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The Inhuman Condition Parts 1-3 & Epilouge

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  22:09:15  26 March 2004
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The man lacking a plan


On forum: 08/02/2003
Messages: 273

Huh? Still fishing for an idea? I do have one, although it is just a random thought.
Take full advantage of the current Isreali situation. Say, what happens if Isreali really did have an effort to make peace with the Plaestinian (This is very, very unlikely- they are The Creator's Chosen, after all. Isreali belongs to them, and that include the Golan Height. :l)? Adn say the terroists don't jave a target for terror after PLA decide that terroism is no longer needed for their struggle? What happed when they decided to go to somewhere that is America's closest Ally, yet with moderate border security (which is UK?) You can make a lot of idea with this, and to add with your skill of writing... you can do well.

It's a good idea, and capatalising on the Israeli situation is very shrewd, but I do however have another one on the boil atm, I'm just very unmotivated.

Actually writing a first-person story about someone who is almost entirely estranged from society discovering they have a psychic gift, yet that gift has been repressed because of what it enabled them to see in the past; it sorts of plays around with the idea that we are, as a species, in no way ready to be able to read each others' minds, the results would be devestating.

It's a pretty different tone to my Stalker story, but if you're interested I'd be happy to send you the first chapter.

As for Part 4, I'm afraid you shouldn't count on seeing it any time soon. I did about four more pages on it then my computer went manic and didn't save them properly, and the thought of writing them again makes me want to headbutt a wall.
  10:40:23  27 March 2004
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back with a vengeance


On forum: 07/31/2003
Messages: 1729
Not at the moment. I am currently sweating over "The Battle of Monte Cassino", something about New Zealand's battle in Italy, writing my biology report, writing another STALKER story (make that ten- overkill as Donk put them) , doing a piece of creative writing for a competition and trying to finish Raven Shield.

As for the unmotivated part... well, maybe you should think about how much money you can make- it can make you afford a better computer that doesn't crash, then... but of course a big part of writing is about letting people enjoying your work.

How many chapter are you planning actually? Its a great idea for a book.

P.S- take your time to write- you have time even until STALKER come out, before people went ape and say "where the hell is the finale? Let's lynch the writer because he took away our time to play and made us read his story because his story is good". THat is, of course, assuming your story would win.

Hey, btw, can you tackle my story? take your time, I prefer to have people read it and tell me their honest opinion. I know it was a damn long story (the ones posted in the contest is a better version then the one posted here, save for part 5 and 6). I have no problem with the logical aspect and plot- what I want to know is my style.
  21:15:11  27 March 2004
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On forum: 01/19/2004
Messages: 9
I have yet to read the entire thing, but I read most of it, and I must say that is an awesome story!. It held my interest more than most of the stories here (no offense to anyone's particular story). I would even go so far as to say it's better than mine!. That's right, you have been complimented

Anyway, keep up the good work, because this story as someone else said, could be published in a sci-fi magazine. This should definitely be in the top ten, its got both quality and quantity.
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