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;) mmmombomos 1.0a

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  16:28:41  14 May 2007
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05/15/2007 2:11:16
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mmmombomos 1.0a

get it here:
or here:

eng/ger/ru version of stalker 1.0001 or higher supported. eng/ger readme included.
--: installer with bat-file for easy difficulty - customisation. additionaly to the accuracy of enemys you can now set the ammount of damage taken by the player. this is new with 1.0a and was included as many beta-testers had found the mod to hard.
--:rebalanced combat:
-lesser weaponmissfire, grater scoperange and greater LOS for ai = higher ranges on firefights.
-aiming made more much demanding by a rewritten recoilsystem.
-same damage now taken from player and from the npc.
-enhanced damagesystem and finetuned damagezones. legs will bleed more than arms.
-adds in 5 new ammo types that can be found randomly.
-rebalanced ammo: AP ammo is more accurate, but does less damage and damages the weapons slightly more.HP ammo is verry inaccurate and weak in piercing armor, but does more damage.
--:enhanced gameplay:
-Hounter-mod: Healty Food is virtualy unpayable... and the stuff one can hount from the cratures is irradicated. Well, the zone is not a ponyfarm. - inspired by Larkis
-script to repair broken stuff. ask the barman or trader about news to bring up the repair dialog. (by hERd)
-darker nights
-longer questime.
-tweaked headlight to achieve a even more creepy atmosphere in the dark dungeons.
-higher carrycapacity (60/80)
-npcs may panic. (this can be also a savety value, like for cook who will not suicide into the duty assault anymore.)
--:new eye- and ear- candy:
-girl on tv instead of the borring railscene. (by Heru)
-great new bonfire musik, including a reactivated harmonica. (by MadDocBe) i fixed the ogg-comments, so the distances in with the sounds are hearable are correct now.
-New awsome looking Weapon skins. (by giv_em_hell and bergatroll)
--: a mod with a concept:
-all modifications i where carefuly checked if they wuld fit into the original gameplot. no changes made make the game more easy and therefor borring.
lots of other improvements the space here wuld not be enugh to discribe it!
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