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Weather modification

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  19:15:34  4 March 2014
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On forum: 03/04/2014
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Weather modification

Hi everyone,

I am currently playing SoC for the first time ever (lucky me ), the game is amazing, but there was one thing that killed the mood - much too bright nights. I know there are weather mods out there, tried some of them and I still prefer vanilla weather. I took the weather_default.ltx.normal file from ZRP and modified the night settings (22:00 - 06:00) according to my preference, the nights look awesome now. Then I went to Dark Valley and noticed the map obviously uses it's own weather file and ignores settings in weather_default.ltx

So I have a couple of questions:
- I presume there is a global weather map file that defines which weather file to use on a certain map, i.e. Cordon uses weather_default.ltx, Dark Valley uses weather_???.ltx ... What is the name of the global weather map file and where can i get it?
- Which maps use their own weather file (different from weather_default.ltx)? I haven't travelled beyond the Bar yet so I don't really know.
- Where can i get the weather files for all the maps that are not using standard weather_default.ltx ? My goal is to modify the nights in all the weather files.

Thanks for any kind of help or direction,
  21:28:37  4 March 2014
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On forum: 04/24/2010

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03/04/2014 21:29:11
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I suggest you play

Read up on it before you get to far into the vanilla game. You will have a lot less problems playing complete-2009. I played through it and if I remember correctly I didn't crash once.
  23:50:58  4 March 2014
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On forum: 12/20/2013
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If you first want to play Vanilla stalker without any gameplay changes, use Dynamic Weather mod by notanumber. It doesnt change the atmosphere, becouse modification contains default stalker sky textures while making weather fully dynamic and really dark in night time.

One thing I dont like about this mod is the rain. It rains almost every day. So to change that you need to open gamedata\config\weathers\weather_dynamic.ltx and change the weights in the cycle/probability table, e.g. to something like this:

;id = name, # to, # from, weight to, weight from
1 = beta, 49, 48, 83, 85
2 = dry, 35, 42, 116, 97
3 = foggy, 36, 28, 113, 145
4 = rainy, 45, 45, 50, 100
5 = grey, 48, 43, 25, 300
6 = stormy, 35, 23, 15, 500
7 = thunder, 37, 56, 110, 73

So it reduces the rain probability a bit. Hope that helped you!
  01:38:07  5 March 2014
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On forum: 06/15/2007
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Silni, the files of interest to you are config\game_maps_single.ltx and config\weathers\environment.ltx.

In environment.ltx you'll see that Dark Valley uses "weathers = pripyat".

In game_maps_single.ltx you'll see "pripyat = sect_prypyat".

You can change either one.

You can set "weathers = default" in game_maps_single.ltx for [l04_darkvalley] (Dark Valley).

Or you can set "pripyat = sect_default_weather" in environment.ltx, which would use normal weather for Dark Valley and for Pripyat, too.

Alternatively, you can set "Normal Weather" for all maps with Modifier > Experimental.cfg > Weather and select "Normal weather on all maps". This just uses config\weathers\optional\environment.ltx.more_default_weather as environment.ltx.
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