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  11:55:21  22 February 2006
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back with a vengeance


On forum: 07/31/2003
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The sun slowly set, the orange disc dipping below the horizon and plunging the zone into darkness. The birds retired to the safety of there nests, the soldiers changed shift, the mutants crawled out from under-ground. Just another night. Rocco looked at the faces around him, faces that looked like they'd been carved out of wood hidden beneath the shadows of there hoods. He wasn't familiar with the rest of clan Boru yet, he had only joined a few days ago. The truck bounced along the muddy road, the lantern above them casting strange shadows around them. After a few more minutes of travelling, the truck slowed down. The clan was meant to trade with another, something rare in the zone. But you got help where you could find it, all Rocco cared about was making the trade then returning to base. He heard a truck door slamming, the clan leader shouted to them so they poured out of the truck and into the warehouse.

They looked at the other clan. Dressed in the red and green colours of the Toh gang, they lacked fire-power but made up for it in numbers. They also lacked discipline and experience, a Toh gangster usually felt at home at the zone because of his violent nature. The Toh leader, known only as The Russian stepped forward, laughing. Boru didn't move, neither did Rocco.

"Greetings friend!"

The Boru leader coughed, taking off his mask and signalling for his men to relax. The Russian boldly walked forward, his thick coat trailing on the scummy concrete. It was said he was insane, no-one doubted that. Probably not even The Russian. He was an ex-soldier, originally guarding the zone. One day his squad went on a regular patrol until there APC broke down. Deep in the zone with little supplys, the rookie squad had to walk back to base. Overnight all the squad was killed, The Russian the only man left. Some say they were killed by mutants and it made him snap, other say The Russian killed them. No-one has asked The Russian, he's not the sort of man to talk to for long and still be in one piece.

The Boru leader took a step forward, pointing to the truck.

"You have the gear?"

The Russian laughed again as several men picked up a long crate and ran forward.

"You want to check it friend? It's all there! You want this very much for the truck!"

The leader signalled for Rocco to check the crate as the Toh gang walked around the truck, inspecting it. Rocco eyed The Russian as he smiled back, walking with him to the crate. Clan Boru followed, several of them frowning at how they felt they were being cheated.

The crate top snapped open. Rocco grinned, looking at his clan leader. An electric generator. These were very rare in the zone, though the Boru clan wondered if power was worth trading for transport. The leader thought so though, and what the leader thinks, happens. Besides, it would give the clan a big advantage to have light instead of using the candles that would have ran out by the end of the month. The Russian laughed again, his various tools he kept tucked in a belt jingled against his waist.

"Anything else friend? We have vodka, knives...we even have women!"

The Russian laughed even more as Rocco glanced at his leader.

" thanks. We'll just be on our way."

The Russian nodded, grabbing Rocco's hand and shaking it. He winced but smiled, things were going well.

The Toh gang started up the engine as the Boru clan walked away with their generator. Nobody knows why the Toh opened fire on the Boru, but they probably felt it wasn't a worthy trade either. The crate crashed onto the ground, wood cracking and falling apart. A Boru clan-member collapsed as bullets thudded into his back, while the others ran for cover. The truck skidded around wildly, the Toh weren't good at driving. The Boru were out-numbered, but they weren't out-gunned. Rifle fire echoed around the warehouse and bullets rained around the truck. Screams inside made the Boru scream back, coming out from there cover and emptying magazines into the truck. Blood poured from the back as a few Toh scrambled out, firing blindly and leaping for cover. This all happened in just a few seconds. The Boru ran for cover as they had all seen the Toh survivors. It was just a matter of time before they could walk off.

Smoke drifted around, both gangs shaky with adrenaline. Toh or Boru peeking out was greeted with a few bullets. The Boru looked at each other, having lost a clan-member. Rocco glanced around, reloading his AK. They sat in silence for a minute, the clicking of magazines and the smoking truck the only sounds in the night. The clans seemed to read each others mind as both stood up at the same time, firing wildly before ducking again. Rocco was sure he hit someone, but with the moans from the Boru side of the warehouse, they were sure to lose a man too.


Boru members looked at Rocco, the Toh gang giggling at his proposal.

"You Surrender!"

The Toh gang giggled even more as the Boru silently crawled towards there leader.

"Right...who got hit?"


"....Right, we'll do this fast and we'll do this clean. On my signal, run forward and get behind the truck as me and Rocco cover you. Right?"

The Boru nodded, getting ready to jump. The leader signalled.

The Toh had made there way along the warehouse silently. The Toh were made up of thieves and criminals, they were in there element. As they reach the group of barrels the Boru were hiding behind, six well-armed men jumped up. They stared at each other for a second, before they both opened fire. Bullets and screams filled the air, the Toh managed to get a few shots before they were mowed down. Boru fired into the still bodies, triggers still clicking after the ammo had been spent. Silence. The remainder of the gang stood up, checking wounds and fallen men. Just a few Boru left, one of the most powerful clans in this part of the zone had been wiped out by a bunch of amateurs.

Rocco got out a cigarette and lit it, nudging a Toh with his boot. Exhaling a cloud of smoke, he walked to the dead truck, leaking fuel and blood onto the concrete. As Rocco reached the back, he had to look away. Bodies lay mangled inside, some were still sitting. Even the Toh weren't ready for the attack. Rocco sighed, dropping his AK as another Boru walked towards him. 'Might as well check inside' thought Rocco, there wouldn't have much but it might be worth something. Rocco pulled himself up into the truck and looked at the carnage that lay around him. The rest of the Boru met nearer the truck as a little laugh came from nearby. As the Boru brought up there weapons, a molotov cocktail sailed through the air. It exploded onto the ground, splashing flames onto the clan. They screamed and ran, some tryed to roll on the floor as The Russian came to a standing position. With a quick burst from his weapon, the Boru clan was down to one member. Rocco looked in terror at his burning comrades.

Footsteps outside the truck made Rocco panic. He picked up a nearby pistol as the footsteps got closer.

"If you come out...perhaps I won't make it too painful."

Rocco bit into his lip, he could hear The Russians heavy breathing.

"You know...I didn't kill my squad."


"Not all of them."

Rocco pulled the trigger. Again. And again. Silence.

A bearded head came from around the corner, a big grin and the flash of metal. Rocco pulled the trigger again. Click. He tried again. Nothing. The Russian pulled himself into the back of the truck, Rocco now clearly saw all of the tools around The Russian's belt. Scalpels, saws, scissors. Rocco screamed.
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