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[b]Absolute AMK NLC 5.08 SQ 3 Magazine Mod[/b] for SHOC 1.0004

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  13:02:46  9 July 2017
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07/10/2017 23:00:22
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Absolute AMK NLC 5.08 SQ 3 Magazine Mod for SHOC 1.0004


after approx. 5 years of continous work, my mod, as i wanna play S.T.A.L.K.E.R. (SHOC) is ready. It' nothing special, just a huge collection of merges, minimods and edits. I thought, i share it, don't know if anyone is interested in 2017. Maybe also useful as a resource. I was looking for some hardcore experience in combo with Kirag's Magazine mod, but couldn't find a mod that fits, so i decided to make my own. I'm no modder, just a merger

I can't remember everything i did. Mod is absolute Hardcore(glas cannon, etc.), configured on Master-Diff. and runs very stable.

Main Features are:

(Autumn Aurora Style+Sweet-FX+Dynamic DOF+higher grass and draw distance+the best textures i could find).

best i could find and properly .ogg commented every single soundfile.

Magazine Mod(Kirag), Outfits with different volumes, slow healing meds, no input during item use, holster weapons on inventory/PDA use, bolt mod, artefact and anomalies dedectors, nightvisions are seperate devices, radiation spoils food, invulnerable VIP's, modified all weapons(stats, animations alignment, intense degradation, no overpowering, new: M16A1, P90, STG-77), disabled PDA during emissions, all AI mods, that i could find, buyable detectors for all mutants with minimap display, reworked trading and repair, almost no loot on corpses, bullets are traded as single items(Metro-style), reworked respawn, better translation, new HUD and Dynamic Hud, money from corpses, dangerous mutants: cats and dogs with psi-power, bloodsucker-kiss, artefacts hit on taking, reworked all artefacts and descriptions, receive gifs from healed stalkers, smart monster parts, eatable crows and many, many, many more.

To Do List but don't know how:
seperate Flashlight with batteries, working thurst system and of course porting to 1.0006.
Suggestions welcome

SHOC 1.0004(clean install!), backup your bin-folder and user.ltx and use mine(IMPORTANT!), copy gamedata, that's it! Mod is for 16:9 only(1920x1080)!!!

AMK-Team, Sak, Kirag, Rulik, Monnoroch, Stalkerstein for his glorious SDH, and so many more on and

  13:23:15  2 February 2019
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On forum: 12/18/2014

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02/03/2019 18:37:39
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Absolute AMK NLC 5.08 SQ 3 Magazine Mod for SHOC 1.0004 Final Update

Finally added:

Thirst system (with hud indicator),
Batteries for exos, suits with closed breathing system and nightvision devices (outfits loose performance, NVD stop working, when battery power decreases),
addidional config and script fine tuning.

Also solved problems with amk sleep system when "using" (eating) items and "trading". Now you get tired after "using" vodka and certain meds or wake up with energy drinks, without sleep manager beeing effected by "trading" as before.

Version is still 1.0004, because it's absolutely stable.

Stalker Shoc v.1.0004 clean,
"bin" folder in main directory (shader, grass)

"user.ltx" in C:\Users\Public\Documents\STALKER-SHOC (shader, illumination, dof)

"gamedata" in main directory

That's it, 7 years of work on my own, go through myriads of russian stalker sites, just to make my favourite game work, like I want it to.
Not an "adding a million scripts, maps, quests and items, making everything unstable-NS version". Just a compact version of the release version with things planned in alpha, and of course AMK and NLC development.

I've done this mod with much blood, sweat and tears
and a lot of trial and error. So I'm happy if you try it and post feedback.



Edit: There is a micropatch too, which fixes some issues.

Soon I'll add a packed db or xdb version.
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