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please slow down enemy npc respawn times

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  18:53:14  10 April 2007
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On forum: 02/08/2007
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please slow down enemy npc respawn times

first off- i really am enjoying this game, and congrats to all the devs for making an intense and spooky game. but i have put the game on the shelf b/c i am just not enjoying it due to the (in my opinion) ridiculously quick respawn times of the enemy npcs.

it'd be one thing if the enemies respawned after a day or two, but it's like 30min game time, 3 min real gaming time, which makes the combat pointless if i'm gonna get hammered 2 min after killing a bunch of enemies. it also makes the prospect of exploring and looting impossible if 10 more bandits show up where i just had a victory.

most importantly though, it renders impossible the player's choice to play the game at slow explorer pace, which i can't believe they didn't realize when they made and tested this game. this is a game to explore the nooks and crannys of, but i can't enjoy all of this and play the game THE WAY I WANT TO PLAY IT (player choice, remember?) if there are waves of enemies popping out of nowhere less than 5min after i just cleaned out an earlier wave.

please guys, or modders, address this so that it's possible to toggle respawning off, not that i want to do away with it entirely, or most importantly, make it about 4 or 5 times slower than it is now.

i'm eager to hear from you guys, and from the folks playing the game to see if they agree.
  19:11:12  10 April 2007
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Senior Resident

On forum: 04/04/2007
Messages: 521
You must be talking about the fast bandit respawn in the garbage area right ? I think that it is the only place for such a fast respawn until the end of the game so i dont think it is such bad,after all you wont return so often to the garbage area .....

For me they stopped respawning after some progress that i made in the main story ... and i already miss them
  06:58:46  11 April 2007
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On forum: 04/10/2007
Messages: 46
slowing down the spawnrates is mentioned in the upcoming patchnotes i think... so it's just a matter of time
  07:18:27  11 April 2007
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On forum: 04/03/2007
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Yeah I noticed the insane ammount of bandits in the junkyard too. They tend to hang around near an entrance of another zone. But if theres a patch comming out for this then it will be an improvment for sure
  12:56:16  11 April 2007
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Ancient History


On forum: 04/30/2005
Messages: 873
I want this sorted too and apparently it will be with the latest patch when it finally surfaces.

By the way the current ETA is "When it's done." so don't bother asking.
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