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Slow down the bandit re-spawn rate

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  02:37:11  6 April 2007
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Ancient History


On forum: 04/30/2005
Messages: 873

Yes but without the bandits I would have to buy ammunition, medkits, food, bandages, and just about anything else. I think of them as a resource sort of like the Military.


Hopefully the changed spawn times coming with the next patch will make money even more important.
  19:54:00  9 April 2007
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On forum: 04/05/2007
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I think what's happening is let's say you're supposed to kill 5 guys to defend a base, if you kill 3 and you can't find the last two, they keep re-spawning until you kill all 5, then they stop... is this right? I've noticed that in one or two defend base scenarios. Again, it forces you to run around and kill fast, whereas I like to stalk and snipe so it doesn't suit my style.
  22:25:02  9 April 2007
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On forum: 04/09/2007
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Yeah, It's annoying, Bandits are universally hated by all factions and yet the Zone is heavily populated by them, doesn't make much sense
  23:08:41  9 April 2007
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On forum: 04/05/2007
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ah bandits, bandits, bandits... the good the bad and the ugly. I do have to agree some with this issue however. I think it needs to be worked out in a way where they are still in the zones but not to the amount that they are at now.

The Good
The bandits provide a good shooting spree every once in awhile. Having them in the zone does bring it to life, they offer you items you can sell, and keep you from being completely bored at times. Those are the highlights of the bandits.

Much like the wildlife, some times people just want to go hunt for game every once in awhile while going through a zone .

The Bad
The only downside is, there seems to be way too many of them, and they come around way too often. Its like constant mini battle fronts in every zone practically, and this really does kill the mood of the game for me, as im sure it does for many others.

How to Improve it?
Well theres many things we can do. One thing would be to limit them from controlling SO much. They contaminate all of these zones almost more than the actual creatures in the world do. This shouldn't be happening.

The patrols, are a good idea, seeing 2 or 3 bandits roaming together in a zone is awesome. I love the feeling of seeing these lone outlaws roaming the zone doing their own thing, with no objective other than to kill and do what outlaws do. Keeping this would be wise, keeping them in every zone would be nice as well. However, don't put them everywhere!

Base of operations, the bandits seem to have more camps in the zone then anyone else. And it gives too much of a feeling that the bandits are the main population of the zone. It kills the mood, and it kills what I thought the zone would feel like, isolated cold and deadly. Limit their "camps" by one or two at most in every other zone (depending on the size of the zone). A better idea would be just to have one or two main camps for bandits, and the rest of the bandits in the game are just lone men or straggle along w/ two other bandits.

Bandits over all are a good idea, I love the fact that they are in the game, but they just seem to be over populated. The zone has this creeping feeling of isolation and danger (from wildlife & anomalies) But the number of bandits kills this feeling whenever you run into them every 10 feet.

There needs to be more loners and small parties of 3 rather than huge camps of 8 . You give the zone about 3 or 4 patrols of bandits (in groups of 3 or 4) and 5 lone bandits that wander by themselves I can be happy with that. It will make the zone feel more isolated and not feel like a base vs base war front.
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