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Oblivion Lost Remake - OLR

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  11:35:06  27 June 2014
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Senior Resident

On forum: 03/31/2007
Messages: 160
Well DAMN why didn't anyone tell me 2.5 was out???

I thought they were taking this long because of the translation. Bummer.

I have some free time right now maybe I should make my own English translation like last time?
  09:21:11  26 June 2014
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Senior Resident

On forum: 11/19/2010
Messages: 1991
Very happy to test this new version.
Excellent weather and gameplay

A first little fix :

What added:

-enabled video effect when attacking approach controller
  _bin_olr_ \ xrGame.dll

famine-speed corresponds OLR 2.0
  gamedata \ config \ creatures \ actor.ltx

-minor edits grammar
  gamedata \ config \ text \ rus \ stable_dialogs_bar.xml
  gamedata \ config \ text \ rus \ stable_dialogs_escape.xml

-moving water at the Garbage (authors and Er Kontro-zzz)
  gamedata \ shaders \ r1 \ def_shaders_def_refl_trans.s
  gamedata \ shaders \ r2 \ def_shaders_def_refl_trans.s

clock in inventory
  gamedata \ config \ ui \ inventory_new.xml
  gamedata \ config \ ui \ inventory_new_16.xml

-minor improvements sleep menu
  gamedata \ config \ ui \ ui_old_sleep_wnd.xml
  gamedata \ textures \ ui \

-greeting-farewell included Toads
  gamedata \ config \ scripts \ esc_trader.ltx
  gamedata \ config \ scripts \ mil_jaba.ltx

-Fixed overlay labels to PDA
  gamedata \ scripts \ dmx_pda_buttons.script

-grass alternative for some of OLR1.0/2.0 levels
  gamedata \ levels \

new-morning weather for a number of levels
  gamedata \ config \ weathers \ 1844.ltx

-fix glitches with shadows Din. illuminated on Cordone and start time
  gamedata \ config \ alife.ltx
  gamedata \ config \ game_maps_single.ltx
  gamedata \ config \ weathers \ 1844cordon.ltx
  gamedata \ config \ weathers \ environment.ltx

-set the volume on the megaphone Cordone
  gamedata \ sounds \


Storm and Rain from Cordon:
  01:28:42  26 June 2014
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Senior Resident

On forum: 08/10/2011
Messages: 284
I don't think so. I think when 2.0 was released, it was said the development team was going to release their own English translation, but not till after more features were added. So I don't know a timeline for you or me
  18:03:39  25 June 2014
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On forum: 05/27/2011
Messages: 1307
Wow looks nice , is this out yet with proper English translation
  11:39:03  25 June 2014
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Senior Resident

On forum: 11/19/2010

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06/25/2014 11:39:46
Messages: 1991
Yes ,but an english version is planified.
Start ok.

Now the configurator is translate.You can choose your FoV option.
You have an option to select to have the files configs unpacked.

(Распакованные конфиги is unzipped configs )
  01:34:00  25 June 2014
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Senior Resident

On forum: 03/10/2013
Messages: 313
This is still the Russian version? If so, please let us know when the English version is available. I'm very interested in playing this mod, thanks for your efforts olivius74!
  00:55:01  25 June 2014
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Senior Resident

On forum: 11/19/2010
Messages: 1991
Hello StalkerStein

Yes this archive is to put on functionnal OLR2.0.

But you can have a complete stand alone in a torrent if you want :
  00:01:09  25 June 2014
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Senior Resident

On forum: 04/24/2010

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06/25/2014 0:03:45
Messages: 1975

Just to make sure ... do you put 2.5 on top of 2.0? Or is 2.5 a stand alone mod?
  23:09:17  24 June 2014
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Senior Resident

On forum: 11/19/2010
Messages: 1991
Version 2.5 was released yesterday :

Oblivion perdu Remake 2.5

link 1 -

link 2 -

V2.5 Features:

. complete restoration of the plot dizdokov GSC 2002-2003 year
. arms buildup
. original communication on the PDA (as in construction 1935) + possibility of individual dialogues
gravitational artifacts made weight increase (dizdokovskaya option).
opening car door, trunk fuel, the ability to shoot the tires, reworked the physical behavior of cars, the speedometer.
apartments inhabited by different things there.
old restored full inventory and sleep (hunger scale and endurance) and via the reset button can be thrown highlighted item. . 3d restored static icons YY
. conservation with counter
. SG restored laptop originally designed by developers
. achieved overall qualitative map, redesigned visual monsters + other changes in textures
. publishes gaps latest installation:

1. Unzip the file with an already installed the game and mod OLR 2.0, overwriting existing files.
2. Always run once Configurator and go through all the points at the end.
3. Fov_switcher.cmd Start or OLR_Launcher select "FOV switcher" and set FOV and HUD_FOV.
For 4:3 monitors recommended FOV 83 HUD_FOV 0.43.
To 16:9 can not be changed.
4. In the game folder own \ _appdata_ \ SavedGames \ Old stops.
V2.0 and v2.5 save not incompatible.
5.Start the game and select the desired screen resolution.
  15:05:38  30 March 2014
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On forum: 03/29/2014

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03/30/2014 15:09:04
Messages: 2
Hi oblivius!

I'm running the russian 1.006 version of the game. I had the chrash when it said 'Kill Gunslinger' (In the Intro when you start a new game).

Btw: Are there addons for the mod? (i.e. god mode etc.?) Because I'd like to start the game with a better suit, weapon etc. (I just want to explore the world, without playing the storyline as everything's in russian)
I'll post the log when I'm home again.
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