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The Rain falls like the tears of God

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  11:08:50  27 April 2006
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back with a vengeance


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The Rain falls like the tears of God

The Rain Keeps Falling…But Why?

I woke and I don’t’ know how that’s possible. I could feel myself leaving my body. I could almost feel my self die. So why am I still alive?

I got up and left my story behind, realizing that it was not my story anymore but the story of the man I was and he was dead.

It was pouring down rain and it was hard to walk but I was alive. I could see a stranger a ‘normal’ walking around with his guns and mask and protective clothing. He looked scared but strong. He snuck up on one of the mutated monsters that was an animal in a previous life and I watched as he shot it. He shot it so many times I thought it might fall into bits and pieces.

I walked away from the man to find a reason to live. Something inside told me to survive and I want to know why. Why I should be compelled to live in this hell. There is nothing worth living for in this place. Maybe it is my old human drive to live that keeps my flesh on my bone and my organs functioning. Or maybe it’s a cruel fate that I won in some crazy sick contest. Whatever it is I wish I had lost, I wish I had died.

Ahead of me was a thing, not a human but a new creature a freak that was scraping the meat off the of a dogs bones. She was sickly looking and had lost all her hair. Her skin had a greenish color to it. She wasn’t much better off than any of the others but for some reason I saw her beauty and not the ugliness.

I decided to leave her be, I was not ready to try and interact with these creatures. Even though I was now one of them. I was dead, and yet I was still alive. I wish I was not here anymore.

I made my way across the town crawling through mud and grim to reach the place where my home should be. All I found there was some bricks and wood. Everything was gone the house was burnt and the barn was smashed into matchsticks. I sat in the rain looking out at the desolate wasteland that was before me. Sure there was green things growing but they looked as I felt as if they too should be dead and no longer here. After a few hour I found more of those ‘normal’ people and followed and watched as they murdered the freaks and mutants they came across. They shot and stabbed and cut and punched and finally they stopped. They hadn’t ever noticed me but I was still afraid of them. They wanted us to be dead, and I wanted to be dead but was too afraid to as them to give me my death. Instead I ran I ran from them ass fast and as far as I could.

I ended up in a field of yellow flowers that were all drooping from the rain hitting them. I was unable to stand them they looked so nice and it reminded me of how I must look so hideous. I began smashing and destroying them as many as I could. When I was done I realized that I should not be killing the flowers but the ‘normal’ people. So I searched and I searched and I found only a few minor toys.

My search turned up a pistol five, seven round clips and a few sticks of TNT. I set out to kill those that were murdering my people. The death walkers, as we were sometimes referred to. The three sticks of TNT worked well in killing a large group of them. I used up all the sticks taking out a small band of them. This alerted them that I was around and they began following me. I felt as if I was being followed all the time, and I saw them in the shadows and in the dark corners of my mind.

After a few days of killing them and them killing us I was being stalked by one of them. One that was trying to kill me because he believed that I was some sort of leader of the death walkers. So I continued killing and stealing their ammo and weapons. I killed a dozen of them before it was finally my turn to fall into that eternal slumber.

It was a dark cold evening and I was on my way back to the small shack I called home. When one of those stalkers jumped me from behind and started beating me to death. I was able to get away from him and shoot him but I was horribly injured and was hardly able to stand. I never heard the shot or saw his friend, but the bullet went strait through my head. I saw it come out of my forehead and hit the wall. There it stuck like a small bug covered in blood. How its possible that I was still standing and alive is beyond anything I’m able to answer.

I turned and unloaded my clip of seven shots into the one that had jumped me. His eyes were so full of fear as he died that I almost felt something but I ignored my human emotions and continued to fire until all my gun did was click quietly. That’s when the shower of bullets ripped me apart.

My arms and legs tore away from my body and my head rolled along the ground into a hole. As the last of my blood flowed from my brain I tried to close my eyes so that I wouldn’t have to look at this horrible world any longer. I failed and now I’m forced to blankly stair out at the horrid world that this place has become forever, never able to close my eyes.

I’m dead now, and this is where my story ends. Its kind of funny but as my body was being ripped to shreds from the hail of bullets, it stopped raining.

The End
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