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Music you use in your work?

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  08:21:41  4 April 2005
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back with a vengeance


On forum: 07/31/2003

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04/04/2005 8:25:50
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Music you use in your work?

Com'on. If there is anyone who is serious about writing a good fanfic that will win fans, he'll be stupid to not to use music in his work. For some unknown reason, music will enhance the "mood" in your story if you use them, particularly if it is involves good characterization. This is what I personally have called "The Theme Song effect"

While not every song is compatible with writing your fanfic (try Britney Spear's toxic and tell me what can that song inspire you o_O ), every once in a while you would hear something that would stir something within you, giving you the "Eureka" feeling to a story you have been working on.

So yeah, I'm going to release the list of songs I've used in my works:

1) When you say you love me
Singer/band - Josh groban
Used in - Home to stay
Scene - Ending
Comment - Excellent mood driver for Sergey's feeling, as he departed from his history towards a new life with her daughter after being a stalker and ***** **** *** **** *** * *******, and eventually tried to ****** *******.

2) Home to stay
Singer/band - Josh Groban
story - Home to stay ( now you'll know )
Scene - throughtout the story, mood of present
Comment - background music is near- perfect of describing the mood of Sergey's feeling as he anticipated home

3) Qi Li Xiang (Chinese song)
Singer/band - Jay Chou (Taiwanese, called himself "The Chinese King of Hip hop "
Story - Fallen
Scene - ending
Comment - forget about the content of the song, the background music and the way he sang that song is what insipered the "Deux Ex Machiana" (a.k.a the Wish Rock) scene. Worth looking around for.

4) Yan Zi (Chinese Song, content is Hans Anderson's 'The Swallow'. Yan Zi means 'swallow' in Chinese)
Singer/band - Seven
story - Fallen
Scene - middle, the scene in Kiev Hospital. Mood of song is sad/moody, a good combination of acoustic guitar piano. Excellent for such a tragic scene.

5) Hero, Jet's N' Gun OST edition
Singer/Band - Machinae Supreme (yeah! Swedish SID Metal band!)
story - Fallen, reVAMPed
Scene - listen to the song and you'll know! Mood drives the reedited scene in Fallen when The Sergeant and his remaining forces are making the stand against the enemy, following the comment of Grisly.
Full download (legal!) -

Oncoming fanfics (maybe)
1) Lost without you
Singer/band - Delta Goodrem
Story - Dillema
Scene - no spoilers

2) She will be loved
Singer/band -Maroon 5
story - Dillema
Scene - no spoiler again

3) Nothing wrong with you
Singer/band - the Finn brothers (Kiwis! Yeah!)
story - To kill Five men
Scene - no spoiler

4) Attack music (maybe)
Singer/band - Machinae Supremacy
Story - To kill Five men
Scene - no spoiler

5) Track 12 - Some funny Maori title (yeah, Chode, laugh on with you "Whaka" joke )
Singer/band - Hayley Westenra (Yeah, another Kiwi!)
Story - Dillema
Scene - no spolier
Effect - More like "Nessun Dorma from Turandot" to the ending of "The ends of all fears" [The movie]

Failed attempts:
1) *Forgotten*
Singer/ Band - Amci Forever
Story - Fool's Gold
Scene - Scene where Andrew tried to took his revenge
reason of failuer - opera pop and action stories don't mix well. The scene is not hype enough.

Due to extreme prejudice to Australian singers and Australian Idols, no Australian-originated music has been involved in the making of my stories (J/K to yer Aussies)

So anyone out to release their personal "album" collection?
  22:21:41  5 April 2005
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Local Law-Enforcement


On forum: 03/02/2005
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Yeah, I am. First, I will try to improve The Line Between Humanity and Inhumanity by changing the things mentioned earlier. It will basically be a re-made version, but I am not going to submit it, I am going to keep it for myself . I will soon write a new fanfic, but it will be a while bfore I am done. I agree with the "theme song effect." So the songs I will use for my first story are:

Cure for the Itch
by Linkin Park/Hybrid Theory
Album: Hybrid Theory [when band name was changed to Linkin Park]
Scene: Prologue
Reason: The song just sounds like the perfect music you would play during a movie when introducing the prologue. A guy is sitting at a computer and the room is being described. I don't know how to describe it, it is just the idealness for the setting/event.

Plce 4 my hd [Place For My Head remix, and only the last minute of song]
by Linkin Park
Album: Reanimation
Scene: Ending
Reason: The reason I am using the near ending of this song is simple, the beginning and middle is comprised of lyrics talking about a backstabber and unfair debt. The last minute of this song is comprised of the lyrics and music I need. Lyrics saying "go away" and "you try to take the best of me" The main reason for the usage of the song are the instruments. When Anton is fighting the zombie horde after he tells Chris to go, on that part the mainstay of the melody is the electric guitar played in a way that expresses a struggle, tragedy, and desire to just die. The ending of the song works perfectly for Anton's death and him reuniting with Aiko: it is a sad melody played by piano.

Crlng [Crawling remix]
By Linkin Park
Album: Reanimation
Scene: Flashback of Anton's former life
Reason: The song starts with a violin [and other stringed instruments]playing a mysterious [can't think of any other word] melody, which signifies sadness and the fact that this is a flashback. Then, in the middle the song starts to get a little livelier. During the middle when Anton is releasing his rage on the murderers, this song begins to get more tragic. The ending is a combination of sadness with the same effect used in the beginning.

Don' Trust Me Tonight
By Chester Bennington [when he was still making classic rock before joining Linkin Park]
Album: Hell if I know!!
Scene: middle when Anton buys food and vodka, eats/drinks it all and meets Chris.
Reason: Just sounds like something you would play in a situation like this...

More fanfics and music suggestions coming soon! Thanks for starting a great thread, Amoki!!
  19:44:17  8 April 2005
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On forum: 10/06/2003
Messages: 168
I don't remember what music I listened to while writing Obsidian or Hangman, however...

Kill or Be Killed
Band: Throcult
Used in: Kill or Be Killed
Scene: Played continuously throughout.
Comment: Local band, but I liked the song, and it had some guy screaming "Kill or be Killed!!!" I came up with the name of the story first, then thought, wait a minute, what about that song?...
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