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Too many fences!

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  04:01:24  25 March 2007
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03/25/2007 4:13:39
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Too many fences!

1. I think there are too many fences throughout the zone. The whole map could easily be opened up if fences were removed. What if I want to cut accross a map as opposed to being forced to walk down a road? Where's the freeroaming you told us about?

2. Plus lower the respawn time on bandits. There also seems to be too many of them - more than stalkers in some instances.

3. Lower the amount of vortex anomolies in any given area. This forces you to walk a certain way and discourages exploration. In some cases in stops you from even progressing at all.

4. NPC interaction needs to be more engaging. To many NPCs have nothing useful to say. Expand on the NPC content, make it relate to the storyline and provide more interesting options in dealing with them.

5. Money needs to be useful. There is basically no use for money. I can find what Im looking for off a dead NPC - and most NPCs have nothing useful to buy - including the traders.

6. Bring back more mutants - zombies, zombies, zombies, zombies!

7. Ammo - why provide a high tech sniper rifle if there's no ammo for it?

8. Hitboxes are fine when enemy NPCs are wearing stronger armour - but a shotgun blast to the head will put anyone down - NO EXPECTIONS!

9. Too many military NPCs - Why can I take out a base then go back there in 5 mins only to have 15 more NPCs spawn again.

Great effort - but needs a lot more work. And needs solid support from the mod community as well as GSC. Would be great to see an expansion of the zone - or the ability to truely roam free (aka Oblivion, Lost Cause, Boiling Point etc)
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