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some suggestions / a wish list for possible fixes in the next patch / first mod:

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  14:09:20  21 March 2007
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On forum: 03/14/2007
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some suggestions / a wish list for possible fixes in the next patch / first mod:

hey guys, id like to make a suggestion thread / wish list for the next patch / first mod when it eventually comes out..
(though i doubt it will be listened to)
& im sorry if it has already been done..

firstly, id like to see bullet wound decals! or at least some kind of option to turn them on / off.

id like to see realistic damage / enemies not taking such a huge beating.

multiplayer servers.

& a multiplayer lag fix.

& just some of the other minor random glitches throughout the game that have been mentioned already around here alot.

anything to add?
  14:48:05  21 March 2007
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On forum: 03/17/2007
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Yes indeed man, i turn on to lowest difficulty lvl (Novice) and i need shot 15-30 bullets in some guy to kill him, its not real, i need few bullets to dead but they need 15-30 bullets to die pls fix this GSC. For example today i need to give some Stalker 3 (!) close headshots to kill him its annoying. Next the game was going perfect 1280x1024 max details and full HDR but after first load game i cant play, must turn off HDR and after that i can play normal.
  16:35:09  21 March 2007
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On forum: 03/20/2007
Messages: 10
Here's another thread in General:

1) Please make the game recognize more than 3 mouse buttons when not special mouse software is loaded. Most other games do it already.

2) Please add a new control which allows to toggle Zoom/iron sights.

3) Please add a new control which allows to Sprint/walk by holding down a button. With the toggle option already in place, one would only need to change the toggle to switch between always run on and off.

4) Please add a new control which allows a low crouch without having to crouch normally first.

5) Please allow to chage the scroll wheel direction for zooming. I like to turn the wheel forward (away from myself) to zoom in, not the reverse like we have in the game.
  06:27:22  23 March 2007
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On forum: 03/23/2007
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An option to turn off the keys (* and / on the keypad) that speed up time so that those of use who use the keypad aren't accidentally hitting it and wondering why we're starving every 5 seconds.
  23:19:45  23 March 2007
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On forum: 03/22/2007

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03/24/2007 9:22:22
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Some thoughts (superb game in my humble opinion, albeit slightly rough here and there):

1) Weapon "fouling rate"/degradation; they degrade a bit too quickly (able to set value via console/ini files?) and tend to jam when in almost pristine condition (could be down to poor quality control at the ammo factory but seems a bit silly). Perhaps weapons could be "cleaned", the weapon model lowered for a while while it is cleaned and returned to a fully functional state (or via a cleaning kit as a "weapons add on", would use up the kit but clean the weapon.

2) Clearing said weapon jams, when I did my national service using a Finnish derivative of the AK-47 (Rk 62), these things would operate nicely even if one poured in a spadeful of sand into them. Should a malfunction still occur, the fix would be to operate the action and thus remove possible faulty cartridge. Same thing with pistols, pull back on the slide and eject the loaded cartrigde (of course a cartridge could get stuck and jam the entire action), whereas in the world of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. on performes a reload as if the weapon was empty which takes much longer. Perhaps the weapon model could be instead lowered accompanied by a reloading sound and one round would be spent, weapon malfunction cleared instead of going through the lenghty reloading cycle we have now.

3) Bringing up loaded weapons from the inventory (i.e. switching from SMG to sidearm), why the cocking action? that would eject one round, perhaps that should only be done if the weapon brought forward was empty? This is mainly irritating when one has a melee monster closing in and would quickly need to resort to a sidearm to finish it off.

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