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Stalker Coop & MP Freeroam

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  07:21:12  28 August 2014
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On forum: 08/28/2014
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Stalker Coop & MP Freeroam

Hi, I've been thinking of making a free multiplayer version of Stalker. I planned to make open world multiplayer with missions and PvP games taking place on arena maps, which are smaller versions of existing areas in the game. Maps to be made myself based on the original locations and the areas between them.

I was wondering if it is okay for me to use assets from the Stalker games and export them into Unity3d and releasing the game for free? If not, what about if I make the installer verify that they have the original games installed?

I've seen people use stalker assets for DayZ and Gmod, so can I use these assets to make a new game with a different engine?
  20:46:05  1 September 2014
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On forum: 05/27/2011

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09/01/2014 20:46:20
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I think you need approval form GSC, not sure about this, someone with more knowledge will help you here
  21:50:50  1 September 2014
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On forum: 01/24/2011
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Just look Modders' rights topic.

GSC has made explicit its position regarding the legal status of mods, including the use of its resources with others games. You can find the original text under the link below. I am attaching a translation, as well.

Mods (modifications) of a computer game can be made by a person who has legally acquired a licensed copy of the game and exclusively for the purpose of its use on the hardware belonging to the person performing the modification or persons to whom the modification was given on non-commercial basis (such as freely over the Internet).

This means that the person who makes a mod for a computer game can use this modification exclusively on non-commercial basis.

The author of the mod retains authorship and exclusive rights on the mod. However, the resources used for development of the given mod belong to another person. As such, the mod does not wholly belong to the author of the modification, who does not have full control over it (such as for commercial use).

Our company allows non-commercial use of mods for our computer games. If you want to use mods developed for our games (such as from the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series) with another game, you have to turn to that game's developers for permission.

A old thread. So, no problem imo if you don't want to make money with it.
Mods based on Stalker resources are used in other engine like you said, so why not?!
  08:32:59  2 September 2014
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On forum: 05/02/2011
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..Co Op with any of these three games I think would be pretty enjoyable, possibly even bring more people to the STALKER community. I think the only real issue you would have, bar anything in a legality sense, would be how players connect to each other, or some sort of host.
  09:36:41  2 September 2014
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On forum: 08/10/2011
Messages: 284
tecnobacon might have an idea. he's been saying co-op will be coming to stalkersoup for a couple years now.
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