Nah, I won't reveal it- it will spoil the fun.

Note- this is meant for an overall story, say, for series/chronicles or done-whole-in-once.

  14:39:09  20 October 2003
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Midnight Rambler
On forum: 10/17/2003
Messages: 30
It doesn't matter to me. I like to be surprised. Whatever fits the tone of the story works for me. Usually I go for the downbeat ending, as in real life where things aren't always wrapped up in a neat little package.

  15:00:04  20 October 2003
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On forum: 07/25/2003
Messages: 70
I couldn't vote because I use both happy & sad in my stories (I have my own by the way submitted, but not yet posted). There is only one thing I absolutely HATE and that's an open ending. A cliffhanger when there's a sequel comming, ok, sure, even better. But a full blown story that ends nowhere really gets my panties in a twist! It's like you've read it for nothing.
  18:59:24  20 October 2003
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Fanfic Reviewer


On forum: 10/06/2003
Messages: 168
I couldn't really choose between the three, but here are my opinions on them.

Happy...I actually don't like happy endings per se. Victorious doesn't necessarily mean happy (Elric for example). I like victorious endings, but they should be tempered by the experiences the character had to go through.

Sad...Well, if it's too sad and depressing, I just get annoyed, unless it really fits the story. In the Stalker world, the sad ending is probably very appropriate, or else one that isn't sad, but shows some of the harsh realities of life, not sad, but not happy or victorious either.

Cliffhanger...Only use this if the story is going to be continued. Never EVER do it for a single story . It will kill your readers. They will riot your house and hang you from a tree if you do this. It's the worst possible ending you could do, other than one that doesn't make sense. Please, we need resolution of some kind during a story. That doesn't mean that they have to kill off all the monsters or make the Zone safe, but some questions need to be answered.

Unexpected Twist...My personal favorite . I like getting people with a sucker punch that gets them completely by surprise (but not so surprising that it's not logical). Unfortunately none of the Stalker stories I have planned have this sort of ending, at least no yet. Kill or be Killed is similar, but not quite as unexpected as was possible.

I would have to agree with Midnight Rambler and Goodspeed on their points. It depends totally on the story, except for the open ending thing, which is so horrible for a lone story that it makes me shudder.
  20:32:26  20 October 2003
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On forum: 10/04/2003
Messages: 66
I only write sad stories, I like sad endings, its what i like.
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