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v1.4005 very minor issues

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  18:53:59  5 January 2018
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On forum: 04/28/2017
Messages: 59
35. When you quickload in front of the Control Panel by scientists in X16, they can fall one floor down (like Hermit in v1.4002)

36. Disabling the Brain Scorcher. Message from Doc comes too early, should be after you disable all 4 switches, basically when the quest completes
36.1. Just hit the main control room switch and got the message:
36.2. Should happen here:

37. Weather is not always correct on DX11
37.1. Sunny at 1AM?
37.2. Ran the Weather Reset command and then got this:

38. Major Griboyedov third mutant cleaning quest to kill the Chimera, says it is at the tunnel, but no blip on the map and also cannot find the Chimera. This caused me to miss the Galik PDA quest and giving him the Scientists Suits
38.1. Note: Before I took the quest, I first went to the Cement Factory and completed everything there, then I started this quest. That sequence probably broke it.

39. Sarcophagus spelling mistake on most, if not all, messages

40. NPC's rarely throw bugged grenades, then the blip on the map stays there until you pick up the grenade and throw it yourself. Might happen when you kill an NPC right when they throw it. The blip on the map freezes when you holster the grenade

41. Almost all of the ladders on the tower in C.I. Lenin ChNPP for this stash is skew and difficult to climb, when I got to the top I kept on falling off, eventually dying. Didn't attempt it again because of not wanting to deal with the frustration
41.3. Example of how skew one of them are:

42. More entries in the PDA Logs that are incomplete
42.1. Entries under Upgrades Data wrong titles and more Russian entries in English playthrough
42.2. The entry for the Sarcophagus secret stash wrong title and the code image is very big you cannot see the full paper

43. Removing Crow's Meat from the trunk of car (Lada), makes the car hop a few meters and it sometimes tips the car.

44. Generators' Scorcher Poltergeist boss is too easy. Maybe add more than one Poltergeist in there?
44.1. Also, the boss sometimes bolts to the room's door and just stays there, then you can cap him in 1 second.
  14:52:50  9 January 2018
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On forum: 04/28/2017
Messages: 59
45. Strelok's Flash Drive quest still doesn't update properly, but it completes fine

46. Stair Entrance by Agroprom's door is inverted (Open is Close and vice versa)

47. When changing levels the ESC key is No, but the ENTER key is not Yes. (Would just create a better flow it it was like that)

48. If you steal the X18 documents from the Monolith before talking to the informer, the Meeting quest stays there forever
48.1. In my PDA, you can see that I am on the way to the Railway Tunnel, yet the Meet The Informer quest is still there:

49. Friar dialog doesn't make sense, he calls you a fraer? Also CHOICE is spelled incorrectly

50. Friar dialog incomplete word: "...where YOU took it...":

51. Level says Concrete Factory, but the level changers say Metal Factory. All must say the same

52. Forest Wounded Stalker blip doesn't go away after you kill the Controller in the Mines, only goes away when you walk close to it

53. Rostok Factory Duty voice still talks about the old code for the safe while the new one is different

54. When you Loot All on the Rostok Factory safe, it says you lost a Bandit's USB? Doesn't make sense.

55. AKMS upgrade shows a little bit of RPG in it

56. Military in Cordon download spelling mistake, must be Block-Post and also it does not show in your PDA under Upgrades Data. (In my opinion, this sounds like a way to make repairing Military suits a little cheaper by all technicians, because it has a diagram and description of how to repair them)

57. Return to Petrenko after killing Bloodsuckers, dialog doesn't make sense, you say you think you killed them, but you KNOW you killed them

58. Guides that don't want to travel before/after blowouts seems like the timeout to travel is set too big or it doesn't update properly, then most of the time, you must run old school style.

59. Yantar guy with missing Groza. Instead of saying "Hey guy...", he must say "Hey Stalker...". It just fits better

60. RPG ammo gets stuck under Doc's shelf

61. PSI brainwave scanner for Yantar Brain quest, Sakharov doesn't take it back, now it's just dead weight

62. SSP-10 Suit for Nimble Dialog mismatch, you still reply with previous model, SP-100M

63. Petrenko Documents spelling mistake, he says "...goosebumps from reeding this..." instead of "...goosebumps from READING this..."

64. Petrenko's name doesn't start with capital P on the Heli attack on Bar quest

65. Always 1 Duty guy that get's stuck before fighting Heli's at Bar

66. Nimble quest bugged out and showed the gun blip in the completely wrong place on the map, but could still go pick it up by Military Warehouses and it works

67. After getting Nimble the Healing Beril and you go away for a while, but when you come back later he disappeared and you fail your current quest and you cannot get any pending rewards anymore
67.1. The quest fails when his NPC is supposed to spawn when you get near the Rookie Village:
67.2. Where he usually sits at the camp fire, he's gone:

68. GP36 scope is inverted when you go into scope view.
68.1. Normal View:
68.2. Scope View (Note the cross is now on the other side):

69. Fully Upgraded Veles Detector cannot detect Glass Ball

70. Brain Scorcher control room door still gets locked. If you leave it open and disable the Brain Scorcher, you cannot get out. When you leave it closed, and you open it after the Brain Scorcher, it immediately locks, but you can sprint jump it open if you're fast enough and get out before it closes

71. Macarov has a period at the end of his name

72. You can kill the C-Consciousness Rep before he turns into a Scorcher Poltergeist, then you are stuck and you have to reload.
  16:38:30  9 January 2018
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On forum: 04/28/2017
Messages: 59
This is more like a suggestion than an issue, but here goes:

73. Balancing the vehicles that have storage trunks.
73.1. The vehicles must have an item slot limit, because realistically, you can only put so many things in a trunk
73.2. The vehicles must have a weight counter that should affect a vehicle's speed and fuel consumption, for e.g. when the vehicle hits 50kg, it must drive 10% slower and fuel consumption must be 25% faster

This way, you cannot make tens of thousands of cash from just looting a whole base, for e.g. the place you get your first car by the Monolith base, there spawns so many enemies and without escaping, by rather killing everyone and looting them, then after that going to Darkscape and returning to kill and loot the Bandit base, you can probably make around 75000 - 125000 approximately. In my opinion, I see the car as an exploit like this

74. The WC "Leap of Faith" stash by Countryside, can you make it so that if you get the Elite anomaly detector, the path is revealed on your map with anomaly blips (same as the gravitational anomaly in the Cordon, it would just make sense). Then you can either do the "Leap of Faith" early without an Elite Anomaly Detector (like you should, with lots of trial and error), or go visit Countryside late game
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