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Control. ::found documents (003), Transcript

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  19:00:41  21 March 2005
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Local Law-Enforcement


On forum: 03/02/2005
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Yeah, guess that makes sense.
  16:33:33  19 March 2005
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Fanfic Reviewer


On forum: 10/06/2003
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Have you read the first 2 parts? It makes a lot more sense if you read those.

They're down a few threads.
  09:47:22  19 March 2005
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Local Law-Enforcement


On forum: 03/02/2005

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03/19/2005 9:48:26
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The dialogue is pretty well put together. There are some minor grammar mistakes, but they don't affect the story that much. I was kind of bored though, the plot isn't really explained. So, one guy is looking for a guy named Gabriel, and what else? I kinda got confused. Keep on it, and maybe you just plan to explain everything in the next part. Keep writing!
  07:51:47  6 February 2005
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On forum: 10/06/2003
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Another very nice part of your story. The dialogue is very well done, and I'm really interested in what is happening here with this character and his abilities. The plot has really got me intrigued. Definitely looking forward to the next part!
  12:25:48  2 February 2005
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On forum: 01/28/2005

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02/02/2005 13:18:19
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Control. ::found documents (003), Transcript

Update: Good news and bad news.

First the good -- The reward I sent out for information on Gabriel Kent paid off. I was contacted by a Frenchman named Michel, that "ran" with Gabriel for a few months. I am quite certain he is telling the truth and that it is our Gabriel he ran with. Michel is a character to say the least, a Frenchman born in France and then relocated to Topeka, Kansas at a young age. His english has a country drawl, but still speaks with a reminisce of his French roots. An odd accent I assure you. Fortunately, my transcriber compensated for his peculiar speech or else I am not too sure how well it would have come across in text. As you will read, he was quite informative. I am sure I am much closer to finding more on Gabriel and I might even be able to eventually locate and speak with him in person, providing (if one were to believe the Control texts) he allows me to see him.

The bad news -- my interview with Michel was cut short due to a blow out that occurred. Michel saved my life (thankfully!). I was unable to get a map drawn of where they had traveled together. I am supposed to meet with Michel again tomorrow. By then I hope to have that map. I will update after our meeting.

Ok Michel, I have turned the recorder on transcribe only.

So you are not recording my voice or my image correct?

Correct, only the text of our conversation will you can see here...

Ah... addition, depending on the tone of your voice the transcriber will try and determine the emotion you are feeling as you talk and it will annotate the text with an emoticon.

You mean smiley faces and such?

Yep, thats exactly what I mean.

That’s not too bad, eh? I like that...

Yea...its an old feature really...

Eh? Well I was never too much into that stuff…anyway...

Alright, so you contacted me yesterday in regards to a fellow named Gabriel that you met some months back. Can you first start with how you found out I was looking for Gabriel...

Sure. I mean it wasn’t a secret or anything...or if it was supposed to be, it isn’t anymore. Word travels fast amongst the Stalkers, you ask one a question and if he smells a reward for the right answer, you better believe he will try to figure it out...and if he can’t he will damn near die trying to find someone that can, so he can split the commission...I mean if the pay is good...because that is all that really matters out here is survival and money...and not necessarily in that anyway the short of it is, word travels fast, but lucky for me I overheard a couple of cranes talking about I don’t owe nothing to anyone on this one.

Right, how fortunate...I had hoped I could I quickly locate someone such as yourself as I am aware of how fast word does travel around here, I just hope we are talking about the same person... question...


Say that we are talking about two different guys named Gabriel...will

Don’t worry about that, I promised you a consultant’s fee...and I will deliver that regardless of what we find out. Alright, how about next we discuss how you met your Gabriel and then we can go from there.

Well listen...uh...Sci is it?


Sci...listen, let me just say that before I begin, I think I can pretty much assure you we speak of the same man. This guy...I mean Gabe, that’s what I called him, Gabe seemed like the kind of guy who would have people such as offense...

None taken...please go on...

...ok...yea so people like you coming into the zone and asking questions about him. I mean, he just seemed I said, I am pretty sure we are talking about the same person...

Right, well let us hope so. Please continue now with how you met him. it was dusk and I was jus...wait eh...I am truly sorry; it was in the early morning. I apologize, it was when I was coming back the facilities as you would say and I always do that once in the evening around dusk and once in the early morning when I wake up. So it was early in the morning and I was walking back up to my camp and suddenly I thought I saw a twinkle in the corner of my eye...but it was more like when a rabbit sees the fangs of the serpent...I saw, heard and felt something to the left of me, just barely within my field of vision. Well, I froze instantly just like a rabbit and turned to see what it was...and I didn’t see anything…I waited, but nothing happened, so I shrugged it off as nerves and kept walking...

Did you smell anything as well? I don’t think so, not that I remember anyway. So I continued on a bit more and then I heard someone walking to the left of me, so once again I froze, crouched down and waited, I was pretty well covered from where I thought the sound to be coming from and I didn’t want to risk alerting whoever...or whatever it was to where I was by making a sound. Well, about a minute later I saw him...


Yea, I mean I remember he looked really odd. I am by no means a cruel person, but I will not hesitate to kill you if I think you are a threat. But Gabe, eh Gabriel I mean, he looked so odd, well I guess he looked and was dressed normally; light insulated fatigues and all...but he seemed overly content and he was carrying no weapons! None that I could see anyway. Later I found out he carries a chrome-plated deagle, but that was it...and I never saw him draw it once. I guess I just felt at ease instantly at the sight of him. So I just sort of stood up and said hi, goofy really. He stopped, looked at me...didn’t say anything at first, but just smiled. Then after a moment, he pointed to where I was heading and he asked if my camp was just up that way. I said yea, walked over to him and the two of us headed back to my camp...and that was that.

What was what?

That was that...I mean we started running together after that. We never really talked much and I don’t think we ever said we were going to run together, it was know...understood, we understood each other. Now, I think that the reason I felt so calm and relaxed around him and how things were just understood is because we used to be brothers or something in a past life. I don’t think I thought it at the time, I just accepted everything, but now I am almost sure we were past brothers or best friends or something...I am sure of it. I mean if he were here right now and you got crazy...not saying you would...but if you got crazy and started shooting at him, well you had better hope the bullets go through me, because that is the only way you would get to him.

Michel, I assure you I would never...

I’m not saying you would Sci, I am just making a point...

Though, I am curious...why are you helping me, a complete stranger, by providing details about Gabriel if you are so protective of him?

Hell. I can use the money. I am protective of Gabe, but if you met him you would understand...he is different. I don’t need to worry about him; he can take care of himself. Besides, he would probably want me to talk to you...can’t tell you why, but it feels like this is the right thing to do all around.

I believe I follow you. Please continue. When you said you ran together, what did this running actually entail?

Well see I am not exactly sure...

You are not sure?

Yea, well we would move from place to place staying only a few days at most, once we stayed 2 weeks in one spot, but it was always like we were expected wherever we went. I mean at first I thought he was calling ahead or just planned really well, but after a while I got the impression that no one knew who he was. It just seemed that they liked him and me and didn’t mind helping us out. We would have a place to stay, food, trade...the trade! You wouldn’t believe it! It seemed everywhere we went we would get the most insane deals. I guess people really liked him...I mean he was a bit younger then most the people around here, so I guess maybe he just reminded people of a lost brother or son or something and wanted to help us out. But yea, it was like everyone we met had a soft spot for him. Life was actually pretty good. The best I can remember since I became a permanent resident of the Zone. Actually, to tell you the truth, though no one would believe it, I only had to draw a weapon twice the whole 3-4 months I was with him!

And that is unusual around here?

Well come on, if you know word travels fast you have to know you cant really go a day without firing on some thing or another...unless you just give up and let them get you...which I have seen happen to some guys...

Yes, I am aware of the extreme danger of this place; I was just confirming that it was quite odd for you.

Odd, yes. Yet it was also pretty nice you know. I think I felt as safe as anyone could ever feel in this damned place when I was with him. And like I said, I never saw him draw his gun once...except when he was going to clean it.

Yet, you spent all this time with him and you were not even sure of what you were doing?

Well...look here, I don’t like to ask too many questions. He and I never talked much, we just traveled around, and I figured he was doing some type of research or something. Always messing around with these little or something he carried with him. Every so often I would see him mess around with...that what do you call it? Eh...wearable I think he said it was called, you know the computer thing that you see people wearing, well anyways his seemed to fit him well, you couldn’t really tell he had one until you saw him remove his jacket, but every so often I would see him take off his wearable and use the little tools to mess with it, adjust it I guess.

When he was adjusting his wearable did he act abnormally?

Yea...actually he seemed a little more edgy when it was fact it was the only time he would actually tell me to cover him and keep a good watch out...I was always doing that of course, but those were the only times he actually asked me to. Perhaps he could sense something, because sure enough it was one of those times that I had to use my gun.

What happened?

I heard the trees sound off, you know, rustling and all that. Well I took position and waited and then by the time the bastards knew what was what, I had three of the damn mutts down and the forth, I think it was the leader, didn’t know what to make of it...almost felt bad for him. Anyway, it wasn’t that big of a deal, a few mutts usually aren’t a problem.

And that was that?

Haha, yea that was that.

Was there anything else you did?

Yea see...that is what I am not exactly sure of. After we had been running together for about a month I started talking to the people that we would stay with...sometimes they were other Stalkers, scientists, locals...and that was when I figured out no one knew Gabe longer than they knew me...but I also started getting the impression from these people that each had either killed, found or spotted a Controller. So naturally I started to freak out because of all the goddamned creatures in this place...a Controller can really mess you up...I mean that thing will mind fuck you into nothing man...a fucking zombie. Trust me, if you don’t know already, Controller are seriously bad news.

What did you do?

Well like I said, I freaked. I mean, if we were tracking Controllers I wanted to know so I could tell him to fuck off and go track that shit on his own.

Did you talk to him about it? Is that how you separated?

Damn right I tried to talk to him about it. But that wasn’t how we separated. When I went to talk to him I didn’t get a word out before he smiled and asked if I was scared. I wasn’t going to lie, not to him anyway, so I told him I was scared shitless. He sat there for a moment and his eyes glazed over like...he was looking at something right in front of him. Then after a moment he simply said he would understand if I didn’t want to stay and he was thankful for our time together, but before I left, he asked that I just sit with him for a moment in silence to think it be sure leaving is what I wanted to do.

And what was your conclusion?

Well you know I decided to stay. I figured life was pretty good with him and we hadn’t run across a live Controller yet. Honestly by the time I thought it through like he suggested, I wasn’t too scared, I was...was almost excited. I mean, I never knew anyone crazy enough to go stalking Controllers. I felt elite. So after the moment of silence was up, I looked at him and said fuck it, lets go! He smiled and thanked me again...end of story.

So then you knew at that point you were hunting Controllers?

Haha...see I told you, it wasn’t that simple. Remember I didn’t even ask him about no Controllers. I told you that’s what I thought was going on. He never said one way or another what we were actually doing.

Oh...yes I see. I suppose I can now understand how you were not exactly sure what it was you were supposed to be doing.

Haha...yea you see now eh?

Well I think am convinced we are speaking about the same Gabriel now. This has been quite enlightening. Can you tell me where you first met Gabriel and perhaps some of the other places you stayed?

Of course I have kept track of everywhere I have stayed in this damn place. I keep a travel log, you know to remember not just where I have been but how I felt being there...

Perfect! That is quite fortunate news; do you think we can copy your trail here on this map?

I don’t see why not. Let me get my log..

Go ahead.

Eh Sci...did you feel that? Just now? Feel what?

You didn’t feel that? Shit...anyway let me see, the camp I had setup when I first met hi...fuck there it is again, did you feel that? The air?

No. Please continue.

Hey sorry man, I have been in this fucking place too spend a lot of time in the Zone?

Regrettably I need to venture in occasionally but never for too long. I really try not to stay here for long durations; I am just not the survivalist type.

Well look I hate to cut this short but a shit storm is coming...

A...shit storm?

Yea man, a shit storm...a fucking blowout.

Here? Now? Are you sure? I checked the probability charts before...

Fuck your charts man! You going to go bet your life on those? I am telling you stay around here long enough and you adapt, I can feel that shit coming in my bones man! And I am not staying around unprotected to find out...fuck the charts man, we can finish this tomorrow. Same time, same place...lets just get the fuck out of here.

You do present a compelling argument, but if we could just finish the map, we could be on our wa...

Sci...listen, I haven’t survived this long taking chances I don’t have to, you want to pay me tomorrow, then fine. Let’s just continue then. Shit, give me that map and I’ll trace the shit out for you tonight and I’ll give it to you does that sound, a deal eh?

Fine. I trust your judgment; you are by far the expert between us regarding the Zone. Will you be crossing with me?

Shit man, I wish. That would turn out to be a bad idea. No, don’t worry about me; just get yourself out of here, ok?

Alright Michel, I appreciate your help so far. Here, take half the payment now and I will give you the other half tomorrow.

Fine man, great. Just, lets get your stuff packed.

While I am packing, quickly tell me why you two separated.

Sure, just hurry. Ok so we really didn’t separate, its only temporary...

You mean you plan on seeing him again?

Yea, of course! I told you, he is like a brother to me. One day we woke up and he said he had to take care of some stuff and he wasn’t sure how long it would take. He told me to stay available and that he would call on me soon and to be ready when he did.

When do you think he will contact you?

Look…I don’t know...soon he said but he wasn’t sure done yet? Let’s get the fuck out of here!

Ok ok. Due to the blow out, this is the end of my discussion with Michel for now. To be continued tomorrow...

Eh? What are you babbling about? Oh yea the trans...

( end of transcript )
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