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Script-spawned LC direction misbehavior

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  15:49:46  16 January 2015
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On forum: 01/25/2013
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Script-spawned LC direction misbehavior

Whenever I try to spawn a level changer with edited packet data, the resulting direction is completely different from what I entered. Here is the script:

local lChanger = alife():create( "level_changer",,, )
local lcData = packet_utils.get_object_data( )

lcData.shapes = {}
lcData.shapes[ 1 ] = {}
lcData.shapes[ 1 ].shtype	= 0
lcData.shapes[ 1 ].radius	= 1
lcData.shapes[ 1 ].offset	= vector():set( 0, 0, 0 )
lcData.dest_level_name		= goLevel
lcData.dest_position		= location.position
lcData.dest_direction		= location.direction
lcData.dest_game_vertex_id	= location.gvid
lcData.dest_level_vertex_id	= location.lvid
lcData.silent_mode			= 1
lcData.story_id				= 8657

packet_utils.set_object_data( lChanger, lcData )

The location entries are formatted like this:

{	position	= vector():set( 189.562,0.095,117.508 ),
	direction	= vector():set( 0.015,0.000,1.000 ),
	lvid		= 45833,
	gvid		= 1190,

It goes to the right level, right vertex IDs, right position, but the direction is always wrong. I've tried just putting a static value in for dest_direction such as vector():set( 1, 0.5, 0 ) but even that always comes out facing something different (-0.479, 0.000, 0.878 for that input according to

Is this a bug with packet_utils? Is there something I'm missing about how direction works? I'm stumped.
  03:51:05  22 April 2015
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On forum: 06/15/2007
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Just in case you might still be working on this:

The right-hand rule applies to the Y-coordinate for the primary component of level changer direction. My second post (#286997) on page 188 of the ZRP thread in reply to Storm Shadow might help.

"ZRP - A joint effort in fixing S.T.A.L.K.E.R.", page 188:

Some revision applies if you use the code from the ZRP: You no longer need to set the direction by moving a bit in the ZRP. It now uses the always-valid device().cam_dir value for the direction instead of And you should still be able to use the X and Z values to set the vertical view angle as noted in the linked TMI post (thm_id=17494).
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