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Battle Plan

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  11:25:23  20 April 2006
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back with a vengeance


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Battle Plan

Battle Plan: Part 1

«The Hermod Conglomerate currently stands as the sole force in stabilizing the Zone for the future benefit of the people. We wish only to purify the lands and recover the essence of our precious past. Embrace our people and the future will be yours!»

Ah yes, the famous words of my former employer Jared Greller, the fanatical leader of the Hermod Conglomerate. His denial as to what he truly is can only be described as borderline psychotic as the majority of his actions contradict his benevolent words. For the past three years Greller has obtained a small army of mercenary soldiers comprised mostly of stalkers demonstrating exceptional skills in stealth combat, battle tactics, and small scale biological warfare. Located five kilometers from the Zone border, the Hermod Conglomerate feverishly pursues the reasons as to why the catastrophic anomaly within Chernobyl occurred in order to attain power. Throughout the years the Hermod Conglomerate has made several discoveries found in samples of Zone soil. Among the most valuable is the presence of an unknown microscopic organism with viral properties designated as Mimir. Apparently the discovery of its potential occurred seven months ago when a batch of refined and condensate Mimir was injected into a live chimpanzee. Immediately following injection the specimen began to show a rapid increase in muscle, bone, and brain tissues. Unfortunately the growth continued until the specimen was completely unrecognizable. The mass continued to show signs of «life», yet was completely useless in regards to military applications. As a result that section of the research lab was sealed, the contents left to their own devices. It is obvious from the multitude of irregular humanoid sightings that the process can be controlled. Greller is determined to discover this key and this is where I come into play.

My designation is Assault Leader: Sean Vidar. My purpose is to infiltrate the Zone, eliminate all opposition regardless of threat level and to retrieve any artifacts pertaining to the Mimir project. My infiltration team has been issued the Hermod variant of the F2000 modified to fire both case-less armor piercing rounds and depleted uranium slugs which are used to combat only the most extreme adversaries such as the Reavers. These rogue artificial self-aware life forms are equipped with 1.5 inch armor plating composed of advanced military alloys and several types of anti personnel weaponry specifically designed to engage large forces of organic opposition at once. Fortunately only a handful of these prototypes are still functioning within the Zone, and given the Reavers' immense size avoidance has never been an issue. From the putrid recesses of the Zone, my team has recovered several Chernobyl relics determined to possess valuable insight into the Mimir studies, providing information resulting in a major breakthrough. Two months ago, my team went on a routine infiltration mission in the south-eastern area of the Zone„s inner segment. The decaying nuclear research facility was our target. Considering the surrounding area, the level of moisture was extreme. The rusted walls were covered in red droplets which slowly flowed to inevitably saturate the ground. Shadow, rust, and moisture consumed this facility causing the contents to meld into a single entity. The glass was covered in a light red mist and remnants of a better past lay dead on the floor and forgotten. It was an anomaly, something never before seen within the Zone. Our Hermod issue environmental suits modified for combat situations shielded us from any contaminants. However, nothing could have protected our minds from what we discovered. Thermal sensors detected a medium sized concentration of heat three hundred meters from our present location. Traversing a series of corridors we finally reached the source. Pulsating and slowly writhing the relic was at last found. We had discovered the beginning stages of an organism exhibiting several distinct signs of transformation via Mimir, with the exception that its rate of change was controlled. Simply looking upon the grey mass of undulating tissue challenged my ability to stand. This coupled with the peculiar sounds apparently emitting from within this organism caused the situation to be nearly unbearable. This was the find the Hermod Conglomerate required to accelerate the advancement of the Mimir project to unforeseen heights. It was the bounty that would surely allow my team and I to leave this wasteland, and it is because of this that the truth would literally destroy any remnants of mercy left within this tattered shell.

It is time for my remaining brethren and I to claim vengeance on the Hermod Conglomerate for their betrayal. Their ventures into human testing placed us as the prime candidates for Mimir experimentation leaving two of my members grotesquely mutilated and soulless. Scarred and thirsting for the blood of Greller my team and I ventured into the wasteland driven only by a yearning for swallow vengeance. Armed with enough munitions to lay siege to Hermod, we took the first steps towards a path from which there was no return. I see the silhouette of death across an orange sky, its scythe leads the way while something beckons me from within . . . yes I hear you now.

Battle Plan: Part 2

My mind halted and restarted leaving myself with a new filter with which to view the world. Everything seemed to remain unchanged yet somehow slightly skewed. I no longer was complete. My mind which had been ravaged through biochemical defilement was in a state of constant dread. Lamenting over my plight was useless; there was only one course of action available. Desperate for reparations and personal justice my team and I began preparations. Across the shadows of the trees I saw my tools. Walking with a confident gait I approached my own shadow and lifted it with pride. The cool grasp eased my suffering as the tightness conformed to my physical strength. I was clothed for battle and with weapon in hand yearned to fulfill my purpose. My essence is no longer whole. My strength of mind is replaced with fear. My ability for calculated action is replaced by desperation. I will use this desperation as a means to attain what I desire, for all inhibitions are lost to a man without a clear future. Crawling from within the convoluted folds of my brain I feel a presence not of my own. It is calling me to seek that which has been forgotten. A part of the past which is not of man but still exists within him . . . a wasted life will be the source and its renewed vigor the beginning to an end. The words sent my mind towards the unknown.

A nameless figure lay near death beneath a clouded sky reviewing his life as a stalker. War was all that he knew, it sustained his life yet took from his soul. The hole went from his chest through his back spilling his life. Nothing could save him for he had reached the threshold of death. Crying during his last moments alone beneath an orange clouded sky he now yearned for a second chance. Desperation will lead a man beyond all reason, a situation soon to be shown through the body of this willing victim.

Self righteous and hypocritical, Jared Greller possessed two prime characteristics of a megalomaniac. Now convinced that the Mimir virus was stable he needed the perfect specimen. The newly recruited Assault Leader entered the sterile office of Greller reporting that the recovery team had found a candidate. Turning his face as if embracing the vision of his future, Greller contorted his pale face into a sickening grin.

Awaking to a dark room the unknown man stared at the slight glow above him. He thought that he was at his final judgment, the voice confirmed his fear. Greller saw himself as a demigod, and portrayed himself as such in order to insure absolute loyalty. Manipulating the impressionable mind of a dying man, he made clear that a second life will be granted to those who wish to pursue the righteous task of purifying this land. The man need only ask for the gift and he would be anointed with life anew. A life granted through the Mimir virus. His eyes closed and the process began. Enveloped within an incubation chamber, swirling moisture and warmth surrounded the infected body of this faceless creature.

A vision of what is to come, or has this come to pass? My mind is flooded with images of my enemy spewing false words to a dying man. Rising from my rest I put aside the questions and pause to examine my weapons taking a slight comfort in the knowledge of their capabilities. We prepared ourselves for the journey onward. As the team proceeded further towards the Hermod headquarters we were graced with a true vision of terror, the tell tale sign of the destruction soon to be released. Its single eye flashed with a blue light as the figure rose from its state of rest among the debris. The rubble fell from its massive limbs as it rose to greet its prey. We had awakened the slumbering beast from its long rest and it now towered above us casting its cold shadow across the landscape. Side mounted guns protruded from multiple compartments with barrels churning. A blaze of fire cut through three of my men, leaving their torn bodies motionless. The remaining four members and I dispersed to seek cover behind the ruins. The Reaver„s bio sensors were scanning the terrain, its massive legs moving the titan with surprising speed towards our locations. From within the dust I saw its eye flash as it acquired its target. Forcing my mind to react to the danger I hurled myself sideways as the high velocity projectiles struck my previous location. I could hear the legs moving with a pneumatic hiss accompanied by the thunderous sound of its approach. Ordering the men to flank the Reaver„s position I maneuvered through the rubble towards its rear. Taking quick aim I fired a single depleted uranium slug directly through its lower neck resulting in a spray of liquid emblazoned with sparks. Repositioning itself to counter my attacks, the remaining team unleashed a barrage of fire striking the beast through its main sensors and power source. The eye ceased to glow as the machine slowly released the tension of its upper torso. The Reaver stood motionless as we stared upon its dead shell. Examination revealed a disturbing revelation beneath the upper breast plate. The distinct insignia of the Hermod Conglomerate lay etched within the metal. This model exceeded the specifications of previous prototypes and judging from the identification number of SR-009 it was apparent that this was merely one amongst many. Jared Greller was anticipating my course of action and had sent the first message of his intentions. Soon my team and I would face our mirror images clothed in black wielding the same weapons of war.

Battle Plan: Part 3

It seemed the danger had increased exponentially within the Zone during the past few days. That which began as an artifact recovery mission became distorted into a betrayal that led to the violation of our minds and ultimately the horrific incident with the advanced Reaver model. Our main concern at the moment was with the inevitable encounters we would suffer with these relentless machines. It had become painfully obvious our environmental suits, as advanced as they may be, did not provide sufficient armor against the ammunition used in the Reaver„s main weapons. Examination of the ammo type revealed that the bullet was modeled directly from the Russian issue 5.45 caliber 7N22 armor-piercing ammunition used mainly in the dated yet highly lethal RPK74. However, the bullets had been radically modified in terms of material composition. Applying the exact method utilized by the United States to combat heavily armored vehicles, the Hermod Conglomerate had successfully reproduced the desired affect on a much smaller scale. The depleted uranium coated projectile possessed extreme pyrophoric properties resulting in instantaneous ignition when contact with a solid surface occurred at intense velocities. The immense heat results in an aerosolized radioactive release as the projectile burns through the armor and immediately produces toxic uranium oxide dust due to contact with oxygen. Such a deceivingly simple object contained the potential for massive devastation to the human body. The cauterized wounds the size of one„s eye which lay scattered across the bodies of my fallen comrades was legitimate proof. Risking a similar outcome was not an option. Proceeding with our mission could only be done after we had acquired the appropriate equipment. The way was clear. Our objective was to travel to the main Sentec complex located two kilometers from the Zone„s center north east from our location.

The core of the Sentec organization was comprised mainly of former nuclear physicists and weapon designers. This collective now specialized in the acquirement, modification, and development of modern technology focusing almost exclusively towards practical military applications. The complex was surrounded by a 2 meter thick octagonal wall 25 meters in height composed of the same metal alloys found within Reaver armor. Several manned 30mm GAU-8/A Gatling gun emplacements equipped with surface to air missiles, motion detectors, and thermal sensors insured no threat would remain standing within a one kilometer radius. Because the Sentec held no prejudice against customers willing to pay their prices, they could afford the utilization of a private army armed with the latest weapons technology could offer. Hoping we could use the various parts of the advanced Reaver model as trade, we contacted the Sentec complex and arranged a meeting.

The sky was sheathed by a dark layer of clouds allowing only small areas for light to shine through. Warm gusts of air ran across the landscape as we made our way through the unusually lush vegetation surrounding the Sentec complex. The Sentec complex was a recent addition to the Zone, specifically constructed to withstand any type of radioactive anomaly. Taking this into consideration, it was not unusual for the majority of the complex to be located below ground. Once our clearance had been granted, we were allowed to enter the main courtyard which was devoid of any activity other than the vigilant guards. As we entered the main structure we were greeted by several weapon analysts accompanied by a two of former Spetnatz soldiers. Business was initiated immediately. Several weapon analysts examined the sample pieces we had brought and were keenly interested in the ammo used by the dismantled Reaver. Describing our encounter with the machine only expanded their enthusiasm leading them to request the procurement of the entire weapons system, including the damaged sensors. In exchange we required the development of armor capable of withstanding multiple impacts from the Reaver ammunition, a month„s supply of rations, and seven hundred rounds of Hermod Issue F2000 ammo. Due to the extreme potential our discovery served for the organization, our proposition was agreed to with enthusiasm. In addition we were allowed to remain within the Sentec living quarters for the night, providing ourselves with much needed rest. Examining my surroundings induced a peculiar sense of displacement. Perhaps it was the controlled environment within the complex, or perhaps the repercussions of human biological testing. Whatever source this sensation originated from was of little importance, for it showed no signs of releasing its grasp. Falling upon the firm bed, I relinquished my mind to the unknown forces within hoping to attain answers.
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