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Oblivion Lost Remake - OLR

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  13:04:05  24 June 2013
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On forum: 02/17/2008

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06/24/2013 13:10:29
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I get this fatal error when going from garbage: Can't find model file 'physics\stul\stul_1ñ.ogf'.

Because of eng-rus character coding it's badly spelled, rename stul_1ñ.ogf to stul_1n.ogf.

There can be many errors like this (because of eng-rus coding) in gamedata, i hope only this is the reason of crashes. Spawned chair is pretty much everywhere.
  12:48:59  24 June 2013
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On forum: 08/10/2009
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Official thread here -

I get this fatal error when going from garbage: Can't find model file 'physics\stul\stul_1ñ.ogf'.

I found the file that's causing it, will try to enter it again, if it gives me the same error, I will try to somehow change that letter in that file... If it works will upload a little fix... it seems this error was in the old builds too, so they didn't fix everything completely...
  11:36:02  24 June 2013
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On forum: 03/31/2007

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06/24/2013 12:02:39
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I saw the same post and did some research. From what I understand it has been released recently. It looks like another "Old STALKER" mod but looks like they restored beta 19xx era maps.

Link to a Torrent file:
I downloaded with this torrent and it's healthy with lots of seeds. You should grab it now while you can.

This is a link to I think a developers Youtube channel with test vids:

Link for more information (russian):

Its all Russian, it may not be compatible with worldwide or US releases. Luckily I have a Russian version of STALKER.

Now for my opinion (if you want it): Hmmm how to put this.. I don't want to give the impression at all that I'm saying its a bad mod or that I'm criticizing the mod makers. With that said, the maps are pretty awful and ugly, because they were abandoned by GSC in an unfinished state. The mod seems unstable, I get crashes in level transitions and such most probably because these beta levels contain a lot of errors. Getting these old maps to a playable and decent looking state takes a lot of work, and you can see now why the Lost Alpha people have been working for like 5 or 6 years now to fix these barely complete maps.
  11:07:57  24 June 2013
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On forum: 02/09/2012
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Oblivion Lost Remake - OLR

Hey guys,

anybody knows something about this russian mod ? On Lost Alpha moddb page someone wrote, that this mod will be released veeeeeeeeeery soon, he wrote "maybe today".

I saw some videos on youtube and I'm pretty excited about this one. does anybody know where to get it, will someone make an english translation ???

*lg Melanie
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