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*spoiler Alert* When first Meeting Deedee

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  00:25:40  17 July 2014
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JD Whack
On forum: 07/12/2014
Messages: 30
*spoiler Alert* When first Meeting Deedee

Been reading tons of post on these forums and others too, but haven't found anything that answers my question.

While travelling through the countryside, I got hit by a surprise blowout, happening without a timer. Instead of dying, I pass out and wakes up in a scientists bunker in Lost Factory/concrete factory lvl.

Upon waking, I suffer from some weird visual effects, and Deedee, resident scientist, explains that these are aftereffects of having been exposed to the blowout. But that eating X-1 Virus will ease the effects. He then hands me two capsules of X-1 Virus.

It's almost an hour of game time since I ate one the capsules, but the effects hasn't gone away. I can't go explore like this.

My questions then are, how long do the effect yet last? What if I eat the second capsule - does the game mean for me to eat all my capsules before the after-effect goes away?

Also, I happen to already have a X-1 Virus capsule in my inventory when I enter the Countryside. Does it have any significance if I eat this before the blowout occurs?

I hope I'm not stuck with sort of bug, since it makes perfect sense that one should experience after-effects of some kind after having lived unprotected through a blowout.
  00:39:42  17 July 2014
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a bit of this and a lot of that


On forum: 08/08/2008
Messages: 6349
The blowout is scripted and so eating a capsule before would not help no. The effects are also due to the high level of psy in the area and you only have an iffy psy helmet. You are supposed to go to countryside at that point to find the good helmet and so not supposed to "explore" yet
The effects are not a bug, just that the antidote only lasts for a short while, so get out of there stalker!
  16:39:20  17 July 2014
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JD Whack
On forum: 07/12/2014
Messages: 30
Right, thanks

I wasn't aware there was psi-emmitions in the area as well, and knowing myself I probably would have waited untill nightfall some 7 or 8 hours away, then slept for another 8 hours - and THEN venture out of the camp-perimeter even if the effects had not yet gone away, seeking some other solution than trying to wait it out.

..Man I don't hope I run into something nasty like a snork while running halfblinded around amidst anomalies and whatnot

I'm on it, and reloads if I die trying
  22:13:14  17 July 2014
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Senior Resident

On forum: 03/31/2007
Messages: 958
well for me the effects seem to last a long time. i went to sleep for 8hrs and wake up to the same effects still going on. only after i save game and then exit out. then restart game and load up said game file. that the effects are now gone.
  23:51:26  17 July 2014
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Senior Resident

On forum: 06/06/2009
Messages: 5171
I usually use the first capsule standing in front of Deedee. The second as soon as the effects start again - I'm on my way to the level-changer back to Countryside by then. Any more you have you can use if you don't get out before it hits you again.

Just leave the map as fast as you can. Leave any exploring until you've got the 'good' psi helmet.

That effect is there to annoy you along into following the storyline. The story wants you in Countryside at that point, and Dez0wave seem to have found a good way to encourage you to go there.

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