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Lab X-16 inventory/console/pda bug

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  11:55:40  29 May 2017
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On forum: 05/05/2017
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Lab X-16 inventory/console/pda bug

Ok so, I don't know if this is a bug or not and, if it is, it's being reported already or not, but the "escape" sequence from X-16 once you end the dream is either bugged or break something.

In an ideal world I could "easily" deal with the huge amount of psi damage and vision blurring caused by being near to a giant brain AND a controller at the same time and the army of zombified stalkers that decide to spawn in (I've probably killed more than a dozen already and they just seem to keep coming regardless of how many I shoot down), but the real problem here is that the moment I try to open pretty much anything (inventory, pda or even the console) the mouse stops working and the keyboard stops working aswell, thus resulting in me being stuck in place with an open menu and unable to move or do anything, having to wait for a zombified stalker to come and kill me. Both mouse and keyboard start working again after dying when the main menu loads, but this is nerve-breaking.

I'm effectively stuck now and I can't even try to cheat my way out by using God mode because the bug occours also when I try to open the console.

Patch is DC 1.4002.

I like the nod to Half Life 1 with the dream sequence and the subsequent escape from an infested lab (still trying to figure out if it was GSC whom originally planned this or you did), but this is ridiculous.

I think I'm going to shelve LA for a while now. I can sort of deal with poor game design choices like forcing players to run through the vastly empty open areas that require you to walk for miles with nothing to do other than jogging and the excessive backtracking between said open areas (I mean, the game literally asked me to go from Yantar to Dead City, then back to Yantar, then to GMF, then back to Yantar, then to Swamps, then back to Yantar, then to Army base, then back to Yantar, then to Pripyat outskirts, then back to Yantar, then to to Concrete Factory/X-16, then back to Countryside, then back to Concrete Factory/X-16 and it mostly was just for a few lines of dialogues and scripted events or when after asking me to go from GMF to Rostock they then asked me to walk all the way back to GMF just for a line of dialogue and then told me to go all the way back to Rostock again to actually enter X-18 even though I was literally already there).

But gamebreaking bugs such as these shouldn't still be there after more than 8 years of development.
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