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Petya Voronin must pay. A Stalker Tale...with a Vengeance [Part 1]

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  19:35:55  29 April 2007
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S.T.A.L.K.E.R MP King


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Petya Voronin must pay. A Stalker Tale...with a Vengeance [Part 1]

I must get revenge. He who dares touch my artifacts must face the consequences.

I wake up in a dacha in Cordon. Today's the day. Vengeance day. Petya is a liar and a thief. No food in the house because of him. My mission is to eliminate the expert Stalker Petya Voronin and take back what's rightfully mine: that precious Fireball. And Fireball equals food. The time to act is now.

The sun is shining as I exit the dacha. My Viper-5 is strapped onto my waist along with 36 9x9mm bullets and a pair of military binoculars. I shake out some bullets and load them into the Viper. Soon the time will come.

As I'm walking along the dirt road, I notice Sergei, and old time pal of mine. I decide to ask him about Petya.

" Hey, Sergei!"

Sergei looks at me and smiles. He then offers me some Tourist's Delight. I thank him and wolf the Delight.

" Oh Petya, huh? Haven't seen him for a while. Rumor has it he's been roaming around the Zone looking for a controller's ear. You can check by his house though. See the little white dacha by that big tree?"

He points to it.

" That's where he lives. You can go check if he's there, but I doubt it. He's been acting strange lately."

I thank him once more and walk across the road toward the white house with no front door. I stop short of the front patio and listen. Nothing. I walk into the old russian style dacha. The floorboards creak as I step in.

Now's the time to act. I unholster my Viper and load it. I raise it to shoulder length an start searching the house.

So far I've found nothing. That leaves one last room. Petya's bedroom. The bedroom door is closed. I walk up to the door, raising my gun even higher so the iron sights meet my eye. Then I raise my foot, and kick the door in.

What I saw in that bedroom was something I will never forget. Nightmares still haunt me to this day.

To Be Continued...

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  19:59:20  29 April 2007
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Local Law-Enforcement


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Moved to the proper section.

Wait a second...there's a thread with the exact same story and title already here. Why did you make two threads and put one in the general section?
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