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Oblivion Lost Remake - OLR

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  17:52:16  13 January 2016
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On forum: 11/19/2010
Messages: 1975

I can just advise you to install the latest version with special
Macron fix n°15

OLR version 2.5 (fix 15 included)

1 -

2 -

Features v2.5:

Full restoration of the plot of the GSC for 2002-2003 years.
The build up of weapons.
The original communication of the PDA (as in build 1935) + possibility of individual dialogues.
Gravitational artifacts increase carried weight (build feature).
Opening the doors of car, trunk, fuel, the ability to shoot the tires, reworked physics behavior of cars, speedometer.
Inhabited apartments on different locations trash.
Restored old full inventory and sleep (scale hunger and stamina) as well through the reset button can be thrown highlighted item.
Restored 3d icons SG statics.
Conservation with a counter.
Restored notebook SG originally conceived by developers.
Realized qualitative global map, redrawn visuals monsters + Other changes texture.
Changes shortcomings previous version.

Then you have an unofficial Update 15.4 for fashion "OBLIVION LOST REMAKE 2.5 + fixx 15" by Macron :

It is intended only for this version with built-in or the previously established 15 Fix.
Many small changes. Compatible with old saves.

(Need to copy and paste this gamedata).
  18:35:24  13 January 2016
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On forum: 07/30/2015

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01/13/2016 18:36:57
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Fixed version of the English patch

whenever I try and open the options tab in the main menu i get a ctd, heres my log.


This is a problem with the English translation 0.9 which contains many untranslated and unnecessary files from an older patch that conflict with newer patches. I've fixed and uploaded 0.9.1 here:!7gRVzQrB!Q_ruh_bnegECpM2-U-Cd0uSG7m3fdJ_gehEz2msCWcM

Install the patch 15 version of the game that Olivius posted above, along with the fix 15.4 for it. Then install this version of the English patch and you'll be fine. I've been playing it, using options, etc.
  21:01:47  13 January 2016
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Senior Resident

On forum: 06/25/2014

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01/13/2016 21:02:19
Messages: 199
Thank you!

Thanks a lot for this, both of you
  05:29:27  14 January 2016
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On forum: 03/13/2014
Messages: 21
Thanks guys got it working. Im curious to know where the seven parts of info is? I just found streloks harddrive in agroprom and it says two parts are in the complex. Only managed to find one so far. Does finding more documents give hints to find more?
  20:05:36  14 January 2016
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Senior Resident

On forum: 11/19/2010
Messages: 1975
Long time the start of the game ,but remember the second was on the floor of the first buiding where a long ladder and a hole you can enter
(I cant' find an old screen ...but you have so many walkthrough now).
  01:15:59  15 January 2016
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Senior Resident

On forum: 11/11/2014
Messages: 191
What do you think about this mod? I have been playing it for one hour and it doesn't seem so good...
  18:05:29  15 January 2016
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On forum: 03/13/2014
Messages: 21
So ive found the first two documents in agroprom and another at the hanger in the garbage. So i have three parts of info right? Which other locations have the remaining documents?

Btw I love this mod because it feels unique in the sense that its like the old builds. No where near close to vanilla stalker, olr feels like its own game hence being called oblivion lost
  14:29:21  30 January 2016
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Senior Resident

On forum: 11/19/2010
Messages: 1975
Last Fix by Macron : OLR25 update 15 to 15 .5

Unofficial Update 15.5 for "OBLIVION LOST REMAKE 2.5 + fixx 15".

Note: Update is not intended for "pure" OBLIVION LOST REMAKE 2.5. Only version with built-in or the previously established 15 Fix. Information about the version number, and a fix is ​​contained in the lower left corner of the main menu.

Updated recommendations on setting up the grass:
When you first start the game DO NOT touch the regulators density and range of drawing grass !!!!!!!
They are already set to the maximum standard for PM position, just have enormous reserves to increase.
Misuse regulators can lead to brake / start / running out of memory on 32-bit system.

On the powerful 64-bit systems with more memory, you can set the maximum range of drawing of grass.
Even on 32-bit systems may increase the range of herbs, but departures may be due to lack of memory depending on the level.
After the change of the range of drawing grass needs to restart the game.

Updated recommendations on conservation in cars:
If you save or change the level from inside the car, the next boot will be on the wheel legs or arms are offset from the wheel.
Get out, save, load and again get in the car.
For the Cossacks, cornfields, Moskvich quickly enough to save and load without getting out of the car, ie press F6 and F7.

Updated recommendations on the trunk in the car:
If you are using the luggage storage possible loss of their once weekly / level change. Most persists, follow the swag. Because of certain limitations of slide possible departures during the search trunks. Try to take things one at a time instead of pressing the "take all" or vice versa.

Updated recommendations on sleep:
In the dream decreases "satiety". Before long sleep stock up food. She will eat automatically.


What added:

in the Video added choice FOV (analogue command [color=#40FF00]cam_fov[/color])
gg can move even at the maximum exhaustion
minor edits homa for Chernobyl
weak shine sausage
corrected increase in optical sights
Updated render r1 r232 (maks.plotnost grass 0.06)
Updated render r2 r232 (new hemi update fix, maks.plotnost grass 0.06)
Fixed randomly stupor stalker above toad closet (requires new game)
[color=#40FF00]restored smoking NPSey on gatherings (requires new game)[/color] *

Smoke can sometimes jump the gun, or vice versa.
Partially used scripting achievements of Paradise Lost, the idea of ​​smoke P.M.A. and changes the shader / Particle.
Remember, kids, smoking is harmful to your health! Only a complete degenerate might believe that smoking is cool again shown
in the game or movie.

optich.pritsela edit icons for some trunks
Fixed boost from 9x18 cartridges, etc.
minor edits homa and materials to the generator
the possibility of near-final fripleya
minor edits text

fixed position of the trailer camp hindered warriors on Cordone (requires new game)
Fixed patrolling the cordon (requires new game)
Fixed jerking when sighting shooting FN HPSA, GS-18, p220
You are enabled by strangulation zombies and housing
Edit shortened sig550
Editing model shortened Vala
edit icons shortened Vala
Changes bump and texture of scientific overalls
edits icons silencer for some trunks
Edit Camera KAMAZ
Changes immunity explosion all machines
reduced impetus from bullets 5.45x39,5.56x45
pravka experimental thunderstorms, sig550 complicated, AKC-74P
ispravlena inverted inscription on optich.pritsele
amended final dialogue
Changes Algorithm final movie from the monolith
enhanced gloss gravel-art
Fixed color "Totenkopf"
Fixed light and color icons "zhabemu eye"
Fixed shine "magnet" and "radioactive bolt"
minor edits text

increased resistance and the Muscovite tuned fields
edit audio zones in Pripyat, light beam, Bar
Changes the gravity anomalies
improved animation Gause
fixed clicks before throwing pro npsyami
Edit Preferences sound materials and weapons
minor edits text
updated some recommendations

minor edits text
minor edits graphics Valley, sprouts, Radar
minor changes in the Bright beam homa
sights repacked with compression
reduced gloss GM-94 by r1
increased inertia gg
shaders - fix the grass in the fog by r1
shaders - Fixed darkening sectors by r2
shaders - fix model blackening the windows by r2
Fixed potential glitches in the sound of Pripyat and Chernobyl
item added to the configurator settings "for the weak graphics card" *
item added to the configuration tool of choice herbs **

* Note: a "weak" conventionally refers to the video card radeon 5450 video card level.
** Note: The old instructions for installing alternative herbs are no longer valid.

gamedata repacked how dbd91-archive in order to enhance interoperability and accelerate the download
fix the rate of compliance with the buildup and the sound of footsteps years
Cordone deployed at all the traffic lights
homy and optimized somy all levels to increase the FPS
fixes outbreaks podstvol'nika
fixe approach blessing binoculars
Fixed return FN2000
Fix one output for the card in the Pripyat
minor edits textures
minor edits foreign animation location "Dawn" and F1
Fixed foreign animation reversal years with a gun right
auto-bounded lines / characters from a notebook PDA
correction of possible departures from the PDA notebook
  03:00:16  14 May 2016
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On forum: 05/13/2016
Messages: 8
Last Fix by Macron : OLR25 update 15 to 15 .5

this link is broken. Can someone pls upload this patch.
  10:50:49  14 May 2016
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Senior Resident

On forum: 11/19/2010

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05/14/2016 10:51:14
Messages: 1975
New topic and new fix :

Repak OLR 2.5 + FIXX 15 from macron,
Part 1:
Part 2:

Fixx 17 for fashion "OBLIVION LOST REMAKE 2.5 + fixx 15" by macron,

Note: Update is not intended for "pure" OBLIVION LOST REMAKE 2.5. Only version with built-in or previously installed 15 (or later) Fix.
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