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  13:00:23  14 July 2007
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Damnit!!I slammed the 60 round mag into the AK47,bullets thudding the brick,cocked it with all my might.Quick as a flash,up to my feet,BLAM the bolt flies back and smashes the receiver,cocking handle is now useless.It was on its last legs anyway,now ill have to find a replacement.

'Fucking russian guns!!!' I dropped the rifle with haste,i had only my p228 left,i leant against the wall near the rpg torn opening............but nothing,no gunfire,no voice from that fucking merc.I pop my head to the window,and there he lays,on the verge on the hill about 60 meters,in a pool of blood,clutching his stomach and moaning in the usual manner.And whats cant be.....its my lucky day.

I ran as fast as my legs would carry me,but he spotted me at 30 meters,and tried crawling to his AN-94,but no use,i was there before he even could reach it,i picked the rifle up.God it was beautiful,new as well,still had grease on the bolt,also a 7x60 scope,rare in this place.

He mumbled and groaned for something in his back pack,couldnt make it out,but i quickly relieved him off the pack and his weapons,including his knife,grenades and sidearm,i wasnt taking any chances.I ripped his gas mask off,and what a i saw nearly made me fall over,that scar,that huge scar across his eye.'you fucking bastard,eat this'.I aimed my pistol at the side of his head,he looks at me,goes all wide eyed and BANG......that'll teach him,he raided my friends camp with his cronies 3 days ago,slaughtered them all like dogs,even took their clothes,bastards,bastards.

His pack is full of loot,as well as his armor,an-94 mags,boxes of bullets,medkits,a lovely soul artifact,hehehe,bet he wishes he had been holding that baby.He's wearing a beril 5m suit,but its battered and rent asunder by deep bullet scores,although there is a second vest i can see underneath,im not too proud to relieve him of his Sphere helmet.Then i here it,the deep rumble,it cant be,unless.....unless.....fuck no!!!!!!!Then i see it,the metal behemoth rumbling over the hill,and the scream of bloodlusting,run,run!!!!!My legs didnt carry me for a second,then i was gone,down into the tunnels,god i hate this place.......

What you think????will continue in the tunnels
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