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Feature request: new trader at the Bar (SPOILERS)

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  00:15:08  24 July 2014
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Feature request: new trader at the Bar (SPOILERS)

I'd like to request for a new trader to appear at the Bar after the merc attack. He doesn't have to be too fancy, like Barkeep, basic trader with ammo and health support is fine.

However, if you want to get fancy, I have these ideas:
- make Snitch to be the new trader, have him tell a story to Marked One when you first talk to him after the attack, something about him trying to organize the bandits now that Borov has lost his power (it's up to the player if Borov is dead at that point but it's very likely that he is)
- there could be bandit guards posted outside, but make them not shoot the actor (but could show as red/enemy)
- he could specialize in artifacts, so he would offer basic stuff (ammo, one rifle type, etc) plus he would buy artifacts for a generally decent price, plus he would offer randomly generated quests for artifacts where he pays a lot more (so sort of like Bear from Call of Pripyat); Using these random artifact request quests could also make it interesting to merge artifacts, as of now artifact merging is mostly pointless as you can find better stuff on random loot/stashes.

If you don't like to use Snitch/bandits for this (they might start a fight with the 3 Duty guys left in the area, hehe), add a Loner trader and name him Mustache (lol, he could sport one), still specialized in trading artifacts. His back story (which he can tell you when asked by Marked One) is that he has a brother in Zaton selling artifacts so he wanted to open shop here (but don't have him name his brother, make it a little easter egg for people to guess from his name and specialization).

What do you think?
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