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Into the consciousness

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  03:15:27  17 December 2014
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Into the consciousness

Well this is my first attempt to write the story...
Any kind of comments will be appreciated since i write this to test my writing abilities ,and i would like to know the opinions ,so i can improve..
well here it goes

So!Do you want to hear the story behind all this...madness that happened in the zone few weeks earlier?
Well then , I remember two scientists...
They weren't a part of the official researchers ,they reached the zone on their own expense and risk,who knows why haha!
Crazy dudes I can say that ,professor Andronov and his research assistant Gorsky.
The professor was classical pompous fool ,with thick mustaches and weird round glasses...
And the Gorsky did not look like scientist at all hah!
He was very tall and well built ,and he usually talked about philosophy and spiritual themes for hours ,on and on!
Anyway.. they were hiring a unknown stalker to lead them somewhere deep in the Yantar ,behind the factory complex.
They wanted his stash ..I mean wanted haha!...They were nuts about it!
So! They went on their way as soon the stalker finished his drink...

(Two scientists arguing... )

- I'm telling you, it is possible!
- I had enough of your crap Gorsky!
I'm sure that energy spikes of yours can be explained ,and there is nothing paranormal in that theory!
- And you are pompous and extremely limited!
- Gorsky, do me and favor and shut up already!
Remember I am the professor here and you are to assist me!
The commission obviously saw that my application work is far more superior to yours!
- Did the commission saw your fake brand polished diploma, hahaha!?
- I earned my diploma fairly you imbecile!
While you and that lunatic colleague of yours smoked pot all day...I ..and..
-Shut up!!(Said the voice under the stalker gas mask)
Both of you!
Keep quiet and keep your weapon pointed, we are... we are close!
I'm sure that you two smartheads prefer easy ride so...
We don't want to alarm the "rumble bumbles" ok?
(Gorsky)R..r..r rumble ...
- The zombies you fool!
The ones you are supposed to shoot at!
(Professor Andronov replied to Gorsky very quietly)

The three men continued quietly to venture deeper into the Yantar area.
The weather was calm and the zone was unusually quiet.
Soon they have reached a small plain surrounded by the thick forest.
The plain contained few gravity anomalies mixing with trees and few rusty barrels.
After they took small route around the anomalies stalker said.

Over here ,behind this tree!
This is where I buried the documents.
Now the compensation for my troubles ...
(Andronov) Wait! dig the stash first! please we had a deal!
Right ....remember?
(Stalker)Well find someone else to dig it up , i only promised to lead you two here and show you the damn stash!
And i just freakng did!? ok?
(After few seconds of silence he continued)
Well then, gentlemen ...
(Andronov) This is not how we do business , this is not how we agreed you scum!
(Stalker suddenly pointed his TRs in the Andronov's face)
- Well perhaps this will refresh you memory!
(stalker and professor Andronov stood there motionless while Gorsky raised his AK and said nervoulsy)
-Hey you two ,cut the crap I..I heard someone!!
(Stalker) Well ,professor?
(Andronov) Just put the gun down please!
(Gorsky) Seriously i heard something ,stop it!
(Andronov) Stalker put the gun down!
(Stalker)Give me the money you promised first!
I am in freaking charge here and I ...
(In a few seconds humanoid shape creature jumped from the nearest bush on the stalker back.
The monsters kick was so powerful that both stalker and professor collapsed on the ground.
Then it started instantly to tear stalker flesh from shoulders to spine while he tried to break free.
(Andronov)Shoot it! Gorsky shoot!
(Less than a second later Gorsky opened fire trying to scare the humanoid off.
It growled in panic and savagely ripped of stalkers right arm.
The poor stalker fainted in agony and there was blood everywhere.
Seeing that Gorsky aimed and fired few more rounds accidentally killing the poor stalker and wounding the creature.
In few seconds all was over and creature disappeared in dense forest.
The gorsky started to swear in panic while professor Andronov standed up and then shouted)

- Calm down you idiot
The creature would kill him anyway!
- What was that?
What is that?
- Probably one of those snorks... keep watching!
I will dig out the documents!
- you , you think it will come back for us?
- Gorsky just keep quiet and, keep your eyes open , ok?

The professor started to dig furiously around the tree while Gorsky tried to stay calm.
After few minutes...

I can't find the damn stash!
- I think we should leave!
I think i can hear it again ,it is near!
Wait, there is more of them!
- I don't hear anything so.. keep calm this won't take much longer!
- I am telling you they are here!
They will flank us when we least expect them!
(Professor continued to dig until his shovel broke off the metal plating that covered the box.
The box contained few grenades,food cans and heap of various papers
The stalker was right, the documents are really here!
- Don't look at them now , we don't have time professor!
- Yes of course!
(In less than few minutes professor carefully stored the documents into the bags)
Alright ,lets go!
Go in front of me, I will tell you where to go, and shoot at everything that moves!
I will monitor the tracking device so we don't get lost!
- I understand
What about him?
- Who?
- The stalker
- He is dead ,we can't do much for him , the snorks will be back soon and ...
- Right ,right, lets go than...
- This way ,watch for that anomaly!

As soon they left the area they could hear snorks fighting over the stalkers dead body.
They speeded up hoping to reach Agroprom outskirts before nightfall.
I mean ... the zone was dangerous place for those two even on the clearest day ,now imagine...
what would happen to them if night caught them.
When they bypassed the Yantar factory Gorsky stopped and broke the silence with his harsh voice

-The stalker
Did he have a name?
- Of course he did , but I don't know it (Professor said with sadness in his "diplomatic" voice)
- I think we should inform the stalkers at the Agroprom that he is dead.
- Yeah ,yeah we will do that
(Than the professor sighs and put his arm on the Gorsky's shoulder and said proudly)
- He did not die in vain ,despite he was acting like jerk!
Believe me my friend ,this!
This documents will change everything we know about the zone!
- What makes you so sure?
- I will tell you everything when we reach Agroprom ,now keep moving!
The night will be upon us soon!

The warm wind started to blow from the south while clouds blocked the sun and the two scientists continued their way.
Silence continued as well as they descended towards the eerie Yantar swamp.
The sight was probably quite unique... two scientists in their green weird suits stumbling over the rocks and swearing occasionally.
They dodged the anomalies with more luck than skill while the professor monitored the apparently safe routes in his strange device.
The device looked more like toy ,who knows what route they were using ...
Gorsky was very tense , a man could feel fear in his every sudden move as he contiued to point his AK randomly.
It seemed like the zone allowed them safety , something was weird about those two...
Who would say? They eventually reached the Agroprom and...

I will write part 2 as soon inspiration kicks in!
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