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Realistic spawning

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  03:14:26  13 April 2007
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On forum: 09/10/2005
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Realistic spawning

Yeah, I know, another thread about spawning. But not about the ever annoying rapid spawn times.

I'd just love to see more realistic spawning. It always seems odd that bandits can spawn right in the middle of the zone in an area that was just recently cleared. To me, it seems that the only way for an NPC to get into an area would be to walk into it from another area. For example, if I went to the Agropom base (the one far from the entrance) and killed everyone, I should (theorhetically) be able to camp at the front and kill all the new stalkers/military as they try to get into it (all coming from the entry point). Currently, it seams that the military can magically appear around the base. In this case, the lack of entrances could be balanced by having helicopters bring in military occasionally. If the base is cleaned out and you snipe every reinforcement, they'll send in a few transport choppers escorted by a gunship.

Same thing, if you methodically clear all the dogs out of an area with one entrance, and sit and guard the entrance, dogs will appear and kill you from behind. How did the dogs get there? Of course, with the current map system, the transport method may not be completely feasible (since mutants and stalkers don't have choppers), but at least have them hop the fence or something (so they at least start at the edges of an area). Or have stalkers that can parachute in. Or at least provide some kind of explanation. It could be cool if there was a portal anomaly. You see a shimmering in the air, when suddenly a hole in reality expands and you momentarily see another part of the zone before a pack of confused psuedodogs or a dazed stalker or a pissed off bloodsucker gets thrown through it into your area. Portals wouldn't have to be two-way, and they would give a feasible way to get enemies into the area (at least better than them appearing from nowhere when you aren't looking). Or you could make portals be the outlet of a vortex. 1/10 times you step into a vortex you would be sent to a portal in another level instead of crushed (and 9/10 times when a portal opened you would simply see a carcass come flying out).

Finally, it really annoys me when you are at the exit of an area and there seems to be an infinite supply of incoming enemies (like at the checkpoint in Cordon going to Garbage). When I finally make it through to the level change, I would expect to see an endless caravan of enemies headed towards Cordon. Yet once I get to Garbage, the majority of stalkers are entering from Cordon, not heading there. I'm don't think I've ever actually seen a stalker leave an area, yet one comes in every 30 seconds or so.
  05:01:49  13 April 2007
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On forum: 04/06/2007
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I've seen a stalker leave the bar headed for the military warehouses.

But, overall, respawning needs some serious work, right now there's three kinds of respawns.

1) They enter from the exits of the zone. which means, most of the time, you end up shooting at someone who's corpse you can't loot because it's outside the play area, and attempting to get to it will result in the level transition dialogue.

2) The appear while you're out of the area. There's a couple of places in the garbage, where I was traveling back and forth, and the new bandits were standing on top of piles of dead bandits. As they respawn EVERY time you enter the area at the exact same time.

3) The Beam down when you're not looking. This is extremely apparent in the Freedom camp, where the freedom soldiers will die, beam back down about twenty meters to the west, and then walk back and take up thier posts again. I've had literaly 18 dead bodies lying around, while the stalkers that just took their place stand there waiting to buy the farm.

All of these need work though, especialy when the third type are hostile, as happens in the garbage, so you'll end up facing a never ending wave of enemies.
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