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  13:21:02  20 April 2006
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back with a vengeance


On forum: 07/31/2003
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The time had come. For three days he had been lifelessly prone on a small hill above the lake, chewing on grass to calm his stomach, waiting; waiting for the moment that could bring him peace of mind for the first time. He took in a deep breath, his finger slowly pulling back on the trigger as though it were a piece of fine porcelain ready to snap off and break at any moment. An image of his wife peacefully sleeping flashed before his eyes, as the finger fought against the weight of the trigger. He heard the mechanism click milliseconds before the rifle fired. He shut his eyes. In his mind he saw the bullet break out of its casing, spiraling out of the barrel as it took to the misty forest air, following its trajectory like a soaring falcon coming down on its prey. He imagined the soft sound of organic material ripping apart, the bullet slowly piercing through its targets eye, burning a path to the brain.

600 meters down hill a shadow collapsed to the ground. The others near it intuitively hunched down frantically scanning the atmosphere for foreign thoughts, vainly trying to locate the intruder; a group of minds working together as one. Where is it?! Where is it?! Where is it?!

Instincts having taken over, his shoulders pivoted about the spine, the rifle ready to rid the world of another miscreant, ready to bring him one step closer to tranquility. He blankly peered through the scope, not wanting to see the grotesque, distorted, putrid face which was once so promising and full of life.

The fauna surrounding him was so vibrantly green, so full of life; he wondered if all the death he had seen had just been a dream. It was beautiful - not like the memory of his wife or his children- but like the beauty of the skeletons polished pure white by the acidic rain that constantly pounded the Chernobyl landscape. How odd that such beauty could exist here, of all places. How he hated the zone. But fate had brought him here to the center of all evil. For in his mind now raged only evil thoughts; a burning desire to die yet an overpowering urge to live and kill all that confronted him. He vowed never to forget how he had failed to protect his family, his blood; How he had sat by and watched them die. For every scream his wife had made; for every bone that cracked and splintered; for all the little teeth left gleaming in a pool of red, he would take a life.
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