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Anomaly PPE Sound with artefacts?

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  15:33:28  25 May 2014
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05/25/2014 15:33:42
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Anomaly PPE Sound with artefacts?

Hello forum gurus,

Is it possible to bind PPE's and sound to artefacts in SoC? So, for the PPE, just like when you're approaching an anomaly or get drunk, could I mix this up with artefacts that when you approach a certain artefact, you'd get indeed a bit of a 'drunk' effect in combination with an overlay (for example, the psychic one from the Brain Scorcher)? And I managed to get sound working with artefacts before, but I don't have the code anymore ...

I've been trying to get it to work like this, but I dont know if it will:

artefact.ltx (see I added 'postprocess' under the class)

GroupControlSection = spawn_group
$spawn = "artifacts\blackhole"
$prefetch = 64
cform = skeleton
class = ARTEFACT
idle_sound = anomaly\blackhole_idle
postprocess = postprocess_blackhole

And in effectors.ltx

ppe_file = blackhole.ppe
radius_min = 0.1
radius_max = 0.9

cam_eff_name = alcohol.ppe
pp_eff_cyclic = 1

Any idea? It's still far from complete, but can I do this with .ltx only or would I need to get into scripts for this to work properly? (Like, bind a sound to a bone and set it to loop from that axis or something, I honestly wouldn't know because I'm no scripter )
  20:28:51  25 May 2014
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I'm not too sure, but if I wanted to make something like that, I would probably look into how artifact detector mods check for distance near artifacts, and make the same thing they do, just instead of detector beeping/showing an artifact location on your screen, call a function which calls the desired ppe effect for a certain artifact that you're approaching.

However, you would need to figure something out if there were multiple artifacts near the player, maybe make some effects for multiple artifacts near the player and build some tables in script for certain combinations.

Also, if you could see artifacts ppe effects when approaching them, wouldn't it make sense to see them as long as they are in your backpack too, making you hallucinate and all that? It's an interesting idea, although could get very annoying in certain cases.
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