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The Journeyman

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  04:53:00  19 June 2007
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On forum: 05/31/2007
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The Journeyman

I thought this all up while I was hauling wood around my house...I managed to integrate the Artefact Activation 1.3 mod into Faiakes Mod 2.2 and it's been great.

So then I thought about the guy @ the garbage cornered by bandits...this story isn't about that guy, but...well you'll see.

And so there I was, in the Wild Country, cornered by three bandits. Bandits aren’t the smartest of the lot in the Zone, but at least they speak Russian (usually).

And as usual they’re asking me for my artifacts and all my money. Bastards. I didn’t even have a gun.

“Come on you stupid runt, give us the artifacts and your money and you can go!” a bandit in a leather cloak said, aiming a Desert Eagle at my face. The other two simply stood on his left and right with their MP5s, smirking behind their masks.

Before, at the mobile lab in Yantar Professor Kruglov told me of a way to “activate” artifacts, turning them into anomalies. He said that they often activate artifacts to study the anomalies in a closed environment, of course after the artifacts themselves have been studied.

According to Kruglov, artifacts could be activated by a series of pressure points on the surface of the artifact. He taught me how to activate a few artifacts in the hope I could use it to defend myself, as he had when a firearm would be little help.

“Okay, okay,” I said, raising my hands. “I’ll get the artifact, don’t shoot…” I reached into my backpack and took out a Jellyfish artifact. It’d be a big shame to waste it on scum like these…

A yellow-toothed grin split across the black mask of the cloaked bandit. He lowered his gun slightly and reached out. “That’s the way…”

Very quickly I started pushing the pressure points with my fingers. Two fingers over there, swing over and hold with my thumb and press there…grip all five fingers at these points…

“Hey hey hey what are you doing?!” interjected the bandit who now pressed his gun against my head.

Press the pinky into the hole on top. Done.

I shoved the artifact into the bandit’s chest, who promptly staggered backwards.

“You son of a-“

The anomaly suddenly began shining brightly. Energy seemed to swirl around it, surprising the bandits and confusing them. Then the artifact disintegrated very fast, an air distortion forming in its place.


The newly formed Springboard anomaly blew the cloaked bandit backwards, landing on the ground on his back. The other two were shoved to the ground the same way, their guns flying out of their hands.

I quickly got the hell out of there. I could hear them cursing like mad behind me and someone even started shooting, but I was at the tunnel to Yantar before I knew it. I threw a few rocks to trigger the Burner anomalies and slipped past them. Once I got to the other side, I checked for zombies…none.

And so I made my way back to Yantar…I really should find some zombies, I need a gun.

I might add more adventures of the Journeyman...hope you liked it
  06:20:26  19 June 2007
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On forum: 06/03/2007
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Pretty neat for a short story.
  06:55:53  19 June 2007
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I see you.


On forum: 05/15/2005
Messages: 574
Good one indeed.
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