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  09:31:16  22 September 2016
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
Messages: 3536

Hey guys, I figured I'll come back with something special for you guys. So I wrote a short little story with short bitesized chapters that totally doesn't rip off a story by Stephen King. Honest guys. I'm totally original here. Original story donut steel.

Here we go.



Prologue: Beauty is Superficial.

I sometimes wonder what is out there, here in the zone. The sun parts the clouds and the world around me begins to seem clear and even a little normal. It's not normal, right? One wrong step and you die. But the way the sky clears some days, you almost forget how strange this place really is. I've been here fourteen months, over a year. I'm still learning every day just how dangerous this place is. I've survived a blowout or two, scary stuff. I have never experienced anything so frightening in my life. That kind of thinking can get you killed here. You never know when you will find something even more frightening than the last thing.

A beautiful sunlit valley, a place where rooks tend to gather and bandits like to prey on them. It was a gentle valley, nice hills, old trees, a rock that looked like the barman back at rostok. It was a place like most others in the outer areas of the zone. Rumor had it this entire place was a series of tunnels, something the diggers and scavengers of garbage like to go on about. Spooky stories of an underground lab. Of horrible experiments. All nestled beneath this beautiful little valley in this not so gentle part of the world. It lulls you in, convinces you it's normal, then the veil is pulled and it's true face reveals itself.

In the zone nothing is normal. Nothing is gentle. Nothing is beautiful, except maybe in a macabre sense. I knew a guy who thought the bloodsucker was a beautiful thing to be admired. Got himself drained to death he did. I've learned to avoid talking to the strange ones. Let alone become friends with them. Death is something I've gotten used to. I wish I hadn't.

So here I was, me and a dozen stalkers going to find these bandits preying on the weak and put them down. Kill or be killed, justice for the dead. A simple plan. Only, things don't ever go according to plans out here in the zone. Such is life. I just had no idea how badly it was going to go.

In this gentle valley is a complex, a series of warehouses. Supposedly the secret lab is under it. This was where the bandits also made their base. There weren't too many of them. We had an advantage. We had a few killers among us. We'd take them down easy. If things went according to plan.

My name is Anatoli, most people around here call me Jackrabbit. I used to run track back in the day. I was a sprinter, actually ran in the olympics once. Won a bronze medal. Hence the nickname. People are funny like that.

This is very much a story of people. Like I said. People are funny.

This isn't a very funny story.
  09:31:53  22 September 2016
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
Messages: 3536
Chapter 1: Loners and Bandits make Poor Bedfellows

That gentle valley, now erupting in gunfire. We hit them hard, the dozen of us. Before we knew it, two of us were already down. Kit and Merrow. I didn't realize at the time they were the lucky ones. Blood was pooling beneath them. We were keeping below cover. Most of the bandits were left. We could probably count the survivors on one hand. One of them had a very big gun. Mounted machine gun, PKM. Plenty of ammunition too. Where he got his hands on military firepower in a region full of rooks is beyond me. I try not to think to hard on things like that and instead focus on things like surviving this encounter.

Fortunately we had a class A badass on our side. A stalker from Duty, the leader of our band of misfits. Bloodhound he's called. Bandits tremble at his very name, he's the guy who finds their hidey holes and routes them. Got a great reputation. He's also a pretty nice guy, stern but kind.

Also among us was Whisper, strong silent type. He's great with that sniper rifle of his. Half these dead bandits were his doing. As I said, he's not the talkative type so I don't know a lot about him. He never takes off his helmet. I noticed he has some sort of device attached to it, I tried to ask him about it but he told me to fuck off. Like I said, not very talkative.

We were at a standstill. We outnumbered them but couldn't make a move with that machine gun, but the gunner was smart enough to give us no openings to kill him. So we were forced to hide and wait. Any day now we'd get our shot. At least, that's what I thought given the rate we were going.

Scalpel, our medic, was arguing with Bloodhound. He wanted to check on our lucky friends bleeding out on the ground. They could be still alive. They weren't, but it was a comforting thought that our medic actually cared. It wasn't common, most zone doctors are pricks. Something about their callous nature. Scalpel is a good man.

It was all interupted by a siren. A loud one. A repurposed air raid siren. The shooting stopped. We were close enough to the entrance of one of the warehouses that we could probably make it, but the machinegunner would take most of us down before we could.

So once again, a standstill. With what was likely a blowout on the horizon, minutes away. We had no choice but to do something stupid. We needed to appeal to the better nature of bandits, and perhaps we could live to fight another day.

We made the deal, neither side will harm the other, we'll hide in the warehouse until the blowout ends, then we go our separate ways. The bandits leave with their skins intact, we leave with ours. It was a bad deal, but it was the only one we could make.
  09:32:28  22 September 2016
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
Messages: 3536
Chapter 2: It's not a blowout.

We lowered our weapons and made for the shelter of the warehouse. Scalpel checked the bodies for survivors. He's too nice of a guy. We stepped inside. Sealed the door and waited for the rumbling explosions of sound that follow. I figured this might be time to introduce the rest of the players in this story. After all, this is a story about people.

Badger was once a cop, a militsiya. He worked the streets of Moscow for most of his life. Gave up because he couldn't handle the corruption. Became a vigilante in the zone, he kills bandits for fun. He kept an eye on the bandits while we plotted our next move. The man was a ticking time bomb, putting him in a room with criminals was one hell of a risk.

Next up is Comedian, he's not very funny. He tries to be, but he takes his jokes a little too far sometimes and his sense of humor is darker than it should be. He was once a stand up comedian. Now he never shuts the fuck up. I think he spent too much time on the internet, developed a sense of humor too weird for the average person, it tanked his career and he came out here out of desperation.

Swan is a stalker I know nothing about. He keeps to himself and his voice comes out all distorted from his helmet. I could barely make out what he is saying half the time. Little did I know what surprises Swan had in store for us.

Priest was our moral compass. An orthodox priest who lost much of his faith. Came out here to find himself. He was as much of a killer as me. Supposedly he was a pacifist at one point, something must have changed. I understand that more than I wish to say.

Finch and Whiskers were the last of our group. Both of whom were fun people. Brothers. Inseperable. Finch was the older brother. Whiskers was named because he has a thing for animals, likes to dress up as them. Everyone has their kinks. I've learned not to judge. Once again, I knew a guy who thought bloodsuckers were beautiful, a little too beautiful if you catch my drift.

The bandits, what was left of them, were led by a psychopath named Nox. A rapist, overall disgusting human being. I hated this guy. I wanted to kill him. I've never met a person that brought that kind of violence out of me before I met him. I think the rest of his so called friends were afraid of him. I would be too.

Next up was Gypsy, an actual gypsy. He was about as trustworthy as a snake and about as friendly. He was a skilled pickpocket. He could never keep his hands to himself. Probably where our misfortune began.

Then there was Kerosine. An arsonist by trade, a pyromaniac by fetish. This guy loved fire too much. That was all there was to it. He just wanted to watch the world burn. Boy did he ever fuck things up for everyone.

Lastly there was Pirate. Not the kind of pirate you'd expect to find. He was arrested for internet piracy, broke out of jail with some of these bandits and they dragged him to the zone. He's one kind of coward I never met before. I wish I had, maybe I'd have known how to deal with him.

There you have it. A band of misfits, a group of bandits. Trapped in a warehouse with the world raging hell outside. Blowouts last a few hours. That was all there was too it. We'd wait it out. What was the worst that could happen?

The problem was, it wasn't a blowout.

The warehouse was completely sealed. All the windows were shut and in surprisingly good condition. They were all high up the walls. The door was massive but was easy to close and lock. We sent Whisper to watch the windows from the catwalk above. We let the bandits sit in a corner. Badger and Comedian kept them company. The rest of us kept our distance. Kept our hands on our guns, fingers off the trigger. We were waiting for the innevitable sound of a gunshot. A reason to kill these bandits.

It didn't come. Instead a voice called down.

"It isn't a blowout." The voice called down. It was Priest. "It's something else."

We all went up to the catwalk and watched from the window. A fog blew in, shrouding the warehouse and blocking off all contact. Bloodhound dropped his backpack and pulled out a radio. From this point on, I'll try to remember how it went more clearly. Down to the dialogue.

"Rookie village this is Bloodhound, we spoke previously. Rookie village, come in Rookie village. Over."

"Bloodhound, this is Rookie village, can you you explain what we're looking at? Over." The voice said over the radio.

"Rookie village, I have no idea what I'm looking at. Who sounded the alarm. Over." Bloodhound said.

"Bloodhound, we don't know. It came from the hills. We had never heard that siren before. Over." He replied.

"What could it be?" Comedian asked. "What's the deal with this fog?"

"Shut up, I'm trying to think." Bloodhound replied.

"It's the laboratory." Whiskers said. "Some experiment gone wrong."

"That's an urban legend." I said. "There is no proof that there is a laboratory here."

"So what if it's a dud?" Finch asked. "What if there was some old security measure that some idiot triggered. Maybe someone is pulling a prank."

"Then where did the fog come from numbnuts?" Whiskers asked. "They are clearly related."

"All I'm saying is the weather is fucking weird out here." Finch said. "It's probably unrelated."

"I don't like it." Bloodhound said. "Keep your helmets on."

"Good idea." Pirate said. "I don't want to get my face melted off by some strange fog."

"For all we know it's safe." I said. "Contact the village again. Figure out what's going on."

"Rookie village, this is Bloodhound again." Bloodhound said. "We're trying to make sense of this fog, anything else you might possibly know? Over."

"Bloodhound, this is Rookie village. We sent a few people out into the fog." The voice said. "They say the fog is so thick you can't see to inches from yourself. We had to send them out holding onto ropes. Over."

"That's a good idea." Bloodhound said. "Thanks Rookie village. Over."

"What's the plan?" Badger asked.

"We send scouts out with detectors, figure out what we're dealing with." Bloodhound said.

"What if it's dangerous?" Pirate asked.

"We send them out tied to rope, reel them back in if they are in trouble." Bloodhound replied.

"You've got to be joking." Nox replied. "Send them like bait. What if something is out there."

"What could possibly be out there." Bloodhound asked.

"We can't see, anything could be." Nox replied. "I ain't gunna be served up to a chimera on a silver platter that's for sure."

"Fine, any volunteers?" Bloodhound asked.

"I'll do it." Finch said. "I have nothing to fear."

"You aren't going alone Finch." Whiskers said. "I'm going with you."

"Excellent, that was easy. Let's get you tied up and send you out the door." Bloodhound said.

We set it up, radio out at the ready. Bloodhound kept next to it. The others held onto the ropes and reeled them out. The door opened. Fog billowed in. Like smoke in a burning building, it rolled along the floor. We sent out our scouts. Finch and Whiskers, offered up on a silver platter with no idea what they were looking for.
  09:32:57  22 September 2016
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
Messages: 3536
Chapter 3: Into the Shroud.

Slowly the rope slid from my hands as they walked into the shroud. I wasn't sure what to expect from this. It was like nothing I had ever seen before. There was hesitation in their movements, but sure enough they found the courage to step outside and into the strange fog. I slowly reeled them out. I tried to listen to the radio.

"Bloodhound, this is Rookie Village. Our guys have reported a rhythmic beeping from their detectors, are yours feeling the same? Over." The voice said.

"Rookie village, we only just let our guys outside. We'll have to wait on that. Over." Bloodhound responded.

The fog was coming in more and more. It was starting to cover the floor of the building. It made me uncomfortable. It was so cold. I was beginning to shiver, my hands were starting to numb. It was like the dead of winter, only it was June. I just stared into the white and waited. There was a slight tug to the rope, clearly they stopped.

"We're getting some beeping!" A voice called out from the fog. Finch. "Our detectors are giving us this steady beat! Like a heartbeat almost!"

"Rookie village, this is Bloodhoud again, we are dealing with a similar situation out here. Over." Bloodhound said. The radio remained silent. "Rookie village, come in Rookie village."

"Oh god." A voice came on. "Send your men back! Now! Please, we can still hear the screaming, send the back now!"

"Shit." Bloodhound said. "Reel them in now."

We began to pull, Finch and Whiskers clearly got the message because the tension loosened immediately. We started pulling faster and faster. Pirate and Badger grabbed the doors and got ready to slam it shut.

"What is going on Rookie village. Over." Bloodhound asked the radio.

"Something... There is something outside." The voice responded. "Oh god it knows we're here. It's trying to get in."

"What is it? Over." Bloodhound asked.

"I don't know but it's so strong. It's battering the door down. The door is reinforced steel." The voice said. "Oh god we're going to die."

"Rookie village remain calm. Nothing in this zone is immune to lead. Gather your people and use the door as a chokepoint. Over." Bloodhound said.

"Oh god the door! Everyone open fire. Open fire!" The voice called out. The radio sputtered into gunfire and screaming. I felt my blood go cold. My skin must have been so pale. We stood in silence for a moment. Whisper slapped me on the shoulder, I began reeling again.

The ropes came sliding in, on the floor. Soaked in blood. It left a trail all the way in. They were snapped. Screaming shortly followed. Blood curdling screams. We readied our rifles at the door. I could hear snapping sounds, ripping sounds. Chewing sounds. The screams came to an end.

"Close the fucking doors." Bloodhound said. "Now."

Badger and Pirate slid the doors shut. It was noisy. It was slow. The doors shut and we slammed the lock down. Everyone backed away from it. The fog continued to form around the floor. It was so cold.

Twelve of us were left. Something was now hunting us. We were trapped in a corner with now way out.
  09:33:26  22 September 2016
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
Messages: 3536
Chapter 4: Whatever it is, it wants in and it's not here to make friends.

We stared at the blood now pooling under the light dispersion of ice cold fog. We dropped the rope and recoiled from the door. The waiting was the worse part. Whatever was outside now knew where we were hiding. They might not know how many of us were in here, but if they could take out the entire village, then our measly band of misfits stood no chance. These walls wouldn't hold. Not if the bunker door didn't. We needed something more secure.

"Any suggestions?" Nox asked. "Of how we get the fuck out of here?"

"We make a run for it?" Pirate asked.

"Don't be stupid." Priest said. "We stand no chance out in that fog. Whatever is out there has better senses than sight."

"What if they get in?" Pirate asked. "You heard what happened to the rookies."

"We aren't rookies." Bloodhound said. "I have a few grenades in my pocket just in case. Whatever is out there surely won't survive a few F1 grenades."

"This is a bad plan." Pirate said.

"Got a better one?" Gypsy asked.

"The lab." I said. They all groaned. "Hear me out. Supposedly the entrance is in this building. If we can find it, if we can get the door open, we can get inside and lock ourselves in. Whatever is out there won't be able to find us because the door is airtight. No scent, nothing. We can wait it out."

"That's a lot of ifs." Nox said.

"Not to mention the most important fact." Bloodhound said. "How long must we wait it out? How long until this fog clears?"

"What if there is another exit?" I asked. "Some labs do have other exits, just in case."

"Yantar." Whisper said. "The lab there had another exit, out the pipes."

"So, we find a lab that might not be there, open a door we might not be able to open, then find a secondary exit that might not exist." Bloodhound said. "That's your plan."

"Better than trying to fight an enemy we can't identify in a battlefield in which we can't see." Whisper said. This was the most I've ever heard him talk.

Swan said something in his gibberish distorted voice. I couldn't make it out. In hindsight it was probably: Shut up, listen! Shortly after there was a sound of breathing. Heavy breathing. Followed by sniffing sounds. There was a loud bang. The door shook. There was another. And another.

"Okay guys, whatever is out there wants in, and it doesn't want to make friends that's for sure." Comedian said. "Some of us will search for the lab, the rest will watch the door. How about that. Better than waiting to die."

"Fine." Bloodhound said. "Badger, Whisper, and the bandits will stay with me. You guys find us that exit."

We began to comb that warehouse for the exit. It was our only hope. As far as we knew whatever was out there was dangerous and either it could survive bullets or there were enough of them that we'd run out before we killed them all. We were screwed. God was it ever cold too. I was shivering in my suit.

With every bang things grew more desperate. With every bang we ran faster and more frantically through the debris of the warehouse. We searched verywhere. I didn't find the entrance to the lab. Unfortunately I found something else. Something worse. There was an overpass connecting our warehouse to another building. That other building's doors were wide open. Whatever was outside, could already be inside with the rest of us.
  09:33:58  22 September 2016
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
Messages: 3536
Chapter 5: Do not panic.

"Why didn't you warn us?" Bloodhound asked. His gun was leveled directly in Nox's face.

"I wasn't thinking." Nox said. "I must have forgotten."

"Your incompetence might have killed us all!" Badger shouted.

"Calm down, let's just go to the other building and shut the doors." He said. "Besides what if the entrance to the lab was over there anyways."

"Any luck on that?" Bloodhound asked.

"No sir." I replied. "We checked everywhere. Unless it's behind a fake wall it's not in this building."

"Fuck it." Bloodhound said. "Pack up your bags boys and girls. For better or worse we're leaving this warehouse. I am not going to wait until whatever is out there breaks this door down."

We grabbed everything, including the radio and headed for the overpass. We climbed those rickety stairs and before we knew it we were staring down the hall to the other building. Fog all around us we walked. Whatever was out there, I had no idea how it saw in this fog. Scent could only go so far.

"You know, how about some jokes?" Comedian asked. "Two cannibals are eating a clown, one of them asks the other, does this taste funny?"

"Shut up Comedian." Bloodhound said.

"A dyslexic man walks intoa bra." He said. Everyone groaned. "I went to buy some camoflage the other day but couldn't find it."

"Do you ever stop?" Pirate asked.

"Two eskimos sitting in a kayak were chilly, so they lit a fire in the kayak. It sank, proving once again you can't have your kayak and eat it too." Comedian said.

"Shut up!" Pirate shouted.

There was a loud smash, a tentacle crashed through the window and reached for Pirate. Pirate pushed Comedian towards int instead. The tentacle grabbed Comedian and pulled him outside. There was a horrible scream and blood splashed against the glass. Guns were immediately drawn on Pirate. The bandits drew theirs on us. Nobody was watching the hole in the wall.

"What the fuck did you just do?" Bloodhound asked. "What the fuck was that?"

"It was me or him." Pirate said. "I did us all a favor."

"That's it, I'm killing this weasel." Badger said.

"Do it and our cease fire is over." Nox said. "I'll personally kill every last one of you."

"I'd like to see you try." Badger said.

"Please, everyone. Calm down. This won't get us through this." Scalpel said.

There was a loud crack and Scalpel's brains splattered across me. A grenade dropped on the ground. Bloodhound patted his chest. Gypsy pulled another one out and held it high. Everyone scattered. The entire platform shook. The windows shattered. The tentacle came around for another pass. Kerosine and Nox ran right past us. Badger opened fire into Pirate. He dropped to the ground screaming The tentacle grappled Gypsy and dragged him out. We couldn't even hear his screams with the ringing in our ears. I pulled a piece of shrapnel out of my leg and gasped quietly to myself. Blood splashed against my suit. I turned to see the tentacle coming my way. I felt an arm grab me and pull. I climbed to my feet and limped away from the overpass. Someone was dragging Bloodhound. I couldn't make much out.

Everything went to hell in a matter of seconds. Three more of us were dead and the bandits were ahead of us. If they found that lab first, we'd be locked out. Now there was some form of squid trying to kill us. The zone just keeps getting stranger. I felt like my heart was going to leap out of my throat. We closed the doors to the overpass shut as the fog began to close in.

"What a fucking shitshow." Badger said. "I'll kill those bandit fucks."

"I don't know if Bloodhound is alive or not." Whisper said. "I can't feel his pulse."

"It doesn't matter we're fucked if we stay here." I said. "We've got a giant squid bashing down windows and a pair of psychopaths inside here with us. We need to find that bunker."

"I can't believe they shot Scalpel." Badger said. "Fucking criminal scum."

"We need to remain calm." Priest said.

"Alright until Bloodhound is back on his feet, I'm in charge." I said. I don't know what made me decide to take charge. It just felt like the thing to do. "Whisper, I need you at a vantage point. You see those bandit fuckers you kill them."

"Right." He said. He sprinted off into the building.

"Priest, try to take care of Bloodhound." I said. Priest pulled out a piece of duct tape and taped my leg wound. It wasn't pretty.

"Will do." He said. He turned to Bloodhound and examined him carefully.

"Badger, Swan. We're going to search the rest of this building." I said. "We're going to shut the doors. We're going to find this bunker."

"Fine." Badger said.

I was surprised they let me lead. I was just the runner to them. Badger was a cop, Whisper was a trained killer, Swan was an enigma. Priest was a priest. Yet they accepted my orders and followed me.

We searched the downstairs and found nothing. We shut the doors but the fog was already flooded in. It was hard to see. When we returned to the upstairs I checked my filters. They were clogging up with the stuff. It was grey and mucusy. I couldn't imagine breathing it in was healthy. I checked the makeshift bandage. I didn't want this grey mucus entering my wound. It held. I noticed my whole suit felt wet.

"I don't like this." I said.

"Tell me about it." Badger said. "We're trapped here like cattle in a barn."

There was a howl outside. Everyone drew their weapons. We needed to find that lab.
  09:34:32  22 September 2016
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
Messages: 3536
Chapter 6: How I learned to hate my athletic career.

It took us hours but we finally found them. The bandits. Nox at least. He was shot twice. Both legs. Seems there was no honour amongst thieves. He laughed at us when we came for him. He spat at our feet as we drew our guns on him.

"Kill me. Kill me and you all die." He said. He laughed a hoarse, wheezy laugh.

"What are you talking about scum?" Badger asked. "Start talking."

"Now now, that's not very nice." He said. "Here's the thing. "Kerosine's lost his fucking mind."

"Oh yeah." I said. "How so."

'He found a bunch of containers of kerosine actually. He plans on burning the fucking building down. A giant beacon of light to part the darkness he said." Nox spat again. "He always was a loon. Fucking bastard.

"Well any last words?" Badger asked.

"I found the fucking lab." He said.

"Those are pretty good last words." I said. "Where is it."

"My terms." He said.

"Fucks sake." Badger responded. "Let's ice the bastard."

"Ice, really?" Nox asked. He turned to me. "Tighten the leash on your dog."

"I'll show you a dog you filthy animal!" Badger said. I stopped him.

"What are your terms." I said.

"Save my fucking life." He said. "I'll tell you where the door is. Better yet, I'll tell you where the codes are."

"You know the codes?" I asked.

"Are you fucking dumb, I said I'll tell you where the codes are." He said. "I overheard my boss say something about doorcodes he found."

"So you think it's the labs door codes?" I asked.

"Well fucking no shit." He said. "What other doors here have codes."

"Where's the lab?" I asked.

"Do we have a deal." He asked.

"Yes." I said. Badger tried to interject. I stopped him. We didn't have time for this. "Where is it?" I asked.

He pointed to a filing cabinet next to him. A big one. We dragged it out of the way. Sure enough there was a door. With a codelock. A heavy door too. Built like a tanks hull. Airtight and perfect.

"Where are the codes." I asked.

He began to giggle wheezily. "In the guardpost, on the other end of the fucking compound."

"You mean in the fog?" I asked.

"No fucking shit." He said. "We're fucked."

"So we got a madman going to burn the compound down and our only shot is to cross the fog. With all the monsters?" Badger asked.

"Fuck." Swan said in his typical distorted voice.

"Suggestions?" I asked.

"We kill ourselves." Nox said.

"Other suggestions. I asked.

"We move Bloodhound, Priest and Whisper into this room. Fortify it. Then we hunt Kerosine before he kills us all." Badger said.

"Better." I said.

"You go running Jackrabbit." Swan said. "You're the only one fast enough."

"What?" I asked.

It was a cold dread. The kind when you know they are right, deep down. You don't want them to be right. You don't want to do it. I didn't want to do it. Running out there was certain death. I had no way of knowing where I was or where the guardpost was. Not to mention my leg was fucked up by that shrapnel. I'm not sure I could run on it. Standing wasn't too bad, so long as I kept my weight on my other foot. I put pressure on it. I felt a burning pain. I shook my head.

"I can't do it, my leg wouldn't handle it." I said.

"Then we fucking die." Nox said. He coughed hoarsely. "Better start running rabbit, or we all die."

"I'd hate to say it but they have a point." Badger said. "But first things first. We get the others down here."

It didn't take long. Badger kept watch over Nox. We dragged Bloodhound in and rested him against a wall. We set up cover with the filling cabinet and several other metal objects in the room. Mostly desks. It wouldn't last under heavy weapons fire but fortunately Kerosine had nothing but an old MP5. The only heavy weapons here was our AK-74s and Bloodhound's Groza. I glanced down the hallway, the fog was billowing our way.

"Fine." I said. "I'll run the fucking gauntlet." I learned to hate my athletic career that day. It made me experience that shit.

Priest passed me some of Scalpel's painkillers. I popped five of them and grabbed my rifle. They wished me good luck, even Nox. Though I figured that was more of a joke. I hurried out the door, they shut it behind me. I kept low in the fog. I could barely feel my leg after a few minutes. This might work. If only I had a way of finding my way back. We should have brought the rope. I reached the doorway. I opened it. Nothing but solid white was before me. I glanced at my PDA. From the satelite map, I had to run southeast of this door. I looked in that direction and took a deep breath.

I ran out into the fog. It was cold. Freezing cold. I couldn't see a thing. I just kept running. I heard a howl and kept running. I felt something swipe at me. I kept running. I felt my leg begin to scream. I kept running. I was slamming into a wall after thirty seconds. I slid my hands against it and followed it around until I reached the door. I opened it, hurried inside, and slammed it shut behind me. I was in a pocket of visibility. I heard something immediately slam against the door. I readied my rifle and backed up.

"Fuck." I muttered to myself.

I glanced around the room. The codes were in here. They had to be in here. I opened every drawer, checked very shelf. I noticed a safe in the corner. I felt actual tears dripping down my face. I slid down against the wall and listened to the monsters trying to get in. It was all for fucking nothing. I would die in this god forsaken compound, in this fog from hell. I drew my sidearm and raised it to my temple. I put my hand on the lever of the safe and pulled it. I closed my eyes. The lever moved.

I turned in surprise, lowering my pistol and opened the safe. There was a note. I glanced at it. 47329. The code to the bunker. I stowed it in my pocket. Now I just needed a way out. There was only one entrance. I glanced inside the safe. There was bottle of vodka. I smiled and popped the lid. I raised my gasmask. I took a swig. It burned my throat. It made me feel warm. The banging stopped.

I holstered my pistol and grabbed my rifle. I readied it. I took another swig of vodka, for courage. I slid the gasmask back on. I opened the door. The fog blew in. My gasmask visor started to fog up. I stepped outside. I had no idea where I was. I pulled out my PDA. Something swiped it from my hand. I opened fire. Blackish blood splattered my visor. I saw something in the fog.

I'd rather not remember what it looked like.
  09:35:06  22 September 2016
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Chapter 7: Everything is Fire.

I sprinted blindly through the fog. I was probably screaming bloody murder. I felt tears dripping down my face. I needed to find that building or I'm dead. I noticed a tentacle crash in front of me. I turned and ran a different direction. I could hear breathing behind me. Where the fuck was it was about all I could think.

Then it happened. A bright blinding light in the fog. I ran for it. It was a long shot but it was all I could do. I saw a window. I dove throught it. I spun around and opened fire. Black blood splattered through the fog. My gun clicked. I slung it over my shoulder and drew my pistol. A tentacle enter the broken window. I opened fire into it. It retracted.

I noticed I was very warm. Also the entire room was flickering with light. The building was on fire. Kerosine ignited the entire compound. I was also in the wrong building.

I was in the warehouse. I hurried upstairs only to find the overpass burning. I decided I'd run anways. I sprinted through the burning overpass. My suit caught fire and I kept running. My leg was screaming and I kept running. I jumped over pirate's burning corpse and reached the doors, smashing through them. I rolled when I hit the ground. The fire went out. I hurried to the shelter. Our little fortified room.

Blood was everywhere. Badger was dead. Swan was nowhere in sight. Whisper had a knife in his shoulder and was in the middle of pulling it out. Priest was trying to help him. They were both coughing from the smoke.

"It was a double cross." Whisper said."They wanted the code. We walked into their trap."

Bloodhound was still resting in the corner. I turned and kicked the wall. I was a fucking idiot to trust the bandits again. I turned back to them. "Where's Swan?"

"Nox dragged her off." Whisper said.

"What about his legs? They were shot." I asked.

"All a trick." Whisper said. "They faked it."

"Fuck!" I shouted. "I'm going after them."

"What's the code?" Whisper said.

I pulled the code from my suit. It was badly charred. Just another problem.

"Fuck!" I said. I tossed him the paper. "Make sense of it. I'll be back. I'll try to remember."

"If you don't we die." Whisper said.

"Trust in god fellows." Priest said. "Trust in god."

"Right." He muttered.

I sprinted back into the fog and smoke filled hallway and hurried through the burning haze. I heard screaming coming from upstairs. I hurried up there. I tried not to think of what they were doing to Swan. I needed to save him.

I found an office on the top floor. I dove through the window. I hit the ground hard and raised my pistol. Nox was on top of Swan, who's suit was torn. I noticed something else. Swan wasn't a man.

I opened fire in an instant. Nox took a bullet in the head. He dropped like a rock. Swan crawled out from under him crying. I felt sick to my stomach. I stepped towards her. A bullet ripped through my shoulder. I spun around and opened fire. My gun clicked. Kerosine pulled off his gasmask. He smiled.

"Goodbye rabbit." He said with a horrible grin.

"Goodbye you fuck!" Swan shouted. She raised Nox's shotgun and fired it. Kerosine stumbled back, blood splattering from his chest. He stepped right into the burning wall behind him and crashed through it. We listened to him scream for a few minutes.

"Are you okay?" I asked.

"I'm pretty fucking far from okay." She said. She blasted Nox in the face, and then someplace else.

"Did he?" I asked. She shot me a look. "Stupid question."

"Help me with his coat." She said. "I need something to cover my torn suit with."

We took his coat off. I passed her the discarded gasmask off the floor. Now she was covered and looked a little less feminine. She shuddered.

"So you were a woman this entire time?" I asked.

"Tell the others I'll kill you." She said.

"Right." I said. "Let's go."

We stepped out into the burning building and returned to the others. Bloodhound was awake, but he wasn't looking to good. He took off his mask and gasped spat out bile. Black bile. His wounds were infected by the fog or something close to it. We had no idea if he'd make it or not.

"Of course I'm not going to make it." Bloodhound said. "I can feel it."

There was a loud bang on the door. I could see silhouettes outside. I already knew what they wre. We raised our rifles.

"Do you know that code?" Whisper asked.

I turned to the codelock. 4. 7. 3. 2. 8? 9? 7? I needed to pick one. The others opened fire. The creatures screamed and howled. I punched in 9. The door clicked. Air escaped it. I opened the door.

"Inside!" I shouted.

The others backed up. Priest went to grab Bloodhound.

"No." Bloodhound said. He pulled out his PDA and ripped the patch off his suit. "Take this back to Rostock. I'll deal with these fucks."

I grabbed them and pulled Priest inside. I slammed the door shut. We heard his Groza roar. We heard his screams. We backed up. Now we were trapped in a lab. Who knows what was hiding in here.
  09:35:28  22 September 2016
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Chapter 8: The Laboratory

We came in fourteen. Now there were four. We stepped through the laboratory's hallways waiting for snorks or bloodsuckers to come after us. Instead we found a room. An old computer barely functioning. I pushed a skeleton out of the seat. I noticed one if it's hands on the floor, gripped tightly to a revolver. I sat down and read the file.

"Laboratory X-31. Paranormal research into other dimensions. Research result. Rousing success. We discovered another dimension and opened a window into it. A contained room filled with a strange fog. Inside were strange buglike creatures. We purged the room after closing the window. Examining the bodies showed proof of alien life existing in other dimensions." I read. "We received orders to begin constructing a doorway. A team of Spetsnaz were sent to enter this new dimension."

"Report of mission. Spetsnaz are dead." Whisper read over my shoulder.

"Dear god." Priest muttered. Swan shook her head.

"Command wanted to know what happened. We sent an unmanned drone into the dimension. The things we saw. Some of the lab members requested transfers. They wanted nothing to do with this project anymore. I stuck on. After a few months of expeditions. I was the only one left. New scientists came to replace the old ones. They were different. They were driven on weaponizing this against the yankees overseas. This was exactly what command wanted." I read.

"Every god damned lab." Whisper said. "No common sense."

"I wouldn't let them do it. I couldn't let them do it. It was unethical. It was vile. I decided to take matters into my own hands and shut down the project. They'd have me killed of course. I had no choice but to try. I shot the other scientists. Unfortunately they set up a failsafe. One I couldn't stop. In twenty years the lab would release this weapon upon the world. I'm sorry Mother Terra. I could not save you from this evil. This is my final report for Laboratory X-31. I wiped the rest of our research. May God forgive me. I tried."

We found the exit. It was a long tunnel. It led us to as series of tunnels under the area most stalkers call the garbage. We climbed out under a pile of radioactive trash. Thankfully some mutants burrowed a hole through it. Nobody was home in the nest. We emerged to find clear skies. The fog only affected a small region. So far.

Priest left the zone, or so he said he would. He wanted time to prostetylize. The end was likely coming now. Might as well find faith again. Whisper went north. Swan and I keep touch, occasionally. She seems to want to forget the entire situation ever happened.

"So here I am." Jackrabbit said. The crowd gathered around him shook their heads. "Don't believe me?"

"That was the dumbest story I've ever heard." One of them shouted.

"No way that's true." Another said.

"I don't know about any of it, the zone is weird but other dimensions? Paranormal research? That's a dumb horror movie." Another said.

"Wasn't that a book?" Another said. "I swore I read that somewhere."

A siren roared to life somewhere in Rostock. A repurposed air raid siren. Normally used for blowouts. Jackrabbit already knew what was actually happening. He grabbed his rifle.

"Well boys. It's time for me to go. Good luck." He said.

And with that he left.
  09:36:31  22 September 2016
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The End

And there you have it. An 8 part ministory about pain and misery and horrible monsters from eldritch dimensions never intended to be seen by man.

Let me know what you think.

Any questions about my return, save them for the bar threads.

I plan on sticking around a while. Maybe I'll write some more. I could always use the practice.
  05:50:18  18 February 2019
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Maiman.. this is the first time I have read this and I've enjoyed it. Thanks for that mate.
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