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STALKER has PROPER widescreen support you say? WRONG.

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  07:15:10  24 March 2007
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On forum: 03/07/2007
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This hack doesnt seem to work on Vista...

Damn, I know this game doesnt support Vista, but I feel sort of shafted.

Not only does this widescreen fix not work, but neither does the surround sound fix.
  07:34:51  24 March 2007
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On forum: 03/24/2007

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03/24/2007 7:46:34
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I guess, I just do not see why you should gain FOV just because the screen proportions are different. The way it is done now makes sense to me.

It's unsurprising that you wouldn't understand if your not a widescreen user. You really need a side by side, that's why I keep the following screenshots handy.

The following two images show Half-Life 2 running at 4:3 and 16:9 side by side (4:3 on the left), one without an FOV change, and one with an FOV change.

Here's the comparison without an FOV change:

Compare the at the buildings at the top of the image and the amount of visible beach at the bottom between the 4:3 and 16:9 - they're cut off. Basically the 4:3 image is enlarged until it's the widescreen width, then the top and bottom is cut off, resulting in an image that looks slightly zoomed in. Widescreen enthusiasts call this Vert- (vertical minus) and it's the worst widescreen implementation as it results in less visible are than 4:3.

Here's the comparison with an FOV change:

Here you can see the 16:9 image has the same amount visible vertically, and you can see more to the right and left. This is the correct widescreen implementation, we call this Hor[plus] (horizontal plus - for some reason this forum edits out the plus sign).

Note that Half-Life 2 (and all Source engine games) will automatically set the correct FOV for Hor[plus] widescreen, I changed it manually here to demonstrate the problem. FEAR and Oblivion both set the correct FOV as well. Doom 3 and Unreal based games do not, but it's very easy to change the FOV via a config file.

STALKER, without the hack, uses the Vert- widescreen implementation and furthermore includes no apparent way to change the FOV via a config file or console. This is an extremely poor implementation and demonstrates no consideration was given to widescreen modes. As widescreen displays are becoming more common it is unacceptable not to have proper widescreen support, given how easy it is to do correctly (it's just an FOV change and a modifiable FOV is a basic property of any rendering engine). Hopefully now you can see why this is a big deal. It's not a problem that STALKER doesn't automatically set the correct FOV, but to allow no easy way to change the FOV is pratically unheard of in modern FPS engines.
  08:40:04  24 March 2007
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On forum: 03/23/2007

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03/24/2007 8:40:57
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That "fix" really killed my performance even more.. with it im getting like 8-12FPS (i get a low 25-45 normaly, fights are painfully laggy).

Im using medium textures lowest on shadow quality even.. (8800GTS, 2GB RAM, Opteron 165).

I cant believe they took one year extra to fix bugs/performance problems and still it's in this horrible condition
  11:36:41  24 March 2007
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On forum: 03/21/2007
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That "fix" really killed my performance even more.. with it im getting like 8-12FPS (i get a low 25-45 normaly, fights are painfully laggy).

Try lowering teh FOV a bit.. I used teh formula provided but i ofudn it gave a slight fish-eye effect, and lowered it to 110 instead of 115...

Personaly, i saw no FPS loss whatsoever... Thsi gaem really seems to do VERY different things on various machines..
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