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Let's add vehicles!

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  02:03:50  31 March 2007
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On forum: 03/31/2007
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Why was this not included?!

1. The zone isn't seamless, it's split up into too many parts. No fun, no long stretches of zone (if there were it would take forever to walk across).

2. There are too many anomalies floating about for it to be any fun driving.
  15:42:02  28 March 2007
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On forum: 03/28/2007
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Well if you remember the original concept, vehicles should have been included. They idea was that some vehicles were in better nick than others and you could buy/salvage the parts you need to repair broken or damaged vehicles.
Why was this not included?!
This part of the game would be a much welcomed feature.
  23:46:51  25 March 2007
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On forum: 03/24/2007
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vehicles have no room in stalker atm it would need an addon for that or even just for multiplayer
  22:03:34  25 March 2007
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On forum: 02/24/2007
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Let's add vehicles!

i see only one way to implement vehicles in single player, fast, in a patch..
let's do it fallout style!

in fallout 2 you could own a car if you find some parts and bring it to a mechanic, you had the only vehicle of the game.

now here's how it could be in stalker:

between the middle and the end of the game, someone tells you he got a car (jeep would be the better) but it just need some parts to work.

so he give you the location of the parts and you gotta look for them, like some bandits have them or something...

then you come back with the parts, he fix the car, you pay (or maybe you have to kill him and his friends because it's the only working car around and he want to keep it because it's almost priceless) and yay! you got a car!

well if you dont put any change to the map you wont be able to go everywhere with it but still you could leave it (you keep the keys) at the entrance of the citys, of course it would be almost undestroyable (or you could purchase some kits to repair it) it wouldn't flip over, we would be able to roadkill people and mutants and since it's available near the end of the game it will make you feel like you've become important.

it would also give (unlimited?) room to place objects!
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