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The rain falls like the tears of God (2)

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  11:11:27  27 April 2006
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The rain falls like the tears of God (2)

It was raining…which was normal for this time of year. The rain had seemed to be falling non stop for as long as I could remember. It was cold and the air smelt of death and damp mixed. A normally revolting sent that I was now so used to that I missed it when ever the wind changed direction and took the scent with it.

I had been living in this town for so long that when the evacuation was ordered I wasn't going to leave. However the butt of the soldier's gun to the back of my head changed my mind, rather forcefully. I don't remember anything that happened after that except waking up in a hospital tent some miles away from town. I can remember the doctors and nurses running around helping the injured and dying. That is when I first smelled the damp death that I have become almost addicted to. I was never nor will I ever be a fighting type but I have managed to survive. It wasn't that bad…until the day I ran away from the soldiers and returned to what was left of the town.

What an idiot I was I should have realized that there would be tons of radiation and some other things I wasn't ready for nor could I ever have dreamed of. I can't even describe what has happened to me or what I have seen. And to do so would not only remind me of things I wish never to think of again and give you nightmares for days I'm sure.

I found the town a mess…nothing left nothing worth trying to rebuild really. The clouds of dust and smoke were thick overhead and the air was foul and smelled strongly of the damp death. I hated it and would go into fry heaves all the time from it. I stayed away from any others I saw for different reasons but mostly because of the way they all looked. Almost like they were in a trance or something, it seemed that their will and want to live had completely taken over and they were only driven by that lust, that dead lust for life of any kind. I found food to eat and water to drink. That is what is slowly killing me now I fear. How stupid I was to think I could just come back and be fine.

I was afraid of the others around me…the few that there were. They all seemed driven by there lust for life so much so to the point of losing their grasp on reality. I fought through the sewers and the culvers and any other pits craters or depressions to try and stay away. That is when I came across the crater of the blast. I passed out when I came to it, probably from the Radiation. How I made there I can't explain…why I'm still alive I do not know. All I do know is that something at that crater dragged me away and left me for dead in a mass grave that was near the crater. I believe this is why I'm so used to and addicted to the smell now. Being immersed in it for so long and absorbing it into every pore of my body.

When I woke I was under a few bodies and the rain was falling very softly and slowly it seemed. I pulled myself free of the bodies and found a puddle to drink from. My mouth was so dry I had to drink something right away. I stumbled and fell back down into the pit of bodies and laid there on top of them for several hours letting the rain fall down on me. Laying there I began to see things and started to get the feeling of leaving my body. I was almost free of my earthly bonds to this hell when there was a distant explosion that brought me falling back into my pit of dismay and death faster than my mind could comprehend.

I sat up to see that the pit was filling with rain and that I was gong to be trapped if I didn't climb out soon. I clawed my way up the side of the pit and found more water to drink and once I had finished slurping up the water I looked at myself in the rain water. All my hair was gone my eyes looked sunk in to my head and my skin was ruff and flaking. I could see the blood behind my face and the rain was leaving spots on me now. I was weak and tired but not sleepy. I crawled over to an abandoned car and got in and lay on the seat and watched the rain falling all around me. There was no sun breaks anywhere in the thick clouds as far as I could see.

I must have fallen asleep or passed out but I remember waking up. I was once again in the pit of bodies now full of water and other liquids I could not identify. I crawled up and out of the pit for the final time and staggered over to a diner that was still standing somehow. I couldn't see very well anymore and I could feel water running in behind my left eye when ever I looked up. The rain was falling still and it was getting lighter. The morning was coming and the sun would rise up behind the clouds and there would be no place for me to hide from those that wandered the streets during the day.

In the diner I found this paper I'm writing on and a pencil I started to write about what happened to me as you can tell but I stopped and put away the paper and pencil and started to walk around the streets again. I wasn't afraid anymore because I blended in with the others now and they left me alone. Passing me with that look of death trying to climb up out of hell and return to the surface where life was found. I watched them eat one another and even joined them at one point not exactly eating the flesh I was given but just tasting it and smelling it. After awhile I continued on toward the lights that were in the distance that I had come from the other day…or days. I wasn't sure anymore how long I had been here.

I watched a few of the 'people“ get shot by 'normal people“ a few days later. It seemed that they were hunting down and exterminating the death walkers. So I hid and waited for them to go. I passed out again and when I woke I was sitting in a box with a dead rat at my feet. I ate the flesh of the rat and then returned to the dark streets. I was almost to the edge of the city when a light flashed in my face and I was hit several times in the shoulder and chest. I didn't feel pain only the impacts of the bullets. I ran, well walked as fast as I could and fell down and embankment and landed in some water.

There I lay for several hours before passing out again. When I woke it was light out and the rain was coming down harder than before. I looked around and realized I was in a small creek or culver or something. Lay there and wrote down all of this up to this point and now am still laying here in this ditch waiting to die.

«Its peaceful now the rain is letting up and I can see the light!» As I lay there in the ditch the sun started to peak out from behind the clouds. My paper and pencil lay beside me in the mud, my story never to be finished but to be found. My eyelids began to fall over my eyes for the last time and as I lay in this ditch watching my life leave my body behind in the mud, twisted, irradiated and broken I realized something.

The rain had a, sadness to it a sadness that seemed to be covering everything it fell on and I was only now able to see it because I was almost dead. The rain…the rain…it was falling like the tears of god.
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