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v1.4005 very minor issues

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  00:05:29  31 December 2017
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The Dane


On forum: 09/22/2007
Messages: 1959
Regarding #3: It is a lineout that show what can go into that slot. Look at the slot for the flashlight.

Bug 12: Head-bobbing animation when walking is the same speed as when running which is the one in sync.
  23:42:00  30 December 2017
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On forum: 04/28/2017
Messages: 59
12. Agroprom: Strelok's Flash Drive quest: Find the key appears twice

13. The Groza disappears when you attach/remove a scope
  19:11:41  30 December 2017
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On forum: 04/28/2017

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12/31/2017 20:36:01
Messages: 59
v1.4005 very minor issues (not extended version)

1. Cannot choose fourth option when communicating with stalkers on the PDA (my resolution was 1920x1080)

2. Leather Jacket, Bandit Jacket, Mail Jacket and Leather Trench Coat Steel Plating upgrade wrong image

3. Can see the background images in the item slots, is it intentional? It would just look better if the background images goes away. In my opinion, those images mean "empty slot"

4. When throwing bolts, you stop sprinting when left click throwing, but not when right click throwing. It just makes sense if both either stops sprinting, or not

5. Menu music does not loop

6. Sidorovich mutant parts quest chain resets very often (when you walk too far and come back, more or less past the military checkpoint by the bridge). When you complete the quest, you can buy back the mutant parts and hand in the quests indefinitely. To prevent this, you should not be able to buy back the mutant parts from NPC's that were handed in through quests, it just makes sense because it being a quest, they are going to use the parts for something

7. Skills tab Completed Quests counter still not working properly. (Resets to zero on level change, I think)

8. No status when eating, drinking and healing (like CoP). Is it still a WIP?

9. Briefcase with Docs quest for Sid is now too easy (possibly intentional due to all the babies complaining in v1.4002). Also, the message was too early and has a grammar mistake, must be: "...on your way out..."

10. Cheap Stalker Suit first Bullet Proof upgrade does not work: 10% of 20 is 22, but still shows 20 on character

11. Bolt shows pickup-able, but there's obviously no point in being able to pick them up. (remove the message)
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