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A Crucial Gift (probably the best short story out there)

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  21:37:53  15 March 2006
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On forum: 02/17/2006
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A smilie normally indicates I did not mean the thing... needless comentary with the siro thing. Still I do not think he is a bad reviewer at all, no matter what he thinks of my story.

And then I wonder if you really written a reply to my statements... Somehow you do not seem to get to the bottom of it. (btw I'm fine with my paragraphing. And I do not see how I could take offense in your "harshness", so do not trouble yourself. It is either inappropriate or well... good advice (concerning the stalker stuff))

I could open up each point again to tell you that... there is no point in telling me what I admitted already (like not caring too much about research, yet) or what is obvious (like the intention of my story: I did write it out in reply to your statments, not because I feel it is necessary to explain things I IMPLIED ( you shure you've understood that concept?)or not even appropriate (politics and religion have been always mixed up even now One could name dozen of events in past and recent history... yup... so?) but ... no, this mess needs to stop.

I only totally agree with point 8.

Still the question is and I agree to your objection concerning the Gensis 2 Idea from a contest judge`s pov) If the story is innapropriate why welcome it into the contest, and if there is room for genesis 2 why keep yapping about its suitability?

The thing I would like an answer to nonetheless: why does almost anybody in this contest get away with implementing guys from Russia The US and so forth and only in my story there are impassible anomalies hindering guys from outside coming in. More specific: why do the rules of the stalker world only apply to my story? If there is no way a guy can get from kiev to the zone, then my story as well as half those posted on the board as accepted entires should really be taken out of the competition because their content will confuse people.

I will wait for your reply on the last two points until deciding whether it is a waste of time to try re-write the story (fom the participating pov) or write down the other one that's begun haunting my mind since yesterday.
  21:49:17  15 March 2006
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On forum: 02/17/2006
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I do not know how

The smile has gotten there.. that little sneak. please do not consider that!
  23:41:57  15 March 2006
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back with a vengeance


On forum: 07/31/2003
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Let's clarify one thing beforehand: I am the contest administrator, not the contest judge. And will never become one because it will destroy my objectivity as the contest administrator.

Being the admin for the contest, it is my duty/role to make way for new stories into the contest i.e to welcome them. However, being well aware of the contest judging criteria, I also have the obligation to advise contestants when and where something is inappropiate. In short, I'm like... God (not that I possess omnipotent power or anything like that!): God can't interfere with one's free will, but God can devise rules that tell you when and what is inappropiate when doing something. While the contest certainly welcomes adaptation of certain STALKER ideas, entire change of concept of The Zone, such as that in your case (Religious, Genesis2 etc.) is almost certainly not going to be well-received by the judges (who are going to be given strict code of conduct when they start the review process).

Finally, no one has yet to get away with the Russian/US/Ukrainian thingy yet! Judgement Day isn't upon us just yet. As far as I'm aware the judging method isn't officially announced yet.
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