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The Nigh end

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  13:23:11  20 April 2006
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back with a vengeance


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The Nigh end

The sun rose slowly over the horizon with the light giving life to a nightmare hidden by the darkness of the night. That darkness can sometimes give you a different sense of reality while, perhaps, deepening your fear or even giving you a false illusion of the situation you are really in.. Heck, who am I kidding? You don't forget about something this god-awful.

"Stop looking out that bloody window and help me find what we are looking for!"

My face had an expression of one hundred dead men as I looked onto the junk pile outside. It's hard to feel any real emotion out here.. You have to be thinking and on your feet for the most part.

"Yeah.. relax. I'm looking", I replied hesitantly as my mind wandered elsewhere.

I agreed to voyage with this other Stalker known as 'Vagabond' He insisted on this name and wouldn't give away his identity, so I played along with it. I met him while coming into sector 22 and he was ecstatic about finding an artifact that had a worth of 8,500 roubles, so, with greed in mind, I acknowledged his proposal to search for it.

"I am going to go search the backhouse", he yelled over the distance between us as I heard the back door slam shut.

I slowly walked away from the window of the decrepit household that had once housed a family, which I could tell from the ruined pictures. I had no idea where to start looking because Vaga got to it first. I guess he gave me the chance to doze off a little until the sun came up. We hadn't seen any activity yet and we had been here for a few hours, but you can say that's a miracle for us since Stalkers die daily. I walked down the hallway where Vaga once stood, passing by all the turned-over furniture and other objects which were violated by him until I reached the kitchen near the back door. Something caught the corner of my eye. A shadow quickly raced past me as I armed my weapon in anticipation of finding another horrible mutation, but nothing was there. My breathing slowly returned to a normal rate.

I made my way outside to help Vaga in his search for the artifact.

"I don't think we're alone over here, Vags," I said as I opened the small backhouse door. Vagabond was nowhere to be seen.

Something caught my eye again and I swiftly turned around to see an object scurry onto the roof. "Vaga, is that you," I questioned, hoping for a positive response, but with that, I got nothing. A figure on the roof slowly walked back to the edge while keeping me in sight. I couldn't make out who it was so I asked the same question again, only to yield more silence. More unknown figures moved towards the roof's edge. I knew this was a bad situation.

My heart pumped harder and louder as I took cover behind the backhouse shed. This felt like a scene out of a movie, and I wasn't thinking straight. I checked my weapon and proceeded to peak with it drawn towards the roof. The figures were there, but more of them.. about seven. They stood there watching me like I was for Thanksgiving dinner, and I took that as a sign to shoot one. The bullets penetrated my victim and it fell face first to the ground. The ground was so dry that particles flew up like dust as the mutant impaled the ground. That's when all hell broke loose. These were mutants and they wanted me dead, but that road went both ways.

I opened fire upon the falling mutants. They wanted my flesh and blood to spill upon this radiated, scorched earth, but they would have to get past my gun and shiny bullets to achieve that. Adrenaline rose within me as more and more of them came at me, and they gained ground every time I had to reload. This was something I have never seen before. I have seen a few mutant zombies, but this was just insane. Despair took over the adrenaline as I realized that I was on my last mag after only a few minutes into the battle. As I had trouble reloading with this mag, a mutant got close enough to give me a flesh wound on my arm, and the blood only excited them more. My gun was obviously jammed and I couldn't fix it, so I slammed the butt of my weapon upon the mutant's head, hearing the sound of its crushed skull. This gave me some sort of twisted satisfaction, and I guess it gave me enough balls to try to get my tail out of there.

I took out my pistol and started to fire as I double-timed it past the mutants. Each one clawing for me as I dodge past them. The only thing in my way was a chain link fence, but that was an easy climb. After I made it over, the zombies attacked the fence to get at me, but they got nowhere. I grinned a bit while walking backwards, taking out a piece of cloth from my backpack to stop the bleeding of my wound. I noticed another figure on the roof as I walked away, and, from the looks of it, he or she.. or whatever it was, wasn't human. Without the proper firepower, I didn't want to find out.
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