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Brothers in Arms (Sneak Peek)

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  11:57:41  18 May 2006
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back with a vengeance


On forum: 07/31/2003
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Brothers in Arms (Sneak Peek)

Just to raise Siro's Ire... my ultimate STALKER creation in here

Newspaper clippings:


MOSCOW, Russia (Reuters) - … The Russian President currently does not face strong opposition after his opponent was sent to jail due to tax-evading charges days ago. With no strong opposition, he is expected to use the oncoming election to expand his power in the Russian Duma…

MOSCOW, Russia (Reuters) - … The President’s recent speech infuriated a big part of the population in Russia when he announced the decrease for social welfare in Russia, which includes veterans’ pension, to pay for national debt. It’s feared that the reduction in social welfare would threaten the elderly who could no longer work …

MOSCOW, Russia (Reuters)- … The Communist Party catapulted from obscurity when its new leader, Josef Galikenko, announced that he would not only preserve the current status quo of social welfare, but also seek to curb “military industrialization and research spending”, especially nuclear weaponry which he claims “no longer plays a part in our lives”. He also pledged to increase national wealth and equalize the disparity of wealth among the rich and poor. In his speech, he promised to retain democracy – “there will be free speech, freedom to choose, the leader of Russia’s future". The fear of returning to the one-party government was one of the party's long-standing policy, and one of the major stumbling blocks for the Party in the past. Mr. Galikenko called it "a compromise". "If the Communist party is good to the people, and if we stay in power, it's essentially a one-party power itself," he argued. "With the confidence of the people of course."

Russia has been known to continue its biological and nuclear arsenal research as well as military plateforms despite having other economic concerns and no longer in the Cold War.

Mr Galikenko is a former rocket scientist who, before he resigned, was a secondary school physics teacher in his hometown in Tver…

MOSCOW, Russia (Reuters)- … The President started his offensive by attacking Mr. Galikenko aggressive policy which seeks to carry out major overhaul of not just the social welfare, but potentially “the way of life of the Russian people”. “I will not let him take us back,” he proclaimed to an enthusiastic audience outside the Red Square in St. Petersburg.

However, political analysts think that the offensive came a moment too late. The Communist party now sits at 52% over just 40% of the United Russia coalition according to polls, with a margin of error of approximately 0.2%... according to the poll many participants didn't care about who is in power, as long as "whoever is in power can make sure there's power in winter and food in the market... and get them out of their economy muck."

MOSCOW, Russia (CNN) – in an unprecedented election, the Communist party won the seats to the Russian Duma. Out of the 450 seats in the State Duma, about 306 seats have been taken by the Russian Communist Part, effectively controlling the 2/3 majority in the State Parliament. Most of the remaining seats are controlled by the United Russia, and a few odd independents.

However, the new President Josef Galikenko pledged to maintain the current status quo, while bringing an end to the “botched capitalism in the Russia where the rich can only gets richer and the poor only gets poorer…”

His first act in power was to announce the start of the hourly-waged pay system in 1 year's time.

MOSCOW, Russia (CNN) – President Galikenko today announced the end of the Chechnya conflict in the Red Square. Since elected, the president undertook massive effort to revitalize the army and the other armed service. Unlike previous attempts, this time the army had the full-backing of the Air Force. Also, effective isolation of the general population from the sympathizers and rebels has also helped shortened the conflict drastically. Massive crackdowns from the well-equipped Spetznatz also eliminated the Rebel Leader Shamil Baliyan and had the rest of his men on the run...

Despite not being granted autonomy, Chechens have been promised seats in the State Duma and also compensation that is inclusive of massive funding boost to revitalize the whole economy… Experts said that the funding would most likely go to revitalize the oil industry in the Chechnya area, mainly repairing old pipes which transfer oil from the south, which was a key factor causing the war in 1995 ...

Asia Economy weekly:
The Federation of Russia today cleared more of its debt today to the INF... With agriculture, oil and forestry export on the rise and state-controlled in vital industries that prevented any foreign competition and cash-flow from Russia, the Russian economy is slowly going back on track...

Moscow, PRADVA – Martial laws were declared today as the President moved shifted troops around the country, right before he dismissed the entire police force and sacked senior police officials. In what appeared to be a rushed effort to contain civic disorder from the presence of the military, a new government-sponsored programme called “Neighbourhood Watch” was formed to replace the current police force until the police force is properly equipped and trained.

Many believe this is part of the Presidents effort to combat police corruption…

New Statesman magazine March issue, 2005
Nearly 1 year after the Communist Party re-takes the helm of Russia, the economy has been rejuvenated – deflation for the first time is lowered to that of pre-1999 when the world’s economic bubble burst. A big part of this is due to the exploration of resources in Siberia, state-ownership of major oil companies and restricted access for major international oil-production company, and partial state-control of the Russian military industry. It’s obvious that Leader of the State Galikenko takes off what Gorbachev left behind – he allowed privatisation of power agriculture and ore industry, but retaining control over bloodline industry. A tax-free policy also allows small business and local industry to flourish. Social welfare has also been increased, giving the average unemployed Russian citizen more money in their pocket…

The recent boom in economy can be directed to the hike in petroleum price around the globe and also increased demand in Russian military avionics and vehicles, which makes it a direct competition with the US. Because sales of military equipments do not have to be approved in the Senate as in the case of the United States, the Russians are free to sale what they have to offer to everywhere in the world…

Nature, March 2006 edition
Key to longevity found

-Russian scientists in the University of Moscow today announced that they have found the way to modify DNA telomeres. It has been barely a year since Russian scientists succeeded in cloning a cow.

Telomeres are associated with the lifespan control of a DNA chromosome in an organism, and until now has been a major stumbling block in cloning, as cloned cells have much lesser life span than its parent cells . The problem was first observed in Dolly, the first cloned sheep, essentially due to the genomic material being taken directly from the mother's DNA – whose telomeres had aged considerably prior to extraction and cloning. Because of that, Dolly suffered from age-related ailments at her 2nd year of birth, including arthritis...

The scientists involved were reluctant to reveal the exact process because "more work is yet to be done". But according to the team leader of the project, Dr. Navorsky, "a big part of it has to do with adding automatic telomeric-repair DNA onto a recipient DNA to allow them to produce intra-nuclear enzyme." The key was not only to which DNA to add, but also to add proper receptors to trigger the initiation of the transcription of such protein and also modifying the enzyme’s active binding site such that it binds to the DNA sequences.

Telomerase has long known to be associated with bacteria and cancerous cells, but eukaryotic organisms to do not have the ability to produce the endonuclease enzyme. The Russian team hinted that they have successfully extracted the proper telomerase gene from "sources" which then was transferred to human DNA. However, any side effect is yet to be known.

Janes Defense Weekly, May 1st week:
...Leaked documents from the Pentagon suggested unusual built-up of military forces near the border of Russia and Estonia, Georgia and Lithuania, but the Russian Ministry of Defence responded by saying troops are stationed to prevent domestic terrorism, drug trafficking, better border control, anti-piracy and anti-smuggling operation carried out by the Russian Mafia as an effort to combat crimes...

...Military industry, contrary to election promises, is now at an all-time high. Analysts in JDW find that requirement for exports do not match the end-production rate...

Geneva, Switzerland (Reuters) - ... 6 Airborne infantry division, 5 Mechanized Infantry division, with support from tanks, APCs and air support, today launched its incursion against Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan... The governing regimes in those countries were toppled, but surprising the invasion was met only with partial resistance from their Army... majority of the population supports unification into the Federation of Russian hoping for economy revival in their region... strong international condemnation from the US and Britain, who accused Russia of "being the bully"...

UN Daily Statement: NY, USA - At the General Assembly in the UN today, the US ambassador to the UN protested against Russia as yesterday marked the capture of the 30th Russian espionage agent, a Russian expatriate working for Lockheed Martin's premier Skunk Works division, who was caught by the FBI while trying to photocopy plans for the JSF programme... protested against "rising aggression" by the Russians who are "threatening to de-stabilise the US-Russian relationship that started when Russia became a democracy"...

Tbilisi, Georgia (CNN) - a bloody coup emerged today as riot police fired live ammunition on protesters who demanded the resignation of the President and the majority of the Cabinet when allegation of massive bribery surfaced in the papers a few days ago ...

Tbilisi, Georgia (Reuters) - Russian Special Forces and Airborne Mobile Infantry divisions today were deployed into the capital today to help topple the government, much to the surprise of the international community... Political analysts suspected that the Russian FSB was behind the coup itself as more and more damning evidences surfaced... the unusually methodical and systematic evidence sent to the press that caused the coup suggested the working of an intelligence agency... the majority of the protestors did not mind. "They are here to support us, and that is good," said one protestor was interviewed.

Washington D.C, USA(AP) – State Department in Washington raised alert levels, advising US citizens not to travel to Ukraine, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Kazakhstan and Belarus unless necessary. Finland should also be avoided. No specific reason was given except "increased probability of harm to American citizens".

Governments representatives from those countries protest, arguing that such warning is rather “unnecessary” and hurts their economy.

NY, USA (AP) it becomes clear that Josef Galinkenko is an ultra-nationalist-come-communist who intend to restore the Soviet Union, only under a different banner- The United Federated States of Russia... Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania and Estonia were invaded today... their combined military forces were no match for the hi-tech forces of Russia... As fleet of Mig-29, SU-39, and KA-52 Hokum flies over the skies and soldiers of the Russian army marched through the street of Kiev...

International communities were outraged. The EU and America suggested trade and technology sanction against Russia... but economists doubted the success of the sanction to be as effective as that done on the Soviet Union only decades ago, with IT boom now occurring in India and Taiwan and industrial technology boom in Asia...

Moscow, Russia (CNN)- The Russian premier today announced the formal annexation of Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia, Lithuania and several other CIS states. however, Josef Galinkenko announced that Moscow will not interfere with the domestic governance of the states... Russia allows the governments in charge before the invasion to continue their administration, but the Russian will control military spending, oil-production and exports, border control, custom-services, energy production, diplomacy and taxes. In return, the Russian government will give 60% of the income from the former sovereigns back to them... what surprised political analysts around the world is that those governments "do not have to embrace the communism ideology... their respective government are allow to pursue whatever political ends they want, democracy or non-democracy, as long as they obey the directives from Moscow..."

Kiev, Ukraine (BBC)- Cherrnobyll today exploded... Zone within 50KM radius of the explosion epicentre were closed and the population evacuated via fleets of military helicopters summoned from Russia only hours after the incident... area is heavily-radiated, unlike anything mankind has seen before... physicists suspect that this incident has nothing to do with the reactor core meltdown that occurred 2 decades ago because of the amount of radiation which was produced was unusually high... but judging from how close was the incident from the 2nd reactor no one could confirm until the incident is investigated...

Moscow (PRAVDA)- Premier Galikenko is re-elected despite massive accusation of incompetence in handling the Tchernobyll incident by the opposition party... political analysts believe this is due to the Communist Party being able to fulfil its promises...

Majority of voters, on the other hand, said they voted for the President because of the economic miracle.

And so, begins S.T.A.L.K.E.R - Shadow of Chernobyl.
  12:04:16  18 May 2006
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back with a vengeance


On forum: 07/31/2003
Messages: 1729
Prologue: Tselé

9.00AM, Day 1, 2013

It was just any other day in The Zone. After all it’s Chernobyl and there were mutants and anomalies and artefacts and the Russian Army and stalkers and guns – It’s as Chernobyl-the-exclusion Zone as it could be. After all, how could The Zone be “The Zone” without those?

You’ll be damned if you think ‘yes’.

A helicopter, a Mi-24 Hind thundered into the perimeter of the Zone. The Red Star were painted on both sides and the bottom of the helicopter, and anyone in the World – anyone - could tell you that it belonged to the Russians. Like a chariot of God from Heaven, it descended into The Zone untouched. Nor did anyone would want to touch it, for a fiery death was in store for them should they even try to throw a stone at it.

The helicopter was not the same as any other helicopter. It carried neither store nor passenger. It was not on active search-and-destroy either: instead, it was zooming in on a specific vector, a specific point somewhere in The Zone. However, it was fully armed – fully-loaded GsH Chaingun and rocket pods, capable of obliterate a small city within minutes. A chariot from God indeed.

It must have been going for about 5 minutes when there was finally words being exchanged in the cockpit.

"Sergeý, vklu-chit chiensora. The main pilot spoke through his helmet’s microphone.
“Harashó, Kapitan.”

The Multi-Function Display (MFD) quickly flicked to a new screen, indicating the sensors was now on. The captain waited impassively as his CRT monitor showed up nothing.

“Chyort, gade zhe Aani?”

The co-pilot gave out a short spurt of laughter. “Sobaka! Aa-ni…”

The monitor now showed a red-purplish man-shaped “object” lying down. The captain instantly yanked his flight control back to halt the chopper. After this, he turned the helicopter to his left and looked down… to see a dense bush of greens.

“ljetenant, vklu-chit spetnoaji “


When the lieutenant switched on the “special equipment”, nothing happened… at least not with the bare eyes. What he turned on was a high-frequency wave-emitter, somewhere higher than the usual, about 200 Mhz . And to the human ear, nothing could be heard… but with a transistor radio built to receive this kind of wave it was completely different.

Now the captain could see the “shape” standing on his feet and waved. The captain balked.

ljetenant,” he said with authority, but slowly, as though he was surprised. "Prizemlyautsya"

As the helicopter touched down, the captain was amused to see more appearing from nowhere. They weren’t supposed to be here according to briefing, the likelihood of them coming back was slim – slimmer than having a farmer from Kazakhstan to become the Secretary of the Communist party. But what the hell, they just might have 'it'.

One of the crew members of the helicopter opened the bay doors.

Zhraviya zhelau. Vi vipolnili zadanie?" The crew member said impassively.

"Prodolzhat' vipolnyat' zadanie u nas ne poluchitsya. Slishkom mnogo poter'. Nam neobhodimo peregruppirovat'sya na base."

"Ni v koem slucha! Vi libo prodolzhite zadanie, libo budete rasstrelyani na meste."

"Nu, ne povezlo! Bud' zdorov.

The crew member was just about to close the door of the helo when a shot was fired, killing him instantly. As he slumped down, leaving the sliding door of the Hind opened, suddenly the few others who had stayed hidden during the conversation rushed out, guns drawn. As they homed towards the helicopter, the helicopter raised steadily. None of them got to the chopper in time.

The leader of the group, the one who had been doing the talking, saw the helicopter’s nose slowly turned towards them, and the as the YakB machinegun started spinning, he thought: ‘this was it.’
  12:06:20  18 May 2006
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back with a vengeance


On forum: 07/31/2003

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05/18/2006 12:41:18
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Part 1: A Brotherhood called Tsirk

"Remind me again: what on Earth are we doing in this... terrible vacuum cleaner, to say the least?"

Eric smiled.

"We're on our way to make money, Ian. Lots of it"

Ian too smiled. "Funny way to make money indeed," he looked at his Russian uniform and pointed to his Russian arm-patched, Russian army uniform come standard. "If the Queen finds this on me, I'll get shot. So much for Queen and country," he well-naturedly joked. ''But they better hurry if they wish to keep my hearing!''

(Still much, much more in the current version, but I'll stop posting for now )

(My ongoing thanks to Don Reba and Eugene "Fry" Kuchma)
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