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Lore Mod entries

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  13:44:44  28 April 2007
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The man lacking a plan


On forum: 08/02/2003

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04/28/2007 21:57:57
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Lore Mod entries

This is an attempt to move entries to the proposed lore mod to a forum which isn't updated as frequently as 'mod discussion', hence attention remains on the topic rather than it getting lost on page 6 ( that's all I can tell you about where the original thread is, I don't know how to link to another thread on GSC's weird-ass forum! ).

Ombrenuit is the mod-master on this project, and he's after PDA logs found on dead bodies, stories behind stashes, and readable books/documents, here's his original brief;

"One thing that always bothered me about STALKER was the lack of lore--sure the game had a great atmosphere but what it lacked was readables. You can only find a handful of PDAs (all related to the main story essentially) that give a hint of what life in the zone is like:

What I suggest is getting a team together to write text for a series of flash drives (or documents) that can be scattered across the zone to be found. When one picks it up, it simply adds an entry to your diary.

These would all be simply documents written by scientists, military personnel, bandits, and your fellow stalkers to expand the atmosphere and lore of the world.

First let me establish that the goal of this mod is to add to the atmosphere, but not add quests. If someone wants to add a quest that incorporates readibles, they could easily do it on their own , but I feel that is outside the scope of what this mod is trying to accomplish.

This doesn't necessarily mean that there can't be something along the lines of pages of a compendium that can be collected, but I want to keep the goal of the mod fairly uniform and simplistic in execution. We're adding PDA entries, readibles (that trigger PDA entries), and rumors--that's it. No quests.

The audio files are a bit risky simply because they fail if they don't maintain the quality of the rest of the audio files in the game (and the Eastern European accent). But they are a welcome addition. But for the most part you're on your own with recording equipment and what you want to add. If you create anything great, just be sure to drop a line .

Also, I want an active proofreading community for those that contribute, and don't be afraid to criticize or pick apart other's works. I want us to be able to take a bit of criticism and try to improve everything enough to the point where its top quality and really adds to the immersion. If it feels amateur then it will fail in this goal and break any immersion it attempts. Think of it as a literary community.

I got the mailing list up and running, if you are interested in joining subscribe and then when you get accepted, submit a sample entry (have sample in your title of that e-mail).

To subscribe:

To post after you are accepted send mail to:"

We're trying to keep these fairly short and snappy as obviously most players don't want to spend ages reading from that funny little PDA screen. If you send a sample entry to Ombrenuit be sure to say what context it should be taken in;

Where is its location?
Is it an item or simply triggered?
In a container? (Chest, secret stash?)

Feel free to post some entries here as well, ideally once Ombrenuit has confirmed you're in, but I won't be a Nazi in that regard .
  01:38:06  30 April 2007
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The man lacking a plan


On forum: 08/02/2003

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04/30/2007 1:43:07
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Okay, I'll post some excerpts of my own to get things going, as I know you're out there, I can hear you breathing

Here's a response to the 'tell me something interesting dialogue:

"Did you hear about this? There was a rookie, let's call him Deadmeat, as really that's just what he was. Read a few books, came in with too much money and got himself some nice equipment, maybe he had a rich Daddy. Anyway, he thought he knew it all so the Zone immediatly took notice of that, decided to do just what he wanted and make him immortal. He was out with a group of others, taking point as always, when an anomaly sprang out of nowhere.

Some say it was a Fruit Punch, others a Vortex, and a few believe it wasn't any of those; it came up too quickly, the detectors didn't smell a thing, then it was gone right after the damage was done. It blew him apart, like he'd eaten a grenade, but it was when the body parts came down that things started to get really strange. They were moving, not twitching but moving, like there was a still a brain. Legs were trying to walk, the arms moved like snakes, each hand hooking its fingers into the earth and dragging the limb forward.

His buddies freaked out, emptied every bit of ammunition they had into those things until they were just ruined tatters of meat, then they went back to 100 Rads as fast as they could and bought every bottle of vodka in the place. Nobody ever found his head, anyone who tries to say it might have survived, been snatched up by a stalker, is shouted down. What would they have done with it? Could it still think, feel, understand what happened?

I'm sure the scientists would kill for such a thing, but maybe the guy who stole it just wanted someone to keep him company, it can get pretty lonely out here."

And here's a PDA entry regarding a stash:

"If it's your bullet that killed me then I don't expect you'll read much farther, but I feel somehow....safer laying these thoughts down. Maybe it's the fear of being judged, of being marked down as a thief and a scavenger, but some part of me needs to justify why I'm here.

I have no illusions of how long I can survive, my father was a stalker but never taught me anything about the Zone, he was a drunk and largely absent from my life - yet it's because of him that I'm here.

My brother, three years old, was born with a twisted left arm and malignant cancers which lay dormant until recently. It's the legacy of a stalker they say, to birth freaks and outcasts, and I hate myself for being the normal one just as much as I hate my father for knowing the dangers and spilling his seed anyway.

We couldn't afford the needed medical care, but I knew through blown-up stories that there were things in the Zone that could heal a dying man as surely as there were others that could rend him apart. I saved what I could, left without my mother's knowledge or permission, and ended up here.

The artifact I needed was called a Meat Chunk, a group of stalkers I came across on my first night told me, and with their guidance I set off to find it. Since then I've seen things I couldn't have imagined, and understanding for why my father loved the bottle wasn't slow in coming. It may just be my mind coming apart but the Zone can make you feel as though there's a vast, foreign intellect and you're an intruder in its body, all the creatures and anomalies are nothing more than antibodies but there's some dark, brilliant part which we never get to see.

No-one was as surprised as me when I actually found it, first thing I did was hide it along with some other items and mark it down here so I don't forget, now I just need to earn enough money to bribe my way back out.

I hope I'm not too late".
  20:34:03  30 April 2007
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On forum: 04/11/2007
Messages: 83
I'm keeping a journal of my experiences in STALKER for fun and to give me a chance to indulge my creative side a little. Assuming it's of good enough quality, would entries from that be the kind of thing you'd be looking to incorporate into this mod?
  22:41:10  30 April 2007
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The man lacking a plan


On forum: 08/02/2003
Messages: 273
I'm pretty sure anything of decent enough quality is fair game, as long as it's not just 'went here, killed this, bled a bit' etc, you can use this thread as an 'acid-test' to get opinions on any writing before sending it to Ombrenuit if you like.
  23:18:29  30 April 2007
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On forum: 04/11/2007
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Well, my journal entries do follow pretty much exactly what I do in the game, though I do my best to keep it interesting. But, you can be the judge of how well I do at that

27 April, 2011

I figure it would be a good idea to start recording my experiences in the Zone for posterity. Considering the mortality rate of my fellow stalkers, it’s not inconceivable that I could snuff it soon myself. However, here, in the Bar, I’m fairly safe - barring something outlandish like a meteor impact or an underground mine collapsing. I’ll start this with my experiences of tonight and continue from there - the radiation and alcohol have probably ruined anything resembling a long-term memory I may have by now.
Just a couple hours ago, I was “home” in the Garbage hangar. The place is besieged by bandits almost constantly, and they make assaults often - how they keep up these shenanigans, I do not know, they die by the score. Their dead bodies are everywhere, and they’re unsightly and stink horribly. The bandits don’t bathe often, apparently. Decomposition probably doesn’t help much either. To at least get them out of sight - though they’ll never be out of mind - I began dragging the bodies into the latrine. After all, where else does one dispose of human waste?
Being piss-drunk at the time (I don’t know too many sober people who handle dead bodies willingly), I didn’t hear the bandits run into the compound through the open gate. By the time I noticed, the whole lot of them (must have been at least a half dozen) were in, and firing away. I had my faithful companion, my Kalashnikov on me, but even the best gun in the world can’t help when you’re too drunk to aim it correctly. I had no choice but to make a run for it - thankfully there was a hole in the wall for me to get out through, rather than making myself an excellent target by going for the gate. My fellows in the hangar were no match for the bandits. By the time I’d left there was not a single survivor among them.
Hopefully the bandits don’t loot the place too thoroughly, as I had most of my weapons (Western weapons, at that) stored there. I do not care to go into the Wild to get replacements from the mercenaries, and that Freedom “trader” Skinflint’s prices are merely banditry without the violence. In any case, I shall return shortly, just as soon as I get the barkeep to repair my dear Kalashnikov (it jammed three times while fighting wild dogs outside of the Bar) and my stalker suit, which, in its current condition, could stop bullets as well as the leather jacket I came into the Zone with. Now, on my second bottle of vodka, I am becoming too intoxicated to continue. If all goes well I shall be writing from home tomorrow.
  00:31:57  4 May 2007
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The man lacking a plan


On forum: 08/02/2003
Messages: 273
I like it, think you should definitely send that one in.

The tone comes across as smart and dry ( "banditry without the violence" ) but without a trace of pretension or boasting, sort of 'worldly-wise' if you will, a great voice for a stalker.
  03:19:22  23 June 2007
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wants a pet pesudodog.


On forum: 06/08/2007

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06/23/2007 3:24:54
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June 10, 2012:

We were headed to the bandit camp in the Dark Valley, had some busniess to take care of. I'd tell you what, but that's a whole other story and we'd never get back to the matter at hand. Our team was three strong, at least it would be once we got back. Armed with our AKMs, we were travelling light. Someone had gone through and rialed up a few local Bloodsucker nests not to long ago, and anyone outside the 100 Rads did well to tread softly.
It was our plan, and our custom, to approach the partially-constructed building from its blind spot, and advance through the underground tunnels to get in and catch the bastards by surprise. Oar, a name derived from his previous life as fisherman, was always more comfortable in the water, and knew ways to move through it more silently than one would think possible on land. Thank god for our SEVAs, swimming in that muck, but it worked like a charm. We worked through the undergound tunnels and came up in the middle of the den. The jail wasn't far, and the first bandit dog got a kife to the throat. Quick and quiet, but we knew our luck wouldn't hold. There was always one sitting right at the entrance to the jail. A quarter clip later, and the whole camp knew we were there, but our way was clear.
We rushed the jail and sprung it; I don't think I've ever seen Filling so happy to see us. His leg was hurt bad, I think I saw bone sticking out, so Oar and I were his crutches. Well, the only way out was through the window at the top, and thus we made our way, but one of the bastards must have caught a glimpse of us on the way out.
The camp was on full alert, shouts and taunts ringing from the broken brick walls. We couldn't get back to the tunnels now, so we made for the gate. Filling went over first, with our help, of course, landing on his good leg and hobbling painfully around the corner to hide. Oar and I quickly followed him.
With our backs resting against the wall, we took a moment to catch our breath, and try to make a plan. Against those numbers, and with Filling in the state he was in, we could only hope to hide, but we could hear the bandits coming closer. I closed my eyes for a moment to clear my head, and opened them to the sight of two pairs of glowing eyes against the grassy field before me. I didn't need to see their shimmering outlines, and neither did anyone else.
All I could say was "Shit," but in that moment, Oar hatched a plan. He raised his AKM, fired 5 rounds into the Suckers and bolted back around the corner.
I heard the bandit scum catch sight of him, their battle taunts still ring like funeral bells, and open fire. The last thing I heard from Oar was a grenade explosion and the squeal of breaking metal. The Suckers, blind in their bloodlust, rushed around the corner, but the bandits had stopped firing. Between the blast and the smoke, they must not have seen the two shimmering vampires.
"Come on," I whispered as I hauled Filling to his feet. We made or escape out to the swamp, as the Suckers ambushed their first victims.
Filling is healing up nicely, he'll be okay in a week, but we'd all be rotting corpses if it wasn't for Oar, so... So...let's drink to him again, he was a good Stalker.

So, how's that, hopefully not too long.
  10:26:36  23 June 2007
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On forum: 05/13/2007
Messages: 261
I sent a message to the subscribe email, so until then here's a sample.

Discovered on a dead soldier or in a Military base or checkpoint.

>Military communique #257191/234[24/5/12]
>Attention: All Exclusion Zone personnel
>Military, Intelligence and Logistics Staff are hereby authorized to terminate or capture, using lethal force where necessary, the following persons accused of the crime of entering the Exclusion Zone without authorization and/or dealing in the stolen property of the Ukrainian and Russian Governments:
Annika Jekonov, Brad Matthews, Damien Kroniski, Machiko Kurenai, Robiskni Chernenrov, Retlab Stov, Thomas Damon, Villehiem Tachor,
Douso Xuan, Yerok Zumatov.
>All persons listed above are to be considered armed and dangerous. >Collaborating with or allowing a person listed above to evade martial law is a criminal offense punishable by fines and imprisonment of no less than five (5) years.

If possible, you could use a random name list to generate 4 or 5 names. I don't know how feasible that is, though.
  16:36:48  15 July 2007
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On forum: 07/15/2007
Messages: 9
My PDAs I wrote yesterday.

Ive written some yesterday. Tell me what to improve if you think something is missing or hasnt been done well enough.

All the PDAs can be found on a person you choose. Simply copy the text and use it

This is a PDA found on a zombie:

Day 1
I no longer want to be a stalker.
So today is the first day of our expedition. Me and some buddies have decided to venture deeper into the Zone. Things are getting pretty desperate since I want to get out of the Zone, all I need is enough cash. I wont tell my companions, or anyone else for that matter. The leader made up the motto: “One time Stalker, always Stalker”. It wont count for me – this place is hell. I can sometimes hear radiation inside me. I’ve been here for years. Too many years. Can’t even remember how home was…
Day 2
A group of military stalkers was guarding the way we the needed to go. They lie dead now. Sadly one of my buddies got wounded. We caught them by surprise so we suffered no further damage.
Later we saw some empty houses, or rather more like a military structure. I’ve seen a few people run around there, we will attack and raid it by nightfall.
Day 3
I’m sitting on my pile of treasures with a bottle of vodka in my hand.
We made it! It was guarded by some damn bandits or so. I heard one of them said that one of there friends was taken by a bloodsucker! I hope they are not around. The news anyway are that there is a lot of artefacts around here. I just gathered a Nightstar and a Stone Blood. I also found a good amount of money here. The downside is that one of my buddies died. We are four left now. I do plan to maybe… well… shoot them and take all the loot and leave the Zone forever. Killing mates, killing mutants killing bandits. This zone makes me cold inside my heart. Ah well, looks like the bottle is getting empty now. I better go to sleep. Tomorrow night I will kill them. And finally leave this place.
Day Unknown
I’m alive… I’m fucking alive. I got 3 bullet holes – one in my chest, one in my leg and one in my shoulder. The worst thing is my head feels so… heavy. I can constantly hear radiation sound inside myself. Not far away from me lies 4 of my friends – dead. One is missing however. Its suprising to read this PDA – I cant remember very much. I got this Night Star artefact here; it seems that’s the only thing that’s left. It stops the pains somehow. I can barely move and I am writing this with one fucking hand. No food or booze or money can be seen here… only dead bodies.
2 days after Day Unknown.
I’m starving. My head feels heavy. I need something to eat and the only thing I can get is these… dead bodies. I don’t like the thought but if that is what is needed to keep me alive until someone saves me.
Unknown date.
I have no idea how long have passed. Days pass so fast, I don’t even take notice of it anymore. I survive by eating my former... friends. I feel so tired. Tired. The radiation is constantly ticking inside me. I no longer feel the pain of my wounds. I barely feel anything, it’s like my senses are gone. I feel like some sort of monster…
One thing is for sure.
I am no Stalker anymore.

A PDA found on a stalker grave:
Here lies my buddy Frank Kravist.
A man can walk many paths some people say – this one took the Electro path.
May you rest in radiated pieces.

PDA found on a Pseudodog:
I’m sitting inside this lonely abandoned building. Starving and wounded. Its storming outside and I can hear some Pseudodogs howling outside. May the hells take them! I don’t fucking hope they will get any closer.
Two days have passed since I last time wrote here.
I’ve found some food and a bottle of vodka inside this building. Things are getting worse. Pseudodogs are still outside; I can hear them sniffing the ground.
Holy Crap… one of them is close to the building now. Good that I have my gun with me. I hope I make it.

PDA found on a stalker:
This is a message to whoever might kill me – or whoever might find my dead body. I would like you to do me a final honour:
Remove me from radiated areas and radiated items.
Leave me with my ammonition and weapons.
Burn my body and bury the ashes in safe ground. I don’t wanna spawn as something cruel. Looks like I don’t got any time to describe any further, one of my mates say that a stalker is approaching…

PDA found on a Mercenary:
Objective: Kill The Marked One.
  05:23:05  29 July 2007
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Cmdr. Vasily Kutnetz
Cordon Commissar


On forum: 02/03/2007

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Cmdr. Vasily Kutnetz
07/29/2007 5:24:54
Messages: 673
I'm back, i found my old PDA entry and worked on it a bit, I didn't feel like Kutnetz should have gotten quite the promotion he did and I decided that he will be made commander of Chernobyl Exclusion Zone Operational Garrison CEZOG (Damn I could have been a soviet, my acronyms are almost as long and odd as theirs).

April 15,2011
I just got orders from Moscow, I am to leave the embassy and work on loan to the Ukrainian Government in the Zone, God I read the reports about what was going on, I am Worried
April 26, 2011
Why do they have to send me back? Didn't I do my service for Mother Russia last time that damned plant blew up....Though I guess because of my prior experience I got nominated to go in. Time to sign out my convoy has reached the new Checkpoint. Vasileyev my Sergent and friend is with me here.
June 04, 2011
This morning I led my squad into the old vehicle graveyard, a pack of dogs came, but something was wrong, the pack leader was something out of a cheap horror book. We were lucky to hold off the hellish creatures.
July 17, 2011
Me and the men are almost used to the oddities now. We live in the old agroprom institute barracks now. Yesterday they brought our generators but two of the three don't work normally,the driver of the first truck said that those two had got hit by some sort of electric blast or an EMP of some form, will have to check that out.
July 18, 2011
What the hell happened?! Four damned sentries all dead. They Barely Look Human, like the egyptian mummies i saw in a western textbook once.
July 20, 2011
Got the thing that killed my sentries! The bastard was invisible till it was almost on the man in front of me, he's critical now he just won't stop bleeding....It was tall and grey with tentacles.
August 19, 2011
September 13, 2011
Friday 13 unlucky we had to go in after a spetznatz squad they went missing, at old lake yantar, jesus it was a slaughter though, when we got there we found the remainder of the squad holed up in an old office at the yantar facility all around were these things on all fours, looked like our men, but they roared and jumped.....took down four guys before Sgt. Vasileyev used his breaching shotgun to blow one away mid jump....seemed to scare the other one off for a while.....Right now we are holed up with the spetznatz......We learned a long time ago that night is bad.........
September 15, 2011
I am the only one left after the crawling bastards took out every one else......Vasileyev went last, out of ammo, just bashing them with the butt of his AK-74.....I only ran because I had to report to my superiors about this....
September 20, 2011
I made it all the way back to the Cordon, a patrol found me limping up the road, My CO thought me insane, until he saw the video feed off of my helmet cam. He phoned Kiev, who in turn phoned the Russian Embassy who i was on loan from,who went up the ladder to Military command. Apparently I am to be promoted to Commander of Chernobyl Exclusion Zone Operational Garrison (CEZOG) Vasileyev will be posthumusly awarded an award for Service to the Russian Federation.

September 23, 2016 (this will be tweaked to reflect day that Marked one is found at wreck)
Damn it, they are sending more trucks south from up....there. Only its rumored that there was someone alive on the one that wrecked last night, I'll have to instruct the men to step up activitys around those damnable old labs. That is if any of my men are willing to go near the things, I've heard storys about the one by the unfinished factory where the badits stay. God if even a tenth of its true, what about if Those double crossing "scientists" got further in their experiments in the other labs. Damn where is Kodemish when you need him!


Didn't read the sign up part I'll be signing up now
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