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La Dc 1.4007 issue -- Irradiation by artifact(s)

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  07:00:04  7 April 2019
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On forum: 09/27/2009
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La Dc 1.4007 issue -- Irradiation by artifact(s)

The problem:
I wear an artifact with +15 radiation protection on my belt and add another one with +15 PSI protection and -2 radiation protection.

I still get radiated.

What is wrong?
  20:29:53  7 April 2019
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On forum: 06/06/2009
Messages: 5171
One type of antirad artifact protects from radiation, but doesn't remove it. Another type removes it. The Jellyfish, with -2 radiation, removes it from you. The 'Dummy'-like one you find in a tin at the Garbage bridge (+26 radiation) protects you, but doesn't remove it.

  18:55:06  8 April 2019
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Byte Me
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On forum: 10/08/2014
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A lot - are 'hot'

There are two property parameters that SEEM to be similar, one of which was introduced for v1.4000+.

Radiation - Pretty self explanatory, has a + or - value, and adds or subtracts radiation from your bod.

Radiation Protection - Also has + or - values. Works in conjunction with your SUIT to protect your actor against the effects of EXTERNAL radioactive sources. If your suit has a RadProt of +15 and you equip an arty giving +25 RadProt, then your resistance to Radiation is 40%.

For running through the delights of the hotspots of Forest that will help, but if you 'get a whiff' you will eventually die. Vodka is no longer your friend. You need to pack a few Antirad JIC.

Keep Jellyfish. They're reasonably common, light, and have a use well into the game.


Sorry to barge in, but I only 'discovered' the Garbage 'dummy_dummy' (s) after five years in this Zone a couple of months ago.

They're worth their weight in Unobtainium in the early game.

In v1.4002 the 'dummy_spring' is the big kahuna because of the bulletproofing that it confers. In v1.4005 - you just struggle to the end and make a predictable resolution.

(And yeah, the cars are shyte in v1.4007)
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