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Valid forms of Critique? continued....

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  09:20:20  21 December 2005
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resident smart-ass


On forum: 06/04/2003

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12/21/2005 9:24:25
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Statements can be critiques. I plugged in the first definition that I came across (one that you could actually go out and find yourself very easily, which is why I chose it). You were the one who went searching for a definition.

I think that that definition is a little bit closed and loaded, considering that it uses the word 'essay.' I would like to draw your attention to the fact that his argument was open to discussion through dialogue, as we are doing right now. So, I guess that that's 3 definitions that it fits and one that it doesn't, although the word 'essay' is a little vague. You should go out looking for more to support your argument. That's the best way to arrive at an unbiased conclusion!

I didn't say it was a complete analysis, or a beautiful argument. I was saying it's a valid opinion as a critical evaluation of a component of the form of the essay. Your premise that critiques are meant to be beautiful on the ears is laughable. I think you're confusing good critiques with any critique.
  11:14:27  21 December 2005
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back with a vengeance


On forum: 07/31/2003
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This "intellectual discussion" is getting a bit tiring and downright childish, considering we are actually having a debate over an ex-fan of STALKER (he's gone) who clearly has no intention of giving any help whatsoever to Siro in the originail thread.

I never said critiques are meant to be nice, did I? As in my previous argument, I clearly stated that critiques are clearly not meant to be music to the ears. That has never been my premise either.

What I have been saying all along, is that critiques are meant to be in-depth discussion of a work of some sort, not one-line oversimplistic comment of someone's "opinion" if you will - and that you keep insisting that this person's "statement" is a critique is a fallacious joke. It's not. When a comment/criticism does not help the comment in any way, it's not a critique. Can you tell me how does the 2 word "too long" help an author improving his work? In this case, Siro's work - while having certain problem of it's own technique-wise, is actually as short as it gets, he didn't spent a lot of wasted space on irrelevant side-line plot or anything else - the words "too long" are actually irrelevant (and clearly useless in this case) towards the goal of criticism/critique itself.

In short, while it's impolite to declare what "Robertino's" post as junk, it is: it is not only not a critique, but it's also rubbish in the sense that the author did not know what is he talking about.
  22:26:57  22 December 2005
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Arthur Gordon Pym
On forum: 07/28/2003

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Arthur Gordon Pym
12/22/2005 22:40:31
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We're having an intellectual discussion about literary criticism. It's what people do sometimes. And, actually, I'm doing it for fun. I think the discussion is nearing the end, here, but I did enjoy it while it lasted.

Actually, we're not arguing whether it's too long or short, we're arguing about what is proper board etiquette when it comes to commenting on stories. I think at the end we're probably going to conclude that there's no rules but that there are social conventions that should guide your behaviour.

I agree that the author and other should not feel attacked. But does this mean that the authors need to grow thicker skin, or does it mean that people should have to follow guidelines to comment on a story?

One last thing, I'm sort of confused about your point about the moderators openning threads on each other's opinions. I'm not a moderator. Yeah, I tried again to understand but it's not happening.

Your sarcasm is out of any reason - i just pointed out that it seems too much for a simple event like that to fulfill 2 threads. Probably i shouldn't have to reply here, i'm probably in the middle of a private discussion here, and i didn't reckognize it was an "intellectual discussion". Sorry to interrupt.

And btw, i just tought you was a moderator, my mistake - this should help you to solve what you was trying to understand.
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