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To Kill 5 men.

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  08:47:36  17 May 2005
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Local Law-Enforcement


On forum: 03/02/2005
Messages: 7378
Amoki, just send me all the materials and plot storyline and I'll do the rest. I'll ask you something before I do it and you be the judge if it will work with your story.
  10:36:12  8 January 2006
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back with a vengeance


On forum: 07/31/2003
Messages: 1729
I might continue this story.

Summer is getting bored here, you can't sunbath or something because of the high UV index here (which is due to the Ozone layer, our position being closer to the Sun... and our clean air surprisingly). No wonder pregnancy rate and birth control pills sales are increasing around New Zealand lately.
  13:12:47  20 February 2006
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back with a vengeance


On forum: 07/31/2003
Messages: 1729
4 days ago

“Deep breath”, he told himself. “Hold it, hold it, hold it…”


The Mk.23 was drawn. Target practice was on. Almost immediately 2 cardboard targets in red revealed themselves in the middle, and Bogdan did not hesitate to double-tap it: once in the torso, once on the head. Both shots were dead-on.

Third and fourth target popped down in front of him, from both left and right and started to move backwards. With deadly precision the shots got to the legs first, then the body. Incapacitate running suspects, before shooting them dead, he told himself.

Third round: 2 targets revealed themselves. Wait – different look, slow on the trigger. Green target with a red target obscured from behind. Hostage situation. Reds are hostiles, greens are friendly, the innocent. Shoot the red!

A shot later, the bullet nailed on the head of the red target spot on.

“Well done, well done indeed,” a husky voice came behind him, applauding his marksmanship. “Impressing shooting. So what can I do for you, Ivanov? You ask of me but said you rather want to have it done here. Why?”

“I wish to resign, Mr. Kuchma.”

There was an obvious unpleasant look on his employer’s face. His blue eyes showed sign of disbelief.

“Ivanov Bogdan – you are absolutely sure you want to resign… for what?”

“Personal issues. I need to take care of them,” The response was short and curt.

“Ivanov, I’m not going to be happy of this. You are a damn good security operator; everyone who can afford us wants a piece of you.” The boss took out a cigarette and lit it up, before take a deep drag. He always did it before making a momentous decision.

“Who gave you a better offer? I’ll double it. Money’s not a problem, just tell me how much cut you want from every contract we have.”

Ivanov merely shook his head. “Money is not the problem. I need to take care of something which I need to take care of long time ago. I want out.”

“Are you coming back?” The person known as Mr Kuchma enquired. Bogdan looked at the man with grey hair, at least where there still was hair, and answered in his typical no-nonsense manner.

“When it’s done, when I’m coming back, I will. Is my resignation effective immediately as of the contract we’ve come to agree before I signed on?”

‘Yeah. Good luck, Ivanov. I really do hope you come back, but I am going to be very, very angry if I found out you are working with someone else. ” Mr Kuchma wasn’t altogether impressed with this sudden departure.

As he walked out of the building of the security consultancy organisation he worked for, a few former colleagues who overheard the conversation said: “ The Kholodnie Glaza has left.”

“The Cold Eyes” was a nickname given to him by his former associates. He was known to be the only security consultant in Kiev known to be able to shoot someone without batting an eyelid – he did so before, even went as far as to incapacitate screaming bank robbers who were running away when their attempted robberies were met with dismal failure because of him. He was also known for his cold, introverted behaviour, never spoke to anyone unless necessary and never seem to have any sort of emotion on his face. No one even knew whether he had a family or not.

Perhaps that was why no one knew what he was going to do after that.
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