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NPC spawn through script question

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  03:01:02  19 May 2014
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On forum: 02/10/2008

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05/19/2014 15:42:40
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SpawnManager Mod 1.0 by Alundaio

The first version for Call of Pripyat worked fine no changes required.

The versions for Shadow of Chernobyl and Lost Alpha worked for me after changes. No issues that I saw in game play. I have not finished testing yet.
The mod spawns creatures or NPCs at predefined positions on a level that the ACTOR is currently on. The respawns are capped at maximum defined entities and are respawned on a timer.
The mod is configurable. I included notes of the spawn_manager.script changes from this forum thread.
How to merge is explained in the readme for LA, SoC "vanilla" and ZRP r5EE.
The mod contains only a test section to spawn on escape in both LA and SoC. It is up to the modder to add coordinates. I will add some and upload as I go, but it's now summer so...
LA has a menu invoked with esc+V, position informer mod for SoC works well. ZRP r5EE has it's own with esc+DP.
Any mistakes would be my packaging this up as it all worked in game for me. Mistakes found, post them. Any changes anyone makes, please post them.


Edit; Olivius,
Alundaio gets the credit for this mod. I was just the crash dummy for porting to LA and SoC.
  12:46:07  19 May 2014
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On forum: 11/19/2010

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05/19/2014 12:47:00
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Thank's for your share,Guys!

Just,I do not forget what I have seen, learned and understood with your OGSE gamedata that you share, there are already 3 years !Always under hand and functionnal.It is on it that you had me explain some basics!

And since that time I have always been interested in the spawn by script, especially since some mods often used.

Having possibility to use such a tool is really a great opportunity, thank you very much for having made Alundiao such a tool!
You're fantastic scriptman and always find a solution to problems!

I uninstalled LA, disgusted by so many errors, malfunctions ...
But now I saw this tool ,well regard and remember I have not tested yet your freeplay mod on it...a shame!
But so many thing to do...
  02:08:08  20 May 2014
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On forum: 02/10/2008

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05/20/2014 2:53:47
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Thunderfreak's "Raids" or attack spawns works fine in LA. This is for the original one for SoC.
In the Attack.script
Just replace spawn coordinates with those for LA, level names also.
The creatures and NPCs should be checked against LA's spawn_sections.ltx and creature files for valid spawn names.
Any NPCs spawned should not have custom_data = scripts\
Such as these below
Remove those from the applicable spawn table.
Just use creatures and NPCs in LA and you don't need the meshes, textures, creatures,particles etc..
Only script addition is Attack.script and you just merge bind_stalker.script, only one line. NOT bind_actor.script!!!

Merge bind_stalker.script
function stalker_binder:update(delta)

Attack.script add the line under attack_time = 0. This will give you a message if its working.
I don't believe there is an icon but, you'll get a message if your not near the spawn point.
attack_time = 0"Attention! The Military are raiding areas of the Zone.", "ui\\ui_iconsTotal", Frect():set(498,235,83,47), 0, 15000) --PDA Text Icon

Some sample spawn coordinates for testing. Location is the green trailer on the road outside rookie village.
Local levels = {

[1] = "la01_escape",

local KoordinateA = [{1] = {x = -36.71, y = -2.93, z = -46.23},
local KoordinateB = [{1] = {x = -36.71, y = -2.93, z = -46.23},

Link to original mod by ThunderFreak

edit: uploaded wrong version-fixed!
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