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  11:44:42  27 April 2006
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back with a vengeance


On forum: 07/31/2003
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Barek had been in and out of work since the second Chernobyl disaster. Having lost his job in the recession that followed, Barek's family life suffered. A year after the disaster without solid employment, his wife of 7 years left him. Depression set in as Barek wasted what money he had left on drink, drowning his life away.

All of that changed when news of what was going on in the zone made the news around the world. Stories of rescue expeditions gone missing, strange phenomenon and creatures ripping out of the nuclear radiated woodwork grabbed Barek out of his drunken stupor. He soon found out about men going into the Zone and collecting various objects warped by the disaster for study. It seems certain individuals were willing to pay a price for such objects. This seemed like the perfect get rich quick scheme.

A week later, Barek, along with 2 other of his drinking buddies, snuck over the Zone's border in the middle of the night. They had between them a crowbar, a baseball bat, and a shotgun, along with 3 sacks to carry the objects they heard would make them money. They maneuver their way through some dense underbrush, coming upon a road, which they followed a good 3 miles. Up ahead they spotted a house. As they approached, they began hearing a low audible groan, noticing this hairy sort of rust along the ground, crushing under foot of their boots. With dreams of big money, the 3 men didn't think much of what was causing such strange behaviour.

One of Barek's buddies rushed in the house, quick to find something to sell. Barek began to wonder if this was such a good idea, running after his friend. As he flung himself into the doorway, Barek saw his friend, in the center of what looked as the family room, on his knees holding his eyes. Barek finally noticed that the room was curved, not built with the curve in mind, but twisted, contorted into a sort of spiral into the center of the floor where his friend was right now. The walls bowed inward, the lamp off to the side was cocked at in impossible angle, being held to the wall by it's power cord. Pieces of wall paper were drawn not down, but toward the center, as if gravity was playing a different tune here inside these walls. Bareks thoughts began to feel as though they were being pulled to the center, his body being drawn to the middle of the crippled room. He turned away from the room, only to see on the other side of the doorway a world in the extremes of black and white. His head hurt, he began to bleed from the eyes and ears, the low increasing in power like thunder, careening through his head, shattering his thoughts as he cowered on the ground, holding his eyes. He could still see through his hands, seeing shapes, figures, impossible lightning dance across the ground as the draw of the center of the room became stronger. Barek felt his body arch in an absurd angle,his skin burned, hearing the cracks of his bones, the twisting of his spine toward the gravitational black hole. Barek's mind exploded, his heart came apart, and his thoughts ceased.

Three bodies were found by a military patrol on the morning of June 21, 2010. The bodies were discovered 3 miles north of the southern border of the containment zone, outside of a small cabin. One body was outside, in relative cohesion when compared to the 2 found inside. The skin was black, what clothes he had on were burned to ash, then blown off. The second body, in the doorway of the house, had it's hands fused to the metal frame of the doorway, his back arched, showing the bodies rib cage was bent backwards toward the center of the room. The skin was sporadic, some patches remained on the corpse while other places, like the top of the skull, had no skin, burnt black. The third body, or what was left of it, was largely drawn to a center hole in the floor. The entire skeletal structure was bent toward the hole, deforming the shape to a barely recognizable human. No skin, what was there was burnt black, like the others. A strange phenomenon reported was that on the ceilings were black silhouettes of the 2 bodies found in the house.

This was the first reported incident of citizens in the Zone during a blowout. More followed.
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