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Control. ::found documents (001), letter to self?

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  22:47:23  28 January 2005
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On forum: 01/28/2005
Messages: 3
Control. ::found documents (001), letter to self?

The following document was found in what seems to be the remains of an ad-hoc lab just outside of Yampol' --- the document itself appears to have been printed on a transparency slide and wrapped in plastic for safe keeping. The discovery of the document was accidental in that it was glued to the inside of one of the ceiling beams and was only identified by the sound it made when a leak in the ceiling dripped water onto it. The document was found by Sgt. Olena and upon reading it was at a loss to what should be done with it. She brought it to me and I have decided to reproduce it here. She also stated finding another document by the same author "hidden" in the room but at this time is unwilling to give me a copy because she says it contains only "personal" items like that found in one’s journal. I will continue to urge her to release the other document as the writing below very much intrigues as well as scares the hell out of me.


I had this dream once. I was in this room, everything was bright at first, too bright in fact…until she walked in. The lights seemed to dim to an ambient tone…but she…she radiated. I now know she stole the light. She walked into the room and stole the light and made the room well. Better than well, she made the room. The silk sheets in which she melted with were hers, she stole the softness of the silk unto her skin and radiated. A crescendo of fabric and life…and her breath…her breath came at quickening pace. She was mine.

When I awoke from that dream I realized she was no longer mine. Phantom love like a lost limb haunts the heart and fools the mind as if it still remained but has long since passed. If there was a way to re-grow that love against the wishes of nature much like the forced regeneration of a limb, would I…do so? Control can re-grow love. I could make her love me again.
. . .

I spend most of my days in a clean room dissecting the poor mutated souls that are thrown into the freezer down the hall. Bodies are left, processed and end up on my table. I have since departed from the accepted methods of my trade and have instead by need, invented methods all of my own doing. Fortunately, I have never needed to rely on the medieval meat cleavers and saws and such to conduct the dissections of flesh for my research. Instead, I dissect the resident electronic emissions from the various mutated regions of brain cells found in one specific creature, the C004.

The C004, more commonly referred to as the Controller, contains the uncanny ability to control thought patterns through use of its psycho-suggestive biology (PSB). The PSB portions of C004 thus far seem to contain a mechanism to resonate electronic low frequency (ELF) spikes uni- and omni-directionally. The affect of C004’s use of its PSB allows it to speak directly to its victim’s minds as if the victim’s mind was providing the suggestions. In other words, C004 speaks to your brain as if it were your own brain. As a result, you accept its suggestions as if they were your own and you would never know the difference because you were hacked.
. . .

Sometimes I think that when I finish my work I might exploit the results for my own personal favor. I wonder if it will even matter. The result of my research will have a profound effect on the world. When I finish, it can be arranged so that I will have never known it took place or that I finished it. Perhaps I have already finished it. I would not know if I have been hacked, no one could.
. . .

Once upon a time there was a horrible disaster and what some viewed as tragedy others viewed as opportunity. One can only speculate to the nature of how this opportunity came to pass.

Project Control is the rather unimaginative name given to my research. Control captures the essence of the Orwellian supervise and control society and puts it in reach of the current power. Today as a result of my research, I could influence your emotional state and as a consequence make you happy. I could even make you want to be around me more. I could make you sad and despise me. I could do a lot of things I could probably do otherwise, but I could do them much faster and silently. How would you know that I don’t really turn you on if you feel butterflies in your stomach and weakness in your knees? I could be your next best friend or lover and your mind would tell your heart all is well and you are happy with me.
. . .

At first I wanted to believe that I could still tell. I wanted for the sake of humanity to tell the difference. I couldn’t. The hundreds of animals and humans that I have thus far tested…couldn’t. Humanity has failed to detect this exploit of the mind. Humanity will have lost when I am finished.
. . .

There remains a finite portion of the C004’s PSB that remains unknown. Yet the basis of how the Controller controls is known. Upon first examination of the C004 you will find that it seems highly unlikely that it can verbalize much more than grunts or squeals. Further, functional magnetic resonance images (fMRI) taken of a subdued C004’s brain indicate an acute retardation of the vocal cortex. Yet, what is also readily distinguishable is a dense growth of synapses that seem to reroute its vocalization to circuitry that controls three piezoelectric bone shards which sit above and attached to the brain stem. These shards when stimulated effectively become the vocal cords for the C004 and allow it to communicate via ELF in short frequency hops. It is important to note however, that the bone shards are not completely composed of only bone. Within the center of each of the shards a hallow cavity exists filled with a very peculiar soft tissue material that controls the shape of the shard as it is stimulated. Interestingly enough, the brain stem and the subsequent spinal cord seem to act as an antenna for the ELF signals. Further, the C004 seems to control the radiance and direction of the ELF signals by means of stimulation to certain areas or portions of the spinal cord in concert with the activity of the bone shards.
. . .

When I finish my work I will return to her. She could love me again. I could…help her love me again. I could make her happier than she has ever been. I can change myself as well. I know what she doesn’t like about me and I could change that for her. I could help us by making us more compatible. I am in hell now. I have seen and have done unspeakable things, but I can forget all of that. I can make us believe we never parted. She would love me then, I could make it right for us. All I ever really wanted was to be happy. I was happy when she was mine.
. . .

Due to the less than precise emanation of the signal, when the C004 “talks” to its victim’s brain it creates a condition similar to that of an abortion. Each time a female performs an abortion she reduces her chance to bare child, each time the C004 hacks your mind it reduces your ability to birth your own thoughts in the affected regions because your brain will have physically changed as a result. Therefore, repeated suggestions by the C004 to its victims will eventually make mash of the lifelong learned synaptic connections and instead recreate the upper mind into a type of etch-a-sketch for the C004 to draw and erase its commands at will. The lower reptilian portions of the victim’s brain go unmodified by the C004 and thus the victim still retains the ability to coordinate voluntary and involuntary muscle functions such as walking and breathing. As recorded by remote electroencephalogram (rEEG), the C004 in most cases can format a person’s brain to a blank state in less than five minutes. Yet can effectively gain control of an individual’s actions in less the one. Victims that have been controlled but have not been completely formatted are changed forever with a predisposition to carry out whatever programming was left in the victim’s mind by the C004. It has been reported that of the victims saved from a directive by the C004 to kill a certain individual, the victim will attempt to carry out that task if presented with an opportunity even if the victim appears to have fully recovered in every other manner. Fortunately, my earlier work provided a method to somewhat repair most of the harm in the victim by directing programming opposite to that of the directive implanted by a C004. However, such repair still leaves the victim with a predisposition to like or love the one they were previously programmed to kill and reduces their ability to form different thoughts or feelings for that person. The negative effects of this treatment have yet to manifest in test subjects.
. . .

Though I can make myself forget and have proven I would never know otherwise, I can’t believe I wouldn’t know. I would be changing her for me. I would be changing her forever…for me. Her love is perfect and I could never change that. I can only change myself. To abort her from my mind would be to steal her from me forever. I have my dreams and I can change myself to always dream, to be with her always. When I finish my work the world will have changed and I will return to where she hasn’t.

Gabriel Kent
Yampol’, Kiev
  06:41:36  29 January 2005
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back with a vengeance


On forum: 07/31/2003
Messages: 1729
interesting read. IT's not qualified as a fanfic, but the details involved are meticulous. You obviously know your stuff. Planing to be a brain - surgeon, eh? You forgot about the occipital bun (larger bulging section at the back of the head) though .

I like it. Now, what's next? Burer?
  04:31:41  30 January 2005
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Fanfic Reviewer


On forum: 10/06/2003
Messages: 168
Very nice. Well written, with tons of details and a potent grasp of medical science (at least this branch of it). The details about the controller feel well-researched, and more importantly, logical. The idea that the main character can also do what a controller can because of his research is very creative, and has not been done before (to my knowledge). His idea that he could use it to make that woman love him again feels like a very human struggle. Gives the character depth.

Like it a lot!
  17:39:57  31 January 2005
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Tripping on waste


On forum: 03/06/2004
Messages: 1524
Very, very nice story, I really liked it. As do I like most stories about the topic of 'free thinking, illusion, etcetera', but this one really stood out, exceptional.
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