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Nature Winter Black Edition

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  21:27:57  27 September 2012
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On forum: 11/19/2010

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09/27/2012 21:31:40
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Nature Winter Black Edition


I saw early September - again and always on AMK ! - a mod really surprising with very good new features:

Nature Winter Black Edition v2.3
september 2012

This is a simulation of winter in the Zone SoC with many levels and is an extension of fashion
Nature Winter v2.0 «Quantum Leap."
Introduced many new chips and new quests.

Quick translate of description innovations :all information in this link

Was added on Nature 2
• New types of civilian zombies (kamikaze, plague, translucent, invisible ...)
• Beginner - 9 species
• Experienced - 7 species
• Veteran - 7 species
• Master - 5 species.

Winter features:
• Cold:
- Now the main character can freeze and die.
- The specific suit protects against certain zero temperatures. So watch out for the thermometer.
- If the weapon is not in the backpack, and behind your back or on your belt - it can also deteriorate / freeze.
• Heat:
- Now you can warm up by the fire.
- Marked with a warming zone 86.

At Bullseye appeared paranormal abilities.
• Now the options for passing each quest - a few.
• So, during conversations with NPCs, you can click:
- Action: Kill
- Action: to intimidate
• Kill, therefore, the main character introduces the idea of ??suicide. NPC takes up arms and gives a head shot. + How to experience earns points labeled "Murder"
• induce fear, so the main character introduces horror occurred interlocutor. That, in turn, can give not only what is required for the quest, but also their swag, money or unik.vesch. It is your choice. + How to experience earns points labeled "Fear"
• Things can go according to plan for both. If more experienced stalker - not known how he will behave.
• Pressing the Tab, a menu appears - "Purchase Credits". Two lists - Move on it. Open all sections if you can.

• Buy with most things in the game can only artifacts + amount that indicates the merchant.
• Updated Exchanging Items Mod. It is now almost the only way where you can exchange your outfit to the new without losing cash.
• The old and new traders, as noted above, the range is smaller, but it is at everyone.
• You can also buy rare items from merchants.

• In the vast area NeW-hidden caches:
- Red (artifacts)
- Blue (Ammunition, pink sheet)
- Black (Unknown)
- Pink sheet - is the mention of the bonus. What - is unknown. Bring it to the dealer. And find out what the gift is hidden behind this sheet.
• Modify the contents and location of all caches.
• Instead of the labels are now the search cache. Find it to be more difficult, because apart from the owner, no one knows where he is.
• Some caches are disabled. You will have to find the code, using logic and their abilities, as described above. (Thanks for the lesson ColR_iT)

Some screens :

Many videos on youtube:

Here the link for dowload the mod : (Size: 768.63 MB)

- Narod:

- torrent:

- A specific user.ltx improving the quality of graphics

- If you have a screen resolution: 1024x768 or 1280x1024 - then install this fix:

- Fix 1 for Nature Winter v2.3 set necessarily. New game for those who downloaded the starting no need.

- Edit for an unlimited number of clips (shopping) in a backpack, for those who play without limiting the scope of the backpack.
Author seruva

All launch and seems working very well in 1.004.

We need only 3 *.db: .dbf .dbg et .dbh in the gamedata .

Two possibilities for *.dbf (one with some bonus)
1) Platform: Shadow of Chernobyl - 1.0004
2) Before installing, make sure that the folder with the game there is no folder "gamedata".
3) From the archive modification move the bin folder(I don't do that no necessary for me) and files gamedata.dbg, gamedata.dbh in the game folder.
4) in the "Limit backpack" select none (absent this addon) or a + bonus
* Bonus: The player gets more money and a unique weapon from Victor Navarro
So, in the game folder should be located 3 files:

Then,to go further and modding this great game ,we need unpack the three db and it's necessary
Use this russian UnPACKer:

I started a French translation and modify some things I prefer.
I'm very surprised by the quality and the originality of this mod.
The beginning is really good,oppressive,amazing!

Many things has been corrected in this version(in regard of code quantum)
The mod seems to me excellent ,in any case very original and with a lot of things not seen yet.

Here are the original files from gamedata\config\text in Russian:

Here are the ones in English after a quick translation I made for help me in french;not top but ...this is better than nothing!

I hope someone will be interesting ,test it and perhaps if have some time and want to take a look and enhance the rapid translation.
  23:16:24  27 September 2012
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On forum: 07/15/2010
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Sidorovich is one cool cat in this mod!
  09:09:07  28 September 2012
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On forum: 02/09/2012

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09/28/2012 9:12:20
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WTF * ?!?!?!?

This looks and reads epic, I'll download this and play it after finishing my second playtrhough of old story restoration mod.

Perhaps until then we have a proper english translation.


from what I read, they added new maps ? Which maps are added then ?

I'm a bit confused by the way of installing it, especially this point where we have to unpack gamedata. I never did that is it complicated ?

well regarding the install instructions, I don't understand step 4) ! Any clues on this, what does it mean ?

EDIT: Ah I've read it again, the unpacker would only be needed if one will mod this game, right ?! so I wouldn't need it ?!

so we need to download:

- base mod (I'll get the narod link)
- specific user.ltx for better graphics
- the 2.3 fix for the base mod

what is this:

"unlimited number of clips (shopping) in a backpack" ??

does this mean you have more (or unlimited) place in your backpack / inventory weight ?!
To be honest I always make my backpack a bit bigger (user weight) so I can collect a bit more stuff.

when I get it right, I would have to unpack gamedate to edit the ltx files, right ? therefore this "unlimited number of clips in a backpack"-cheat (if its one)would come in handy.

anybody tried it with 1.005 version of soc ?

*lg Meli
  10:35:27  28 September 2012
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messing with code


On forum: 01/21/2010

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09/28/2012 10:35:38
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A question for those who already played other winter mods: Is this one better? Since long I'm looking for the most authentic looking winter mod, but there are several claiming they are the best, so how does this one fit into the line?
  10:55:36  28 September 2012
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On forum: 11/19/2010

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09/28/2012 11:53:29
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Yes great mod RMA!

Have you seen also that: incredible !

A genious adaptation Paradise Lost + Mod RMA
Fonctionnal in 1.006.
Have litle crash at beginning but now seems good(few time on it)

Mod RMA 1.1.5 :

Adaptation Paradise Lost :

or better : in one archive : only this is needed:

Sorry for the HS,so yes the install is a little tricky but not so hard!

The easiest and quickly way is to put the three russian archives *.db in gamedata of SoC in 1004 ... but in russian.All files in rus is ok .The mod start at first.Without other operation.

The concern is that not everyone has such a version and that is why I put the UnPacker.

It is very simple to use, just put in a same folder you create ,the three *.db,for the gamedata.dbf file (having chosen the one you want with or without bonus-I chose the bonus-) and the unpacker.

Create inside a folder named gamedata.

Clic on the unpack.exe,chose the first gamedata.dbf and the the destination folder gamedata created.

Same things for the two others .db ( gamedata.dbg et gamedata.dbh).

Now you have the gamedata of the game.You have access to config\text \rus,you can modify the localisation.ltx and modify files.

I’m not at home now,so I have not much time to answer you,but I tell you all the details you want and screen to launch it correctly,because I never seen such a mod and I will be happy if some others stalkers share their impression on it.

I try to launch it in 1.006 but certainely not assimile all the subbtil things in the scripts!Bamah told me the way for the mod Scar and work perfectly,I try adapt here but the game launch but crash after some minutes ...I have to work that still.
But all work for the moment in 1.004 see this point later.I enjoy the incredible Zone in white!Too cold in the labo X18!!

I translate some files in my native language to understand and progress.

I love too much the Stalker snow game !
Perhaps because we live in Mountains!
Have you see the last video of Johann "Frozen Zone" for CoP?
This will be ...fantastic!He had realize so fantastic mods!

Edit:Sorry Meltac I don't see your message because I'm writting the mine!
So I don't know if we can say it's the better or it's not good.
We have first try it et see.
For me ,and as say my friend Borovos: "I'm on the ass"
  12:22:52  28 September 2012
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On forum: 02/09/2012
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hey olivius

thank you very much, I hope I get it right...

well firstly thanks for the tip regarding rma + paradise lost. I will - when I have time - get some infos about this paradise lost mod to see what it will add to rma, when I install this. but I don't know if I'll try it. I think after playing rma (at the moment I play it with mg volkolak addon) twice, I'll move on to another mod.

This could be the one you posted here, since I ever wanted to play soc in snow. but who knows. I'll have to collect some info about paradise lost.


the instruction you wrote down (regarding the unpacker), is only needed, when I want to change - for example - .ltx files, right ?

From your first posting I read, that - if you DON'T want to mod some files - youdon't need to unpack the .db files.

This "unlimited number of clips (shopping) in a backpack" file which we candownload seems for me that it adds changed ltx files so you can carry more weight, is this right ? This would be enough, since Idon't mod anything else in stalker games *;D !

It will take time, until I try this mod you offered here. I only play on weekends, so it will take time until I finish my second rma expanded mod playthrough. I only play one game - or mod in this case - at the same time, so I'll finish rma mod first and then I would install this.

*lg Meli
  13:59:52  28 September 2012
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On forum: 11/19/2010

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09/28/2012 14:02:17
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Hey problem!

Each Stalker play with the time he has!
It's the same for many persons.
And there is no... obligation!

I just share what I see, to discuss a little about a great mod I think ,with so many new contents!

And with all the greats modders there are here,we always find little help,better traduction,different opinion...that's really great!
When I see all the good discussion here and on Russian forum,the help between members,the idea shared,I think ...this is fanstastic!

Here the differents levels of the mod:

if you DON'T want to mod some files - youdon't need to unpack the .db files

Right.But you can't launch this mod by just put the 3 *.db in SOC eng.
Miss some russian files.
And I think the more easy way to go is a classic gamedata to launch and mod the game.
Better than add the missing files but possible of course.

I have two installation of this mod now:in 1.004 russian (original mod in original russian game ) and in 1.004 SoC French ,both unpacked.(no need the.db).

I don't install the simple gamedata.dbf,(I choose the bonus) because I think the inventory, the managment of bacpack is better. New weapon but don't see still.

Good afternoon!
  14:13:16  28 September 2012
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On forum: 02/09/2012
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hihi its fine *

when Ihave vacation from work (next time in beginning of december) I also use the free time to play stalker *;D !

well okaaaay, so there is no way, we have to use the unpacker, because of some of these russian files, right ? So after unpacking them, there is a "gamedata" folder in the soc folder, as we have it mostly when installing mods, right ?

okay so I would have to use this unpacker to play the game, right ?

*lg Meli
  15:29:00  28 September 2012
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On forum: 11/19/2010

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09/28/2012 15:30:02
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Try it,you risk absolutly ...nothing ...apart missed click or don't remember where files was extracted (don't laugh happened me ...more than once time )

Only 4 clicks ! To open,select choose and ok !
  13:13:33  29 September 2012
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On forum: 11/21/2010
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I installed this but cant get it to run, my install:

Fresh install of stalker patched to 1.004

Narod main mod, extracted the 3 files to form a gamedata folder

Used the specific user.ltx

Added fix 1

Edited fsgame.ltx

Changed localization to english

Then when i try to start the game it crashes on loading with this error in the log:

[error]Expression : wave&&wave->length()
[error]Function : CSoundRender_Source::LoadWave
[error]File : E:\stalker\patch_1_0004\xrSound\SoundRender_Source_loader.cpp
[error]Line : 65
[error]Description : Can't open wave file:
[error]Arguments : c:\program files (x86)\thq\s.t.a.l.k.e.r. - shadow of chernobyl\gamedata\sounds\characters_voice\scenario\video\intro_gsc_wp_l.ogg

I have looked and that file is not there so what have i done wrong?
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